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Holy Reborn
00:48:15 May 7th 10 - Mr. Zero:

The kingdom of Holy has officially been reborn. This time, Holy will be a permenant kingdom under me, Salamon, running as long as i breathe. The goal of the kingdom is to once more bring teamwork, communication, and activity together and become a prominent kingdom in the world of Fantasia.

As of now, we are accepting active newcomers who wish to gain more experience in a well known kingdom, experienced players who are willing to put the time and effort in rebuilding the legacy Holy has left in previous era's, and of course as always, all former Holy members from the past are welcome!

The only criteria for acceptance is the use of MSN/Yahoo messenger, mIRC, or Vu Chat to fill the communication and teamwork requirement that the kingdom asks for and of course, regular activity as a Vu player.

As of now, Holy resides mainly in Armageddon. We will be moving to worlds such as Mantrax and Zetamania to refine the kingdom into a suitable kingdom that can stand on its own legs in Fantasia.

~~ Duke Salamon of Holy ~~

00:54:29 May 7th 10 - Sir Raistlin Darkmagi:

Good luck Mr. Zero!

00:54:47 May 7th 10 - Lady Quietone:

Good luck sally =)

00:58:48 May 7th 10 - Mr. Zero:

Thanks Q :) <3 heart you always :D

01:59:52 May 7th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XIX:

My Very first KD on my very first Era, HOLY!

Wow! Thats been like 2 years ago.

What sort of players you looking for? 

02:58:08 May 7th 10 - Ice Prince Cyruss:

wow old kd hope you guys succed

03:33:12 May 7th 10 - Lord Cao Cao:

Welcome back Holy, its been a while =)

Best of luck to ya Salamon

04:30:35 May 7th 10 - Mr. Jackdaniels The Short:

nice to see that banner wave on the field of vu again best of luck to you guys

06:11:25 May 7th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

meh gonna suck without vapour

07:04:39 May 7th 10 - Mr. Zero:

@Theo  yeah it has been a very very long time :P i came back about 2 eras ago and decided now that ill keep to my hopes and dreams for Holy and establish it as a prominent kingdom. As of now, were just trying get players to fill in the ranks to about 25 people MAX. After that, its just all about refining our play styles and working better as a team.

@Jackdainels Yeah!! :P i love the banner on the field, makes me feel all good, warm, and fuzzy :P haaha >.<

Thanks for the encouragement all

again, all former Holy players are welcome = ) and it would be great to play with some of the original players :)

10:12:24 May 7th 10 - Lord Braveheart:

Nice Salamon to see holy again on the field :) good luck with it :)

16:18:57 May 7th 10 - Mr. Tossed Smiling Midget:

Great to see Holy back Sal. I am sure with you at the helm you'll be a real contender in no time. Goodluck mate.

18:31:15 May 7th 10 - Mr. Zero:

Glad everyones happy that the kingdom is coming back to life :) and thanks for the praise.

on a side note, i went through the forum and found all related topics about Holy >.<, and what do i realize, in my abscence, someone tried to recreate Holy, a man known as Shadowbane :P interesting :p obviously thats a new nickname and i dont recognize but i was surprised :p hahah

Return of the Holy
Holy Recruitment
Holy Recruitment Camp
Holy is Recruiting
and the Original Holy thread!! :O

Looking back at some of the posts... hahah o man the comments were hilarious!!! espically in the Holy Recruitement camp one... where scientist is making fish jokes about me >.< lol sooo funnie!! haha had a good laugh reading through it >.<

19:29:32 May 7th 10 - Sir Binh The Miner:

Good luck Salmon :P

19:55:05 May 7th 10 - Mr. Knigh:

world of warcraft paladin move symbol :) judgment of wraith or something, was ussed to creat aggro i rememebr that

19:56:09 May 7th 10 - Sir Panic The Forgotton:

^ Didn't it come from Warcraft III, before WoW?

22:32:24 May 7th 10 - Mr. Zero:

yes yes... its WoW's Paladin symbol... named Seal Of Fury... :P but it looks neat as a banner for Holy :) the yellow/gold on the map stands out.......

00:03:31 May 8th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

Good Luck... your kingdom banner seems a little out of focus. though..

01:25:54 May 8th 10 - Mr. Zero:

the slight white line on the very right side of the banner? :P yes inno, while trying to adjust pixels to fit, i couldnt cut that last line :P

13:27:14 May 9th 10 - Mr. Zero:

Congratz to Khaos Lord for climbing to HoH #3 :P

Khaos Lord Irule Still
Member of: Holy.

08:49:42 May 10th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

who you got in your kd? one of them should be a friend of mine.

