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04:41:21 Feb 10th 10 - Duke Salad:


Need i say more.. Nerd herd kingdom recruitment is OPEN!

06:15:19 Feb 10th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Can I be the first member? :O

Wait is this a real Kingdom for next era? lol

12:42:03 Feb 10th 10 - Duke Salad:

No.... i made the thread for the hell of it -_- doesnt Karac teach you anything??

13:15:21 Feb 10th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

ROFLOL boredom can be an ugly thing

14:21:12 Feb 10th 10 - Duke Random:

This will be the most retarded KD ever.

14:27:14 Feb 10th 10 - Duke Random:

This will be the most retarded KD ever.

Yes.... its that retarded that my computer made me post it twice.

17:04:34 Feb 10th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Slade you're retarded!


you will automatically be a friendly on sight to me


03:58:38 Feb 11th 10 - Duke Salad:

just so everyone know this is a joke.. i was bored and i was watching Chuck :P

07:27:38 Feb 11th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

point being it should be A REAL KINGDOM!

its would be the coolest one ever!

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