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Kingdom Needed
17:47:49 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

Hey people

i need a kingdom to join



17:57:49 May 15th 08 - Sir Binh The Raider:

lol then go apply to some kd you think is good.

17:59:04 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

but iv played this game for like 2 min

iunno how

can i join your kingdom :)

18:06:26 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:


18:18:13 May 15th 08 - Mr. Razil:


18:20:27 May 15th 08 - Sir Binh The Raider:

Go to kd page, read detail of every kd description, see if it's attractive to your eyes.

Next best things to do is to chat around in the vu chat. Find some friends to talk to, and join his or her kingdom if you like them and they like you.

18:24:44 May 15th 08 - Mr. Ant:

and join a kingdom on your own map, if you are on one on the moment

18:37:00 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:


i was just trying to join one quick

i have played before

but it was like 2 years ago


everything has changed


01:15:49 May 16th 08 - Mr. Archmage Pesterd:

ok join Dark Fires We are currently recruiting and are a kingdom of many experienced members. if you forgot many of the key factors of the game then just ask us even if you dont join, we will be glad to help.

We are on Zetamania

01:22:02 May 16th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

Ms. Deathsmith is on Starta

05:42:25 May 16th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

in my own Kingdom : )

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