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How did era 41 go
13:47:14 Jun 24th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

How about we start a new trend.

Instead of the usual "era xy thread" flamefest we could have a representative of each participating KD write a coherent summary of what THEY think they did in the era. Because let's face it, the eras go through and we all have our own views of what/how/when happened and there is also a lot of speculation and assumption involved. This way, we all get a glimpse of what the other side was actually doing, or at least a general idea about it.

Ofc i'm quite aware that it will turn into a flamefest eventually, but at least we could come off with 8-10 summaries that would make for an interresting read.

Anyone up for it? :)

13:53:02 Jun 24th 10 - Sir Horus VII:

I'll start, my name is Horus. Spelled H-O-R... oh wait.... this isn't an intervention?

14:33:40 Jun 24th 10 - Ice Prince Aureola:


This is era 47 not 41, just saying...

14:37:34 Jun 24th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

eh, whatever, replace the 1 with a 7 :)

I'm rather curious how FATE saw the era, and ROC.

15:12:27 Jun 24th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

Was stuck pretty much with 3 players in a stalemate vs Southern KD's. Some Fear players came in to help. whooped their asses. Now I am bored and spamming troops.   That's pretty much it.

15:28:59 Jun 24th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

it was a shit era.

I StG'ed. made army, army died, StG'ed again, made another army, walked halfway across map, everyone died bout 10 ticks before I got there, walked back across the map and then some, prepped on a city, era ends.

awesum (Y)

16:28:30 Jun 24th 10 - General Hit That Hoe:

Im in RoC and a RoC vice, but I speak for myself and not RoC as a whole.

We came into this era knowing it would be good if placed by kingdoms of similiar sizes, we have great power for our size. But we cant possible defeat what we were up against so many times.

We land and its great, we spot GOTF. Here we plan RoC's revenge!! Then next thing we know DOA comes and attacks us OOP along with GOTF. Talk about rough OOP, i was holding our block and they couldnt get by until i said "this is boring as hell", then i moved out my city to be killed. Hey, id rather fight to die than be a coward and sit in my city with gts and walls. We got killed non the less, DOA and GOTF began to fight, then that died out as they NAPed each other.

From the start of era we had a guy join that was across the map below MAD, above FEAR, and east of FATE. IT was open and none were near, so we all land on him as we die adn he protects us OOP as he has been farming for this. We get going and run into DOA yet again, they come for us. Then FATE attacks us, now its just crazy. I get mailed saying the FATE player did it on his own and it wasnt declaring war. We still fight DOA, we hold them off for a while. I myself had been talking to a FEAR player and was helping them how i could with the war against DOA. Then FATE attacks for real this time and want war. At this point we know we are screwed but our guys on the FATE side have been farming for this day as we knew it to come. So we held off Woody (you suck woody XD) Then he got in but we took the cities back. Here Mr. Goob comes into play yet again (he was the guy here by himself). DOA sees us fighting FATE and they see FEAR moving in, little did they know FEAR was helping us but controlling our blocks as they had stronger armies and we could put everything in 3 blocks north. So DOA mails one of our guys or we mail them, forgot. They sign a CF... At the same time I had been talking with FATE, we decided to end the fighting as we werent going to just be run over like they thought. Here it gets a bit confusing. Goob decided to play both sides of the game, he told DOA he would drop a city for them as they needed one and it cost to much and he but 2 cities. HE told them lets make a deal, FATE was still attacking at this point, and he told DOA. You freeze Woodys army and ill drop as many you want. Here we stopped Woody dead YAY :D. Shortly after that is when we stopped fighting and he went north.

