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Last Shadow Kingdom
04:12:43 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Taruk Macto:

Hello, I am Taruk Macto and have just made a kingdom named Last Shadow and i am looking for anyone who wishes to play. There are at this point in time little to no qualifications. i just ask that you remain in contact and active in the forums.

We are currently on Valhalla. I will be recruiting up to 16 players then after that i will start to cull the inactives. If you are active and are loyal i promise you that you shall not be kicked. If you are not serious about joining please dont post an application :).


Era's (if any):

No race requirements :Play who you want to play.

Why (if no reason just say so. im desperate i have no right to judge at this point in time. )


Kingdom Information

The Kingdom is run as a Monarchy. My Vassals (Vices) shall be put in charge of a few people. Those people in turn will report to me. The vices and myself shall handle all diplomacy and the vices shall represent the people in the kingdom. In the end however the say shall be mine.

Thank you for reading and feel free to post or send me an application. Also for those of you that want a hangout place feel free to post here. It will give me something to do an allow my topic to be bumped.

04:21:15 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Evil:

good luck will your kd

04:22:27 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Taruk Macto:

thank you mr. Evil you as well :).

05:57:42 Apr 25th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

So it seems Avatar has come to Visual Utopia......... uh huh......... hmmmmmmm ya I've got nothing..........

05:59:59 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Taruk Macto:

I know :). It was a good movie. first time i saw it was today.

06:10:26 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Taruk Macto:

I get feeling now many people did not enjoy the movie, that or find me incompitent for following after it rofl.

08:22:49 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Most Likely Die:

i dont see your kingdom on any list... did you already disband it?

10:48:24 Apr 25th 10 - Duke Sepulchre Grail of Mimbre:

Yeah he did...i dont know if he expected members within seconds or what..

13:56:04 Apr 25th 10 - Mr. Soultaker:

Possibly he did

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