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Loking for exp kingdom
13:53:28 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Niekados Salies Burtininkas:

Duke Vytautas Didysis

15:32:23 Feb 1st 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

English only ppl

15:33:05 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Perkunas:

eik eik su tokia lietuviu kalba :) berneen :D rokas zilinskas

Pie Maker if i would translate without mistakes you made it would sound Dont go now,  will do hello

15:33:32 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Patas:

ok ok, rules are rules, I invite Duke to join us :)

15:33:36 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Perkunas:

were is written  that you cant speak your language on the forums?

15:35:00 Feb 1st 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

  • Posts must add content to the discussion.
  • No pointless criticism
  • Explain or caption pictures if they do not explain themselves
  • Don't avoid the bad word filter to use bad words
  • Try to contribute to the topic. Avoid one-liners and *beep*.
  • No advertising
  • Don't make rules for your thread unless it's some type of game, poll, etc.
  • Write in english <-----
  • Don't make fun of other players in the game unless it's about their in-game role-playing character.

15:35:40 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Patas:

it just a matter of good will that everyone should speak in English that everyone could understand

15:36:31 Feb 1st 09 - Sir Perkunas:

so by the rules you should delete half of the threads , 5/10 messages :)

15:38:51 Feb 1st 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

if we cant understand what your saying we cant moderate it. simple as that really.

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