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Kingdom DARK recruiting.
23:31:15 Oct 11th 08 - Mr. Kermarth:

With her majesty's orders,
Vampire Queen
Kingdom DARK is accepting applications for members..

- Looking for relatively experienced kings/queens.
- All Races are welcome
- Teamwork
- Honesty & Honor

Contact me for application with the following information:
- Race
- Level of experience
- Previous worlds or kingdoms

Best Regards
Mr. Kermarth

02:40:59 Oct 12th 08 - Sir Soccermunches:

can i join?

04:55:41 Oct 12th 08 - Lord Random:

is this the same dark with Zinxu a few era's back?

05:02:06 Oct 12th 08 - Necromancer Lust:

ive been looking for zinxu....

05:56:09 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

Can I replace your city banners with my own?

17:28:42 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Kermarth:

hi Soccermunches, if you want to join can you please message me ingame with answers to the application questions? I have already sent you a message at your IGN (in game name)

17:30:51 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Kermarth:

hi Necromancer and Random, this is not the same old Dark Kingdom, It's a brand new kingdom with fresh blood and strategy. and we dont have a player called Zinxu.

17:31:20 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

You relise that he isn't serious, right?

17:34:55 Oct 12th 08 - Lord Incognito:

Geeze, why cant you guys just wish them luck and leave it at that? >.< lol

17:39:24 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

Ok, I wish my own kingdom luck! :)

17:43:10 Oct 12th 08 - Lord Incognito:

o.O Serious?? >.<

20:36:59 Oct 12th 08 - Mr. Kermarth:

Still accepting serious recruits from all races. Message me for details.

16:06:08 Oct 14th 08 - Mr. Kermarth:

World ending, no recruiting is allowed through out the game.
Accepting applications for the next era.

14:39:44 Nov 29th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

we are back.  and open for business.  potential members contact me or ryan.

14:40:40 Nov 29th 09 - Sir Brown Bear:

wow how old is this thread?

15:36:20 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

I have a cousin who might send you an application. I told him to do so, he named himself Karma or something to that effect.

18:25:21 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Kuma:

Hey i put in my app. Also hey Mikey.

01:56:54 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Zerocool:

^^join DARK for anyone who wish to die :)

04:15:12 Nov 30th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

cheers, zc. yeah we accept the down trodden and fight to the bitter end and the odds are against us but 8 to 1 is not that bad.  not all of PHI are able to attack us.  so yeah if anyone is not afraid to die and wants to give back all they get.  we stand up for the little guy and will grow and will take on the great powers that be. 

we don't gang bang and we don't care if you don't like ryan.  new applicats should know ryan is our vice and isn't going anwhere.  some others don't like his straight forward manner and if they keep coming after us era after era.  we don't care. our power will grow and yours will fade.

we fight for survival.  you fight because you were proven dishonourable and petty.

05:46:42 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Zerocool:

we don't gang bang and we don't care if you don't like ryan...

LOL?? you dont gang bang?

12:39:34 Nov 30th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

ew i was still a lord when i posted in this thread :O

12:55:11 Nov 30th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

i just want to farm.  Can i join you?

03:10:10 Dec 1st 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

no not even if you are sexy

03:10:46 Dec 1st 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

zero cool you got lucky with abishit the traitor, next era you wont have anyone to recruit inside our core.

21:02:20 Dec 1st 09 - Mr. Rijstwafel:

I think I just killed one of your members, Sorry.

01:45:24 Dec 3rd 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

No worries,  Our members come back.  we are immortal.  May as well use this as our announcement thread too.

DARK declares WAR on Domination for repeated NAP breeches.

01:53:27 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

are you serious?

02:34:28 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

what is going on here, what NAP breaches?

you got to be kidding me right... you have to stop prepping on our cities.

Or do you see us too occupied and trying to take the chance to capture some cities?

not cool man.... you can easily talk over any mistunderstanding over with the vices if you really wanted to settle things, but your intentions are obvious and self explanatory

02:36:22 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

his intentions are.........dark!  lol

02:51:37 Dec 3rd 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

hehe,  dark intentions  lol.  the breeches have been letting PHI through blockers. and it was more than once.  I suppose it was unintentional but we were assured last time it wouldn't happen again and it has.

If I was planning to atack you I wouldn't have sent my naz army north to fight the doctor last night.  ask Ravage if you want.  anyway this is our first war with a kingdom we actually like and respect.

