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Highest income
18:04:45 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Goob:

what has been the highest income that more than just yourself can vow for? 

18:07:36 Jun 13th 10 - Princess Aisha:

The highest income one can get is 2,147,483,647... Known bug:


  • When you get over 2,147,483,647 in any resource it will go into the negative.

  • 18:11:19 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    but have you reached this goal? lol im talking about one an actual player has had. ive got nothing to do, trapped between blocks. so might as well find something to do right. 

    18:12:40 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Ois:

    You wont even get close to a top income with the game how it is now :D avg incomes used to be 10-15mil in the dwarf eras.

    18:14:20 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    well lets see what i can do. as long as no one breaks a cf or nap. then i cant be touched. so lets see!! 

    though im worried once i get really high someone is bound to break just to kill me and get era win.. meh. oh well :P just a game.

    18:54:40 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

    I remember having 24M Income in era 16!  Was awesome.. reaching gold cap :P

    19:17:50 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Bugger:

    Highest i ever got, was around 21 mil, back in era 20 or somewhere in the 3 man kd era's.

    21:11:25 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    way before my time. haha. but ill try and get that high!

    22:01:33 Jun 13th 10 - Mr. Sazunas:

    Goob, how big your income is now?

    08:19:22 Jun 14th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    Total Income: +2,019,422


    with 40k mines building. so its going up steady. and only have lvl 5 mining. :)

    14:48:35 Jun 14th 10 - Mr. Path:

    Last age I had 6.8 million gross income from gold alone.  I forget what the net was.  That was from owning like half of starta, so I doubt people have gotten too much higher than that in recent history.

    15:26:26 Jun 14th 10 - Mr. Pink Giraffe:

    highest i got was 14 mil in era 20 (i think) wasn't that hard back then

    16:49:27 Jun 14th 10 - Lady Patches Ohoulihan:

    Total: +30,742 +2,558 +12,463 +973
    Army Upkeep: -72
    Building Upkeep: -1,396
    Total Income: +29,274

    Beat that.

    00:30:30 Jun 15th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

    Total: +12,425,043 +572,558 +5,929,463 +0
    Army Upkeep: -5,214,654
    Building Upkeep: -1,316,569
    Total Income: +5,893,820

    I believe I can

    06:50:12 Jun 15th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

    Arthur lies.. i just reached 2mil... and ive been fighting this entire era for it all..unlike some farmers >> (U guys know who u r)

    08:21:22 Jun 15th 10 - Mr. Exodus:

    hey Teirdel bite me im not farming im going broke

    Army Upkeep:-1,236,933
    Building Upkeep:-138,040
    Total Income:-715,679

    09:17:52 Jun 15th 10 - Mr. Exodus:

    that wasnt supposed to sound mean which it kind of does 

    10:34:31 Jun 15th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

    Ouch Exodus, well as the Hoh shows i havent farmed all era sure 25 of those were undefended or wrecked cities i took, I am happy with my positive 1.1 mil gold im getting a tic, but I guess the 45k mine city I took off you and 0 production that it has must be killing you more.

    To make it easier you could always come over and you will be positive again

    11:04:19 Jun 15th 10 - Mr. Exodus:

    im already on my way lets see if my warlords beat your pretty little ponies :) it should be a fun fight :)

    and you suck you killed all the houses that i have to rebuild lol not fun i already dont have any money

    11:16:42 Jun 15th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

    well my ponies are very pretty I groom them everyday and groomy 200k ponies in 1 day isnt an easy job, so my pretty ponies vs your angry trolls so it will be a fun fight or another hard days work trying to get my ponies clean of troll blood

    There was only 4k houses inside that city so it shouldnt be hard to get back up

    21:48:54 Jun 15th 10 - Mr. Exodus:

    yea i know lol i always love these epic battles between two huge armies :)

    05:22:08 Jun 16th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

    I wanted to kill more of the 370k troops you had but i guess this will do


    They surrendered. Sir Ophiucus. We have won the battle!

    We killed a total of 99257 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 81210 enemy troops.

    08:51:18 Jun 22nd 10 - Mr. Exodus:

    nicely done mate good job

    02:40:47 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Daiske:

    Army Upkeep:-214,093
    Building Upkeep:-754,671
    Total Income:+2,275,669

    04:17:53 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    I have decent income.. but now am asking. Wats most sciences you ever seen?

    04:19:06 Aug 7th 10 - Princess Aisha:

    66 of course, nobody will ever top that :)

    1.Mr. Bogdan of Forget Everything and Run
    Total land: 794502Battles won: 72Cities captured: 44
    Total killed: 1.1 MillionScience lvls: 66Total troops: 1.8 Million
    F: 79%M: 0%Z: 16%S: 0%N: 0%V: 0%A: 0%T: 5%M: 0%

    04:20:01 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    I would have beat it, if i started a little bit earlier. But i still may if i get real lucky ;)

    07:39:03 Aug 7th 10 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

    I've seen more sciences than bogdans..

    15:25:38 Aug 7th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

    ya like way back when you could merge into AOTD or whatever people would have like a ton of sciences as a halfer....... so ya i think it's like somewhere around 80ish or something.....

    16:17:34 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Goob:

    Well right now I have 48. So I am getting there!

    17:28:33 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Elsin:

    Mr. Scottology of Music
        Total land: 809054    Battles won: 34    Cities captured: 38
    Total killed: 387330    Science lvls: 70    Total troops: 1.6 Million
    F: 0%    M: 0%    Z: 100%    S: 0%    N: 0%    V: 0%    A: 0%    T: 0%    M: 0%


    Mr. Elsin of Revelation
        Total land: 170269    Battles won: 14    Cities captured: 8
    Total killed: 107193    Science lvls: 75    Total troops: 678232
    F: 0%    M: 0%    Z: 0%    S: 53%    N: 46%    V: 0%    A: 0%    T: 0%    M: 0%


    Lenard had a tonne. Level 50 something farming science. Can't find the thread anymore.

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