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Kingdoms of Zetamania (Era 37)
20:52:44 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Struddle:

I guess I will start off the list:

Guild of the Fallen

22:48:14 Dec 19th 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Kingdom of Dark/Light

23:32:46 Dec 19th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

how many times you can play in zeta dark >.<

23:56:46 Dec 19th 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Hi Penguin

This will be our second time on Zeta

Depends on how we do on which way we go the following era

00:05:35 Dec 20th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

go to mantrax. zeta is boring

00:30:59 Dec 20th 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Zeta sure wasnt boring this era we were in war oop to the last seconds of the game

00:20:45 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

so Zeta is going to be

Guild of the Fallen
Kingdom of Dark/Light

come on people

00:53:42 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Struddle:

Should be exciting.  We'll have the whole world to ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!! yay us. We can fight for fun =D it'll be awesome!!!!!!!!

00:59:55 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Stirlin:

Lady Vampire Queen, your KD is 19 strong, why are you going to Zeta to pwn the new guys?

01:01:19 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

god i hope zeta doesnt make zetamania or mant open at the start.

these 2-4 kd battles are pointless when u have so much map.

01:02:09 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

i agree with Stirlin, you kingdom is experienced enough to go to Mantrax. Zetamania is for weaker kingdoms full of new players

01:03:44 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
KoH Kingdom of Heaven 17 Mr. Honor 126
HOORAH The Military 17 Mr. Military 120
Dark Dark 19 Lady Vampire Queen 82
Ghost Mystical 14 Sir Resistance 45


these 4 should be on mant if not fant next era.


01:09:13 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Confused:

KOH are going mant i thnk

01:31:58 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

No not to pwn the new guys to perfect our technique

we have new people who have done no eras

we really have only existed as a unit one era

some of us have done 2 eras

and a smaller group have done more

I think ODC will be back on Zeta but not sure

01:36:54 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Confused:

you learn better by falling to those stronger, you are forced to fight your very best rather than just fighting good enough to beat the weak....

I know this from experience :(

01:39:09 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Mr Confused

We did fight oop to end last era

this coming era our technique is more important to us than war the whole era

we plan on Mant the following era

we will not stay on Zeta but two eras on Zeta is not excessive

01:41:10 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Struddle:

Dark may have 19 players but I know for sure that about 6 of them have never played before.  I spent most of era 36 teaching them how to play.  For god sakes shut up about moving up to Mantrax anyways.  Kingdoms will move when less then 1/4 of their players have I dont know how about one full era of experience under their belt.  For god sakes people will move when they feel they are ready.  I'm sick and tired of people saying move up move up move up.


Im done venting I feel much better now that I got that out of my system.  Everyone have a merry Christmas.  <3 everyone

01:42:49 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

it kinda is. 1 era is a bit excessive.

Only reason you should be there is if you land there and your making a kd, once the kd completes an era it should goto mant.

Once you have 15 members you need to seriously start looking at going to fantasia. Its where you weed the weak members from your kd rather than playing under the illusion that your co-ordinated.

01:43:47 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:


bad day Struddle?

01:45:24 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Commander Yevitcani

we dont plan on weeding the weak members

we will help them get better

its a game not RL

01:46:59 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Resistance:

I disagree. If Mystical would of went up to Fant with 20 or so members last era we would've been killed. No need heading up there with a bunch of new players that haven't yet learned how to play with each other. You can't force one to move up just because they have 15+ members.

01:49:49 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

You will note we dont really look for new menbers or recruit

we will look at people who apply

but 99% of us are people who know each other coming from other games

we have history and know how each other work, we hang out with each other on skype and in a facebook forum

so we plan techniques and want to try them

so we will

01:59:28 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

Struddle in all honesty dumping them all on fant is the best thing for them. Atleast then they have the chance to impress and join an organised kingdom.

Darkblood took players with 0 eras experience and 1 eras experience from worlds like zeta and starta and they developed alot faster by playing with and against people who knew alot about the game.

Playing against other people who have no idea about the game or very little will only hinder their growth as players, by the time they make it to fantasia they could end up no longer having time for the game.

I know you have techniques you want to try but surely if your ever gonna get to try them out, fant or mant would be the better place to test them.

Why try something on zeta if its not gonna work on the bigger worlds. After all, your hindered by the 50% rule, so your already playing under different rules than the bigger world, so some tactics you develop for that world could ultimately lead your members into a false sense of security from those tactics and when you eventually move up, you get wiped out because they are unreliable.

02:05:21 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Commander Yevitcani

It appears Mant will be full

and its only one era

you will see us on Mant or Fant the following era

we are a stubborn lot and have made plans

as well as gives our new 0 era people a chance to get familiar with the game

03:06:00 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

Mant Full?

Name: Vengeance
Members: 12

Name: The Black Chain
Members: 6

Name: Royal Order of Claidhmore
Members: ??? We shall see.

