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Mant 79 Winter Is Coming
19:02:22 Nov 16th 21 - Mr. Ice Blizzard:

This won't be an easy era for QM. Even though we lose at the end, we'll eat your brain 🧠 & cook it with the hawt Italian sausage.

21:46:06 Nov 16th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

How did you know I was Italian?

22:25:08 Nov 16th 21 - Prophet Ellastria:

What does QM have to do with anything? :)
This is FW's world, the main goal is to beat them :)

01:26:23 Nov 17th 21 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):


08:21:28 Nov 17th 21 - Mr. Ice Blizzard:


How did you know I was Italian?

Caz I'm a Spy. We have information that your mother couldn't believe you could do something big.

22:16:34 Nov 20th 21 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Looks like all of banana have been natived.... Whoever the sad fk who keeps making multis is stop you sad bastard, it really isn't that serious you fking weirdo XD 

00:03:02 Nov 21st 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Eternal Question):

I think it's secretly Sal, but he just doesn't want to admit it.

You reading this, Sal? I'm unto you!!

18:26:39 Nov 22nd 21 - Mr. Ice Blizzard:

Seems the Raven's Lady is doing good but I'm better 😎🦥🦥

Do you need my assistance my Lady! 😍🤩

Hat's off Fred. Great job so far 👍

  1. Mr. Ice Blizzard has won 7 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 95346 men and women.
  2. Lady Styx has won 4 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 50046 men and women.

19:58:34 Nov 22nd 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

if youíre up for spanking QM I could definitely use some assistance 

 Fred is still in the corner playing Mant Scientist, perhaps you could coax him out to join the fun

18:18:31 Nov 26th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

youíre slacking, come join the fun

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Lady Styx has won 10 battles, captured 9 cities and killed a total of 116942 men and women. and burned a few while at it
  2. Mr. Ice Blizzard has won 8 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 95858 men and women.

18:21:51 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

Just took out the last Orc of FW LoL.

It'll take days to reach there 😜☺️. I'll think about it.

18:24:51 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Enigma The Riddler:

He only does oop

18:26:30 Nov 26th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

Ice.... Tell your damn men to let my guard through!!

18:44:34 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

If i actually come, I'll break the sh1tty defense of QM. Just look at the HoH #1 army... is still mine 🤣🤣

18:53:49 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Enigma The Riddler:

Invitation is open but I know Ice will be missing this winter! Haha

18:59:45 Nov 26th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

Idkno ice, it's getting a little late in the era don't you think ;p 

19:00:58 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

RoFL 🦥🦥🦥

19:05:52 Nov 26th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

stop freezing me , killjoys:p

19:07:05 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

Just think about it, what if we spawned besides QM instead of FW this era!

Yeah, ik what you're thinking 😎😎.

19:34:42 Nov 26th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

Endless you so hawt they just trying to cool you down XD 

19:38:02 Nov 26th 21 - Edi (Mr. Edd The Great):

This almost sounds like he thinks using lots of BTs equals game skills? 

At least Endless fight good old fashion way, respect. 
That is why Ice falls behind 15 days in the era, BTs are less op by then

Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

Just think about it, what if we spawned besides QM instead of FW this era!

Yeah, ik what you're thinking 😎😎.

21:49:27 Nov 26th 21 - Mr. Ice Blizzard:


That is why Ice falls behind 15 days in the era...

Sacrifices i make for the kd.

22:25:59 Nov 26th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Sol Invictus):

Keep feeding Zeta that cash $$$

23:26:28 Nov 26th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Facts ices! I don't even know if it's true but hey keep this game open for us peasants XD 

09:11:27 Dec 3rd 21 - fred (Mr. Terrorist Fred):

this guys is in protection from the beginning maybe because he didnt make any city, another bug in the game

and i couldnt make a gd blocker cz of his scout

People of Archblade

Army Info
Commander:Mr. ArchbladeKingdom Banner
Size:Platoon (20-50)

09:14:40 Dec 3rd 21 - Jarl Eivor:

He never dropped a city so his protection timer never started.

09:35:28 Dec 3rd 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

you blocked him from dropping a city, kinda your own making

10:05:12 Dec 3rd 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

@jarl, yes and this issue must change 

@endless, hehehh nice one , u r right

09:06:21 Dec 13th 21 - Prophet Ellastria:

So he never dropped a city (Arc), his protection never ends?
Or it does?
Just killed him...
And its still the same first army, without a city


We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Prophet. We have won the battle!

We killed all of the 50 troops and 0 peasants.

09:08:03 Dec 13th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

proud VU moment for you, good job 👏 

09:17:38 Dec 13th 21 - Ms. Elle Ravenous:

It was a genuine question, as I am trying to figure out why did his protection end.
Don't know whats up with constant attacks on me. I don't know you and I don't care about you, get off my back.

09:32:30 Dec 13th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

your killing his troops means your question was answered  Ö his protection obviously ended or you couldnít kill him

suggest you message Arc or Zeta for the answer as to why it did 

12:24:41 Dec 13th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

Protection is removed after a certain unknown amount of time without a city. Itís so dang long I donít know what that times is, but it does exist.