We let each side think we were warring the other, DOA thought we were fighting FATE, FATE thought we were fighting DOA. Each thinking this, we didnt do anything. We moved troops into blocks by both just to show ya know. Then word gets out adn we formally sign a NAP with FEAR and FATE. We stil have our CF with DOA and we dont want to be involved because both sides wanted us to meat shield for them. We said hell no. So we snuck by a DOA block and went north to fight MAD!! Here we had no magic range, but we went anyway. Had some fun then fell back after being beat, FATE then CW our block and here they beat DOA. We then asked for it to be open adn we now once again had access to MAD since DOA had built a block stopping us.

We had a small quarrel with Music as i attacked them. We didnt go to their core or anything, then after MAD was basically gone by us. Me and Mcmax went for GOTF and Music, behind us followed Goob and Bragi! We took a GOTF city letting them we have not forgotten, Goob and Bragi are attacking GOTF and myself and Mcmax Music.

From what im told, Goob and Bragi went in a 90k mine Goob took from GOTF, Middle Earth had a rather strong bottom HoH army coming at them. But FEAR had done them a favor they arent aware of. they took his last mine making him -1.2mil income was it? So his moral began to drop and his troops die. At first Goob had 1% and i dont know Bragi percent. The tick before Middle Earth moved off, Goob had 78% or so and Bragi had 87% i think it was, cant remember what Goob told me. So Goob then left everthing but his knights. And moved to catch up and hit him at 82%. He won and then chased him to the city he bounced to and they are currently on the move.


Thats my view of RoC this era.


As for the rest of everything, DOA. Sorry we didnt help, but we werent going to be the meat shields :)

FEAR/FATE nice job.

Also, DOA if your guys (not gonna point anyone out) with the blocks by where Jennaside setup had moved out and killed her sooner you would have avoided this maybe, when you saw her second 500k moving in, you should have took out the first.

From what im told, everyone now is fighting DOA, a bit lame i do say. Isnt FEAR and FATE enough, then im told Relentless declares on them? I thought that was a low move. But all for a reason i guess. GOTF is pretty much dead im told, we trying to pick up a few cities from them though.

MAD, great fighters. By luck this era.

Forgot to say, RoC was bored a lot thanks to DOA!! So we sat around and didnt do anything besides for a couple of us, we have rather strong armies, but with DOA holding blocks its hard to get at our enemy and now that FEAR and FATE have them, its to late anf far to move.


17:23:29 Jun 24th 10 - King Burninglegion The Doombringer:

general thats way to long, therefore i read 1/3 of it



Vu Police kicked some serious myth ass, 3 of us took on an easy 7 myth players until today..(just lost) im happy with how much ass we kicked for our size

good battle myth


.. btw vu police is recruiting =]

17:36:09 Jun 24th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

Anyone from FATE/GOTF/Relentless/MAD/(sigh)FEAR care to chime in? The Roc read is interresting :)

17:50:44 Jun 24th 10 - General Hit That Hoe:

Did my best not to hurt anyone feelings :P But at some point people need to realize this is a game and a war game. :)

17:59:35 Jun 24th 10 - Mr. The Binh Loser:

23:36:09 Jun 24th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

Anyone from FATE/GOTF/Relentless/MAD/(sigh)FEAR care to chime in? The Roc read is interresting :)

Will probably do our version of events at end of era. Maybe get some of the DOA peeps to post as well?

18:03:54 Jun 24th 10 - Mr. Berliner:

We spent an enjoyable era once Nirvana opened demonstrating to Gaia Breeaker that this isn't a war game, its a strategy game and that "fight fight fight" isn't always the best strategy :P

Not a lot of opportunity to grape and pillage because the map was so empty for most of the time - scouts could wander for RL day without seeing a single town.  So we built and trained and made friends and killed gaia. 

It was fun.

18:09:59 Jun 24th 10 - Lord Ohmlyone:

Not a vice or have anything to do with the leadership for DOA, but would like to place my narrative to what I saw from the two fronts I was involved with.

