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Mant 82
15:09:49 May 18th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Sporadikos):

Anyone actually playing?

16:59:24 May 18th 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Fair point, Mant turned into a pretty dead map.

Who is to blame? Is it FW?

17:04:10 May 18th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

hmmm, maybe QM?

18:59:05 May 18th 22 - Endless (Lady Artemisiaiofcaria):

no one in Riven has visited the map in 4 days so pretty sure break time this era

03:55:44 May 26th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

It really looks like only QM and FW are playing

Where are the other guys? Why is nobody playing Mantrax?
Its supposed to be top 3 world (Fanta, Valhalla and Mantrax), right?

15:44:50 May 26th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

I'm hiding out in there somewhere

16:10:25 May 26th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Sporadikos):

When will Bill close Gates?

04:27:16 May 27th 22 - Mr. Mihrkmeister:

Only ROC member just waiting to die out here.

07:34:33 May 30th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

Alright whoís being an @$$ and attacking me on Mantrax? Iím being as clear as I can be about being an Arma caster and being a true neutral. If Iím not wanted, Iíll just back away and not provide Arma services for maps. Please be considerate of ďPercy the Arma GuyĒ or similar, as thatís me trying to state Iím not playing, but farming for Arma so no one else has to do so or wait 2 weeks for ZeTa. But itís quite hard to do that when Iím being attacked and plundered. Looking at you Bomba Volante.

09:17:10 May 30th 22 - Lord Koala Machete:

it's me attacking. Sorry for that, didn't really know that you were playing only for arma. 

Stopped the attack...

09:50:29 May 30th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Sporadikos):

Cool :)

10:56:07 May 30th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

No worries, weíre all good now (sans a few resources and pez) 🙂 Just wanted to be sure I didnít lose everything, so threw stuff here and in PM quickly to hopefully get my request in in time.

I donít immediately recognize your names, so if youíre recently returned or newly started players, I canít fault you guys for doing that, just fighting people (as you should). You shouldnít have to worry about who not to attack, so I try to make my presence as obvious as possible (all cities include Arma, itís in ruler name, etc), but doesnít mean that necessarily translates if you arenít previously made aware.

Iíll do a routine check on active KDs on a world going forward and will reach out to people I donít recognize just to safe. Wouldíve prevented this and it takes minimal effort on my part :)

05:27:59 May 31st 22 - Prophet Elle With Questions:

No need to even mention walking over water really, we just have to accept the game is flawed and play the game thats given to us. Just please everyone stop talking about no plundering inactive members, or multies and all that. Weíll all play the same way.

14:47:35 May 31st 22 - Mr. Ghostfaces:

Congrats FW

Can we get Arma?

14:55:47 May 31st 22 - Prophet Elle With Questions:

Arma please

15:14:43 May 31st 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

Already?? Its Day 14!

15:18:05 May 31st 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

I'm a long ways out from having Arma, probably at least a week or so. And given the current era length, I would be surprised if anyone else is much further along.

15:52:50 May 31st 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Its only two kingdoms and one is giving up die to inability to stop water walkers, but sure its winning kd decision if they want to make this a month waiting era. Qm admits defeat

16:13:39 May 31st 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

I'll do my best to get Arma rolling so I'll be ready. I can finish my drop in probably 2 days, then will just need to farm out for magic 9 and get MUs. Likely closer to 2 weeks or so before I'll be fully ready.

Havent been super active (hence why I even do this), but will do my best to get it soon.

18:23:02 May 31st 22 - Jarl of Question Mark:

I'll be burning all my cities so there is no confusion. Era over. 

18:23:18 May 31st 22 - Lady Jasmina:

No worries we'll just wait 2 weeks, will not log in any more to Mantrax.

19:20:09 May 31st 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I am fine with wrecking everything the moment I see boats in VU. No problem with having 14 day eras. Congrats FW

Waiting for next era.

20:28:31 May 31st 22 - Mr. Ghostfaces:

Congrats FW

20:29:27 May 31st 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

thank you i'm happy i helped

20:33:01 May 31st 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

Thank you. It was a though battle

23:17:37 May 31st 22 - Lord Koala Machete:

I don't have LOS to where it happened but since there is a FW city behind questionable and dark spawn talks about boats I guess something like this?

but also potentially also this is a failed blocker and this one too. 
i'm quite sure you don't refer to this one!

would it be much to ask to go attack the blocker instead of heading to the core?

bonus for the hiking enthusiast

23:52:17 May 31st 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Sporadikos):

Its the first.

I sent my troops out on an expedition into hostile territory.

They had to cross a dangerous beach. My men struggled to plough through the sand, and some of them even ended up getting their beard covered in sand. But none of them got their feet wet.

I wanted to give them a day off untill my troops mentioned they got a weird fuzzy feeling, as if they were being watched. 

They then mentioned there was some clouds forming above them. And that the temperature was quickly starting to drop. It was actually quite chilly for a few minutes, untill like in the blink of an eye, the sky cleared and everything was normal again, like nothing had ever happened.

My troops had heard the tales about this phenomenon and became more wary of their surroundings.

