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Latha Era 15
16:10:52 Feb 28th 13 - Zond (Mr. Huk Loh Deu):

So, im training some new players right.

Im mage (just so im not tempted to fight)

We attack the strongest kd, Imps. They have been here several eras, we engage they sent hate mail. Now they are mad i rof/freeze every army they send.

So what do they do, cast arma lol

Gj, we will vote it down! Hope you guys are reading this  :))

05:14:03 Mar 2nd 13 - Prince Chade:

sounds like an awful waste of magic to me from the IMPS part :D

05:22:55 Mar 2nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

i kinda hope they try again :P

05:21:15 Mar 3rd 13 - Duke Chade The Creep:

careful what you wish for mate, i hear their magic is super powerful - they can destroy 7 walls with one cast, you know! And also rain of fire 376 toops out of 10k gaia army with no magic units! That has to be an achievement!!!

08:09:38 Mar 3rd 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Shuren Rider):

an epic mage for sure, a reward he most get. xD

16:07:44 Mar 10th 13 - Siepels (Mr. Oxnard Montalvo):

awfully silent here..

16:12:19 Mar 10th 13 - Zond (Sir Huk Loh Deu):

Lots of multi feeding going on, and feeding of each other through the market..

And fant started, so the 4 actives in my kd are busy there ^^

16:40:49 Mar 11th 13 - Azaruc (Mr. Azaruc The Wise):

Sorry :(


At least we now have arma :) let's end this, better for everyone

16:50:19 Mar 11th 13 - Zond (Mr. Qiox Venix Suvtis):

well as long as im in the city, it will end. >:D 

12:50:39 Mar 17th 13 - Zond (Sir Huk Loh Deu):

id say, not bad for a full time mage right?

Your character Sir Huk Loh Deu has won 5 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 1086830 men and women

12:59:22 Mar 17th 13 - Lady Leila:

Normal for Latha :D
Everyone can do well there :P
High worlds is where people should brag :P

13:19:10 Mar 17th 13 - Zond (The Sanguisugent Kalology Gamic):

aww come on dont ruin my moment meany :P

13:41:31 Mar 17th 13 - Lady Leila:

Haha sowwy ^^

13:51:34 Mar 17th 13 - Zond (The Sanguisugent Kalology Gamic):

hehe, i want to break 2mil as a mage. then ill be happy :P

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