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I broke a CF
14:05:55 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Random:

Ok, so here is the thing.

I may have broken a little CF we've got with crazy. BUT before they come crying blue bloody murder, let me show you the bullshit that i've been going through in the last 12-24 hours pre-break.

It all started with me, in the middle of the Oblivion Core, I'd been training for days and a Kingdom member was going to take out a blocker and come join me.

I was sitting there for 2 days, my member gets his army ready and then... Crazy, a crazy player who is napped to Oblivion decides to take key blockers, the initial person these were taken from is unknown. but they were the bottom two in the image.

As you can see in this image, three out of the 4 blockers have been taken by crazy, stopping peoples entry into the core all bar one entrance which is heavily defended.

First entry here is a talk with Dolittle over the blockers.

You (10/11/2009 6:10:35 PM)
can we have these opened?
Mr. Dolittle (10/11/2009 6:42:31 PM) GOOD BAD
i am sorry but i will be allowing you access to a naped member and i would be in breach of a nap and i do appolagise for inconvenience and would ask you to go around sorry bud :(
You (10/11/2009 6:56:50 PM)
who are you napped too?
You (10/11/2009 7:03:10 PM)
also, if your not going to open the gates, you better not open them either way.....
Mr. Dolittle (10/11/2009 7:07:51 PM) GOOD BAD
i would not open them for them either and b4 making warnings to me chat with your leader edd as he know my game play and we used to be in same KD and he knows i fight with honour, and yes i was disappointed with resent actions and voiced my opinions on them.
You (10/11/2009 7:21:23 PM)
EDD is not my leader...

I'm one of the leaders of No Pulse.

I'm not making threats towards you, just making sure that you don't take a double standard and keep me out, yet let them through.

I want to get my kingdom mates army though to the Oblivion core...

I don't understand why you'd nap such an average KD.... their armies are average and their members are just as *beep*.
Mr. Dolittle (10/11/2009 7:31:58 PM) GOOD BAD
i dont make them choices lol i am sorry for mixing your KD up as i can only see koh army close to me :) good luck

That there is a msg with Dolittle confirming that they couldn't open the blockers.... this MSG was two days before the top blocker was taken.

As seen in this screenshot, Tarvalon is blocking off Rhaella, my kingdom mates armoury for a fair while

Naturally I PM'ed the crazy leadership about it, obviously in a BAD mood over this seeing as this happens as soon as we're about to attack.

You (10/12/2009 5:14:28 PM)
On Valhalla, we have a problem.

Your kingdom have taken a number of blockers which allow entry to the oblivion core.

I'm already in the core which isn't the issue, my kingdom mates now cannot get through this core because of your CF'ed kingdom who have taken literally all the blockers to the core.

In my opinion, if this has been intentionally done it is incredibly dishonourable. I beleive it has been as the city was one of your NAP partners before hand (I have screen shots of your memebrs prepping these cities and also of it being returned to oblivion after being taken from me).

Hopefully we can sort this out without any altercations.

Duke Random
co-leader of No Pulse.
Dr. Raving Lunatic (10/12/2009 5:49:09 PM) GOOD BAD
I have no knowledge of this and will immediately consult my Vices to find out what is going on.

I agree we need to resolve this quickly and with honor
You (10/12/2009 6:33:48 PM)
I do not have the time for you to discuss this with your vices,

I require the gates to the towns open, or we will simply have to take them.

This is REALLY fcking with my patience and if you get any beaurocratic BS going it won't end with words.
Dr. Raving Lunatic (10/12/2009 6:43:29 PM) GOOD BAD
Dear Duke Random,

Do not threaten me. I am not well and could take it wrong.

I have told Duke Bad Kitty to fix what ever problem he has caused with No Pulse and he will or the other vices will take it out of him.

I may be offline soon for a while.

Dr Raving Lunatic

useful leadership team we have here. I have a problem and he says that he's going to do a runner. hmm how am I supposed to sort this out?

So naturally Ryan msg's me next:

Duke Bad Kitty (10/12/2009 6:33:34 PM) GOOD BAD
they attacked me and gave me two cities as comp, one is being razed and the other I cant take until your guy stops prepping on it. there are other ways into their core, bridge brigade is there still.
You (10/12/2009 6:39:41 PM)
it's not my guy... I'm in No Pulse.

and ofcourse you can take it..... why the hell couldn't you?

if they are being razed then why aren't you opening the gates.
Duke Bad Kitty (10/12/2009 6:42:55 PM) GOOD BAD
pretty simple.

