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Legacy Does it Again?
14:20:08 Mar 20th 08 - Duke Fafnir The Hairy Footed:

I'm just wondering how this happened? How does a person who'se wasn't even in the top five goes to #1 overnight? No this is not a flamebait, I just want to know how he got #1 overnight.

Mr. White Widow
Member of: Legacy.

Sir Yarlin
Member of: Carnage.

Mr. Elsin
Member of: Legacy.

Lord Protector Nimic
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Isaac
Member of: Carnage.

Sir Feanor
Member of: Carnage.

Mr. Sezymon
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Digger
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Roxbury
Member of: Legacy.

Mr. Firestorm
Member of: Legacy.

14:21:29 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

LGC are just pure evil. Gotta love them ..

14:22:55 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Spermstorm:

Scores update when players login. So maybe Yarlin hasn't logged in yet, in which case he still could be #1.

14:22:57 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

lol, very nice :)


14:30:51 Mar 20th 08 - Duke Fafnir The Hairy Footed:

True, but how does a person who'se not even in the top 5 get to #1 OVERNIGHT? When Elsin and Nimic have been chasing Yarlin all era long. I'm just smelling something fishy.........and it's not fish!

14:38:19 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

Are you blind dude?

I have been 3rd for the last 3 weeks.

14:38:38 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Vexsloth:

White Widow has been on the HOH most of the era.

Fafnier, you're not on Fantasia, so let me fill you in... Legacy has Zeon and LDK in a complete rout, and their mines are basically undefended and free for the taking. One of our guys picked up like 500k buildings from LDK in the last week with a small army, and we're not even trying!

Carnage and PKS haven't defeated anyone this era, so they aren't picking up those points.

14:43:57 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Bah i just lost a $100 bet ;'(

he said they would do whateva it takes to take #1

14:46:23 Mar 20th 08 - Sir Yarlin:

Yeah I'm watching you guys in the NW corner. White Widow is running ahead and taking some nice size cities but he's not far ahead of me atm. Took him a 40k and a 57k to go from 2nd to 1st that i seen.

BTW land total isn't everything. Mine = 607,067

So he broke my 20 day streak of 1st place, nice going. It's not over yet! =P

14:47:44 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

Total land size isnt everything, but when you have the amount of land I do....well ill talk more tomorrow, lol.

Yarlin, when the era is over, lets both post our production pages.

I will also post all the treasures my advants found this era, since so many have asked about it in pm's.

14:51:00 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Vexsloth:

i am betting that white widow is well over 1M land and on his way to 1.5M if not 2M :)

14:53:16 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

So low Sloth ;)

14:55:18 Mar 20th 08 - Sir Yarlin:

I'd be up for posting it all. Production page, armies and sciences. Already have the prepost in KD forums ready to go. lol

14:56:13 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Vexsloth:

more than 2M would be impressive, i have not seen anyone with that much land in a long time.

14:57:09 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

you havent played mantrax in a while ;)

us nubs also know how to whore lol (Well mop up buildings :P)

14:58:03 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

Ill post everything on the last tick of the era. I still have towns to take in the last few hours.

15:24:49 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

ok, deal I'll post mine too!

I'm feeling left out here :S damn you devi for taking all the spotlight

15:28:22 Mar 20th 08 - Sir Binh The Assassin:

good job Devi :)

15:51:01 Mar 20th 08 - Lord Protector Nimic:

I only have 681,682 land. But then I haven't built a building OR taken a city in weeks :(

15:51:07 Mar 20th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

Thanks for agreeing to post your information after the era Yarlin.
It would be interesting to see how much is worth to farm.
I usually never build anything more then 60k economy buildings and are totally dependent on the spoils of war but looking and the HoH true the eras that usually never enough.

Atm im bigger then you and not even top 10 :(

Its always good to learn more.