We set up on the western front of RoC and went oop with 6 or 7 of us given the task to the oop attack on them. I was straight mage this era and basically covered the moves of my teammates. RoC put up an incredible defense against us and cost me a considerable amount of mages and mtís   to bring them down. About half way through the oop with RoC, GoTF showed up and began to war with us. This lasted for a number of days, trading cities back and forth until we were told of a NAP between us and GoTF. To which we finished off RoC (great fight you guysÖ.impressive early defenses).

From here I marched for days to get to where we were warring PoFF. The team attacking them was well into killing them off and I set my 90k MC a little early I think, right on the Fear PoFF border. After killing off the rest of PoFF, I covered my team mates as we set armories. Twice we were able to infiltrate Fearís bridge block, but poor communication or just bad luck we didnít get far, more harassment than anything. Pretty much held to a stalemate until the last week when they had finally amassed enough armies to make their push. For the most part from there on, I have just been a minor irritation to them.

I have to say, that it has been a pretty exciting era, minus the several weeks of the stale mate. RoC put up a great fight. The back and forth with Fear was challenging. For now, I will just continue to irritate as many of the many times many KDís that are gobbling us up as I have muís to do so. Wonít fet into the BS flaming because we all have our own opinions, just hope to see everyone in the next era and that it too is as fun as this one.

18:46:25 Jun 24th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

DOA owned, FEAR whined.

Pretty much what I saw throughout.

20:02:35 Jun 24th 10 - Lord Deno The Ruby Ninja:

I have been spending my entire era speculating why the kd MAD exists. Why dos theese same players pop up in the kd every era. Simo, Nate, Ryan, Niques, Alysous etc. It is guarantied, next era they are still going to be there. I dont get it. 

20:29:28 Jun 24th 10 - Endless Destruction:

chance of success... andSuccessful!

chance of success...KAKAKAKAKA! it failed.
chance of success...KAKAKAKAKA! it failed.
chance of success... andSuccessful!
chance of success... andSuccessful!
chance of success...KAKAKAKAKA! it failed.
We do not have enough magic power to cast
chance of success... andSuccessful!
chance of success... andSuccessful!
chance of success... andSuccessful!
rinse, repeat with an occasional bout of dragon envy :)

02:20:08 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Crissxcross Holiday:

@ Deno well I also have no clue, why they always play together, maybe they like their kingdom the way it is ????

Maybe they have achieved there something they are proud about and want to keep it alive, who knows :D.

More then this I wonder why there are soooo many of the skilled players (ofc not all) who can only play this game in big kingdoms full with other skilled players and are not trying out something new and maybe challenging ????

This is something I wonder each era about ^^.

02:25:12 Jun 25th 10 - Dreadlord Jay Renfro:

I logged in, saw a 500k halfer army move to one of our blockers, trained, troops, looged out.


Logged in, army gone, new 500k halfer army moving in, trained troops, looged out.


Logged in, army gone, ect ect ect. Those little pests just wont stay dead!

05:49:46 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Deno The Ruby Ninja:

@Chriss yeah obviously there is a loyality bind that comes from somewhere, that keeps them together. 

06:32:40 Jun 25th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

How about we move off Fant and onto a world without whining and people feeding

On Mantrax Gladiators started OOP against BoW after 100 days we had pushed them back and were being attacked by BHD, Genocide and some 7th Snactum members we had 15 members spread out between these 4 kingdoms, around day 400 BHD and Genocide were almost destroyed and BoW had retreated again after we attacked took their second core area.

Idk the exact day but MYTH was formed and Gladiators and BoW created an alliance to kill MYTH. What was left of Genocide and BHD joined Glads and we sent out our big armies to the edge of MYTH territory, which was 3/5 of Mantrax. Around day 700 we had 8 500k armies battling MYTH, we helped BoW push back MYTH and then we moved further and further into their territory. We took out 3 of their 6 cores, about 15 of the 35 members had little to no cities left leaving 4-5 guys to farm with their cities in the very corner of the map.