With this intel I had to abort their mission to capture the lakeside town. My men were disappointed, as they would've loved to setup camp near the water, to finally get a chance to wash the blood off their hammers and armor.

Instead of getting a few days camping near the beach, they would instead move to a colder place down south. There were rumors a wizard lived in the area, one who was trying to meddle with the weather..

Now normally I dont believe in such magic  but my men spotted a tower of ice far away in the distance..

23:55:09 May 31st 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

05:52:40 Jun 1st 22 - Prophet Elle With Questions:

All these screens show just how bad the game is

Still wonder why I play this game

18:28:38 Jun 2nd 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I am just waiting to suicide on someone then its wait time till next era. Think I will not play Fanta at all and instead of quitting Mant as well I will play for two weeks, kinda work on early era build up until terrain stuff happens again and I quit and wait for next era. 

Good luck all next era.

01:20:36 Jun 3rd 22 - Mr. Ducky:

At what point do we have the conversation that a poorly placed blocker doesnít equate to terrain walking? If people arenít comfortable using Mantasí extension thatís fine. But even without the extension you can clearly see an opening on the left side. 

Seems like people only want to pick and choose what issues they bring up 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂

01:42:02 Jun 3rd 22 - Lady Jasmina:

Its only a few of us in QM that will stop playing after terrain walking happens. 

Not the whole community of the game. You're free to fight everyone else on the map.
If we happen to be the only other competition, bad luck then.

How to avoid our quitting? Easy, don't walk over poorly graphed terrain.
We use scout terrain to settle blockers, I don't see what else we can do 

I always go back to Binh's post in the blockers discussion

03:15:48 Jul 11th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh Late):

it shouldnt take skills to tell your worker to build its wall to block a gap completely. its more of an annoyance than a show of skill to build a proper blocket. to me skill = tactics/strategy not "build this blocker right damnit"

I don't know what else can be done lol... its a new player building these blockers that is true, but we are using scout terrain for that and there's nothing else that can be done lol...

There will be people saying we are arrogant for wanting people to stop walking around blockers built using scout terrain. Obviously who ever is playing can ignore us and do their thing, which is also good. 

Heck even wrote I think in Discord that I look forward to meeting FW armies at our blockers unless they walk around, which they did. 

04:13:43 Jun 3rd 22 - Endless (Ms. Malakh Hamavet):

Is that an invite to walk around badly placed or blockers with map glitches so those few leave? canít say Iíd go out of my way to avoid a few leaving but I might go out of my way to make them leave if I truly thought they would (really tired of all the whining ) and that was my mood of the moment 

04:47:42 Jun 3rd 22 - Lady Jasmina:

I would expect nothing less from you.

08:46:09 Jun 3rd 22 - Endless (Ms. Malakh Hamavet):

Youíd be wrong. Iím lazy lol.

05:30:47 Jun 4th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

All my cities are dropped and progressing to magic 9. Just under one week to get it, then need to train MUs. On track!

06:44:28 Jun 4th 22 - Mr. Ghostfaces:

Check with FW if they want Arma at all

Its their call

18:26:16 Jun 6th 22 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dark Spawns):

Is FW ok with Arma?

16:22:39 Jun 7th 22 - HorusPanic (Mr. Bill Gates):

Our market traders are tired and need some rest!

15:56:26 Jun 8th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

As far as I have been able to tell based on internal kingdom communications, FW is indeed OK with Arma. :)

21:17:47 Jun 8th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

Congratulations to Venomz for winning the era!

21:18:15 Jun 8th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):

grats FW and Venomz... on to the next one

00:53:43 Jun 9th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

Congrats to VenomZ, well played

Grats to FW as well

Let the record say this era brought the term "pull a QM" as a phrase. 

02:18:09 Jun 9th 22 - Phat (Grand Moff Jassper):

20:02:04 Jun 15th 22 - Lady Wild Rose:

Last memory of VU before I took a break was getting destroyed by FW

You (12/10/2017 8:31:19 PM)
Pyongyang Marines from Sir Roxbot
Lord Koala Machete (12/13/2017 4:28:18 PM)GOODBAD
thank you for this info. 

sorry for late reply :(

And now 5 years later getting destroyed by FW again. Some things do not change. <3

18:08:22 Jun 17th 22 - Mr. Don Quixote:

IS IT FAIR?????? 



19:05:20 - Kitty have died.

19:05:20 - Kitty lost a battle against Humm from Mr. Misterious. We lost 1 cat, 0 Swordsmens, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters, 0 Cavemasters and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured.


18:16:24 Jun 17th 22 - Endless (Ms. Taken):

oooh spank him!!! not nice killing the kitty

18:16:54 Jun 17th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

It looked at me funny

12:58:02 Jun 18th 22 - Mr. Don Quixote:

What is wrong with you guys? :( Killed my cat, now trying to hurt my dog.. SHAME.

12:55:41 - Senpai Roxian Empire attempted to cast a spell upon a dog.

12:55:37 - Senpai Roxian Empire attempted to cast a spell upon a dog.

14:58:40 Jul 18th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

Is Mantrax ready for Arma?

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