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Latha Era 13
06:46:12 Oct 25th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Eddard Stark):

Kingdoms in Latha
Sanctum3Mr. Davy Jones140
House Stark9Ms. Sansa100
Fireandice2Mr. Firebrand44
House Lannister2Mr. Sween22
Super Happy Fun Group2Warlord Harkaa19

I wonder what joys this era will bring.

08:14:11 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

For some reason I feel like the world should be renamed >_>

17:10:11 Oct 25th 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

hahah! I love the House Lannister/FireAndIce/House Stark names. We should rename the world "A Game of Thrones"

Hopefully House Stark will have a better ending then where the books have them ;)

19:42:37 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Xanatos III:

oh god they lose in the books... am i on the right side? meh i have sworn an oath might aswell stick with em but i hope house lannister becomes an actual kingdom that sticks around because that would be awsome if house stark fought the lannisters all the time eventually taking it to maybe starta or mant eventually once all our guys are trained and know what their doing.

21:07:36 Oct 25th 12 - Khan (Mr. Totumfaktum):

Ah yes, and we should rename Snactum to House Atreides. Or is that another book?

22:00:40 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Actnariek:

idk got no clue what its from.

22:18:30 Oct 25th 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

Oh Khan very nice reference to Dune! I love that series as well. Different books, both are pretty amazing though. I do wish everyone good luck this era, it will be difficult for anyone to get on top. I am pleased to see how competitive Latha is getting, it sure has done a 180 in 3 eras. Or maybe everyone is getting bored in the other worlds? :3

23:05:54 Oct 25th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Ambrosias The Tree Eater):

everyone probably noticed how active the latha thread was, and decided they wanted to get in some of the action :P all thanks to Zond

23:52:14 Oct 25th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):


08:22:06 Oct 26th 12 - Mr. Sween:

Greetings Folks,

Not sure how active me and my fellow Lannister will be but I'm coming back from an extremely long hiatus and trying to teach my brother the game. I want to say my first age was in Jesters?? I do know Bran was in the kingdom. Either way, just looking forward to learning the game again. Don't plan on being super competitive...just having fun.

Oh and House Atreides was from Dune. :D


04:49:14 Oct 27th 12 - Mr. Dragonfly:

So who's playing on this server ?

10:34:34 Oct 27th 12 - Mr. Xanatos III:

haha i am and house of stark are going to do nothing this era we plan on nap whoring every one...not. this may be a slow era after oop war unless it doesnt go our way in which case itll be a little fun

House Stark10Ms. Sansa100
Sanctum3Mr. Davy Jones63
House Lannister3Mr. Sween25
Fireandice3Mr. Firebrand18
Super Happy Fun Group2Warlord Harkaa17

15:48:52 Oct 28th 12 - ScaryCow (Mr. Golkosh The Axe):

Kingdoms in Latha
House Stark10Ms. Sansa248
House Lannister5Mr. Sween100
Fireandice4Mr. Firebrand30
Super Happy Fun Group3Warlord Harkaa27

Seems like FireandIce and Super Happy Fun Group are slowly dropping off.

It will be a battle of the Houses!

20:08:23 Oct 28th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

Im back, no worries. Ill even the fight out and win solo! 

20:11:02 Oct 28th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Oh hell... >_>

20:16:37 Oct 28th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

you have 70 ticks to prepare yourself :p

20:39:37 Oct 28th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there"s nothin" left
Cause I"ve been blasting and laughing so long,
That even my mama thinks that my mind is gone
But I ain"t never crossed a man that didn"t deserve it
Me be treated like a punk you know that"s unheard of
You better watch how you"re talking and where you"re walking
Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk

05:07:09 Oct 29th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Again The Troll):

Sounds like something B. Reith wrote.

05:17:11 Oct 29th 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

I'm pretty sure those are lyrics from the song Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio.

05:51:44 Oct 29th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

What gave it away, my name? or my kd? 

05:54:31 Oct 29th 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

I know the song?

06:12:51 Oct 29th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

That works too, most know it from The green hornet movie they made.

But meh, been listening to way before that crap. 

06:13:54 Oct 29th 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

Yeah, I've known it for a while as well.

19:53:24 Oct 29th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

According to the Worlds page, Latha is the second most populated! right behind Fant.

that means we are the new mant. So mant, move over. We win now. 

02:32:03 Oct 30th 12 - Arkantos (Mr. Heracles):

Kingdoms in Latha
House Stark10Ms. Sansa100
House Lannister7Mr. Sween66
Fireandice5Mr. Firebrand21
Super Happy Fun Group4Warlord Harkaa10
Gangstas Paradise2Mr. Coolio8

03:12:12 Oct 30th 12 - Lord Lannister:

Gooooo Lannister!!!

06:03:32 Oct 31st 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

That moment, your not OOP. World been going for 7 days.. and 

Your character Mr. Coolio is the 10th most powerful ruler in Latha

Pro farmer xD

13:59:43 Oct 31st 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Ambrosias The Tree Eater):

You're so big Zond!

17:11:19 Oct 31st 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Im tempted to say thats what she said..

But yeah! im a good farmer! 

21:10:27 Oct 31st 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

HAPPY HALLOWEEN LATHA!!! May you be gifted with man tricks and treats tonight

21:54:54 Oct 31st 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Eddard Stark):

"May you be gifted with man tricks and treats tonight"

That's what she said...