Name: Dorian Empire
Members: 7

Name: Kingdom of Heaven
Members: 16

Name: Mystical
Members: 14

Name: Internal Primates Forever
Members: 6

DR Dark Rider Empire 8 Sir Justanius

8 kingdoms is hardly full....10 fit on the HOH rankings, this is the 2nd highest world. There should be atleast 15 so those who die off dont make HOH. Not even considering the fact that only 3 have more than 10 members.

69 players + untaggeds will be playing there. There used to be a time where people battled to make top 100.

03:22:44 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

Mantrax is definatly not going to be full. Lady Vampire i thought you were a vet at this game and were able to fight on a world that isnt made for new kingdoms or people that have died

03:31:46 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Mr. Sanoh

you thought I was a vet


last era was my second era

my first era was 2 people me and one other on a very small world so we even started late into the game

04:06:51 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

no i thought ive seen your name a long time ago, like 8 eras. i guess i was mistaken

04:09:17 Dec 21st 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

Mr. Sanoh

That is ok

my name might be similar to an older one

but its not me

11:52:51 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Whoop:

Lol,  I believe mant will be full

Oblivion, Kingdom of Heaven, Mystical, Vengeance, Bow, MAD, Sarafan Knights. Maybe Military.... And some new player kingdoms. So yeah.. there is enough to fight on Mantrax

And as you have said: You still have  Black Chain, ROC, Dorian Empire, IPF, Darkriders... .

So yeah.. i call that full ;)

11:59:12 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Confused:

dont forget theres more, i know another 18 man Kd thats going, but they havent said so yet :P

12:46:12 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Overcome:

and dont forget second places on Fantasia, he is taking LDK with some old favorites. and offcours DE will be there with some old vets that will be eager to kick some ass

12:53:36 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Roheran:

lets hope that not all KD's are dropped a few ticks from each other like last era... actually... that was quite fun  :p

13:24:49 Dec 21st 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

Whoop if u call that full theres something seriously wrong. Each map houses 300 players, so far theres only like 80-100 confirming they will be there.

Everyone will be spread out probably, how boring.

13:51:16 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

go to fanta its the best place for new players, commander cyborg will let you in prosapia ;)

13:55:14 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Landric:

hey lady vampire.  do you really weed people out in RL?

16:48:12 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Ender Wiggin:

Yep...for this next era we are going implement the rules like the old movie Dodgeball...if you cannot dodge a wrench thrown at you in real life, no playing for you!

21:11:21 Dec 21st 08 - Sir Whoop:

Commander Yevitcani


12/21/2008 1:24:49 PM

Whoop if u call that full theres something seriously

wrong. Each map houses 300 players, so far theres only like 80-100 confirming they will be there.

Everyone will be spread out probably, how boring.


The maps are not on full sizes in the beginning of the era, they are small. So yes i call that a full map, because there can still be other new kingdoms + the ones that already will be around.


I still believe Mant would be good map to play on this era. ;) Better then the era's in the past ;)

03:49:21 Dec 22nd 08 - Mr. Sky:

ODC is going to Mant :) Have fun on Zeta everyone! I expect you to win, Struddle :P

03:51:51 Dec 22nd 08 - Sir Struddle:

=D thanks for the kind words Sky.  I'll be taking over the job as mage down here on Zetamania.  Wish me luck I've got big shoe's to fill.

04:07:49 Dec 22nd 08 - Endless Dillyrias:

Struddle, no Plague this era k ;)

04:12:02 Dec 22nd 08 - Lady Vampire Queen:

LOL he better not

09:14:51 Dec 22nd 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

well admin decided ultimtely who went where and here is zeta line up:

Vizion (13)
Royal Order of Claidhmore (8)
Rebirth (19)
The Black Chain (9)
Legacy (21)
Dark Rider Empire (9)
Retribution (24)

13:54:00 Dec 23rd 08 - Mr. Mario:

actually this is who is on Zeta:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
DR Dark Rider Empire 15 Sir Justanius Fontainius 175
ROC Royal Order of Claidhmore 10 Mr. Mcmax 100
BC The Black Chain 11 Mr. Blood Fang 70
PIGS War Pigs 3 Mr. Ghealdan II 15
A Anarchy 4 Mr. Justin 0
Zion Vizion 13 Mr. Zion 0

18:37:08 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Ryan:

Yeah im sure glad that they took a kingdom with almost all *beep*s at this game and dropped them on fant when over half of them havent even played one full ERA. great work admins you guys are really smart.

18:39:37 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Stirlin:

you guys had over 20 members in your kd, *beep*s or not, you shoundt have choose Zeta. did you think it was fair for you guys to trollop all the *beep*s on that world.

18:43:22 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Jacques Molay:

Dark had about 11 were near 20.the empire is like 3 of the KD's forced on to fant put together.coz KoH had 19 members and merged with 2 othe rKD to make it.

18:45:50 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Stirlin:

dark had at least 19 members at the end of last era.

18:47:41 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Jacques Molay:

but not at the start of this one

18:57:03 Dec 23rd 08 - Sir Stirlin:

no, you had alot more

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