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01:06:55 Apr 14th 12 - Mr. Ballroom Dancer:

Hello friends. It's time for us to open up another public relations thread for the new era. In this thread we'll keep you posted on leadership changes, kingdom plans, relations, so forth.

If you wish to contact a member of our hierarchy regarding matters pertaining to our kingdom, please consult the chart.

01:12:39 Apr 14th 12 - Mr. Ballroom Dancer:

By virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me under the "Swifty dictator act," approved April 13, 2012 (Public Resolution No. 11, 1st Congress), and of all other authority vested in me, it is hereby ordered as follows:

I. I hereby establish that Brannigans Law is full retard.

II. I hereby establish that Legacy declares war on ALL kingdoms on Fantasia.

05:06:15 Apr 14th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Indira Gandhi):

I concur with my Lord and saviour, James Moore.

06:38:18 Apr 14th 12 - Mr. Devii:

Am I the only one who thinks Kim Jong Ill here?

11:03:44 Apr 14th 12 - Stirlin (Mr. Stirlins):

Wheres the like button?

11:26:35 Apr 14th 12 - heroix (Mr. Unicorn The Rapist):

I accept your surrender.

14:35:18 Apr 14th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

Get him to post it on facebook Danwell Tarly.

20:25:30 Apr 14th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

why is melanie depicted as skrillex

05:50:56 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Free Food Come Eat Meh:

Well well well.... looks like the mightiest player in the game, Binh, is back......

Maybe that's why Swifty dared to declare war on everybody on the map.... 

Oh BTW, welcome back Binh :P Got bored of Diablo II already? :P

11:35:19 Apr 15th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

that sounds like TBL the fail troll

11:38:12 Apr 15th 12 - Canucks (Mr. Hermes):

where am i? :(

11:55:52 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

The failed troll has kicked your ass many times before Stirlin :) And is probably hell of a lot more successful than you in real life. But do keep on with your impotent raging, it doesn't affect me much :)

12:10:45 Apr 15th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

youll never be as good as swiffers/cobra ect. keep aiming high, its nice to aspire to something

12:24:13 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

What do I want to be as good as Swifty and Cobra in? I have no clue what you are insinuating at, Stirlin. If anything, all I want to do is just have a good time with my friends. At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is not what happens to me in this game, but how I progress in real life. I am progressing quite successfully and I am happy. So what is there for me to aspire to in this game? I have already achieved everything I wanted to achieve anyway.

You know Stirlin, you head may not be as screwed up as Wilberforce's, but there is still a screw or two loose in there. You better get them tightened up or you may just end up looking very stupid at the end of the day.

12:46:24 Apr 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Still want to butt-fuck me I see. Get a grip, boy.

12:58:24 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

Butt-fuck you? I wouldn't even want to be you, let alone physically conjoined with you. You need to get a grip on your own delusions.

13:20:16 Apr 15th 12 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Moses Igba of The Mbororo):

I just wanted to point out that you can not insinuate at something....people shouldn't try to use words they cant put into a sentence. 

Its what are you insinuating...not what are you trying to insinuate at...

13:47:20 Apr 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Strange then, how you seem to forever stalk me. Very strange....

14:06:30 Apr 15th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

bla bla bla real life this bla bla, all your replies are the same

14:15:08 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Epic Fail Incoming:

@ Wilberforce - hard to avoid you if you show up in almost every thread and make a lot of stupid remarks alluding to your superiority. It is quick and easy to type down a couple of lines.

@ Stirlin - Facts are facts, old chap. If you can't live with it, too bad.

14:15:11 Apr 15th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

14:24:20 Apr 15th 12 - Stirlin (Mr. Stirling):

but how is your godly life relevant? its all you either spout about

14:29:22 Apr 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

"You know Stirlin, you head may not be as screwed up as Wilberforce's, but there is still a screw or two loose in there. You better get them tightened up or you may just end up looking very stupid at the end of the day.

You brought me up, friend :) If you want to run in every thread and screaming out my name, do so, but I'm sorry my love. I just don't bat that way. I have to thank you for all the attention but sorry, it will never work between us.
I'm hardly in "every thread" I rarely post anymore on forums apart from threads I'm invited into, such as this thread and the FW one. So before you start qq'ing, sorry, I mean pewpewing about how wonderful you are at VU and real life, listen to this... I don't care how self-important you are :)

Love you 4eva, but as a friend.