19:13:07 Nov 4th 12 - Sween (Mr. Sween):

gg no re

22:19:37 Nov 4th 12 - Mr. Mortuus:

Yep hanging on by a thread.

22:31:53 Nov 4th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Firebrand):

Sorry it really sucks when you get teamed up on. 

but for our part (fireandice), could have been avoided if you had not taken in Golkosh the Axe or if your leader had ordered him to stop all attacks and contacted me for relations. but he allowed it to continue and now we are in your core.

Your KD also alienated your mage and he switched sides to us. though he did not tell us he was your mage when he did so.  I would still have taken him in though so I guess that does not matter much.

And I then recruited as many of the active untagged in your core that you were trying to eradicate. now we are with the help of House Stark annihilating you completely.

you are doing a great job holding on though. must give you points for that.

I hope next era will be better for you guys.

Just remember that ultimately it is just a game and the point is to have fun playing. though I do understand that losing is not much fun. You may win next era.

03:51:04 Nov 5th 12 - Sween (Mr. Sween):

Enjoy the extra buidings I left you a few freshly paved parking lots down in the south easter corner. Have fun!

06:16:35 Nov 5th 12 - Dragon (Sir Apple Pie):

I need some parking lots ..... thanks

09:26:00 Nov 5th 12 - Khan (Mr. Totumfaktum):

Still kickin to keep at least a bit of fun for you. Not too much more though :)

04:59:58 Nov 6th 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

Hope House Lannister comes back in the next era or two. It added a "flavor" with us war'ring each other and it was fun doing it. 

20:01:03 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Xanatos III:

why?why would you even want to play in stark again if you got members like desi in there. its players like him the reason why everyone quit this game. (we worked our asses off to bust that Fire and ice blocker and break down totum and he walks in and takes everything like shlt dildo spammer,eddard tulip arent u all a little irritated by that?, including citys that were taken by other kingdom members and could have been returned.)
even after i sat there for over a week fighting zond alone and now that ive dispatched his army and spent tens ( alot closer to 100s) of millions to destroy him, now after zond suicides his army at me he comes to help...Help take all the loot and citys. great kingdom mate, scumbag.
hope you have fun killing the game desi
P.S. i MIGHT not be here next era.

what happened to the respect? Honor?  sad

20:04:45 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Xanatos III:

haha wow were terrible every kingdom we fought was trying to teach new players. good job guys we scared away three,probably more new players.
*pats fellow house stark members on tha back* woo hoo.
hope we feel great.

P.S. Do we even have a new member that actually has NO experiance at all (i just got back from a cople years off but i wasnt to bad back then so any one not counting me.)

20:10:15 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

You should totally play as a solo KD if you feel that way ._.

03:29:01 Nov 25th 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

It would help if we could get in a different world but unfortunately its not possible. I guess if people have a problem with the way Desi plays then they have 2 other characters to play with. Do I think Desi should have returned the cities that were lost the first time? Sure but its too late to do anything about it now. I'm not going to yell at Desi for helping the KD win this era. Will I probably change some of the KD rules and add something about returning cities? Probably. I'm sorry you feel that way Xanatos but its really hard to play in a new world when your KD is filled with experienced players. Losing is part of the game and although I hate it when I lose, I move on eventually and unfortunately lots of KDs blow up bc who wants to be a KD that loses? I do understand your frustration Xanatos and I'm sorry nothing could be done to help alleviate it. I hope you reconsider maybe coming back. The VU world needs players with your kind of experience to help keep them around. Thats exactly what I have done when I started up House Stark. 

I stand by you and all great VU players in hope that our game can continue to grow with new players as well as the retention of old players alike.

03:41:26 Nov 25th 12 - Mr. Nariek:

ahaha i sound retarded
lol so why do you think i should be a solo kd if i think that way ? and idk it was a bit upsetting when you hear you and your kingdommates have scared away a few new players that had interest in a game you played when you were younger that has died and still has some potential
(P.S. the admin has to give a  fuck aswell..)

03:55:28 Nov 25th 12 - Zond (The For The):

"The VU world needs players with your kind of experience to help keep them around."

If you would teach players instead bash them.. i might agree with wat you wrote

04:19:38 Nov 25th 12 - Arwyn (Ms. Sansa):

"If you would teach players instead bash them.."

I haven't bashed any of my members? Lol

04:24:01 Nov 25th 12 - Zond (The For The):

I didnt say your members. 

05:25:08 Nov 25th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

 - Its a challenge
 - Its fun to try and figure out how to survive alone
 - All your spoils of war belong to you.
 - All the returned cities come back to you
 - You won't have to worry about being respected by your KD mates because there aren't any.
 - And why not?

06:13:31 Nov 25th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Eddard Stark):


06:51:25 Nov 25th 12 - Sween (Mr. Feel Good):

" its really hard to play in a new world when your KD is filled with experienced players."

Yeah that sounds like it must be terrible. Please tell me more about your trials and tribulations.

06:53:11 Nov 25th 12 - Zond (The For The):

Hint hint the nub bashing. *cough cough* us few players teaching cant cover the whole map protecting ^^ Its your choice to go higher world. But your kd wishes to stay and bash.. thats cool. But when no one there to bash in a few eras and ur alone. dont complain is all im sayin

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