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Honorable Side of Peacekeepers
22:04:53 Nov 12th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

And then.... only two were left.

Standing across from each other, in the middle of the field, the two remaining warriors stood, facing each other, reaching out, trying to sense the others next move.

The battle was over, in all sense of the word, except for these two warriors, leaders of their people, who are now just bloodied landmarks on the field surrounding them. All is forgotten, there is only one thing left.... Retribution.

The warrior to the left is tall, bronzed and muscular, blue eyes gleaning behind his helm with the feeling of a wolf on the hunt. A fitting term judging by the mark on the manís armor, the symbol of his people, a Black Wolf Head surrounded by white Moonlight. They were know as the Brotherhood, led by this man, The Wolflord.

Flashes of the battle behind, and the battle ahead are running through his head, men falling, friends screaming, swords clashing, shields crumbling, all leading to this moment in time.

The warrior on the left is a lady of amazing strength, grace, and beauty. Tall, lean and tanned she too thinks only of the fight ahead, leaving only a passing thought for her comrades fallen. Steady concentration and unwavering courage is reflected in her stance. Her hands twitch with anticipation of what is to come..

The smell of blood reaches her nose, stirring a feeling in her stomach that she quickly dismisses. Movement to her right causes her attention to be momentarily focused a banner flickering in the breeze, the standard of her people, The Glorious Golden Sun on a Field of White. This is the Lady of the Sun, Lady Galadriel.

As time passes and the sun begins to set, a storm rouses in the distance. The two combatants move closer, sword hands steadying and all traces of fear diminishing.

With a scream of valor, they race towards each other, closing the distance in seconds. The initial clash of metal is enough to drown out the sound of the approaching storm. The crows feasting on the spoils of the first battle scatter at the sound.

The battle raged on for minutes, neither one gaining ground on the other. The smell of sweat and stale blood fill their noses, the sound of heavy breathing in their ears, the dented ar*beep* their bodies get heavier with each passing moment, and still, no progress is made.

The two separate for a moment, both throwing their shields and helms to the ground to allow easier breathing. At this moment, the rain starts to fall.

The two warriors look at each other, knowing they have met their match, that this battle could go on forever before a winner would be found. Respect mirrored in their eyes, the move forward again, raising their swords once more, ready to kill, or be killed, and then they heard it.....

It started as a low, dull, booming sound in the distance. Both stopped, right next to each other, looking for the cause of the disturbance, the battle forgotten.

The mountain in the distance suddenly bursts to life with torch fire and war drums, a black mass as far as the eye can see stretches into view, metal clanging and shouting echoing across the distance.

The two warriors look at each other, then at the oncoming threat, and finally back at their armies, the decimated remains of their armies. Sudden comprehension is shown in their faces, who is left to fight? No words are spoken as they turn to face each other. No words are needed.

They clasp hands in the pouring rain, the only defense for their land. Thinking only of the people relying on them, they come together to face this new threat.

With defeat not being an option, they start to walk forward.....

And still..... only two were left.

22:05:42 Nov 12th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

Leader: Lady Galadriel

Vice: Wolflord Karac

Come have some fun with us, taking players of all skill level. And of course, sporting the great Snoopy banner ;)

00:13:35 Nov 13th 07 - Sir Patton:

How's Doughnut feeling about you being with Galadriel? Or is he even still around?

01:08:59 Nov 13th 07 - Ms. Rhiannia:

that was incredibly well written wolflord...wonderful storyline. if i wernt so loyal to my own kingdom, i would want to join urs just by the story alone!

02:07:31 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Donut is waiting for a chance to burn them both. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

On the other hand, if PKS didn't need me (I own  their forum site :P) I could well be joining them.  Are threesomes allowed in a non-age-rated site? :D

18:26:00 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Bumping cos they'd make a great KD for any of those indies out there that want to wear a Snoopy badge.  How much cooler could it get? ;)

20:01:07 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Soccerfreedom:

does this mean PKS is the evil side?

20:43:21 Nov 13th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

We prefer "Dark" to "Evil", Mr InflatablePigsBladder :-)

23:14:51 Nov 13th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

Thank you Rhiannia, appreciate the comment, love writing.


And yes donut, threesomes are allowed, just no video taping, as there is no cameras in this time frame ;P

00:26:46 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

How about a very fast-sketching elf?

00:49:37 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Trogor:

No elves arnt fast sketching... is leonardo decaprio anywhere around?

00:56:26 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Brutus:

Yes we are the evil side...because we are evil I guess.