04:25:33 Dec 3rd 09 - Sir Not Fit For Duty:

Blockers what blockers we dont have blockers in the middle of our core, once again a misunderstanding breaks out and everyone goes stupid in your kingdom. And this is my thoughts not my kingdoms, so please back of our cities as we havent broken any NAP agreements but you have by prepping on one of our cities so please move now. Also we havent opened any cities for PHI members they have just moved so get off the city now please.

05:13:23 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Sir not Fit, I just got on and received a message from my vice who said that he has spoken with suqua regarding the second and most recent nap breach. while we do not often declare war (especially when we are already hard pressed) we were told basically that you broke your nap with phi once already so this "balanced" it out. This is unacceptable. its the exact same person who got an army through the first time so its now a pattern not an exception.

05:21:35 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

You guys are pathetic.  Domination is already at war with what? 5 other Kingdoms, most of them fairly strong, and now you attack them as well after you were friendly?  I highly doubt that you would have declared war on them if they weren't in 5 other wars already, you guys just want some cities to build up from your defeat/disbandment earlier...

05:32:38 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Arthur yet again you open your yap without having any clue about whats going on.
Domination broke our nap on more than one occasion by opening a blocker TWICE and building walls on a city preventing us from reinforcing another city. this last time one of our Vices spoke to their leader and this was what was said.

I will post it because frankly you are not the only retard who seems to need things spelled out for them. and btw we didnt pursue reparations or compensation for the first breach but this would be the second and third breaches, and war would have been easily avoided had Domination leadership simply said " sorry" and we will compensate you. here is what was said instead....

You (12/2/2009 7:07:00 PM)
how did mr kobuskan get through to my city ? from theo you know thats a breach of the nap as he is not defending a city there i thought we could trust you guys this is not good nap keeping.
You (12/2/2009 7:42:39 PM)
~ Blocker Terms ~
2. All blockers are to be closed
2.1 Blockers shall not be opened to any enemy of the NAP-partner.

this is the nap agreement part of that as been breached i know i dont need to remind you.
Pirate Suqah (12/2/2009 8:24:01 PM) 
It's also a breach of the NAP with PHI to have opened Neo Dumbleshine for you, I repeatedly repeated that.

So now you're even with them.
You (12/2/2009 8:46:22 PM)
no it is not as i was gaining access to my city not to attack its not even as this is not the first and you have breached the nap to allow the enemy to gain access to attack us the neo opening was not to gain access but it should not have been built according to nap

6.2 No building of NEW walls to prevent your NAP partner from an ongoing attack against their enemy

my city was the first to be built so neo was built blocking me access to my city.

05:35:42 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

now feel free to continue being an idiot and mouthing off about something you have no clue about. Now that I posted the FACTS I dont doubt you will simply pretend it never happened much like you did with Phi breaching our nap last era.

we obviously didnt plan to declare war and I would have preferred we didnt have to, we just sent an army AWAY from domination so there goes your theory that we are trying to gain from this.

05:36:53 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Oh yeah, and ofc you would totally have declared war on them even if they weren't at war with so many others at the moment.  I realize that they broke a NAP, (ofc they would...) and they have a pretty suckish reason, but are you telling me that if they weren't at war with anyone that you would still war them?  I highly doubt it.  You are warring them mainly cause they are an easy target and you're at their backs... if that wasn't true you wouldn't have warred them.

05:39:46 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

and I just read your second post.  First off, I did nothing in PHI... second, it was such a fucking minor deal with PHI you must be ABSOLUTELY retarded to keep on about it.  third of all why the FUCK would you send an army away from a Kingdom that you are at war with?  I doubt it's to NOT war them... You have only proven that either you're even more retarded or that the army is going somewhere else where it needs to be...

05:43:05 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Arthur we are pretty much done, im down to 2 cities and both are cut off pretty much from everything, we lost an enormous amount in the Ravage backstab and then when Crazy was disbanded we lost some good players and our secondary core. we are not exactly on the prod to go to war with anyone let alone a kingdom that has been a pretty good ally. Landros just sent a large army AWAY from Domination. and most of us cant even reach them anyway. the ONLY reason we declared war was because if a nap is broken once its an accident, twice its perhaps not and three times is a pattern. We will not tolerate Naps being breached as we may have in the past.

Under our previous leadership we would have simply "talked" about it  and tried diplomatic solutions even when it is obvious that people dont keep their word, from now on and this time we gave 2 chances and on strike 3 we declared war, this is how it will be with Dark under Landros and my leadership, its how we ran things in the old game we played and it worked fine.

