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Jelly Bean Empire Era 43
10:02:10 Oct 19th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Hey guys next era the Jelly Bean Empire is starting again :)
Any one want to join ?
Were going to be small kd, and will hopfully have some quite good players too :)

Jelly Bean Empire

Kingdom Banner

Name: Jelly Bean Empire
Leader: Mr. Yellow Bean

21:32:41 Oct 19th 09 - Mr. William The Vendingmachine:

Good luck Yellow Bean =D

21:33:42 Oct 19th 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:


21:43:10 Oct 19th 09 - Mr. Leavemebeimfarming:

gl buddy

22:53:51 Oct 19th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Good luck yellow bean

23:02:57 Oct 19th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic:

We will miss you Mr Bean. Have a great time :)

00:04:38 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Dolittle:

good luck bud nice to hear your feeling better and your able to be aloud back into the sane world :) dont forget if them pills we have fed you are wanted just bring them jelly beans to our gates and i am sure their would be an asylum inmate ready to trade with you.

09:54:33 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Thank you for the kind comments guys

01:56:15 Oct 21st 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

you should ask your new members to take bean names.  like green bean, navy bean,  mean bean,  etc.

02:04:52 Oct 21st 09 - Prince Charley The Kitten:

Jumping bean, kidney bean, pinto bean...

02:25:57 Oct 21st 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:






*throws pompoms*

17:36:27 Oct 30th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Bump for era end :)

17:49:15 Oct 30th 09 - Grand Ape Donkey Kong:

Good Luck =D

12:32:57 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Jelly Bean Empire

Kingdom Banner

Name: Jelly Bean Empire
Members: 2
Created: 10/31/2009 12:23:45 PM
Leader: Mr. Yellow Bean


The Empire Strikes Back !!!
Join us and together we shall rule this world !!!
With the MIGHT and POWER of the JELLY BEAN !!!

----- Send you apps now ------
All you need to tell us is how long youve been playing and your next race


Send your apps now :)

16:19:56 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Leviathan II:

GL Jellybean!

23:04:25 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

Hope you have a good Era mate

23:05:34 Oct 31st 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Good luck mate :)

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