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Legion of Legends Embassy
04:03:10 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

As vice of LoL,   I have been informed by Mr. Fjollan to declare war on Fuzzy Little Man Peach.  We are going to war for the following reasons:

  • Protection of resources
  • Expansion of Kingdom
  • Initial offer of friendship ignored
  • Previous sieges/plunders on cities in kingdom
  • It's a war game
Sir Jondrus II

09:39:32 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

alright, As you wish :), though I do Not understand your reasons.

When you were alone and tagless, I told you my Kingdom would not attack you and protect you. then you joined a KD, I wasnt too pleased about that when i returned, and n'either were my members.. I heard you have been using Magic at us, and other stupidious attacks.

Though, because i had an agreement with Sir Jondruss, i was nice towards you, and offered you to join us. you and Sir Fjollan. in order to safe you again. Your return to that offer was that I had to talk with Sir Fjollan. and Sir Fjollan told me they got various offers from Kingdoms and had to think it over, he was very friendly. though this morning when i wake up, i see you have army's at my KdMembers city's. This is a very Impolite message towards us. So I ask you why you are preparing on our cities. Though there is NO reply.. strange though, since u were online (i saw u Bt an army just a bit earlier.) then I talked on the Chat to you, and again you didnt reply..

now, I think you are doing this to please another Kingdom. since it is completely ridiculous. look at this :D

LoL Legion of Legends 2 Mr. Fjollan 8

it will only get you guys killed :P.. but well, do what you wanna do, i dont mind

War Declaration Accepted, offer that you guys join us is not available anymore.

King gallyon

09:44:29 Aug 5th 08 - Sir Dire Wolf:

You dont have to accept their War Declaration stupid, its a DECLARATION, not a plea.

Anyways They are one of the bravest people I have seen in this game, and compared to you they are giants, best of lucks to you Legion of Legends, may you live forever.

09:50:46 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Haha :) I knew it :P..

you convinced them into warring us, just like you are trying to get Mystical to war us :P.. Like that you guys might still have a change to survive right??

hehe well, trust me our core isnt as undefended as yours =D and well, I do accept a war declaration :) I respect them for trying to war us with that little power. though I disgust of them if they listened to you.

Jondrus was afraid of talking to me on the chat

12:22:55 Aug 5th 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

I'll just go like...LoL...Dire Wolf's little pet puppy trying to learn how to bite...well...stop merely tickles!

13:40:38 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

It tickles? Thats funny cuz I don't feel anything..... Wait, they're warring us??? I never noticed..... Thought they were scouts...

14:31:31 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Belgeraim:

haha funny but watch out or else you will be destroyed by them Ruby

14:56:06 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

lol :), with what?? there's nothing left except rainbow city's :D

15:21:34 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

XD That was ment to be a joke but it really wasn't Belg. All they have on the map right now is 4 scouts.... Thats all I can see anyway.

15:51:24 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

they are having some troops inside City Of Legends :D...less then 500..thats all troops there are I guess :).. anyway, it was just a cowardly trick from Dire Wolf :D who thought our core is undefended :D

17:13:55 Aug 5th 08 - Demonic Insomaniak:

oh look...WRONG AGAIN!! :P

19:31:17 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

I can't even take any of Jondrus's cities -.- He's to much weaker than me.

21:51:10 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

yup...I know..but woody can..u know..Fjollan and Jondrus think they are stronger then us, just because we cannot attack them :P..

they are sooo stupid

19:59:48 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

Yes, it was a dumb move. We were tricked. Oh well, that's why we play the game. I was not trying to avoid anyone. I had computer issues yesterday.


20:07:53 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

Remember this is mine and Fjollan's first time playing this game.

21:07:39 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Lol :) even if it stays stupid :P...

now, you said u were tricked?? who tricked you? and how :D, i think u made ur own decision.

21:57:55 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

'hahaha, as if I wanted to save myself... save from what?.. Im alive, right here at home facing my computer and using my keyboard to communicate with you no life nerds.
Anyways Pulse told you I tried to get them to war you..
Even if he did I dont care, cus he told me he didnt trust your alliance, ofcourse he would lie to you if he got the chance just to make himself look good, just like old greg told me Pulse does a lot of crap to try and be the best, anyways getting people to war you is ju*beep*n, not to save myself in fact I have been waiting to die for a long time so that I may restart and try a different race, so have fun being *beep* =P
Also, you think you know everything but in fact you dont know *beep* about me or what I do, I make them war you for fun like I mentioned not to survive, maybe when you send someone a message dont try to sound like you know it all, cus when your wrong it only adds to how stupid you are, I try not to sound like I'm sure about things, but most of the time I am, like I knew you where going to war us, I knew we had rats in our KD, and I always knew you where an *beep*.. everyone knows that though.'


That was a Message from Sir Dire Wolf, Guess I was right after all, He is getting everyone in the world to war us..for his own pleasure. apparently he is the one trying to use everyone though :p

22:11:26 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

I have no hard feelings.  This is just a game.  I appreciate the info though.

22:11:29 Aug 6th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

double post

22:49:43 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

I left LoL. I have one city left. I'm almost dead.

23:23:30 Aug 9th 08 - Sir Tybalt Wolf:

Lol anyone who thinks I can MAKE people go to war are *beep*s, unless you think the people we speak of are retards, anyone makes their own decisions and you cant blame me for anyone who tries to war you =P

Anyways if they go to war after I told them to then its probably they already wanted to, and I just lit up the spark, and anyways who cares, is just nirvana =P

23:46:57 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

actually they already admitted you tricked them into warring us, they are new players so dont understand the game very well and you took advantage, anyway i still love you direwolf!

23:48:24 Aug 9th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

unless you think the people we speak of are retards.

Ya!! I do think they are!! thats why they are also virtual dead ;)

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