Day 950 we start to hit resistance but enevetably we are still on top, Gladiatorul ripped through their cities and is still currently taking them and is still no. 1 army after killing over 2 million troops. Survivor, Roherian and Aisha have also been killing their way through doing exellent jobs. Ery was spectacular mid era saving BoW from annilation with he and Heim keeping back some of MYTHs strongest armies. Ignis Cao and Griff have been doing great jobs as well helping Gladiatorul in the northern region.

Which leaves me alone with Aragon controlling he south east corner, with me in the north taking alot of cities and killing over a million troops. Gladiators this era have shown their worth over and over again, and I congradulate each and everyone of them for their work this era, being half the size of our enemy. I am proud to have served with them for my final era of VU and hope that they continue being one the greatest kingdoms I have played with. They are trully Gladiators.

07:06:42 Jun 25th 10 - Dr. Evil:

We partied till Venomz showed up and crashed the party with his unfriendly friends. :P

07:11:28 Jun 25th 10 - Endless Destruction:

yeah, who sent him the invite anyhow? :p

07:20:49 Jun 25th 10 - Dr. Evil:

Not sure.  It wasn't us.  Unless he wanted to join and that was his way of making friends.  LOL

08:03:22 Jun 25th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

nobody cares about mant :)

08:41:53 Jun 25th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

And yet I could care less about what you or anyone else thinks about Mant, so shut ya mouth, and I really dont give a f...k about you or any of your so called vets as all I ever see you do is act and play like little children.

09:05:22 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Landed on Fanta. Farmed for 250 days. Haven't built a mine since, only troops... then FEAR pwned. Some guy tried farming up for era win, is still 3rd somehow. FEAR wins. We're the best. Yah. Lol.....

09:07:20 Jun 25th 10 - Sir Ophiucus:

Well said Doomhammer

09:52:45 Jun 25th 10 - Sir Kooler Than You:

i landed on fant then i .... after that i went to.... was about to ..... suddenly out of the blue ..... lastly but not least i ....  and that was my era lol 

10:11:19 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Thank you, but I think Mike said it better... and yeah, nobody cares about Mantrax LOL

10:59:08 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Gilth:

My view from Musics perspective.

We landed almost in the middle of Fantasia and quickly spotted some FEAR scouts entering 'our' area. Everyone knew war was coming. FEAR settled some armouries within our blockable area. We got 2-3 of us to do the same. OOP came and FEAR was slowly gaining ground. Wasn't much we could do as long as they could return with decent armies into GT pumped cities. War was nice enough for an OOP war. Black Flag interfered and hit us in the back. We had to split our troops even more and got pummeled.

By then rumours about the old FATE-FEAR alliance were already being told. We didn't want to go to a 'lower' world. DOA offered to give us some restarting space. Had some problems with DOA, because of smaller misunderstandings. Farmed up for about a weak. Got called to war again because Relentless had some impressive armies at GOTF blockers. By the time we got there, GOTF were taken. Relentless cleared GOTF, but couldn't pass Musics 2 blockers. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaalemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. Black Flag returns to fight us, but can't do more than Relentless already did.
FEAR breaks DOA and opens a lot more fronts as RoC and FEAR and BF and Relentless want some of our cities. Lots of bigger and smaller armies running around taking and retaking cities to stay alive.

11:21:43 Jun 25th 10 - Dreadlord Jay Renfro:

Sir Ophiucus:

Sounds like you had a fun round on mantrax! Fanta is basically a blocker vs blocker fight all era long so its nice to see there's still some action somewhere!


Dont listen to the haters, in the end the only opinion that matters when it comes to your enjoyment here is...well yours:P


GJ Glads!

11:47:06 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

Lord Deno The Ruby Ninja
03:02:35 Jun 25th 10
I have been spending my entire era speculating why the kd MAD exists. Why dos theese same players pop up in the kd every era. Simo, Nate, Ryan, Niques, Alysous etc. It is guarantied, next era they are still going to be there. I dont get it.

