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Herbal Essences (Nirvana)
02:41:48 Jun 5th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Herbal Essences has been REVIVED.

Your favorite, silky-haired kingdom is BACK...

Don't ask me why we're on Nirvana, but we are, so if you hate your kingdom. Join us and you'll get all the ladies.

Plus, we're pretty cool.

02:54:19 Jun 5th 07 - Lord Arzun:

Why are you on Nirvana?

02:55:42 Jun 5th 07 - Mr. Jibbly:

ya ill be there as soon as im killed ben..

05:16:56 Jun 5th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Haha hah Arzun... very funny.


I'm on Nirvana because I was trying something new this era... and it sucked... so I pretty much used the rest of the era to test new things... I think I found something that works.

15:00:18 Jun 5th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

can i join?

16:59:07 Jun 5th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Yes you can! Too bad you ain't on Nirvana...

We have a 2nd member now!

And the two of us are pretty dang cool

Neon has 13 members at 184 percent of us.

We're only 2 members.

18:37:34 Jun 5th 07 - Mr. Basch:

can i fight you?

22:28:49 Jun 5th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Sure... as long as you give us chocolate and teddy bears for compensation.

And you have to use our new heat-activated shampoo & conditioner (2-in-1) during battle.

That's the way it goes.

22:33:49 Jun 5th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

how many ladies are in herbal essences?

22:35:58 Jun 5th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Zero, but that's beside the point.

Our goal is to attract ladies with our hair and fragrance, it's not a necessity that they be in our kingdom for them to be courted by us.

But if a female would like to use our products, then yes, they would be allowed in our kingdom to attract other males with similar, more feminine fragrances.

02:43:30 Jun 6th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

no females? im out. id much rather have our jester babes!

03:45:39 Jun 6th 07 - Mr. Jibbly:

so what we will attract them with our amazing silky smooth hair and masculine charms that make them weak at the knees....

08:44:40 Jun 6th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Weak in the knees, Jibbly, get it right if you're going to speak for our kingdom.

Only kidding.

But yes, you will find, Soccerjester, that once your "jester babes" get to know us, they'll find us quite attractive, both physically, socially, and olfactorily.

15:38:23 Jun 7th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
MusicMusic22Mr. Hemmer437
IEThe Illuminati Empire16Mr. Sigheart312
THCDivision of Marijuana12Mr. Deew Evol I273
LoveThe power of love14Mr. Gemly The Second201
NENeon15Mr. Miles135
HAIRHerbal Essences6Sir Verteccio100
TWEThe Wicked End5Mr. Leon Belmont46
T CTemplar Crusaders4Mr. Bliss41
HREHoly Roman Empire5Mr. Uthred26
KODKingdom of Death3Mr. Deathstar II6
KOWWar1Mr. Cooldog4
POMEPeople Of Middle Earth1Mr. Jeroenvdv2
SoTStone of Tear1Mr. Elwood Blues2
KnightKingdom of Heaven1Mr. Wrestler2
KSABKingdom of Sabreland2Mr. Alloran of Sabreland0
KODKights Of Destruction2Mr. Eeeeeeeeeeeee0
ZEONZEON4Mr. Messiah0
sweet guys... my only goal is to overtake Neon in power, since we started so late, and don't have as many members as any of the top KDs, I don't expect anything else. But we can take 'em.

18:44:27 Jun 7th 07 - Mr. William II:

good luck Verteccio.. may you kill "the ruler" fastXD

22:56:58 Jun 7th 07 - Mr. Ajax:

well other then ben everyone in this kingdom especially jibbly sux at this game. thats why they are on nirvana XD

02:17:21 Jun 8th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

I'm going to take out the smaller guys before I deal with theruler in any way, shape, or form.

Mr. Elite is really pissing me off right now... he's just wasting my time.

05:53:43 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Jibbly:

HEY ajax prett sure youve died more time this era then i have...hmm because i havent died once..ive restarted twice, once through pure stupidity and anger ...then the other because the leader of my kd was terrible and i didnt much like the rest of the i joined a good kd

07:50:25 Jun 8th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Haha, I sense a little insult battle between Ajax and Jibbly.

I used to pay big money to watch things like this go down in New Orleans.

13:05:50 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Ajax:

be quiet ben and mike yeah the leader was pretty *beep*ty lol.

19:00:14 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Pride:

My hair is so clean its rated G

19:31:54 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Slayer:

hey Who destroyed theruler lol one second hes a superpower the next all thats left is rubble and a city called paris.


al have a look im guessing all il find  is a few empty showergel and shampoo


was it herbal essneces that wupped im?

19:35:29 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Slayer:

By the Way Can i join Herbal Essences?


If a do can i have a little support because some kingdoms are lookin to kill me and steal my shampoo lol


But sereouisly ad lyk to join use lot.

19:30:48 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Miles:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Music Music 28 Mr. Hemmer 300
THC Division of Marijuana 16 Mr. Deew Evol I 139
ZEON ZEON 21 Mr. Messiah 117
NE Neon 17 Mr. Miles 100
IE The Illuminati Empire 15 Mr. Sigheart 83
Love The power of love 12 Mr. Gemly The Second 69
HAIR Herbal Essences 8 Sir Verteccio 42
T C Templar Crusaders 5 Mr. Bliss 32
KOD Kingdom of Death 11 Mr. Deathstar II 13
TWE The Wicked End 3 Mr. Leon Belmont 11
KOW War 3 Mr. Cooldog 9
HRE Holy Roman Empire 4 Mr. Uthred 5
KSAB Kingdom of Sabreland 2 Mr. Alloran II of Sabreland 4
FACE The Golden Mask 1 Mr. Stargazer 1
LIFE Brotherhood of Destiny 5 Mr. Bcordon 1
SoT Stone of Tear 2 Mr. Elwood Blues 1
KOD Kights Of Destruction 2 Mr. Eeeeeeeeeeeee 0


What happened to passing Neon's power?

01:19:27 Jun 12th 07 - Sir Verteccio:

Miles, someone in my RL family died, and I took 4 days away from VU.

Obviously nobody is just going to leave my cities alone, and when I came back I was left with 3 cities and a terrible production.

So, there's a large part of the reason why we didn't pass your power.

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