I cant take it because im too big, the guy giving me the city isnt the guy who attacked me and i cant open gates because im not gonna raze it until I take white tower, btw you have three other entrances into their core as outer hours doesnt block and we only took those others as we were attacking pieguy.
You (10/12/2009 6:47:52 PM)
We can't get to outer hours because we either have to go through big ups which you woudln't open, which is fair enough to prot an ally, or through the LD core, who we have no relations with.

you've taken the only other entrance we have apart from brigde brigade, which is heavily defended now.

you think im a complete dumbass, i know your kingdom is trying to block them off from everyone. Now you're just making lame excuses.

Honestly who would give blockers as compensation for soemthing. its a complete lie and don't try to maintain it.
Duke Bad Kitty (10/12/2009 6:53:56 PM) GOOD BAD
Random, I have always liked you, you always seemed to be a good kid do not ruin that by calling me a liar. I have noticed in VU that people are always quick to jump to conclusions.

I don't think you are a dumbass, the reason I demanded a blocker was very simple, 3 times I was forced to wait until azrale was on to get through to reinforce my 200k archie army. this was unacceptable to me. it cost me several million in gold and delayed my march south by several real life days.

Crazy has littel interest on valhalla you will notice we have limited targets here and are alll on our way south, this makes its faster and easier. Not everything is done to screw over another kingdom. I am also in negotiations with another kingdom here to join us as we need more armies to attack on Fant. this would not be done to screw you guys over but to help with the attack on fant. if they do join us we hope you will cease attacking them if we open ALL OF OUR GATES on valhalla to facilitate you moving armies easily to Fant.

Duke Bad Kitty
You (10/12/2009 7:11:02 PM)
I'd like them opened now, for my kingdoms armies to move through and get to ex neb aka OBLIVION. at the moment it is impossible for Tengo to get through there where his main armoury has been training for almost a week now.

We'd set out attack time for within the next 24 hours and without his armies my attack will be not as effective.

Pretty much this is really screwing with my plans, do what you think is right, leave them open or close them, but we'll also do what we think is right, not a threat.... just stating whats going on without all the bull*beep*ting.
Duke Bad Kitty (10/12/2009 7:13:52 PM) GOOD BAD
if you attack me then our cease fore will be over. you have an openeing at bridge and you will have to use that.

I cannot open that city as I have a nap with oblivion. I do not break my word.

your attack will either have to be delayed while you go around or go without tengos army.

My apologies.
Duke Bad Kitty (10/13/2009 5:46:51 AM) GOOD BAD
Given your recent actions I was wrong about you Random, apparently you have no honour. this is disappointing as I was one of the people who pushed for a cease fire with you to concentrate on bigger fish. I should have expected that anyone who would let Pimple act the way he did without punishment had no honour but I am surprised that you attacked my army WHEN I WAS MARCHING IT AWAY FROM TARVALON.

I expect an apology and some serious reparations.

He says, I will not break the CF etc etc. but then instead of trying to get his second city as compensation he decides to move his army towards me.

A screenshot:

hmm now, why would he move from white tower with his 500k army that was going supposed to be getting his 'recompensation' from white tower which he was prepping on in the pic above, down to my city of Larenthia WITHOUT taking the city.

seems like a hostile action to me....

Pretty much in summary,

1) Crazy, cuts my kingdoms reinforcments off from me in an attack.

2) They refuse to unblock the core from me upon request, extreme low play.

3) They can't come to a diplomatic solution in any way what soever. It all ends in 'we're going to keep em closed, nothing you can do about it'

4) They decide to move a 200k 'archie' army upon me.... which I 98%'ed.... which leaves me thinking.... maybe he has really low magic science? or just talking smack to scare me?

5) They then claim that they're 'just moving past' another load of BS.

So what do you think, I'm pretty sure that I had good grounds to break this CF. nuf said.

14:09:03 Oct 13th 09 - Wolflord Karac:


PHI is ;)

14:19:38 Oct 13th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

Mate, all I can say is - You were warned :)

Never makes any kind of relations with Crazy, just kill them on sight and you don't end up involved in any of their convoluted little dramas :)

14:26:46 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Augh:

Random. You have way too much patience.

