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Looking for Active Kingdom
19:21:33 Jun 21st 11 - Princess Aisha:

Hello everyone,
Looking for a Kingdom for next era, means when next era starts, in one of the worlds with no 50% rule... which ever world opens I will be joining it, I am tired of not being able to do anything to people around you.

About me;
Back to the game after couple of months of not playing, now that admin is back I decided to give it another go... So, I am rusty, though I used to be quite good at this game, or at least thats what I like to think.

My previous names: Jasmina, Aisha, Bloodrayne most well known
Previous Kingdoms: Rebith, Fate, HiV, Fear, GotF, Gladiators...
Best playing with Trolls and Halfers, but I am sure I could do well with any race...

Now when I start playing again I will be extremelly active, I love attacking, though I can do defensive roles too... I have leadership experience too in several Kingdoms.
It would be fair to post also the disadvantages;
I get offended quite easy and I have left Kd before because I was being called names by one of the people in Kd, made me leave Fear and join Fate in mid-era, one of the worst things I did ingame.
Another disadvantage to having me in Kd is never let me fight Binh because I always get beaten so badly thats its not even funny, I always try to challenge in my oppinion by far the best player in this game, and he proved me twice how bad I am at this game.

Wow this turned out to be long, sorry about that.
Anyways, please give me suggestions to where I should go, what worlds are most interesting now, and what Kd would be good to join? Thanx!

19:37:06 Jun 21st 11 - Sir Erythnul The Late One:

Scary thought .. a active Aisha - note to self  'make sure i don't play on that world ' welcome back :-)

21:29:50 Jun 21st 11 - Mr. Mcmax:

Hello Aisha.

Hope you are doing well - and same wish to Jack and Omniwore (RoC).

If you are right - that Zeta is active again - then there still might be hope for this game....

Let's X-fingers.



21:30:27 Jun 21st 11 - Mr. Mad Max:

Starta is ending pretty soon, we could use another good player in Leather Rebels. :)

22:10:53 Jun 21st 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Oh noez, enemy from my early VU career. ;P

22:12:44 Jun 21st 11 - Lady Macbeth of Arunun:

Hai Aisha!

Welcome back.  I'm actually leaving after Fant ends, so I will catch you on lordswm or skype if you ever reinstall that :p

22:21:02 Jun 21st 11 - Mr. Supah Stormy:

lol we've heard that before jules<3

nice to c you back aisha>:-)

22:23:42 Jun 21st 11 - Lady Macbeth of Arunun:

Yeah I made it an entire month ^_^

but I'm hoping to make it longer this time Stormy <3

00:57:01 Jun 22nd 11 - Mr. Crown Royal Thefallendrunk:

nice to see you back aisha i got a kd on mant atm if you'd like to come join us i'd be happy to have you there and thanks max nice to see your still around

06:39:19 Jun 22nd 11 - Mr. Glad The Inactive:

Aisha, nice to see you back - try Zetmania - only started for about 5 days;

Ery, how are you my friend? I tried to send you a message, but I failed? Whats your main account name?

07:01:10 Jun 22nd 11 - Mr. Haldimir II The Mercenary:

Join the mercenaries kingdom.

17:20:57 Jun 22nd 11 - Lady Venus Willia:

Hello Aisha, welcome back :)


09:00:11 Jun 23rd 11 - Princess Aisha:

Hello Ery, Max :) Good to see my old teammates again :) Glad you're still around all :)

Endless you gotta stay in the game now that I am here :) We need to rule the world :P Stormy hi <3
Hello Crown, Glad, Haldimir, Wilber :) Good to see my old friends :)

I guess I will be waiting for Starta to end so I can have a fair start with everyone else...

What kingdoms will be on Starta?

09:27:15 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Glacial Kzat:

BP will be leaving Midgard and heading for a higher world when we are finished here..just cleaning up a little bit more first of all. 

Anyone interested and with some experience is welcome to message me or one of our vices for more info...check Midgard hoh etc.

We will need some more players next era..we currently have 6 but managing to win Midgard at that size.

So Aisha or anyone else interested..mail a member of BP.


09:38:41 Jun 23rd 11 - Mr. Jakee:

Depends on what type of odds you to face, if you're going to Starta. lol

I think most the map might want to kill us there, for revenge. ;P

Down with the Leather Rebel and Kingdom hearts horde!

14:26:13 Jun 23rd 11 - Lady Venus Willia:

Pffft, only a small mention for me Aisha? After all we've been through!

14:46:38 Jun 23rd 11 - Princess Aisha:

Awww you know I <3 you Wilber

22:56:46 Jun 23rd 11 - Ms. Jennaside:

welcome back Aisha

23:19:13 Jun 23rd 11 - Princess Aisha:

Hello Jenna :) good to see you're still here :)

00:26:20 Jun 24th 11 - Ms. Jennaside:

give me a shout on skype dear 

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