14:33:18 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Epic Fail Incoming:

My life is relevant simply because I have no feelings or expectations towards VU other than being able to maintain my ties with friends. You and Wilberforce, on the other hand, clearly think I have a compulsive need to succeed in VU or in trolling within VU, and use it as a point to attack me. My counter attack is that you guys are nothing compared to me whether in this game or otherwise. But the two of you are free to live with whatever delusions you are under anyway. As I said, the two of you have no impact on my life other than to serve as amusement value and to remind me never to let any children I will have turn out like you.

14:37:00 Apr 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

Summary of every argument TBL has ever been in.

TBL: Wilber sux ingame trolololol
Wilber: Oh, be quiet
TBL: My life is wondeful, u sux! LOLOLOL
Wilber: Same old insults
TBL: You insulted me, I'm just arguing back!
Wilber: *quotes first post*
TBL: DB SUX! TROLOLOLOL My life is wonderful!

14:56:30 Apr 15th 12 - Stirlin (Mr. Stirling):

tbl do you want me to say well done and pat you on the back? you appear to need reassurance

15:29:14 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

Losers always need reassurance :) Our ego and reproductive organ sizes are so small, we need to be constantly made to feel that we are worth something in the world :P

The other alternative is that we need to know there are "bigger" losers than us.... as you can see, I kinda thrive on this alternative... :P

18:02:43 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Devii:

Who is this dork? I never heard of him so he cant be relevant at all....

19:21:18 Apr 15th 12 - Mr. Ballroom Dancer:

what's happening here then?

20:52:47 Apr 15th 12 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Ogrim Doomhammer):

i'm glad i'm so good in LGC that I don't merit a spot on the chain of

02:57:57 Apr 16th 12 - Prince Zuko:

Ahh the egomanic tendancies of the all mighty loser still burns bright!!

09:48:38 Apr 16th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

Zuko - Damn, you're Slade..... you still haven't kicked my ass yet as you said you would. Or even Binh's. Can you GTFO of VU? It is clearly not suited for you.

Devi - Its a good thing you have not heard of me. I'd rather be an unknown, underestimated, irrelevant loser than a substance-less show-off like some of your ilk *chuckle*

20:21:15 Apr 16th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

you people are boring... this isnt a flame war pfft. Where be Q or auspice!

01:14:48 Apr 17th 12 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Elite):

Yup got bored of diablo II, switched to minecraft. Everyone got bored so i quit too :P

01:18:14 Apr 17th 12 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Ballroom Dancer):

he got chased off every server for being a racist scumbag who planted leaves all over everybodys houses

06:43:21 Apr 17th 12 - Septim (Emperor Tiberius Septimus Cidellus):

When the hell did Legacy come back?

WHY the hell did Legacy come back?

...where am I? :(

10:34:01 Apr 17th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Who are you? ;)

09:26:45 Apr 18th 12 - Septim (Emperor Tiberius Septimus Cidellus):

I don't know anymore! D=

11:24:43 Apr 18th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

A Hero returns to Legacy. Roxbury hears the trumpets call and runs to the rescue.

Here is a Hollywood adaption, made from this story of love, heart-ache, struggle and homophobia. Enjoy guys. The part of LGC is played by Jack Black. The part of Roxburys is played by Kyle Gass.

Much love, Wilber. The Minister for Mines Production.

18:40:53 Apr 18th 12 - Mr. Elsin:


20:11:28 Apr 19th 12 - Mr. Ballroom Dancer:

minister for mines production, not so good at blocker production.

so bad

20:22:34 Apr 19th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

Y u so mad? Is it cos you've done nothing this era, oh glorious leader?

Want a pat on your back (bum perhaps?) cos you did the first EITS of the era less than an hour ago?

22:03:49 Apr 19th 12 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Oh, you finally learned to use double-blocker strategy. Use it all the time from now on, as you can see it's like a simple blocker, just twice as effective.

00:34:57 Apr 20th 12 - Judge (Mr. Munch):

Wilber said it was an hommage to Swifty's bumbum who he's not-so-secretly in love with.


It's abstract art at it's finest.

00:35:57 Apr 20th 12 - Judge (Mr. Munch):

Tho it might not be finish, those cities seem to be too small...

07:34:08 Apr 22nd 12 - Mr. Devi:

13:10:32 Apr 22nd 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

Oh dear....


City Info
Owner:Electric Sand BlasterKingdom Banner
Size:7349 building(s).
Kingdom:Mad and Dangerous

13:28:46 Apr 22nd 12 - Mr. Deergod:

yes Mad are such pervs

13:34:56 Apr 22nd 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

Thank god Wilber built a second blocker. He knew he was going to lose the first city, so he built a second blocker - good use of the double blocker strategy!

18:18:39 Apr 22nd 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

How right you are. See, tactics pay off.

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