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Kingdom of Myth
19:42:11 Jun 1st 10 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus XX:

We are many. We are strong, and we will be dominating Mantrax.

Myth was formed out of members from SS, Skullz, and Lord.

SS was absolived, Skullz was absolved, but LORD remained.

After a turn of events involving LORD supposedly being NAPd from the beginning, acting agianst it, Myth has decided against maintaining relations with Burninglegions Kingdom.

If there are any remaining LORD members who still have the same vision I had for this Era, then may they join now, or be destroyed with Burninglegion.

19:51:35 Jun 1st 10 - Sir Teirdel:

We were to have no relations to begin with. Though we were giving them some time to convert. Seems BL wants to attack. Wouldnt consider it a backstab but still a tad bit sore about it. Also Theo i think we wanted to keep MYTH as unknown as possible. Event hough its all over the forums now but still there is still that one retard out there that didnt know :(.

19:54:54 Jun 1st 10 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus XX:

No, its fine, No one saw it coming.

20:41:09 Jun 1st 10 - Sir Erythnul The Gladiator:

06:42:11 Jun 2nd 10 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus XX:

We are many. We are strong, and we will be dominating Mantrax

That there is a confident statement , i guess from now till the end of the era we shall see if it comes true .

Teirdel its pretty hard hiding 30 and growing members .. :-)

21:47:47 Jun 1st 10 - Mr. Ois:

nooooes a mob of noobs! *runs*

23:15:02 Jun 1st 10 - Sir Teirdel:

:). Glad i have cities everywhere.. Ill be adding Lords to that list now as well.

09:20:52 Jun 2nd 10 - Sir Roheran The Inactive:

Kindgom of Muff more like..

09:32:19 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Will Kellys Husband:

aww is that because i keep killing your armies?

09:41:16 Jun 2nd 10 - Sir Roheran The Inactive:

haha, bless ya. a few thousand ponies here and there this late in the era are not really armies. all good fun though, keep it up  ;)

09:49:40 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Will Kellys Husband:

you know i think i might just do that:)

10:00:58 Jun 2nd 10 - Lady Cao The Bloodletter:


10:19:22 Jun 2nd 10 - Sir Roheran The Inactive:

please tell me thats him!!

12:21:43 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol gl myth :P

12:43:24 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Die Kill Die:

Damn you Cao, I thourght of that when they first made the KD. lol. I even have an army called Mythbusters. lol.

Also Theo, I saw it comming. :D cos 'someone' told me. lol. But I didn't expect MYTH it get this big. What happens when you kill everyone? What will you do for the rest of the era? lol.

14:03:20 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Liu Bei of Shu:


17:20:41 Jun 2nd 10 - Sir Teirdel:

I honestly doubt we will kill everyone. Though i admit some people are starting to pick up their game so we will see. Though doubt it. I am looking forward especially to glads.

18:58:47 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Die Kill Die:

Yeah, Glads are gonna be tough for you I think, even BoW are doing pretty well so far... although I can see a masive ammount of armies heading their way, so I don't think they will last the week. :P

19:02:19 Jun 2nd 10 - Sir Teirdel:

I like Arthur of Bow, Also liked Endless but the fact is they had a magic defense set up and well, myself in particular got cockey and went outside my mage range ;p. Though our mage now has coverage and our members now have MP casted on their armies so i predict all will go well now.

04:31:29 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

"Yeah, Glads are gonna be tough for you I think, even BoW are doing pretty well so far... although I can see a massive amount of armies heading their way, so I don't think they will last the week. :P"

It will be a tough one.  Right now we only have a few people fighting, and a lot of blockers to cover, but hey, Drakos is the first BoW player to get on the HoH so far, so don't count us out yet.  Silence is also doing a great job as mage, although yeah Teir you're getting a little more magic with ya.

And wow, MYTH you are a huge kingdom, how do you organize it? :/

07:49:33 Jun 4th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Arthur not anywhere near counting you out yet. Im just looking forward to getting our MU protection up and running. Mine in particular ;/.

08:11:07 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Uncreative Silence:

But surely you wouldn't deny me the pleasure of freezing you every 8-10 ticks would you? :P

10:35:03 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Gulcasa Syaxe III:

Are we playing Red Light, Green Light!?!?!

I love that game =D

14:47:52 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Liu Bei of Shu:

Ah look its Unbearable silence who has gone uncreative lol

17:23:02 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Uncreative Silence:

I've seen you before Liu? or more importantly you've seen or fought me...? and yes couldn't think of a name so literally uncreative this era :P

17:56:15 Jun 4th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Yes we know you Silence. I am Targaryen and im sure you remember me from numerous occasions. I have mus now though so im confident ill be a okay!

18:57:05 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Kaasridder:

and you forgot Dragon Riders again... Dragon riders also joined instead of Joebob. he joined Glad

18:59:36 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Uncreative Silence:

I remember you Tierdel, trying to remember where i've seen Liu before. RoC? Fed? Anyhoo its been a lot o fun so far, always nice to be in a constant state of seige ;)

19:48:15 Jun 4th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

I think Liu was in Fed. He mightve been in ROC im not sure.