Deno... stop speculating then. You will never find an answer. :P

MAD, in its early eras (ofc), was there/created to achieve an era win or atleast be on the kingdom charts. At first, I created this kingdom to unite all Philippine players here, but Zeta ruined it when a 3man kingdom update was implemented. So we have three 3man kingdoms PHI, MAD and I forgot the other one. When the update rolled back, PHI and MAD go separate ways but always an auto NAP relation., the other one disbanded.

Then over the course of time, I have made friends here (in real life and over seas) that stick to play with this yellow banner on.
Im proud to say that I got one important requirement all top kingdoms have... that is a solid core of members. :D

****sorry for the off topic post, I will share my kingdom's era 47 experience when the era ends. :)*

12:25:24 Jun 25th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

Era as i glimpsed it:

- era start with lotsa OOP fights, everything is actionpacked and fun, i farm with a specific goal in mind

- OOP wars slowly die off, frontlines are established, naps formed, trenchwars ensue, people start losing interrest, i start cursing because i made a fatal mistake

- Most people farm up while holding blockers, levels of interrest drop significantly, i hiss and spit sulfur at the thought of Zeta and what he did to humans

- Some sort of mess ensues around RoC as they play all sides to stay alive (pretty obvious considering they live in the midst of 3 rather strong KDs, some of us cry to bump them, others say meh leave them, they get left alone. Relentless are on the move by that time, GOTF fall pretty heavily vs them

- FATE move out, MAD offer far less resistance then expected, a rather fun hoppetyhop follows, we do this and that, they do the same, sooner then later they walk over what we have there considering the utter lack of activity the blockerthumping brought on, forum wars ensue after i dump my accumulated gold into troops in case FATE do get far enough considering i'm basically sending them kisses into ex MAD core

- FEAR send EZ out, our guys give chase, era is basically over, nobody really gives a shit anymore, Relentless are scooping up whatever they can in the far east, FATE sort of linger around the MAD core knowing they cant really get anywhere given the short amount of time left, dragons fly, so do speculations, a few people get their panties in a twist and this is where i say "see you all next era" 

13:00:49 Jun 25th 10 - Duke Random The Silver Buttrapeachu:

rumor has it you tried for dragons until you saw magic science costs for human raist ;)


13:10:26 Jun 25th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

Random: Don't ask. I'm still embarassed. I overlooked 1 magic sci upgrade in my calcs, did everything by the book, the landpump went smoothly, then i went for magic upgrade and when i was going from 7-8 i was like "hmmm, wait a minute, something is wrong here..." lol

I think i was about ready to punish my keyboard for that brainburp :)

So much for humans and me, i was hard set on taking elf, but then i let myself be persuaded (you know who you are, i r gonna haunt your nightmares for it!) and took human. You can imagine how annoyed i was hehe but eh, one does what he can with what he picks so i turned to StG *Shrug*

Mind you a dragon with a human is still doable, but pointless, considering the amount of resources that would go into it (had them on hand at a certain point...). lvl 10 magic for hums is simply not viable.

13:22:45 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Dalak The Platinum Dildo:

Quick Era summary according to me.

I didn't start until a week after the era started so the first week is mainly second hand info.

We landed next to DMC, RR and MAD was very close to. We started the era with the intention of adhering to the no NAP idea that Rob come up with so we started attacking all our neighbours OOP. 

We noticed that DMC were being attacked by Holy from the north so we had another enemy to contend with almost straight away. Surprisingly, DMC and Holy didn't NAP to fight us and a 3 way fight ensued. DMC soon fell and  the Holy halfers turned their full intention to us. To the credit of Sal, Osi and DVS they kicked our butt almost back to our blocker.

We started hearing rumours of a few NAPs being signed but we had no eveidence at this time. We got approached by a couple of kingdoms for a NAP but we didnt agree to any, yet. 