05:46:54 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Well fine, I guess it's good then.  I can say that I respect that you honors NAP's so much, but would also like to give you advice and have NAP's with people who'll actually keep them.  And also to not talk too much about minor instances... cause it ends up being detrimental to your political wants, whether you like it or not.

05:48:21 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

You are an idiot arthur, breaking your word is NEVER minor, last era Phi made a nap and then broke it 2 hours later, this era they are warring me because I didnt let them off the hook for acting like douchebags, you defending them when you know they broke their word is making you look like a douchebag.

Its really friggin simple, we werent planning on warring domination and had they followed through on the terms of our nap we would not be warring them now, I actually like most of them and for the most part they have been good allies. HOWEVER we do not lie down for anyone even if it means dying. Its quite simple, if you make an agreement with us we expect you to keep it.

05:48:59 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

actually I apologise for calling you an idiot im just pissed.

05:54:47 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Well PHI didn't "break" the NAP cause they were being dishonorable, they broke it cause of bad communication/misagreement.  They best you can do with that is to say that we should have had better communication.  But anyways, the agreement was stupid anyways, letting a KD that could turn out hostile to own a city that is right next to our core and 3 90k mines?  Plus, you guys were on the same side of a KD that broke a NAP WAY more seriously, and in a dishonorable way.  KoH, who attacked PHI's backdoor after a NAP, just cause the guy wanted to have a high score in Fant...

05:55:22 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

some things we will establish this era even if we die.
1- when Dark makes an agreement we will die as a kingdom before we breach it, if there is an accident we will compensate the nap partner not make excuses.

2-if someone makes an agreement with Dark we will hold them to the same standard and if they do not hold themselves to it we will declare war.

3-We will not make agreements with those who have proven themselves dishonourable, when it comes to trust there is no second chance.

4- we will not bully small alliances however we will also not let them build within our core.

5-we will continue to recruit those who we feel have been brave foes because we believe its better to have those people not have to restart.

6- we will continue to call it like we see it, I dont muzzle my alliance and in my alliance everyone is the equivalent of a vice and has a say.

06:00:15 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Arthur I dont care WHY they broke the nap I care merely that they did, and then to make it worse they tried to justify their actions rather than simply say, " hey that city is a key blocker, we HAD to take it to stay safe , so in return here is a similiar size mine" or better yet" here are the crazy cities we took you can have them back but we need our blocker"

That would have been the honourable way to deal with that but Zero the fool is a greedy douchebag and wanted to keep all the cities he took AND get the blocker back. He got to keep the cities and Phi lost their ability to say they have always acted honourably, you tell me if it was a good deal.

You basically just said they assumed I would break the nap when I would have done no such thing. MY word is very important to me and I wont compromise it over a shitty free online game.

06:05:48 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

they saying goes "All is fair in love and war."

06:23:58 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Elit:

You (11/21/2009 11:25:19 AM)
Greetings Ryan,

After much trouble in your kingdom, I offer you a CF until further notice, as we did have a NaP, between ourselves and Crazy.

Get back to me on that.


~Viceroy Revenge of Domination
Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm (11/21/2009 8:46:30 PM)
We appreciate that and will honour all of Crazies agreements.
You (11/21/2009 8:54:09 PM)
Ok thanks Ryan.


CF/NAP with Dark

Its how you honor your NAPs

06:44:10 Dec 3rd 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

Message From Pirate Suqah

Your kingdom

Back to message list

You (11/27/2009 6:58:04 AM)

I'm not sure if you got bak to me or not. o we still have a NAP?
Pirate Suqah (11/27/2009 3:50:06 PM) GOOD BAD
I believe Revenge did it. Didn't he?

You (11/27/2009 10:09:52 PM)
ok just confirming.

06:51:38 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Elit:

So when you admit we have NAP, how you can just attack us and declare war after it?

06:56:50 Dec 3rd 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

well it is pretty straight forward.  if you continue to open gates and let PHI have their way with us we will take your cities.  great NAP.

07:01:42 Dec 3rd 09 - Pirate Suqah:


You (12/3/2009 6:56:59 AM)
Your member Culhcwh's fault.

He demanded one blocker be opened because we built it in between to defend us from BoW.

Now PHI did the same thing, they brought up the NAP term of "not building blockers in between an enemy" so we were forced to open, neglecting our NAP with you guys.

It's the exact same thing Cullwhch forced me to do about 3-4 days ago, so now you and PHI are even.

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