06:20:43 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Soccerfreedom:

Mr. Homers Favourite


11/13/2007 12:43:21 PM
We prefer "Dark" to "Evil", Mr InflatablePigsBladder :-)


actually, its a cow bladder. :)

06:43:38 Nov 14th 07 - Sir Patton:

I'd be a fast sketcher for you all, however the Lady Galadriel would be getting most of the detail work, sorry fellas. :-P

17:28:49 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

OK, Sir P, you're hired.  Of course, you'll have to join us first ;-)

21:24:41 Nov 14th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

And let the biggerst orgy of Visual Utopia history begin!!! ;P

21:27:57 Nov 14th 07 - Ms. Galadriel:

Erm...... do I have a say in this boys......?

If so can i book the troll in leather to start ;)

21:34:46 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

*** looks down, sees he's wearing chainmail today and sighs ***

21:38:49 Nov 14th 07 - Sir Darkmarsbar:


21:41:20 Nov 14th 07 - Sir Patton:

Nah, I'm just here for a professional sketch. Now Galadriel, if you could give me a few poses for me, I'd appreciate it and keep your eyes on me.

21:57:23 Nov 14th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Sorry, Sir P, it's a members-only club.  Guests are allowed but have to check their sketch books at the door :(

23:17:07 Nov 14th 07 - Sir Patton:

But I bring the blessings of almighty Legacy with me, what can be better than that? Oh, and I work for free. ;-)

00:55:37 Nov 15th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Some of us remember the Blessings of Legacy well, Sir P.  They generally involved a large element of taxation.  Unfortunately, as the only thing of real value in our poor yet pleasamt lands is the fair Lady Galadriel herself, you'd undoubtedly try carrying her off in payment.

Then I would have to do something with your pencil from which you'd never recover and which your heirs, if you were fortunate enough to still be able to have any, would laugh about for generations to come.

05:42:38 Nov 15th 07 - Mr. Anubis:

Honorable Side of Peacekeepers

HUH bull*beep* yous dont have an Honorable bone in your body PK hahaha tryin to fool all these ppl



05:50:35 Nov 15th 07 - Mr. Anubis:

but on the other hand BrotherHood now thats a KD you cant trust

13:29:14 Nov 15th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Mr A, PKS have more honour in their little fingers than you have in your whole body.  It's just that the three of us fit that much into one of our collective fingernails, hence the name ;-)

15:30:32 Nov 15th 07 - Sir Patton:

The only payment I would need, good sir, are the wonderful pictures of the fair one that I'd be taking with me. Where they will then grace the halls of the Legacy HQ and all can admire her.

15:31:32 Nov 15th 07 - Mr. Might:

Sheesh PKS will now make everyone farm.

14:14:52 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Just to clear up some confusion, we are NOT part of the Peacekeepers, we are THSP.  Some people seem to think we've carried over the agreements that Peacekeepers had made - this is not true. 

We've formed our own, for which we thank the KD's involved but those we haven't made agreements with are welcome to come and have a go if they're tough enough ;-)

14:30:33 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Oh, Sir P - there's not much point hanging them in Legacy HQ, you may as well leave them with us now so they don't get damaged when we loot you.  Would be a crime to damage fine art don'cha know?

15:31:42 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Slade:


16:06:26 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Moe Lester:

A fairly innoculous observation there, Mr. Slade (you aren't Noddy Holder by any chance are you?), but did you ever take the time to think that, possibly, in fact, FagS are PKS, and not the other way around as you initially suggested?

20:49:59 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Everscape:

Mr. Homers Favourite certainly was a fun guy to battle, we duked out over some little towns I made near the Peacekeepers core until I was overwhelmed :).

I'm still not totally sure why they split off though...

21:03:37 Nov 16th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

The Peacekeepers were just too, err, peaceful for us Mr E. 

They fight well on here, but when it comes to a real punch-up in the Tavern they fall over the stools rather than breaking them over peoples heads.  How can a self-respecting troll associate with behaviour like that? :(

20:14:50 Nov 22nd 07 - Mr. Uro:

Keeping in mind that THSP and PKS are currently NAPed...

20:38:22 Nov 22nd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Seen and dealing Mr U - check your inbox please. 

I'm afraid he's our American representative and may have been somewhat upset by intel we've been receiving.  Personally, I reckon it's about as reliable as "they have WMD  they can deploy in 45 minutes", but what's good for one Yank.... ;-)

20:58:57 Nov 22nd 07 - Mr. Slade:

yeah fags are PKS but PKS r FaGs to who agrees with that

19:12:23 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Uro:

Yeah the scout issue has been taken care of sorry for the post.