14:39:07 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

crazy seems to be making many friends this week.

btw Random next time kill this army, now we have to do it in starta ^^

14:53:25 Oct 13th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

those blockers were held by demons who attacked us and declared war.  you are pissed at us takin blockers held by a kingdom who attacked us first and we were fighting.  and Chancelor mcDuck WTF do you know about anything?

14:56:27 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Nukem:

OMFG... Crazy using cheap tactics... i never thought i would see the day :O ;)

15:01:04 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

well psycho at least the declared war to you, your kingdom is only attacking without declaring, so you have not to wonder having bad reputation here.

Take a look here, then you see how things are dealt if you don't want to contact enemy leadership about it:

HIV war declaration

15:06:22 Oct 13th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

I know that Crazy has a history of using underhanded tactics against people they have relations with :)

Aside from the fact that the evidence is right there for everyone to see.. :)

15:18:27 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Random:

hmm all the blocker did?

18:01:55 Pizza Delivery lead by Sir Farimer forcefully returned Tarvalon to Mr. Azrael. We lost 0 Ghosts, 0 Archers, 0 Riders, 0 Spellweavers and 0 Archmages and 0 peasants in the battle.

To prove that Farimer is Oblivion....


City Info
Owner: Sir FarimerKingdom Banner
Size: 401 building(s).
Gates: open


City Info
Owner: Duke Bad KittyKingdom Banner
Size: 760 building(s).
Kingdom: Insane Asylum
Gates: closed

Now the blocker in question. looks to me like it was sure a demons blocker, especially since they're napped and all, unless your suggesting that they're in on the blocker swapping too?

15:41:22 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

yo we are allied and i didnt even moan to you guys that you should war crazy. so now its a great time to start it

16:13:01 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Random you are a bad bad man <3

Mr. Augh


13:26:46 Oct 13th 09
Random. You have way too much patience.

i lol'd at that, he has...
i'd have just waited for them to make the thread and told them to shut up moaning and go play with their willies

16:17:41 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Random:

Mr. Crissxcross


15:39:07 Oct 13th 09
crazy seems to be making many friends this week.

btw Random next time kill this army, now we have to do it in starta ^^

I did cxc ;)

16:28:38 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Overcome:

its really week that you all judge the whole KD for a misstake that was made by a few players. i know many honorable players in Crazy. dont take it out on them. take it up with those involved.

16:50:10 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

Lol, you got owned. Stop whining, just break the nap and take the core.

17:23:28 Oct 13th 09 - Prince Sprout:

CFs are made to be broken.  Both Pulse and Crazy have admitted to warring after fate Falls just looks to be going down a bit early is all.

 I dont blame either side as a cf is no real standing relation, its more a we gonna war sooner or later kinda relation. So whats the big deal?


17:32:28 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Random:

Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo


07:38:10 Oct 13th 09
Duke Bad Kitty (10/13/2009 3:48:55 AM) GOOD BAD
their leader attacked one of my armys. the ceasefire is now broken.  they are not to be trusted.
thats why i'm posting, so they don't have a cry :P

17:39:04 Oct 13th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

Well said overcome. 

17:44:31 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

Well, they know they are playing with fire when pulling a stunt like that. No sain person would have tolerated it. It is hilariously funny though, and show why all the cross war naps are gimptarded.

17:48:36 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Black Heart:

I read Random's story like everyone and since I am the training vice I have no call on Politics


The Scenario in simple lines is this:

  • Obliovion's core is closed by 4 blockers- 3 of which are controlled by Crazy and the 4th is controlled by Kingdom of hearts.
  • Random wants his Kd members into an Oblivion's core through Crazy's blocker.
  • Crazy is Napped to Oblivion and honoring the NAP they can't open the blockers.
  • Random insists and threatens Crazy leaders to attack.
  • Crazy holds to their NAP and CF and stand their ground advising a route around.
  • Random breaks the CF and attacks.
The CF Terms (No Pulse - Insane Assylem)
Name: No Pulse
Members: 29
Created: 9/5/2009 1:00:34 PM
Leader: Mr. Hanky Panky

1) CF between Insane Asylum and No Pulse until both kingdoms agree that Foundation is dead.

2) Both kingdoms agree that when it is decided Foundation (Fate) is dead the war between No Pulse and Insane Asylum will start 72 hours later. No sooner.

3) Each others home world (Mantrax and Arma) and Valhalla are zones where we can not attack each other once we do start fighting.

4) The war will be on Fantasia between No Pulse and Insane Aslyum. If any other worlds will be included it will be arranged before the war starts after Fate has been deemed dead by both kingdoms.

