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Let all know the traitor
05:36:29 Apr 14th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Manowar. Manowar planned on kicking me and taking my cities just to get a higher score. SYG and a few others also planned on helping him kill whatever troops i may have had, which lead me to the events of training up some troops and lead to rebellion against him.

Before leaving METAL to make the first strike, i asked others to give me a hand in fighting this viper, but seeing as how no one gave a sh**, only proves they were all in on it. What else was I to do? let them kick and take my cities? of course not! And what i say is the truth, i do not lie:)

05:38:45 Apr 14th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

lol - I did not read this in the other threads... and I don't know either side so well.... but I will enjoy reading any of the back and forth that might come up!

11:18:11 Apr 14th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Oh, I'm sorry Witty, I shouldn't have been so mean to you, but now I know you have paranoid schizophrenia I'll be sure to go easy on you.

And stop calling it a "Rebelion", it's not a rebelion if it's only one person back-stabbing their KD. You are not a "Rebel" you are a traitor. Plain and simple. And you're not going to convince anyone otherwise.

19:44:42 Apr 15th 11 - Mr. Reitvondrak:

rebels are traitors with an intended goal. Kinda like terrorist are rebels with weapons :).

20:38:36 Apr 15th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

  • refusal to accept some authority or code or convention; "each generation must have its own rebellion"; "his body was in rebellion against fatigue"

  • organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another

  •  a refusal of obedience or order . It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors from civil disobedience and mass nonviolent resistance, to violent and organized attempts to destroy an established authority such as the government.

It sort of is.... lol

20:50:55 Apr 15th 11 - Ms. Bling:

They stick you with those names, those labels -- ‘rebel’ or whatever; whatever they like to use. Because they need a label; they need a name. They need something to put the price tag on the back of.

21:28:39 Apr 15th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

No, it sort of ins't. It's Treason, not Rebellion.

21:35:40 Apr 15th 11 - Mr. Pure:

It's leadership!

22:28:42 Apr 15th 11 - Duke Wraith The Original:

Long Live the Rebellion!

07:06:30 Apr 16th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

Mr. Manowar


14:28:39 Apr 15th 11
No, it sort of ins't. It's Treason, not Rebellion.

The only difference between the two is wording and point of view. lol 

Rebellion is, by it's nature, treason... so let's not get caught up in semantics. It's both.

05:15:03 Apr 17th 11 - Sir Ajax:

it is both to rebel is treason against your king. 

In lawtreason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of one'ssovereign or nation

therefore you all suck 

08:57:13 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

What a scrub ... hahaha he says we were planing on kicking him and taking his cities? wow this guy got some serious issues, how was we planning to kick him when we had all our armies out to fight against LS.

This is what he posted in our forums before he left.

i hate caps..... too lazy to correct

^ Haha this is too funny, he never mentioned anything about being kicked and having his cities taken . He was 2nd on the HoH to the #1 from Boo, in my opinion he left because he knew we were not heavily defended in our core and he thought he'd beat the #1 player from Boo and win this era by taking our cities. Man did that backfire in his face, instead he is almost dead and not even near close to being #1 ... he actually fell a few spots in the HoH ... SCRUB!!

09:10:21 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Mcnasty:

I have to agree with myself(; Mr. SYG. Witty sounds like the desperate kind that would back stab his kd just to win the era, then make up a lame story about his kd planning to kick him and take his cities. Sad sad kid, no one should ever accept him into any kd.

10:06:53 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Pure II:

Actually if he wanted to go for the era win he would of left around this time we 24 ticks left on the clock. not 120 ticks

12:47:56 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Actually Pure he set it up a week or more in advance, he knew what he was doing. He just underestimated us. :P Also the 50% rule slowed him down a bit. Although even if it haddn't he would still be in the same position he is now, maybe with a few more cities. Traitor's always get what's comming to them in the end.

14:37:18 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer:

It all sounds more and more like he got what he deserved.

16:21:29 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

aha at least 50% of my army is still alive. And you are idiots if you think i backstabbed for an era win. I already said i would have done it even it metal had its enitre army in our core. I just waited until i could be really active, and even still last login was over 30 hours ago, so i'm still not that active anyway. If i was going for an era win i would have waited until 40 hours until end of era, back when i would have thought there would be no major battles.

btw heres an update. Kills made by both sides

Me: 310k

Metal: 400k

Its only started going bad since i went inactive...

17:02:53 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

It would be going bad for you regardless. Surely you know this. :P Maybe you would still have a few more cities true, but you're situation would be pretty much the same.

Also where are you getting those numbers from?

17:17:48 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

i've been keeping track since the beggining of everything. Surely you cant say its inaccurate when i just said i made 10k kills while you guys made around 150k kills since last update. btw, here's further proof. I only made 70k kills before i turned, look at most fearsome. I made a lot more since then :)

17:23:19 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Just making sure you wern't counting all the kills made against LS and Sleepless. ;)

10:07:00 Apr 18th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

either way you lost scrub ... you had 1 city when the era ended one city that didn't even make enough to support your "big army"(;

Now no respectable kd will let you in, so my best advice for you is to find out where your new butt buddy puppy plays and go join him.

13:27:31 Apr 18th 11 - Puppy Fracker:

why the hell am I brought in on this? I said he made things funny. :P

I said I wouldn't let him join my..... it's funner to kill him, as my kingdom has done in the past..... I recruit slowly, so I don't get the same nubs you guys do, SYG. ;P

13:47:55 Apr 18th 11 - Mr. Boombastic:

having left this game a few months a go and coming back to look at the forums out of pure boredom at work, i see nothing has changed in this game. still petty childish squabbles, dishonourable tactics blah blah blah.

i never thought i would break my addiction but i can safely say it, i am over this game now. if anyone that knows me wants a sponsored account, pm me and it is all yours.




13:56:01 Apr 18th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Your such a pessimist to look at things from that point of view! these so called "petty childish squabbles, dishonourable tactics blah blah blah" is what makes this game more interesting :) not that i'm playing anymore. This is probably second last visit.

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