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Imperial Kiryu Recruiting
21:50:25 Apr 14th 10 - Sir Imperial Commander:

Imperial Kiryu Alliance

Kingdom Banner

Name: Imperial Kiryu Alliance
Members: 3
Created: 4/7/2010 3:15:38 PM
Leader: Sir Imperial Commander


leave Starta and turn your belongings over to the native peoples or risk the wrath of the Imperial Kiryu Allaince



22:03:20 Apr 14th 10 - Sir Imperial Commander:

Kingdoms in Starta
Imperial Kiryu Alliance 3 Sir Imperial Commander 100
Pathetic Losers 3 Mr. Path 83
AntiFederation 21 Archangel Burninglegion 68
Kingdom of Heaven 5 Mr. Joebob 64
No Mutants Allowed 1 Mr. Urkel 34
Evil Kings 4 Mr. Evil 10
G O D L I K E 3 Sir of Violations 3
Wild Boys 1 Mr. Mantraxtofantasia 0

00:32:17 Apr 15th 10 - Mr. Soultaker:


02:32:40 Apr 15th 10 - Mr. Kiryu:

lol we should seriously change the name

04:25:57 Apr 15th 10 - Sir Imperial Commander:

what to?

Kowean Foo Fighters, Chinese Chicken Lickers, Kung Fu Cowboys, Ding a ling Delivery Destroyers?

I have no idea....


btw i loved tht korean vid! i jst woke up randomly, watched it an laughed so much!!

15:20:31 Apr 15th 10 - Mr. Bragi:

good luck :) please give us some time to build up before we're wiped least until a new world opens :P

and I'd go with Chinese Chicken Lickers or Kung Fu Cowboys if I was you ;)

11:55:24 Apr 16th 10 - Mr. Vezik:

Yep, definatlly gonna need to change the name. lol.

12:43:00 Apr 16th 10 - Sir Imperial Commander:

im bored

Forums / Imperial Kiryu Alliance / im bored

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Mr. Kiryu


09:35:47 Apr 16th 10
so i'll betray you now :)

12:43:24 Apr 16th 10 - Sir Imperial Commander:

 ^^lol     wtf?

14:04:23 Apr 16th 10 - Duke Tinat of Imperia:


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