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Latha Era 42
06:06:06 Sep 29th 09 - Sir Pure The Italian Lambo:

Everyone guess what Latha has started YAY.

23:14:38 Sep 29th 09 - Mr. Liu Chan:


18:06:14 Sep 30th 09 - Mr. Lanoc:

What's with everyone having landed in the same spot(at least it seems like it)?

01:11:16 Oct 1st 09 - Sir Erythnul The Peaceful:

To Bring Peace & Harmony to the world of Latha , Peaceful Beguinings is declaring war on every empire and non - empire player that resides in Latha.
May peace, harmony & love be born from the ashes of this war.

Erythnul the Peaceful

12:45:37 Oct 1st 09 - Mr. Mafia:

Sir erythnul you called the war on urself lol just wait till i find you:D

18:56:25 Oct 1st 09 - Sir Erythnul The Peaceful:

From what our scouts have been able to report , Latha is a world of untamed races and cities with no direction or structure , we at Peaceful Beguinings are hoping to change this.
If we fail in this endevor and your empire (or any other empire , player) succeds in doing this our death will not be in vain .


P.s - we will see you soon :-)

02:43:03 Oct 2nd 09 - Mr. Mafia:

Good luck:)

05:10:48 Oct 2nd 09 - Sir Erythnul The Peaceful:

Same to you :-)

21:15:16 Oct 3rd 09 - Mr. Samual:

Soldiers of War

Kingdom Banner

Name: Soldiers of War
Members: 1
Created: 10/3/2009 5:03:43 PM
Leader: Mr. Samual


Hey, i made this kingdom many eras ago (one of my first) and it only lasted for that era but ive decided to bring it back

~~Currently 9 spaces left~~ (may be increased depends on popularity of the kingdom)~~

1. How many eras have you played

2. What do you think you can do for the kingdom



21:16:15 Oct 3rd 09 - Mr. Samual:

Kingdoms in Latha
Dark Rider Empire 6 Mr. Mafia 2521
Peaceful Beguinings 3 Sir Erythnul The Peaceful 1627
Killer Klownz 4 Mr. Karniforius 761
Mandalorian Empire 1 Mr. Mandoa 253
Pheonix 2 Ms. Jess 141
Soldiers of War 1 Mr. Samual 100


I may have the weakest kingdom currently but i landed like 3 hours ago yesterday so I cant really complain

21:18:53 Oct 4th 09 - Mr. Mandoa:

Mandalorian Empire declares war on Dark Riders for unprovoked agression.

Mandalorian Empire 1 Mr. Mandoa


Dark Rider Empire 6 Mr. Mafia

18:32:36 Oct 5th 09 - Mr. Samual:

If anyone has any food ill buy it sell it for 1-1.2 gold just to make it worth your while

03:38:43 Oct 10th 09 - Mr. Rockstar:

well this thread is interesting :P

20:36:20 Oct 10th 09 - Mr. Balthazor:

CITGO8Duke Insane XI100


Killer Klownz15Mr. Karniforius326


11:20:43 Oct 16th 09 - Mr. Rockon:

That seems cool for outsiders Citgo attacking someone 3 times it's size.
You got to know. This is the situation:

Killer Klownz9Mr. Karniforius100


CITGO9Duke Insane XI65
Peaceful Beguinings 4Sir Erythnul The Peaceful56
Knights of The White Wolf3General Wolfenstien27

01:47:29 Oct 17th 09 - Sir Erythnul The Peaceful:

Every-one guns for top empire , and speaking for ourselves some off your members started building cities (Armories) near us , stating they where for your guys push at White Wolf /Raging Demon who are allies of ours (the small joined to stop the horde of Killer Klowns) , we decided no to that and became invovled which was when your numbers where in the double figures after merging with Dark Empire Riders.

I must mentioned we did have all intentions on warring everyone but plans change everyone knows in this game :-) .

16:57:40 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Mafia:


02:40:20 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Mafia:

here we.. here we.. here wee fukn goooo!!!

17:00:03 Oct 27th 09 - Mr. Mafia:

Great era in this world lol

22:35:00 Oct 29th 09 - Mr. Mafia:

A Great Era well done guys

12:37:41 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Mafia:

has every1 died in this thread?

12:53:45 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Dropkick The Keeper of Light:

lol yer i guess so

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