5) No MAP can be called in by either side to assist in the war. Both sides currently have no MAPs

Note: The CF terms between No Pulse and Crazy Does Not include any term about opening or closing or controling any blockers. Its only a CF and not a NAP.

As a comment about politics:
  1. Any tactic is considered valid in politics as long as no violation of terms. This is what politics is for so claiming an underhanded strategy or strategic claiming of cities is not a dishonorable act as long as no violation for the signed terms.
  2. Within a complex diplomatic status of more than one kingdom NAPped to one another including 2 warring kingdoms, And intentional opening of blockers is an obvious act of treason.
  3. Meanwhile patience and commitment to the NAP terms is honorable even though it might not be convenient to any of the involved parties (In that case like No Pulse)
  4. Declaration of breaking a CF not based on clear violations of the CF terms does not justify breaking the treaty on the other hand there are several wiser ways of solving the issue if the other party (No Pulse) actually wanted to maintain the Cease Fire agreement.
Bottom line, I don't find any justification in Random's claim. I don't believe the bullying a kingdom to betray its NAPs justifies anything.
Meanwhile this only leaves one conclusion, No Pulse wanted to make sure a surprise assault is on their side, in order to secure their victory not caring for any of their previous agreements.

17:53:16 Oct 13th 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

random you need glasses.  that army moving is kingdom of hearts.  and dolittle took that blocker from demons.  you need to go take some meds.

Tenhauser Reinf

City Info
Owner: Mr. Dolittle Kingdom Banner
Size: 2780 building(s).
Kingdom: Insane Asylum
Gates: closed

18:01:04 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Wow. nice use of supposed evidence for your dishonourable actiions.


1- I moved away from White tower because of your whining, I decided NOT to take the city and removed my troops from tar valon, you will notice that when you attacked my troops they were ON THE MOVE. I had been in contact with Tengo and had let him know what I was doing. I am in starta and was reinforcing them there. you attacked me without any sort of warning which from what I hear is rather typical of No pulse. instead of saying "hey I lost my cool, sorry I will compensate you" you now try to justify breaking your word.  if you were honourable you would simply admit you were wrong and move on.


 as for us TAKING BLOCKERS JUST TO SPITE YOU? westblockz was taken from pieguy of demons a week and a half before you even showed up there as were the two cities that Dolittle took,  feel free to ask him.  here is the funniest part of you infering that Crazy was acting dishonourably....

 because of your whining I decided to give away westblocks to Theophilius of LD that way you could stop whining about Crazy having so many supposed key blockers. I was waiting for my last troops there to cook. I moved my troops out of Tarvalon and headed south.

where exactly are our actions showing as dishonourable? im giving away a city just to placate you and somehow im the bad guy? Oblivion has been far more honourable in their dealings with us.


the paranoia shown by many supposedly honourable players in this game is amusing. You think everything is all about your kingdom.


adam, you can go fist yourself, we have always been honourable in our dealings yet you come on here mouthing off about Crazy pretty much constantly. you were in bunnies when your leadership threatened Crazy, they let you know that attacking a Map is gonna mean disolving your nap yet you attacked anyway. then you attacked Crazy who obviously werent going to break the nap and they hadnt prepared (as evidenced by you guys easily taking that entire side of their core) the proof is in the pudding, if they had been planning to screw you they would have had armies ready, the fact that they did not shows that you are full of crap.



18:02:31 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

and btw after reading Randoms bullshit post.


1- we took all of those blockers weeks ago, I took tar valon day before yesterday. Randoms timeline is completely wrong.

18:04:51 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

You (10/12/2009 10:43:54 PM)
I will give you western blockz day after tomorrow once my troops are cooked. I will let you know when. its a 5k armory
Mr. Theophilus XII (10/13/2009 1:11:34 AM) GOOD BAD
Thanks mate!

18:05:55 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

See Kai. if you had been smart you would have waited for the last 3 posts in this thread to start a new thread after breaking the CF. then you could have posted the screenshot of  yours. Now instead you just got owned and have to argue with them :-P

Good luck on that.

18:16:38 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL again the proof is in the pudding.


It will be tough for No pulse to say they werent just looking for an excuse to war Crazy. one thing that is somewhat amusing is that instead of taking tar valon (the blocker that supposedly started this) they went west and attacked several crazy cities. not exactly the actions of an alliance that reluctantly broke a cease fire. this is exactly the same as when Pimple decided to attack allies based on some weak crap about being attacked with plague.