09:08:55 May 10th 10 - Mr. Zero:

thats kinda personal aint it? :P ask him if hes your friend :P not me >.< haha

09:25:26 May 10th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Well just put them names up :P I will know who it is.

19:17:21 May 14th 10 - Mr. Zero:

As the era has ended, we are open to applications again! :) apply at your own discretion! :D

20:48:48 May 15th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Looking forward to play with salomon this era :) together with some other friends too.

10:00:15 May 16th 10 - Mr. Zero:

hehe :) glad to hear that, as of now recruitment looks promising :P but there is still room for more! :) dont be shy ;) fish dont bite :P only nibble :P hahaha >.<

10:22:32 May 16th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

yeah, piranhas arenīt that nasty, they just wanted a nibble or two from you ;)

06:20:21 May 17th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

Holy will be deployed on Fantasia in this era. We are still looking for players to join, but only those who have not started yet. Please send in all applications asap, so you can land before tick change ;)

07:21:39 May 17th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Good luck on Fant Holy

09:08:32 May 18th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

We shall cleanse you all with Holy fire!!!

08:57:45 Jun 8th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

Still looking for members ;) feel free to msg me :p

15:34:51 Jun 9th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

How things holding for you on fanta Salamon? By the way it looks every time i log in you guys are still around.

16:13:00 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

eh :P we werent ready for fanta (obviously w/ only 10 players) but got landed on there anyway... ended up surviving half an the era :P but times up i guess and time to recruit on Starta i think :P haha >.<

16:40:32 Jun 9th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

It happens. I think zeta throws the 10 plus kds on fanta when they are first mad then lets them move up or down based on wins/losses etc.

17:28:29 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Satanclausas:

Holy have choosen wrong diplomatic ways at the beggining of era, thats why they are going to lower world very soon ;p See ya guys ;]

17:41:43 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

lol I dont believe that there is such a thing as wrong diplo santa... and please dont infect my thread with slanderous filth that i must deject :P and stop repeating what i said like 2 posts ago... makes you look like an ass :P

anyhow yeah tierdel i think soo too.... meh its cool well be where we will be :) either way i know well do fine anywhere :P

19:11:01 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Ois:

ya we should have napped as many of the top kds as possible eh santa?

19:50:51 Jun 9th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

shoulda napped me osi :)

20:05:57 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Ois:

you suck

20:17:40 Jun 9th 10 - Mr. Mielo:

huray! holy, yay!

16:35:14 Jun 10th 10 - Mr. Satanclausas:

At your KD situation it is bad diplo. At the begining of era you choose to fight DMC. DMC was fighting against Holy and Fate same time, DMC lost. Now you are losing mate. If you took a NAP offer from DMC, Nobody knows what Fate fate (lol) would be now. This an example of bad diplo mate.

Im just following the theme of topic, so I feel free to write in  In game politics thread.

P.S. I'm a supporter to have as less naps as possible.
P.S.S I hope you are more prity than my ass, cheers!

Wish you good luck Holy

23:45:27 Jun 10th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Slander, it whats make vu go round.

03:10:54 Jun 11th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

lol :P they say that hate and spite are traits that humans feed off of... :P clearly vu is a seas pool of that :P

Santa... :P really? :P if u think thats the reason we lost then clearly u need to get your noggin checked out :P lol and if u believe relentless had "good" politics this era then u clearly arent thinking long term in the survival of your kingdom :P... anyhow theres clearly an alternative motive for you to slander us while were down... so like i stated before, lets keep the slanderous filth in the Fantasia Era topic... where it belongs... this is a recruitment thread... not a debating thread....

03:34:35 Jun 11th 10 - Sir Jangstrodomus:

Just to clarify, Satanclausas was with us at the begining of the era. Not one of us has complained or cried about what happened because it happens to some kd every era. It just so happens we were the kd that took the hit this era. Good luck to Holy in the future. 

Strength and Honor,

04:00:31 Jun 11th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

aye that was what i was getting at Jang ... w/ the "alternative motive" statement... and it was just tough luck for DMC to be stuck in the middle... and none complained... so meh... good luck to yall in the future :P no hard feelings after all it is just a game ;)

18:39:34 Jun 11th 10 - Mr. Soccerisback:

salmon is still cute.... holy will be back, i'm not worried

22:32:57 Jun 16th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

heh thanks soccer :P

Holy is now on Nirvana. We are recruiting ofcourse :P so feel free to send in apps.

We will be on Mantrax (hopefully) next era.

18:42:36 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

Finally Era ends >.< ... wooot! lets get this new era started..

07:23:12 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

:P well be back next era, on Fantasia... PM if ur interested :p

07:42:15 Aug 2nd 10 - Mr. Sage Salamon:

/me does the sexy dance :) mauhaha

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