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Latha its time to wake up
16:23:49 Apr 28th 12 - Mr. Spectre:

Calling all Lathas...Lathanians...Lathites?  (I didn't prepare)

It's time to wake up and settle this sexy infant world ( I'm off to a rough start )

In all seriousness though, where are all my Lathites?  
Fellow KD leaders?
Fellow KD members?
0 in my case, because everyone hates me ( justifiable )
But is anyone else in this world or am I just playing with myself? ( ...)

Who wants to kill who?
Who wants to friend who?

Spoiler,my KD and I want to make some friends.

- Spectre

18:09:30 Apr 28th 12 - Mr. Jasper:

I think you're just playing by yourself.

21:15:02 Apr 28th 12 - Mr. Raxxx:

I and Dark Angles owned the first 2 eras of Latha =)

22:51:56 Apr 28th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

that's not saying much considering dark angels was the only kingdom on the map.

23:09:04 Apr 28th 12 - Mr. Raxxx:

There was The Brotherhood second era. Also Simplicity

08:55:02 May 1st 12 - Mr. Talck The Magnificent:

Legend has won this world the last two era's. There still playing but idk how active they are.

15:49:12 May 1st 12 - Mr. Spectre:

Well we can't let them have all the fun, can we? :)

17:17:08 May 13th 12 - Mr. Malus:

it is quite boring... im running around with stupid scouts trying to find the action. Got massive armies sitting around doing nothing... bleugh.

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