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Looney Toons Unhonorable
23:40:48 Mar 28th 10 - Commander Antharic Grudgebringer:

Ok. I'm playing on Latha. Pretty much throughout the era, there has been basically three Kingdoms: The Grudgebringers, Looney Toons, and SWAT.

I have been in the middle of the map for the game, which also happens to be in the middle of the two bigger kingdoms, SWAT and Looney Toons. I am a small 2 man kingdom. I decided to CF or Nap one of the kingdoms and help take down the other. I formed a CF with Looney Toons and here is the proof.

Mr. Super Saiyan (3/9/2010 9:27:37 AM) GOOD BAD
Are you warring SWAT?
You (3/9/2010 3:37:38 PM)
Yes I am.
Mr. Super Saiyan (3/9/2010 3:42:53 PM) GOOD BAD
Cool, I was wondering of 2 things....

1 - My preferred option, would you like to join our kgdm? we are a fun group and easy going, few of us are vets, rest are new starters we are trying to help in the game...
or, if you wish to have your own kgdm,
2 - Would you prefer to have a CF since we have common enemies?

but i like to see you choose option 1,

cheers and Thank you
You (3/9/2010 3:50:34 PM)
I thank you for the invitation, but i must respectfully decline. I am going solo this era. I would like a CF though. I recognize some of your players, and you seem like a trustworthy Kingdom. I accept your CF.

Boy, was I sure wrong. After this was settled, SWAT attacked me a couple times, but I thwarted them and Knocked them back every time. I eventually retaliated and attack SWAT and took out the northern half of their core. At the same time a Looney Toons were attack SWAT in the South. When I asked the Looney Toon Leader, Prince Wiley Coyote, if SWAT was completely annihilated, he said yes. Almost Immediately, I was being prepped on by 5 Looney Toon armies. I told Looney Toons that we still had a 3 day CF but no one replied. I had no time to prepare and have been crushed to the brink of oblivion. I find this to be extremely disloyal, considering the fact that I went out of my way to help them. It seems to me that some of their players have been farming and building a stockpile of troops to beat me. This Kingdom is dishonorable and I recommend not performing any diplomatic negotiations with this kingdom.

- Commander Antharic Grudgebringer

23:41:23 Mar 28th 10 - Commander Antharic Grudgebringer:

Ignore the Spelling error in the title please. I didn't notice it.

00:18:58 Mar 29th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

ill be sure to keep this in mind.

00:43:24 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Hmm super sayian. Its not what i woulda expected outta ya. is this perhaps some misunderstanding


00:46:01 Mar 29th 10 - Commander Antharic Grudgebringer:

Mr. Super Saiyan (3/9/2010 4:24:54 PM) GOOD BAD
is this your 2nd era only? or do you go by another name?
and lets talk terms about the CF...

I say 3 full days after all enemies in latha are dead,
we are warring everyone but you :) i can give you leads on what i can see on the map too

Forgot the last part.

08:46:54 Mar 29th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

well this is a really shotty way of looking at it but when you agreed to the terms of the CF there was no set time to how long it would last.  The 3 specified days came after the fact of agreeing to the CF which if you wanna look at it would mean that you didnt bother to think about putting in your own terms for the CF before blindly accepting.  At the same time I can definitely say that the attacks seem quite underhanded for someone who has helped you in your wars.

My Advice:
Push for a NAP you both have common goals of attacking other kingdoms so basically think of it like this if you have a CF and kill off everyone else then who else is there to attack but the people you have a CF with.  NAP are a much more sturdy thing I suggest NAPs over CF's as CF's are breakable NAP's arent.

13:44:00 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

Yeah you should have gone for a NAP just like Struddle said. I totally agree.

16:14:00 Mar 29th 10 - Prince Wiley Coyote:

As said in there the 3 days are when SWAT was gone we killed swat 4-5 days ago and attack sat. so 2 days ago

17:45:38 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:


1st - this is a misunderstanding, and simply a person that got defeated and now is whinning about it.

2 - we did wait as per the CF

3 - we didnt need your help to defeat SWAT (i took care of Ownage, Dumpling and Nokia, bymself), and no we didnt farm, lol blame SWAT for building 90 k cities for us to take. I was in OOP war with SWAT from the begining. We can easily take a snapshot of their big cities that are in their names. My other teammates took care of  that pagen kgdm, then helped you against SWAT.

4 - You were already Warring SWAT, so no you werent helping, we were helping you, you were 1 person fighting a kgdm, would it make sense to attack you ? not my style, not a fan of gangbanging, we simply gave a chance to live longer.

5 - and if you think you could ever be prepared to fight, think twice. I sent 60k zerks out of my 150k zerks your way and easily destroyed your 200k troops defending your cities in 2 ticks,

We respected you the whole era and thought we had a great fight. Your claims are lame.

If you were expecting to have an easy era on Latha, then think twice, at least not when i am around..........ok ok, i am not that great but i felt like saying it anyways hehehe. Pops is a machine and active, he took everything in his path and was all over the place.

Infact we are too strong we can easily defeat <3Forget Everything and Run <3. (this is a joke, )

To end this, blame Endless from Fate for all of this, i was inactive in mantrax and she killed me hehe, so i ended up in latha. :)

you can call this farming either


  1. Mr. Pops has won 34 battles, captured 50 cities and killed a total of 438088 men and women.
  2. Mr. Super Saiyan has won 30 battles, captured 37 cities and killed a total of 586043 men and women.

18:33:51 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Revenge:

ya um my i went inactive for a couple days because of family emergence and i could'nt move my army off your city when it was prepping or i would of

18:34:44 Mar 29th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

rev do you have 2 accounts?

19:08:34 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

this is not the Rev you are thinking about.


19:11:05 Mar 29th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

oh wch rev is this then?


19:21:44 Mar 29th 10 - Endless Wargasms:

lol, blame AoA... they wanted your cities so I spanked them and the rest came naturally :p

19:28:14 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Onslaught:

A fake Rev.

21:27:36 Mar 29th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

a fake REV :O!!!

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