15:56:59 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Sezymon:

I've never finished a 90k....:(

16:04:16 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. William:

my amount of land: 16,537... and that from 500K a few days earlier:p

16:20:09 Mar 20th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

Yeay Sezymon we can form a club I never finished on either.
I think I got to around 65k once when I started a 90k but then got to busy training troops.
To be honest I not conquered that many 90k towns either throughout the eras,
I seem to get mostly towns around 25-60k

16:42:58 Mar 20th 08 - Sir Shyers From The Black Laggon:

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16:51:02 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

yeah us mantrax dudes are just as good, i got 608,161 land! but my income sucks compared to you guys cos ive taken armouries and trees and shlt like that:(

17:14:20 Mar 20th 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

sezy and brashen, let me in! the biggest city i've ever built was 45k................... i'm always much more focused on troops!

18:22:32 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

ahh i died a some time ago and just sat on my ass farming =)

18:28:21 Mar 20th 08 - Mr. William:

70k my biggest:O

1 my smallest(A)

02:03:25 Mar 21st 08 - Sir Yarlin:

Well i actually stopped building and training cavers the 1st of the month when i hit around 11.2m income. Found i didn't need the 3rd feeder since it was to far away so i finished the last 22k buildings and trained 22k more cavers to fini*beep*. (1 nights income between the 2) Thats put me where i am now. Other then that i pumped Axemen, MU and a few Hammers for luck till a few days ago.

If not for Cobra and 2 DB guys forcing 1-2 of my biggest armies out of hiding for over a week cutting my income in half i may still be in 1st. =P

So take when the era started (after the server came back up) till the 1st of this month and that basically how long i "Farmed" for. The rest of the time I'm just a dirty ole whore with a bit of fending off sneaky intruders. lol

02:52:52 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

Calliope, do you understand now what i meant with "i've gotten what i came for"? :->

02:57:31 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Dalak The Licker of Clams:

Well I'm obviously cheering for Yarlin but whoever gets across the line has my congratulations. Well done to both of you. Lets hope that whoever mins gets a flame free thread...( I know

03:05:03 Mar 21st 08 - Lady Calliope:

Yeah, Raist, I got it now :P

Though considering what we were priorly talking about before you said that, well, you can understand my confusion.

03:07:22 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

The part prior to all that was going on was more of a... private indulgence thing ;)

03:15:43 Mar 21st 08 - Lady Calliope:

Hehe, yeah :)

But how was I supposed to realize that we had shifted from private indulgences to topics of seriousness? Because I was definitely still on private indulgences ;)

03:16:28 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

I always mix business with pleasue ;)

04:18:02 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Digger:

Very nice Devi, totally deserved if you pull it off. You've done more attacking than anyone this era.
If Yarlin wins, well congratulations too, you'll be no worse than 75% of era winners - and much more deserving than last era's winner.

04:24:28 Mar 21st 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

what if i win it digger?

04:30:30 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Digger:

Sure, i'll give ya a pat on the bum.

04:39:37 Mar 21st 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

o thank god.................

04:41:34 Mar 21st 08 - Duke of Dark Blood:

You gonna take that from him Raist?

11:15:55 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

What, from Digger? lol i never mind trogg's talking, especially not this one, he's fun :) A bit sour granted, but hey, i would be too if i were in Lgc :->

14:23:33 Mar 21st 08 - Sir Yarlin:

19:40:30 Mar 21st 08 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:

lgc runs through your veins raist baby ;) you know it

20:13:41 Mar 21st 08 - Lady Quietone:

nah it's more like walls disappearing from a blocker

first it's there...then it's gone

20:16:10 Mar 21st 08 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:


20:17:15 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

who said that !!

20:28:05 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Ftw:

exactly =D

20:28:05 Mar 21st 08 - Mr. Ftw:

ugh dubble post

22:14:06 Mar 21st 08 - Duke Ulgrin The Bastard:

Nice to see a warrior in #1.  Grats to Legacy!

22:16:13 Mar 21st 08 - Sir Revenge:

I think Scientist has been here lol

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