19:16:50 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

No probs Mr E.  It was a valid query anyway, and tbh I hadn't noticed till I saw your post so it gave me a heads-up to deal with it.  Must be getting blind in my old age :-(

20:58:36 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

May it please the People of Fantasia.  As a viceroy of THSP I must sadly announce that the following message was received by me, today, from the leader of PKS.

Sir Grim Darkhammer [PKS] (11/23/2007 8:07:43 PM) GOOD BAD
The voting has ended and the polls are closed. This is notice that on VU day 1016 the NAP between PKS & THSP will be ended per the NAP terms you yourself setup.

This does not necessarily mean that we will begin attacking THSP at this time but you will no longer have protection behind our blockers.

Grim Darkhammer

In all the time my Queen Galadriel and I served on the Council of PKS, we prided ourselves on the fact that PKS NAPs were never cancelled once agreed.  In fact, this is mentioned with pride in the standard PKS NAP agreement.  For those who have never been blessed by a PKS NAP, those terms can be read on the old PKS site at

We of THSP understand that it can be hard maintaining neutrality when you have two allies who are at war, and that there is always temptation to "side" with the larger, more powerful, of those allies.  We understand it because of the many times we resisted that temptation ourselves while serving in the name of PKS.

Although we never succumbed to that temptation, we know that we cannot expect others to maintain standards that we set ourselves, so we do not blame the members of PKS for their decision in any way and look forward to playing the rest of the era at peace with them, as neighbours, while doing our best to defend against the vastly superior forces they will be allowing to our towns.

21:18:20 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Sun:

I find it funny with your kd name, as if its implying PKS is not honorable ;(

21:30:42 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Mr Sun, I didn't choose the name I'm afraid.  In fact, I continued to play in PKS after the incident that caused Karac and G to form it.  My reasons for leaving were different - to do with helping to protect My Lady when she came under attack.

Even when I did leave, I wouldn't have used the term "not honourable".  At that point I would only have suggested a difference in level of honour.  Perhaps "The More Honourable Peacekeepers" would have been more diplomatic?

23:07:57 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Elsin:

So will Carnage NAP the "more honorable" PKS or stick to the "less honorable PKS?"  ; )

23:17:11 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

That would be a matter for Carnage themselves, Mr E.

THSP would certainly not try to influence another KD's alliances, just as we would never allow outside pressures to affect our own :)

23:18:30 Nov 23rd 07 - Lord Guderian:

Homer, G, and Karac, I believe that you guys have really taken this out of proportion. PKS is one of the finest kingdoms in the game and I believe it will continue to be. Eras pass and other kd's are forced out because of multy-ing  and excessive bug abuse, but PKS has stayed.

When I was a member I really enjoyed the time there, but times are changing and PKS could not stay the same. If they did they would be swept away as they were way back when. I don't agree that attacking a smaller kd is honourable or dishonourable. It happens all the time. PKS is completely within it's rights to open it's gates for both sides, cancel a nap with one or attack another.

The Peacekeepers cannot take up a UN role in the war you are fighting with DB. They cannot allow rockets to be fired over their heads while they hold checkpoints. I believe that Grim has made a difficult but correct decision and if I were still a member would fully support him.

23:34:18 Nov 23rd 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Lord G,

We are fully aware of the standards of honour and trust that PKS was built on - for very many eras it was G and I who not only defined them, but enforced them as well when dissenters in the Kingdom wanted to break our KD word. In those days we also had a King who, although he rarely spoke, when he did he laid down the law (not by poll, by Royal Decree), always in the interest of preserving the unblemished reputation for honour above all else.
We were proud of our record for trust, and even mentioned it at item 5 of our NAP terms at

Sadly, in the few eras since we left, a lot of that clearly changed which is why three of us left.  A NAP was agreed, wholeheartedly, at   by those members of PKS who had known us and remembered what times we had helped hold the KD together through.  Note the comments by the older players.

That NAP has now been cancelled not, judging by Grim's message, because they want to attack, but because another Kingdom wants to attack us in their territory.  In short, theyh have ended a NAP for the first time since the Kingdom was formed because outsiders asked them to.

If that is a "difficult but correct" decicion in the name of PKS reputation then I'm the Lord High Octopus of Moldavia.

00:26:20 Nov 24th 07 - Lord Guderian:

To the Lord High Octopus of Moldavia


According to the NAP  rules, which you helped set down, exceptions can be made. In the past there was no need for such an exception as nothing like this had ever happened.

However, this exception has now been committed and is justified not only because of the actions of THSP but also because the alliance with DB was in place long before THSP appeared on the horizon. It is further justified because of your poor diplomatic treatment of those whom you would have recently called friend especially Hagar.