MAD started sending armies into the Holy battlefield. At this time we noticed that DOA had cities setting up behind MAD blockers a bit to the east of our core. These were obviously armouries. MAD had clearly come to an arrangement with DOA. This is the point we signed our first NAP.

Whilst this was going on we dispatched Ravage Regime and our southern team started advancing south. As we got closer we saw that all the southern kingdoms had cities intermingled with each other and many of them hadn't fought any battles. They knew they had to all be NAPed. Our initial armies, who had no mage support yet, got nicely smacked by the southern alliance which was really annoying (kudos to you guys and gals) and a stalemate formed on that battlefront.

Our team fighting Holy was rebuilding and was almost ready for our counter attack and  MAD kept sending armies that we kept bouncing or slaughtering. DOA came out with some very strong armies and they caused some real concern but they got frozen and eventually we sent them packing. Another stalemate begun. The whole time we sat waiting for Raists huge STGed army but thankfully it never came.

We built up our armies. Our enemies built up theirs. We all died of boredom.

We started our invasion of Holy on two fronts which turned out to be successful and we carried that momentum into MAD and then into DOA.

The southern alliance crumbled to a two pronged attack from us and FEAR with FEAR being the dominant party down there.

All in all not our best era as a kingdom but we did have some outstanding individual efforts as always. Thanks to our friends and foes for your contributions.

13:36:16 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Dalak The Platinum Dildo:

Sorry I forgot ROC.

ROC was between DOA, Fear and us. NOt a good position for any kingdom. We noticed that they were fighting DOA so stayed out of it until we saw that DOA had breached their core. We had to decide to either let DOA eat ROC and then be on our doorstep all nice and fat and with no real blockers between us and them or take the fight to them in ROC's core. We took some ROC blockers and a couple of other cities before ROC bit back and had us back in our blockers. We had more than enough to fight ROC based on all the EITs data we gathered on them but we thought in hindsight that we had enough enemies, so we settled in peace with ROC. The fact that DOA and ROC had CFed also meant we didn't have to worry about an attack from that area. 

13:46:57 Jun 25th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:


How come the majority of the armies sent at us were rather weak-ish? There were 1 or 2 to be of concern even for Ali, but other then that from what i saw it was pretty much mid-era stuff you've been sending? The amount of armies on the move was nice, i appreciated the sight of that, but after doing a thorough eyeing session i realized that nothing youve sent was really a threat. Don't get me wrong, a nice effort and all, but if we werent involved in a xy-sides fight, those armies would have been sent packing with a minimum of effort... Did you actually speculate us being too occupied elsewhere or was that the extent of what you could muster? (not being an ass here for a change, only genuinely wondering)

14:23:29 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Venomz:


Am i invited to party next era?

15:26:52 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Crissxcross Holiday:

my personal era summary:

After beeing inactive for a long while a loged in to keep my account alieve, read something from Fluffy in the forum and thought:

Hmm might be worth looking arround to see a dragon flying arround in VU, so I signed in for the era, kingdomless and went off the computer to make me some food, because I was hungry.

When I came back (no more hungry), I realized I somehow stranded in AoAs core, furthermore direct in one of their cities and I thought, WTF is this???

Suddenly I recognized that myself was a member of AoA and wondered what my tonic was served with I drunk this evening. I just couldn't remember having signed up for a kingdom or any % in my drinks....

So big suprise :D.

At this time era lasted allready 5 days and I thought why not staying, experience a new kingdom.
Few days leter I went off for an excursion tripp, I was 6 days offline. When I came back my kingdom was in war with Fear and Fate.

I thought Fate, well fine, there is a little kingdom between us anyway and looked to the kingdom scores searching for Fear, wow stronger rated then Fear, fighting the big fish this time.

Looked for the kingdom info and SUPRISE, leaded by Roxbury.

Well to be honest I was not really suprised, there are only very few eras I am not getting in a war with his kingdom ^^.
Some things never changed I thought and have built up econemy and went for the job as a mage...

