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06:59:24 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

you guys are bad.

i had respec for you guys and though you were clean and legit but recruting our traitor inside your clan just prove me otherwise.

are you that scare to lose the war that you need to recrut traitor???



17:07:41 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

recruiting a traitor?
or maybe having a traitor inside your kd?

yep, definitely Vile :)

but it's still a good tactic :D

18:35:01 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

Recruiting a Traitor?  Not entirely sure who you're talking about...

18:43:04 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

NM, I assume you're talking about Horrid Death.  He's the only ap I've accepted lately.  I don't see him on the map, but I guess he was part of your kd eh?  He never mentioned it on his ap.  Though to be honest it probably wouldn't have made a difference.  I feel if someone leaves a kingdom they and applies to another they're free to be recruited.  We've had a few traitors in our kingdom this era as well, just do as we did.  Kill them off.

As for scared to lose the war, regardless of what you think, your kd does not scare us.  Nor do I think Horrid Death is going to make a difference. 

19:43:18 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

nope horrid death is about dead, but for losing this war ....i see its atm in our favor =) u have dropped from 290 to 174 in 2 days so it seems we are making progress!!! still more to be played lets see how it pans out , =) good luck all


19:51:06 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Zakira:

lol you guy should know who the traitor is the one who dont speak sont help and dont post

21:51:35 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

You're correct, you have gained some power over the last few days (most of which came from us losing armies when attacking with high %'s 90+ and losing).  At the moment we're fighting multiple other kingdoms and yours is not a priority.  Don't worry though as soon as it becomes a priority things will change.

22:18:18 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

im sure it will =) its all in good fun no ahrd feelings bud win or lose its been nothing but fun for me and a learning process


22:28:36 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

Nope, no hard feelings.  War is the point of this game.  It's even more fun when you can be friendly with those you're at war with. I'm glad to see we're not the only kingdom with a bunch of new (first era) players.  It'll be interesting to see how far things progress before the end of the era.

13:30:57 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

im kinda humble and happy to hear u say that the number2  isnt a priority, it kinda gives us free reign on the north , =( but seeing as i am the norht now i guess im sol and not u lol... we had 3 norths 1 hasnt logged on for 9 days 1  betrayed us... he sucked to begin with .. and me and im assbackwards all over the place... if i wasnt ... rornoah would have the north dead.... but i suck so we will leave it at that ... im trying to get better zomg

13:58:56 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

and i was tired of your crying and *beep*ing at me so i became a traitor myself.



14:19:55 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

all your base are belong to us

22:23:16 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Bluewrath:

And RP is fight like 4 or 5 members of Luna Wolves... you haven't fought the true Luna Wolves at all. I'd hope 24 members can beat 5 or else that's just sad.

22:34:26 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Phantom Liano:

wierd name luna wolfs

22:58:34 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

No weirder than most of the other Kingdom names.

01:02:31 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

i wouldnt say we had 25 members id say more like 5 members the whole era  , since most of us arent active =( its ok roronoah i dont blame ya man , thats what i usually do take 100k troosp to kill 2k while we ahve bigger issues =) will be fun rest of the era  fighting u

01:04:27 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

We have the same problem about 2/3 of our kd are inactive or at least not active enough to count.

01:16:10 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

boot them!

01:41:44 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

well you wont be fighting me much. im just doing a suicide bombing atm. i can care less about the rest of the era.


just wanted to quit your pos kindgom

02:34:04 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

yeah i know roronaoh , u walked the whole era like u were better then every1 i knew it was coming sooner or later.  good luck roronoah 

04:04:42 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

when did i say i was better then anyone? i always stated it was my first era rofl.

your the one sending me private message all the time saying. you are soo better then the rest of us we are nothign compare to you. you are the backbone of this kingdom the rest of us are trash blahblah i never said once that i was better then anyone else.

you were the one saying that not me.


your dumb

07:32:40 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

wow now u jsut are flat out lying, id like to see one of those messages please, and i didnt say u said it i said u walked liek it  ie acted like it. so show me where i ever said i was better then any1, ever. not 1 time there guy because i know im not nor would i ever think such a thing, even if i was. whatever man lets not make stories up because i asked u why u took so many troops to that area and it got your panties in a bunch so u left. please lets state facts only i ahve all the pms i can post them if need be, so id liek to see where i say im better then any1!!! please show me this. ive said from the beging u  were the best in our kingdom  u were more active then capncrunch and sacreo thats what gave u that spot in my eyes, then to leave and walk away because i asked u why u took so many troops to an era of low threat, is kinda weak. but its all water under the bridge so be it =) good luck next era roronoah


07:35:13 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

i should post our kingdom page on ehre where it states 15 times how highly i  thought of u so every1 can see what a liar u are, i didnt think it would come to flaming over 1 question my god. and the dates or the pms but whatever i dont need to prove it u and i both knwo the truth u on the other hand   need some proof

07:36:31 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

*sits back and watches*

07:41:05 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

yeah its funny thardin i know drama is the best!

09:20:12 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

i didnt say you said you were the best lol.


i said that your were telling me i was the best of them all just like you stated in your post after this. i didnt mean  to say you said you were the best.

you just kept telling me that i was.

english is not my main language so sorry if you understand me wrong sometime.


this is just a game to me and i left the kingdom because i was tired of your post toward me regarding the south when i was north and you telling me how good iw as and how bad you were. thats it 


11:36:11 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Deadguy:

who would wanna stay with a kingdom if they disrespect you like that

14:54:17 Jun 18th 07 - Duchess Mary The Model:

Mr. Humblepie


6/16/2007 1:43:18 PM

nope horrid death is about dead, but for losing this war ....i see its atm in our favor =) u have dropped from 290 to 174 in 2 days so it seems we are making progress!!! still more to be played lets see how it pans out , =) good luck all


You guys actually gained all that power because you picked up the #1 guy (now #2 :)) not because you hurt us.