23:39:34 Jun 4th 10 - Mr. Liu Bei of Shu:

I was Master Windu. Remember? I said that I would have the bigger and better army and that you and me had a feud. I was in Feds and we took your core then when i did not have any troops in the area you took the core back which happened to surprise the hell out of us cuz we thought you guys all died off.

01:09:01 Jun 5th 10 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

liu mann where the fck you been ???

01:56:09 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Uncreative Silence:

AH! haha yeah i remember that. That was a good era. dont remember the feud...but i definitely had the better army :P We managed to pull the comeback off because i escaped with about 30k archmages, then did a small amount of lying and a great amount of stalling on whatever world we escaped to and ultimately got saved by a Music invasion.

22:23:10 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Liu Bei of Shu:

Yeah we were getting gangbanged in the south by Fate. Haha Stu is so funny. Anyways yeah Some Dude I have been in Points kingdom. After we died I joined Point and now I have a really huge as army on Mantrax ready to kick butt. How is AoA doing?

03:52:47 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Sorra:

So, I hear MYTH is dominating all of Mant, any truth to that? This KD could definitely be a Fant Kingdom if they all keep together.


Sorra of Kingdom Hearts

04:15:43 Jun 6th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Dominating all of Mant? Who is spreading stuff like that haha :D Though Sorra you just need to take a look at the Kingdoms and you will figure out that what you saying does not make any sense :)

MYTH 35 Sir Teirdel 130
Gladiators 16 Mr. Heimdall 100


More then twice more members and only 30% more power. So you can figure out who owns Mantrax :)

But I agree, if they stay together next era too, they could go to Fantasia.... Kingdoms there would not mind free cities :)

04:29:39 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Aisha be nice.  They aren't a pushover kingdom by any means.  They might do fair on Fant, but ofc they wouldn't win.  This war is far from being close to over.

04:35:55 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Lol ya we are not THAT bloated in the head. We already have discussed this with many of our members that if we go to fanta next era to not expect an era win unless we napwhore. Even then we wont win. *shrug*. Also Sorra its a large kd but BoW+Glads+their exp>MYTH. We have around 6 to 8 ppl that are on their levels. other than that we are def. the underdogs.

Tbh i dont think either side will actually kill the other but will have some fighting going on.

04:37:23 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

^Agreeing with you.  Especially on that last point.

05:11:58 Jun 6th 10 - Princess Aisha:

They just formed into a Kingdom, such a large group of people need a couple of eras of playing for teamwork and to get to know eachother before they can make anything in the game. Thats all I am saying, its just too soon to go to Fant for them, though they will most likely go there due to their score on Mantrax... :) Though I am sure they would do well, dont mind me :)

07:43:49 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

I agree with you there Aisha. It will take a few eras for us to begin working together. Based on our score atm i think we might get thrown on fantasia too... though we will surely be eaten and i spose we could either look at it in 2 ways. we will lose a bunch of members or it will weed out the unloyal. *shrug*. It is what it is. Though to be fair the newbies of the kingdom are a great bunch to chat with on skype. You should join us sometime.

12:06:27 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Heimdall:

So you're planning on staying together for upcoming ages? It will be alot of hard work keeping the kingdom together after a few eras on Fant, but I admire the spirit.

If you'd ever disband, I'll headhunt you down Teride ;)

16:52:34 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Will Kellys Husband:

actually a great deal of us come from two other games(and some of us like pointbreak and myself come from both) so we have quite some history together....we do have a lot of new players and a lot of returning players(like myself) so it has been a baptism of fire of sorts....

Been a lot of fun so far and i expect more of the same.

Will Kellys Husband( I know you're jealous)
aka Palpatine
aka Uncle Palpy
aka Palpyswine( :P) 

Author of the book " Glad to be here, glad tidings we bring and glad it will soon be over"

17:25:03 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Lol, ya that does kinda help having point here. He does literally all the heavy lifting and number of times have attempted to hand him kd leadership. He just hands itb ack though ;/. Good guy and thanks for the compliment. Also heimdall, YOU hunt ME down. *scoff* Not a chance. *Starts packing a suitcase*.

17:41:10 Jun 6th 10 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

lol nice liu i have  big ass army to bro >:)
but im not in AoA im in DoA :P

14:54:17 Jun 7th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Warbook and Nebulous FTW!!!!

21:28:58 Jun 7th 10 - Mr. Will Kellys Husband:

i love you doomie.  


10:38:26 Jun 8th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Doomie.... I like pet names :P

19:08:59 Jun 8th 10 - Mr. Liu Bei of Shu:

Even though this is a new kingdom we have pretty good leaders in it. Once we are united it will be hard to break us. On Mant we are sorta divided up but next era we will be united more than ever thought.

19:41:40 Jun 8th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

Still, keep in mind like aisha said it will take a few eras to really get each other down bud. I think we will fair well yes but dominate not even close :).

19:46:07 Jun 8th 10 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

T im sure you will be able to do it :P

21:26:11 Jun 8th 10 - Sir Teirdel:

we just could nap everyone and make everyone go halfer for era win lol.

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