15:03:03 Dec 13th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Eternal Question):

Endless, hasn't anyone taught you that if you have nothing nice to say, that you should bring out a study on modern astrophysics and talk about how black holes are a paradox. They are paradoxical because they simultaneously must exist but canít, and so they break physics as we know it. Many physicists will tell you that the best way to fix broken physics is with string. String theory, in fact. And in the black holes of string theory - fuzzballs - are perhaps even weirder than the regular type?

16:28:31 Dec 13th 21 - Edi (Mr. Eddie The Great):

Endless is great at making new friends.

17:00:08 Dec 13th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Endless is bae <3

20:59:55 Dec 13th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

actually read a bit on string theory, Brian Greene writes interesting books :p how did you know? endless curiosity;)

Edi, you know it lol
SFD <3

14:06:08 Jan 4th 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Good era everyone


00:02:36 Jan 7th 22 - Mr. Tok:

Era still going? Ugh

10:52:52 Jan 7th 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Strange question

You think its over?


Army Info
Commander:Mr. TokKingdom Banner
Size:Group of Armies (Around 500,000)

10:55:38 Jan 7th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

he was prepping Whoopy who scurried away

donít see you heading for a head to head battle against him

11:04:29 Jan 7th 22 - Mr. Whopper:

:) just keeping Tok busy while the others takes his income 

Dont worry, i am already prepping for arma. 

11:06:32 Jan 7th 22 - Endless (Ms. Endless):

well, youíve already taken mine twice so might as well, QM is officially the new FW :)

why would you destroy the current arma, youíre almost finished destroying every player on the map and can probably finish before it ends the worlfÖ are you guys going to have a farm off  all by yourselves or something 

11:25:23 Jan 7th 22 - Mr. Qqqqqqqq:

i might be faster to cancel arma, cast it and vote again.

but we'lll see how fast we can take the arma town, it depends on that.

23:56:52 Jan 7th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Imperator Imperiorum):

I feel it's a bit premature to call QM the new FW when QM has won 2 eras and FW...counts...runs out of fingers...runs out of toes...uhhhh way more than I have fingers and toes to count with.

So, least 9?

00:09:42 Jan 8th 22 - Endless (Ms. Envy):

You operate the same way they do, no relations and kill everyone.  You just have to accept that you behave the same way every dominant kingdom  behaves :p 

Wear the @shole crown proudly.  My tiara from Fate/Foundation days may be dusty but once an @shole itís easy to recognize fellow @sholes ;)

01:32:45 Jan 8th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

FW just do our best and focus on KD stability instead of trying to just outnumber everyone.
RIP to us for not accepting everyone i guess.
We don't mind though, just here to play <3

05:53:02 Jan 8th 22 - Mr. Tok:

Im done. Y'all can't match my simple army even when double teamed. I'm razing my cities and purposefully allowing my troops to retire in a home less city in pride instead of attrition from loss of income.

It's more honorable then to have ppl take my income city from behind because they are afraid to match me in battle and get wiped.

Y'all should have sent Jamine lame army of zerks so I could spank that army and wipe it instead of hiding in Ahhhhhh for a score. Y'all deserve rubble and that's exactly what y'all will be getting. At least FW was fun to challenge in past eras and giving them a run for their money with 400k zerks unlike QM would struggled to take out 2 remaining kingdoms 1/10 their size before plague help secure their victory. Which is why Riven casted Arma. It was over at that point.

Just in case they kill me. Here is a little score to remind y'all how unchallenging it's been. Also happy AoTD for y'all armies. Hahahahaha

Your character Mr. Tok has won 8 battles, captured 2 cities and killed a total of 900312 men and women

08:26:58 Jan 8th 22 - Prophet Ellastria:

We're nowhere close to FW in any aspect.
We are just a new kingdom with decent amount of members
Decent to us, too much to mostly everyone else.

Diplomatic stance is also not true
FW does not talk diplomacy with anyone, we do.
I just have not deceived any diplomacy talks this era.

Not to mention Mantrax is a map of only 3 kingdoms. We can't really NAP anyone or else we will have nobody to fight. Just noticed a new returning kingdom RoC, and we have no plans to fight them.

However like I mentioned already, no diplomacy messagers received so far. So unless they do write to me and agree on peace, there might be war. Similar to what I noticed in Valhalla, we killed Ursidae, and left them to build up while we fight other wars, when we could have killed them again. We did not sign anything with them, and now they are attacking us. So in order to have peace there has to be a singed peace by both parties involved.

Not to mention in Mantrax just how hostile most people write toward our members, I do not think peace is ever an option.

08:31:47 Jan 8th 22 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Mister Whiskey):

oh no your not to much catch me in an era where i dont start 2 days late then die oop i'd have wrecked every army you guys sent at us otherwise even at that you guys threw the strongest army on the map at us and failed to even take a city before we smashed it and bounced it out of our core.

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