Of the three kingdoms currently involved in this issue, I believe THSP has acted the most dishonourable. As such, if the decision had been up to me, I probably would have done the exact same thing.



00:55:48 Nov 24th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Lord G,  thank you for taking the time to visit and read the NAP - I would have thought you'd be familiar with it anyway.

Regarding "actions in this": 

We left PKS and formed a NAP with them.  At that point, there was no questioning our motives, although some disagreed with our decision.  The NAP was agreed by a 10-1 vote in favour, so it's safe to say that the KD as a whole was not angry at us. 

There is no distinction made in the agreement about who napped first.  Frankly that's kiddy's playground stuff and I would have expected better of you.  However, if you wish to talk about "length of relations" - G and I have had relations with PKS (as Viceroys) for over two rl years and Karac, as an ex-vice of BoW has had for over a year.  DB's era-long relations sort of pale in comparison.

Under the NAP terms that you've mentioned, I draw your attention to items (3) and (4):

3) NAP Allies will allow free passage through blockers and wall cities EXCEPT where doing so would allow an attack on another NAPd kingdom. If either KD owns a Blocker to the others area, they WILL NOT grant passage to an enemy of the other Kd.

This applies in all cases and where a conflict arises between passing one NAP ally or protecting another gates WILL NOT be opened.

4) NO building in or near each other's core unless specifically given permission.

In order to avoid asking PKS to break item (3), I freely admit that I built a wall on the opposite side of a river in order to get scouts out of their area.  Galadriel was being attacked by DB in an area she had occupied long before them and, as all my troops and scouts were inside the PKS core I couldn't assist my KD mate otherwise, I built a wall city in an area already dominated by DB armies (in fact, about 4 ticks from one of their armouries) and got what troops I could out before they destroyed it.

Drenthinio then did the same, building across a river into the PKS core.  He immediately started training Nazguls in there, so I messaged Grim asking for permission to destroy it in defence.  he confirmed that it had been built in breach of item 5 - they had NOT built with permission and asked me to wait.

I waited, and waited, and watched the Nazguls growing, and was then told that if I attacked it they would open the gates for DB armies to reach us.

I was then further told that, because I had managed to get a 3 bar army out of a North PKS blocker (while it was open anyway) and because G had got armies out WHILE SHE WAS STILL PKS, they were going to open the blockers for DB anyway.  In other words, DB wanted to attack us inside PKS core, and PKS were going to let them anyway.

Perhaps at that point my diplomacy became a little robust - do you really blame me?

05:27:07 Nov 24th 07 - Mr. Uro:

Donut and Lady G,
I would just like to make it clear that in the pole that was taken when the NAP was first introduced we did want to still be your allies.
This is, as you pointed out at:
What you do not know but should be very aware of is that the change in pole was not because of other KD's pressure but by the numerous insults that came from your KD.  These insults were not dealt with at all.  Donut you yourself were part of these "slaps to the face."  Lady G named her KD The Honorable Side of Peacekeepers.  This suggests that PKS is not Honorable.  Karac made several armies that there named: PKS, Really, Has, and Nohonor.
These are shown:
Through all of these and several others that we will not discuss due to personal issues we have decided to end the NAP with THSP.  Just wanted to clear that up for EVERYONE.

12:58:17 Nov 24th 07 - Mr. Homers Favourite:

Sorry, Mt Uro.  Don't buy that at all.

You're quite right that, when Grim said that PKS were going to be allowed to enter and train into the PKS core in order to attack us, but we were NOT going to be allowed to do anything to defend until they actually put armies against our towns, we thought you were being dishonourable, and "choosing" their NAP over ours.

The KD name was not my choice, I was still in PKS ()and intending to stay) when it was chosen by Karac.  We all know the *beep*ty attempt at political back-stabbing by PKS that lead to that, but didn't spread it around. 

A lot of other KDs tried to find out from Lady G why she'd left, all they were told was a "difference of opinion".  Knowing how 100% trustworty our past records were in this game, I don't know what conclusions they chose to draw but PKS certainly weren't slagged off.

I have also not discussed those matters with anyone outside those directly involved.

All I had originally asked Grim for was permission to remove an armoury that had clearly been built INSIDE their territory.  PKS had always defended any allies within it's core but that had apparently changed now it was DB attacking

The bare facts are, you used G and my good names to stab an old ally in the back then, when G left in protest and I followed to defend her, you applied different NAP terms to us than you did to another KD that wanted to attack us in your core. 

These are facts, not opinions,  and if you don't see why they were dishonourable then you obviously don't know what honour is.  You'll do well in Neu PKS

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