Bottom line Random acted dishonourably by breaking a ceasefire.

18:21:12 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

you need a war anyways. so no need for you to complain about it :-)

18:48:40 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Dead Oralive:

No we dont really want a war we just dont like people getting in the way of our wars and well you got in the way of our warring and are gonna pay for it.

Oh and from what I read and how I interpret you did take the blockers of our enemy from them and closed the gates for them even if it was a week ago it does the same thing as taking them a day before we(No Pulse) get there. You were purposely taking advantage of a CF to defend an enemy of us(No Pulse) instead of minding your own business and staying the hell out you(Crazy) jumped in by taking those cities.

20:03:09 Oct 13th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

Ryan, your post jsut shows your ignorance as to what went on that era :) My comments are based on several eras of actions by Crazy, not just the Bunnies related incidents. I'm not going to re-hash it, the info is out there for the people with half a clue (which obviously is not you), if they wanted to find it :)

20:03:40 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

i broke muh penis ;(

20:16:23 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

You broke your cookie finder?? :'(  Why Random?? WHY???

20:19:18 Oct 13th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

here is something rather funny.

Duke random says he has no idea why I was marching MY REINFORCEMENT ARMY SOUTH. only in that message it sort of pretty much says why I was. btw that army was mostly mages and only 70k archies it was a reinforcement army.


Its rather telling that you attack someone you are ceasefired with and then brag about it, I assume you are probably about 14 years old that would explain why you lack so completely in honour and are acting like a child. You whine that we were not using politics but your idea of politics is to threaten and then act like a dick when you dont get your way. Obviously if i could have I would have opened the gates, your kingdom is more powerful than Oblivion but people with honour keep their word even when its not easy. people who act like power mad children are not honourable.


you have on way to salvage any sort of honour from this debacle, to give back the cities you took, pay compensation for the actions you took and apologise. we both know you wont. and in the future anyone entering into an agreement with your kingdom will know you are not to be trusted.


This is the message that YOU posted it pretty much says it all. we were willing to open all of our gates ina  few days and we were not doing anything shady. I was moving south AS I CLEARLY STATED I WAS GOING TO. lol anyway keep on justifying your dishonourable actions im sure you will have lots of support form the other idiots who think that honour is something you can purchase for cheap.


Crazy has littel interest on valhalla you will notice we have LIMITED TARGETS and are ALL ON OUR WAY SOUTH, this makes its faster and easier. Not everything is done to screw over another kingdom. I am also in negotiations with another kingdom here to join us as we need more armies to attack on Fant. this would not be done to screw you guys over but to help with the attack on fant. if they do join us we hope you will cease attacking them if we open ALL OF OUR GATES on valhalla to facilitate you moving armies easily to Fant.

Duke Bad Kitty


Im done talking about this on here, the facts are simple but all you will do is continue to whine and justify that your actions were above board when they clearly were not. interesting how tar valon was soooo important yet you left it and attacked west on undefended Crazy cities that were undefended because we trusted YOUR WORD.

20:36:54 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Samual:

I notice the 2 strongest kingdoms of this era were/are NAPd, lol big kingdoms think there tough for wiping out the smaller ones, apart from were  REV sand PHI went to war with SOL, FATE and GOTF  and rebirth went to war with ROC (both this era)(there may be other big kd vs big kd wars, but there the only ones i know of)

20:48:15 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

only children guess that someone is younger than themself :-P

my god i hate this thread. it forces me to keep posting everytime i read it .-(

20:49:54 Oct 13th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:


20:54:55 Oct 13th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

^^ same here, all i know is... RANDOM IS RIGHT!

21:17:12 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

all i know Random is still a failure. Megan fox is officialy mine

21:23:05 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Dolittle:

as 2 of the so called blocker are mine the 1 i refused to open the other is open and have not closed so you have 2 routes into their core the 1 i am not sure or if both actually block as i took 1 from an enemy. and 1 i built as an armoury to be closer to the fight and replenish my armies. if anyone is whinning and crying its no pulse .
as you see from the message you posted between us i was acting with honour to a nap and the other message you sent me was about a blocker not even closed ??? and so far the only ones who have praised your actions are those we are either at war with or about too. and i am glad you posted this as it shows how honourable crazy are with their naps so you actually have done as a favour their.
another thing that confuses me is all this about 2 of my blocker that you dont even have an army near to pass through so sounds like your just digging for an excuse there.

anyway war or no war good luck and once again thx for showing our nap parteners we can be trusted and that so far this era we only made 1 mistake with a nap.