Trained a lot of mus, builded up towers and was soon very busy trying to freeze the incoming hoh armies from fear.
After some hundred turns, when more then 3 500k armies attacked at once, I run out of peasants and were no more able to freeze all of them.
Meanwhile Fear also got magic support and were able to CW some of our blockers, so they had access to our core and to our naped kingdoms (the allmighty southwest coalition *cough cough*,)too.

Summer and World Cup has come and activity was running low on our side so leadership made a plan to achieve fame and honor :D...... Though chances were almost zero it sounded funny and so people agreed to try out....
in the end the plan failed somehow (suprise ^^) and we were no more able to resist more incoming Fear and Fate armies....
Ofc we kept fighting to the very end, but well it was only a matter of time.
So I died few days ago and am spectating the last week of the era....

16:39:39 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Aligreat:

Heres what I saw. I wont go into detail on Ohm's side as I only saw small bits over there and he pretty much covered it.

Land a few days late after brothers stag do. Land in an area with no mining positions and everyone seems to have maxed atleast one town. 
I see wars against several banners, ROC, GOTF in one place, POFF in another, KH in the NE. I drop a mine and build a few ticks then sleep. Wake up and Im still like 60 ticks from OOP. So i decide rather than try to catch up 3 days and get armies into these OOP wars of significance, ill whore my ass off and set up wherever the next big fight is.
Blockers are set against MAD.
GOTF, ROC war is cringeworthy, nobody can seem to hold a town, seems never ending. FEAR appear to be close on the south, Relentless declare war on forums (personally thought it was a joke, had no idea the players they had in the kd) rumours of FEAR+FATE alliance already freeflowing. NAP made with GOTF.
Moving over to set up behind blockers on MAD front.

NAP made with MAD

Set up on MAD front to help vs FATE with 2 mages (1 inactive) and 3 other fighters. MAD hold inital FATE attacks, but eventually lose blockers. We move out, one army runs for FATE armories, i try to take out the army that broke MAD on our side, immediately regret not triple BTing my prep to 70%+ as FATE mages proceed to locust my army into oblivion.
Continues for a while, upkeep is murdering me, i fall back.
Thomaas gets froze, FATE mages find one army easy to freeze, call for more players to assist us, none available
Add more troops, try again, mage on to MP. Prep, locusted again. Smacked by Anika. Upkeep still murdering me, decide to drop towns to house the troops.
Demand a new mage as I needed 24hour coverage as I didnt want them to breach us at any time. Raist sets up.
Decide if my army is 2 times the size of #2 HOH and i still cant break FATE, i need to think bigger. Proceed to produce a massive pony army. 
FATE CW, woken up by Wilber on the phone at like 11am, thats my sleeping time hoe, not amused. Hit Von, chat with him a while since im no longer sleeping.
ROC is broken by our members, FATE attack them, we offer CF against will of most people on ROC front. FATE CF ROC. That side dies down in activity. Blocker set to stop FATE there. One new player joins our side to make and defend blocker.
Reach 800k ponies and 210k mages. Move towards Anika again. Split army to move faster. Mages undefended (still slapping myself), Deno and Anika get a CW on our blocker, BT scouts or platoons in, slaughter mages a tick or 2 from safety, i had the 2 BTs to get in, more self pity.
FATE and ROC agree on a CW of their blocker, reopening an undefended side. Members bay for ROC blood (including me at one point). 

Feanor moves a 4mil OP army to our undefended side after killing 2 of our players on the blocker to stop FATE there. I proceed to move my mageless 800k ponies down towards Feanor by creative measures to avoid FATE mages (Deno u stole my idea). BT and smack Feanor at like 96%. Chill a little, slaughter Woody, chill some more, smack Chuck at 97%.
Army cries out for no more war as they hobble around with over 200k injured ponies.
FATE breach MAD in the north over 30 ticks away. Fuck it, forced them march on up anyways. Run up, mageless still. Hit Deno. More armies pile in, consider suicide. Do my best to hit as many FATE armies as i can.

