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Looking for Sir Dead Oralive
23:28:31 Dec 11th 08 - Sir Deadpool:

I do not know if this is the correct place for this but...

Looking for a player that used to go by the name Sir Dead Oralive played in Angels, PKS, and RET. Message me in-game please.

23:29:18 Dec 11th 08 - Prince Validus Septim II:

*Septim drags a dead knight in.

"He was wanted dead or alive...right?"

23:52:31 Dec 11th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Found him :)

23:55:33 Dec 11th 08 - Mr. The Bigger Loser:

Deadpool, Angel of Death is in Retribution.

23:56:58 Dec 11th 08 - Sir Deadpool:

Thanks guys!

01:18:01 Jan 25th 09 - Sir Crimson Xtc:

Just cause I felt like reviving something about me :)

01:39:34 Jan 25th 09 - Mr. Banroth Death Proof:

OH MY...i cannot breathe your ego has filled the room :)

* GASP *

05:31:50 Jan 25th 09 - Mr. Frankie:

Woooo AoD <3

07:04:52 Jan 25th 09 - Sir Pesterd:

rofl ego=through the roof

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