20:19:56 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Phantom Liano:

i dont like this girl she seems a sore loser

22:47:57 Jun 18th 07 - Sir Razios:

for once I have to agree with Justin... This isn't so bad unlike Agurkas Son who kept switching sides to whoever was  winning the war. It so happened he wanted to join the winning team! These threads are completely useless. Their like those pat-on-the-back threads. IF YOU WANT SOME DONE DON'T COPLAIN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  (if thardin doesn't get you first ;)


@ Thardin   What about my offer on joining me next era? 

00:51:29 Jun 19th 07 - Duchess Mary The Model:

Mr. Phantom Liano


6/18/2007 2:19:56 PM
i dont like this girl she seems a sore loser

How can I be a sore loser if I'm not losing ;)  Also I wasn't complaining, I was just stating that they were taking more credit then they actually deserved.  Atm I am warring the #1 guy and I believe I am winning.

00:59:46 Jun 19th 07 - Lady Erica Brahmins:

/me slaps razios :(

01:26:01 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

"You guys actually gained all that power because you picked up the #1 guy (now #2 :)) not because you hurt us."


actually that is not true. they gain that power way before they recrut the #1guy. they recrut the #1guy.

but because of internal problem they lost alot, heck even since the #1guy join they have less power then before. but yeah that is due to the fact i burn down about 15city in the core

01:31:38 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Bluewrath:

Actually you guys did get a lot of power from Mr. Zekutis joining RP... even though that doesn't mean anything now that Zoro left :p

06:59:26 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Chwaa:

It sure is a good feeling when 8/10 players on the highscores are from your kd. Wouldn't you agree with me?

Haha I'm not sure why I said that... I guess I just felt like it.

Anyways, I think it's a good thing that RP is warring us... keeps things interesting! I mean, we [Luna] are the most powerful kd by a large margin, so multiple wars makes everything challenging instead of a pushover.

08:40:53 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

i wish i could say im trying to fight u atm , but im  destroying  roronoah and his merry bunch of tampons! but b 4 its over i expect u guys to be here. roronoah u should run faster!  

09:08:39 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Bluewrath:

Well sense you said so i'll send some armies to ya Humblepie... nothing personal but after all... it's just a game. But Mr. Issac is in my way so have fun with Zoro.

09:51:48 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

run faster? i think i suicide bomb about what 15city and more? i destroy almost ever single one of your city up north with just the army i had. i didnt even bother building more or even tryed to survive. i just wtfOWNED your city with what i had and now that they are dead well its the end.

do you think my goal was to kill everyone around lol? i was alone in this with kale and kale is a *beep* just like you but he still did some damage.

so talk *beep* about killing my 50k troop after losing 15city all you want. i did what i had to do. /laugh

10:16:40 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:

u ran like the women u are burning cities ,when u did try to face me liek i man i smacked u liek the women u are. your worthless now that theres no1 to stroke your ever needing ego. oh well  b 4 the days over u wont be on the map.

11:18:21 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Roronoah Zoro:

did i hurt you feeling by destroying most of your city? i remember killing ALOT of your troop. but yeah you got some of mine while i was sleeping and doing stuff.

like i said the moment i quit royal pirates i didnt care about this era anymore.

i did what i wanted to do. hurt your kindgom to a point you cant compete with others anymore.  the #1 spot is now out of your reach.

and i felt like i should add our last conversation we had. this is him humblepie telling me that he succeed in provoking me out of royal pirates.

Mr. Humblepie [RP] (6/17/2007 8:11:52 PM) GOOD BAD
i knew i could get u to do it, and it took less then i thought it would !
You (6/17/2007 8:13:48 PM)
yep goodjob with your crying and bad leadership you just ruined your kingdom chance of finishing 1st? for what i have no clue.

your bad


i will not participed in this thread anymore. we created enough drama. you got what you wanted according to your last message and i got what i wanted by burning your empire to a point he cant compete for #1 spot.

im done with you. you can talk *beep* all you want i wont reply to you

16:19:10 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Fafnir:

Hey Chawaa, wait untill 10/10 are your KDs that is a great feeling.

16:33:09 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Humblepie:


21:25:32 Jun 19th 07 - Mr. Chwaa:

lol i love how roro's "bad english" suddenly became excellent and perfectly understandable

Yep... hey humblepie, want to crush Isaac with me?

02:18:36 Jun 20th 07 - Sir Razios:


02:28:20 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

chwaa, i may have to join in. i already have plans to hit him..............

02:54:35 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Thardin:

@ Thardin   What about my offer on joining me next era?

I will be staying with LW and taking over as leader.  You're more than welcome to join us though.

06:57:50 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Chwaa:

Haha looks like we all have vendettas ready for next era.

"Mr. Isaac [ShoGU] (6/19/2007 7:16:42 AM)
No one owns me, No one you hear I will crush him and you"

Just so you all know that my vendetta is justified, Isaac has armies named such as "Chwaa Must Die Now" and "No More Chwaa" etc. hehe... that's a good way to make someone kill you.

08:28:53 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Bluewrath:

I for sure want a piece of Issac. He's the annoying fly that bugs the sht out of you. Every swing you throw he comes back.

19:57:54 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Dramborleg:

*dramborleg starts laughing*

23:14:23 Jun 20th 07 - Sir Razios:

This is coming from an indignified kingdom that started 3 eras ago in Nirvana and got #1 with 40 members. Then next era they thought they were so good they went to Fantasia. They got whooped and went to Mantrax where they farmed and NAPed the top KD's >at ShoGU<

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