Ez rapes DOA income, spam troops to slow him. He takes all my towns anyway. Massive negative upkeep.

Make one misjudgment, army was about 1 pixel from merging into a town. Mage freezes and ROFs 600k ponies to about 160k. Finished off by Von Darkmoor.

Deno kills Raist. Raist builds troops to slow FATE on one side and Ez in the core. Flames start.

Then small skirmishin with FATE to slow them taking stuff.

Era end
All in all, a boring era at times, but still had its moments.

Congrats to FATE, especilly their mages and thanks to all 3 DOA mages on this side, Knish there were times i was sure you were asleep but you came on to save me a BT or allow me some sleep, especially the times I fell asleep while waiting for a tick and u stopped us losing everything.
Also a big thanks to the other attackers on my front, I know this has been mainly self centred posting but without you guys doing the boring defensive holding I wouldnt have felt safe to run and do any of this.

See ya all next era.

16:51:37 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

Ali, you made me shit my pants when i saw 200k ponys so early in the era ^^

16:52:09 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Aligreat:

Oh and thanks to MAD of course, and their mage. I even had him cast some stuff for me too.

I would really hate to have to be my mage, im a little demanding =D

16:55:20 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Ohmlyone:

We hate it too

17:00:01 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

I'll go mage. against you


17:05:13 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Deno The Ruby Ninja:

@grumpy regarding weak armies. I will speak for myself. My army started against Ravage regime. I had to do a long walk (48 hours) up to mad. I was very surpriced  that they couldnt flat out kill me when i arrived. Alysous took a hit. i got in a city and started training behind their blocker.

However i had no pez income at all as i had mad on both sides. So was forced from the beginning to farm Advents. Also forced to go all in training as i wouldnt risk mad to be able to out train me. 

After that i played abit of city tennis with mad, taking a blocker and then trying to move down for Thoomas when he made hes first move, hanky froze me and mad  moved out instant and took a hit on me. 

After that i lost a 57 % takeoover chance on Anvil, moved back down before moving out for Doa. 

I think alot of our members had eras like that. They had to constantly take hits and therefore was hard to realy farm up a descent income, but were forced to just train 100 % all the way. Few even got wiped out and made incredible comebacks. All in all it was an era played on will more than anything. 

17:43:16 Jun 25th 10 - Emperor Palpatine:

how you have grown Deno from the little orc who failed on my tashkent all those eras ago... :)

i remember the former leader of Boom telling me you would really make a name for yourself and even an era win is possible. so i wait with interest....we will be sharing fanta next era so will be interesting either way. :)))

17:46:51 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Ohmlyone:

10:00:01 Jun 25th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

I'll go mage. against you


I'm up for it....double roawwwr

18:57:47 Jun 25th 10 - Grumpy old Bastard:

Deno: Welcome to my world. Income that could topple worlds, but nowhere to put it except for the big income towns, which ofc would effectively kill me.

Luckily ive set up two colonies on your side, and let them accumulate peasants all the time, so when the time came i was at least able to dump in 3-400K mus and mess around a bit. Being mage sucks if you ask me, too much lugging peasants and slaves around to get those bloody mu's needed...

Ironically enough, i blew most of my mu's on a whim, as i wanted to test out a spell that i havent seen casted in ages, and ofc the effect was 80K lost per succesfull cast with 0(!!!) effect lmao... that took the cake for me... But then again, at the time you were swarming all over the place already so it didnt really matter anymore. I knew that if you came into the core youd get smacked as by that time a bulk of my troops already came in, and beyond that who cares what happens, considering the era was about to end.

All in all, a weird uneven era, excitement wise...

19:00:02 Jun 25th 10 - Lord Ohmlyone:

What spell??

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