21:26:25 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Edd:

Whoa that's lame i for one will not open blocker's for anyone unless i'm really nice and it makes me even angrier when people threathen me so i give my support to Crazy.

21:34:36 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

i dont really know what is behind all this talking and replies from crazy ... dont even bother ..

SO NOPULSE ATTACKED FATE and they get a good route for there and they have decided that its better to start attacking crazy .... I HAVE ONE question WHY JUST NOT TELL US HEY GUYS WE THINK FATE IS DEAD LETS FIGHT.

ANYWAYs when i read the pact we made with NOpulse i find a very interesting points

lets state the three points
3) Each others home world (Mantrax and Arma) and Valhalla are zones where we can not attack each other once we do start fighting.

4) The war will be on Fantasia between No Pulse and Insane Aslyum. If any other worlds will be included it will be arranged before the war starts after Fate has been deemed dead by both kingdoms.

5) No MAP can be called in by either side to assist in the war. Both sides currently have no MAPs

ok talking about opening gates (which was not part of agreement anyways)target of agreement is only FATE .... so even if we refuse to open gate it doesn mean we broke the CF ...

ATTACKING each other now ? so does this include home worldS ? arma and mant and valhala ? as if so then NOPULSE NOt only broke CF but it also de-honored a complete pact and crazy has nothing to be blamed for ...

 I AM NOT a PArt OF LEADERSHIP IN CRAZY SO INCASE MY WORDS ARE NOT TRUE THEN I AM TRUELLY SORRY BUT I JUST HATE BEATIFYING PROBLEMS >>> SO no pulse wanted more enemies so they used crazy blocker issue which was setteled (as we took them from demons) and they made their nice scenario of us being assssswhhhhhooooollllles.

21:55:09 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

5) No MAP can be called in by either side to assist in the war. Both sides currently have no MAPs


No pulse tards have MAP with BBMMFB. So to back them up they are warring you cause of us .. thats all :) we are there MAP and MAP is way more important than CF and lets say you dont need to honor CF if kd is retarded so buh buh bye :) long time ago there was Boom vs Crazy , you got in all the nubs you could to fight vs us

21:55:42 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:


21:56:44 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

I blame Ping

22:09:23 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Dolittle:

ohhhh thx for that peng so then the blockers was just an excuse to try and justify themselves as they needed to war us because they mpp'ed you guys

22:14:46 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

There's a funny word we like to use called sarcasm.

Pengy likes sarcasm.

22:33:46 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

3) Each others home world (Mantrax and Arma) and Valhalla are zones where we can not attack each other once we do start fighting.

4) The war will be on Fantasia between No Pulse and Insane Aslyum. If any other worlds will be included it will be arranged before the war starts after Fate has been deemed dead by both kingdoms.

SO , i need a reply .. are we breaking this code or not ..

22:37:56 Oct 13th 09 - Sir Guybrush Threepwood:

You are blindingly obviously violating the retard clause. Each nap has an unspoken retard clause. allow me to read it up for you

725) The retard clause. If you surroundr a core of  a friendly kingdom with blockers to keep out another kingdom you napped. Then you violate the retad clause and may be killed on spot by everyone in sight.

22:41:48 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Though it does not break code
Moraly its wroung
comming from a crazy player i my self have to say we are in the wroung

22:54:05 Oct 13th 09 - Warlord Harkaa:


If Random was FOS he would not have so much evidence to back him up - where CRAZY cries about CF etc but then a member goes and declares war?

Just call Random - its started now but I am ready to finish it.

23:25:56 Oct 13th 09 - Mr. Teirdel:

Well atm i can say this is a situation where there are no winners or loser. Random wanted to cooperate and couldnt get what he needed so he did what was neccesary. I support his decision i wouldve done the same only alot sooner.

However i also understand insane's point, they had a nap and they had to honor it. Now whether they had taken those with ill intentions or not is beyond me. However like Sir Overcome said, do not base a kingdoms actions on a certain individual if they are willing to punish said individual. However if not then you are in the right due to the fact that a kingdom is a joint collaboration where everyone works and supports each other. This includes responsbilites.

On a late note Newbie Warlords had no such problems with insane at all. In fact they were very cooperative however i can also say oblivion have been decent to us as well.


Note *: i think i mispelled responebilites or did i just now?

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