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Justin from TDS
20:57:03 Aug 27th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Jas Asagba of Astarac):

Anyone know what happened to justin ? from the devastators?

04:43:37 Aug 29th 11 - Mr. The Crion:

Got some girl pregnant, and now scrapes out urinals with a brush for a living.  No time for VU.

05:30:35 Aug 29th 11 - Mr. Stormcrow Wannabe:

LOL! Is that really what happened to him?

05:36:28 Aug 29th 11 - Mr. Sladen:

lol Well i know he had a kid! The whole toilet cleaner thing im not to sure!

12:19:41 Aug 29th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Jas Asagba of Astarac):

loool ...he was the first guy i ever kath'd , and one of the few who i succesfully kathed lol 

17:24:38 Sep 3rd 11 - Sir Sorra:

Last I heard of him, he's in the army and yes, he does have a child. 

He's really upbeat, optimistic and genuinely a great guy  to be honest. 

Hope to see him around VU again soon.

03:07:06 Sep 4th 11 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Imnotplayingsodontattackme):

I wasnt succesfully Kath'ed lol

09:30:16 Sep 4th 11 - phoenix (Flame Lord Phoenix Blaze):

i talk with him from time to time =-) he is done with basic training but not shipped out. i talk with him on xbox live and via email. =-)

12:41:10 Sep 5th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Jas Asagba of Astarac):

LOL Sun warrior most of the time you was on my side when i was kath'ng 

11:46:53 Sep 7th 11 - Wilberforce (Mr. Wilberhorse):

God, is this thread scrubs united?

11:54:29 Sep 7th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:

Mr. Wilberhorse


04:46:53 Sep 7th 11
God, is this thread scrubs united?
Well, we both just posted, so I guess so!

18:01:27 Sep 7th 11 - Wilberforce (Mr. Milkbags):

Haha touché.

06:52:14 Dec 11th 11 - Mr. Justin:

haha wow arent you all so nice.

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