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08:40:58 Mar 5th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Hairyfeet):

17:55:46 Mar 24th 23 - Prophet Eldarion:

We got info that FW did aotd chain on Mr Huge army of 66k Zerks few days ago, using Legend, Newb and some magic. I am told that later talking to Ducky we noticed he had no idea about this kill.

I find that to be very strange. Such a good kill, was not celebrated? I mean if we did that in QM we would be celebrating for 2 days talking about it. A well coordinated plan should be celebrated and shared with your group.

But then again is that a sign they are just above us as a kingdom and don't really care about a single kill? Still I find it weird that not the whole kingdom is aware of that nice kill.

Wanted to ask, do you consider whole kingdom not knowing about an important kill to be a good (they are above it) or bad (as in they are not really a close nit group?) ?

18:07:23 Mar 24th 23 - Dark Lord Anewbis:

It was indeed a well executed kill and we had a brief moment of celebration. Ducky may have just missed it. It has nothing to do with thinking we're above anybody, we are not. It does have more to do with a lot more going on, it's hard to celebrate when we are still facing imminent defeat.

01:51:43 Mar 25th 23 - Mr. Big Woo Duckk:

Prophet Eldarion:

We got info that FW did aotd chain on Mr Huge army of 66k Zerks few days ago, using Legend, Newb and some magic. I am told that later talking to Ducky we noticed he had no idea about this kill.

I find that to be very strange. Such a good kill, was not celebrated? I mean if we did that in QM we would be celebrating for 2 days talking about it. A well coordinated plan should be celebrated and shared with your group.

But then again is that a sign they are just above us as a kingdom and don't really care about a single kill? Still I find it weird that not the whole kingdom is aware of that nice kill.

Wanted to ask, do you consider whole kingdom not knowing about an important kill to be a good (they are above it) or bad (as in they are not really a close nit group?) ?

Itís quite amusing to see how far you can reach with an idea to create a narrative. The simple answer is if I wasnít told about you mentioning me in this thread I wouldnít have still known that an army was chained. Iím not reading 300+ messages every morning when I wake up.

Jog on with another narrative 

08:45:41 Mar 25th 23 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

today on VU TV: Elle discovers timezones exist

10:16:19 Mar 25th 23 - Prophet Eldarion:

I think my wording was poor, I did not intend my post to portray FW as a "bad" kingdom but exactly the opposite, because you guys are clear best kingdom in the game and I don't think anyone would say otherwise.

It was more of a situational question, do people not celebrate big wins as a whole but that was nicely explained by Newb. Duck what narrative are you speaking about? I mean you can read and understand my post the way you want, therefore you're making your own assumptions and creating a narrative you want to believe in? I did not say nothing bad about the group, I was only talking about that situation of killing a large army.

And Konspyre we did not talk to Duck right after this kill but days after, because there is no line of communication between Bomba and QM, so we had no idea what was going on in FW core. We thought Huge came there, died and now FW is safe. So we postponed our attack plan by 2 rl days because of that, training more Mages and we thought FW is super strong like always. Only after we go to FW blocker we got word we are late there. At that time we had no vision and were confused what that means.

13:18:50 Mar 25th 23 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

All good, it did sound a bit different lol

We were already dead by the time we managed to kill that army sadly, not much to celebrate

00:55:21 Apr 17th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Hairyfeet):

Everyone good with arma being cast if/when Question Mark takes the top spot in Hoh? I dont really see Bomba coming back strong enough to beat us

11:20:37 May 12th 23 - Random (Mr. Small Spoon):

market feeding.. how embarassing

13:34:06 May 12th 23 - Dark Lord Nocturne:

They must need gold! That makes it ok!

14:36:53 May 12th 23 - Jarl (Jarl Rahzalgul):

You mean by FW feeding then yes. Stone at 1.3 is clearly feeding.

17:28:56 May 12th 23 - Lord Koala Machete:

1) accusation: bomba multing with Arkanist Tester The Tested. 

facts: not 1 city taken not 1 city plundered. the same cannot be said for QM which actually stole science for him. if you read this please Arkanist tell how you see it.

2) accusation: kicking igniz and taking his cities.
facts: he left on his own will without saying anything. deleted all cities. please name a single city taken from him.

3) accusation: bomba is market feeding.
facts: just shared my whole VU news feed with Percy while screen capturing it. let's see what he thinks about my selling stone at above 1. In the meanwhile FW is happily doing it for a while and nobody cares. I have even proof from previous era where venom even admits doing it via message.

4) accusation: Koala Machete has too many AM.
facts: maybe you don't realize i have 2 200k city since 38 & 46 days now (checked the logs). not shitty broken cities with no houses worked by slaves, actual tax-paying fully fledged 200kers. plus all the rest. you are surprised by my am count? i am also surprised by armies like this:

Ghosts III from Sir Ghostfaces

I mean no judgment nor offense, we all have busy lives and different activity levels and have different understanding of game mechanics. but we are 77 days in the era and Ghost had no significant engagements up to now... 23k naz? i have a orc build to get that in 4 weeks. and the 28k gaia are there for cheerleading or what? 

you all are just salty bc you lost your magic support twice in the same way and dind't have such an advantage as you though by looking only KD-scores so you need to throw mud hoping something will stick. but truth is there are only 2 good players in whole QM. 

bottom line: i will not engage again in this kind of discussions, only waiting for percy to confirm the market feeding stuff. 

17:55:30 May 12th 23 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dark Spawn II):

That is actually easy to check. Arkan checks who has hostile actions against him. He clicks QM and sees 0 attacks, he checks Bomba and there are attacks. After the first paragraph and the clear lie I did not bother reading the rest. 

18:00:55 May 12th 23 - Dark Lord Nocturne:

Quick question. Have you documented FW's feeding or is it just the same stone you've been seeing for like a month now? 

18:29:32 May 12th 23 - Sir Ghostfaces:

Koala your post is awesome! I feel like its more difficult to find something true in your post than to find lies. I did nothing all era?

Your character Sir Ghostfaces has won 38 battles, captured 21cities and killed a total of 994442 men and women

21 cities and million killed qualifies as nothing? When do I start doing stuff? By the way my army being weak is probably only true thing you said.

23:23:21 May 12th 23 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

Is this typical Jarl baby-whining, or a genuine accusation?
From our discord earlier today:

So i'm mostly wondering: FW is already dead. Bomba and QM killed us, I haven't played Mant in like 1.5+ months by now, so how is FW supposed to have any part in this?

There have been suspicions/accusations about some current Bomba players market feeding on Val for eras now. It's true that the elf army we, as FW, faced early in the current era was beyond what I could personally do, but that could be for any reason. Could just be better activity+eco strat, could be something else, idk.

Considering these facts, I can definitely see a reason for Rox to sell stone for over 1g each, if it blocks other people market feeding harder than that.

I'm not saying Bomba are suddenly the market feeders, but suddenly "going public" about Roxy, a well-established player with no real history of cheating, suddenly cheating well over a month after he already lost?
Sounds extremely forced.

Needless to say, none of this can be proven and it's all speculation, just like everything everyone else has said so far :D

And because I'm sure Jarl will give some kind of childish response again: he's just a hypocrite who says whatever comes to his mind to trigger people, and I have sadly not witnessed him genuinely listen to someone else even once. He lives in more of a fairytale world than Cinderella, because at least her movie is real.

(QM has allowed me to keep my GT cities alive for LoS, which is just plainly nice, so thank you for that)

00:31:55 May 13th 23 - Sable (Arkanist Tester The Tested):

Bomba never took a city nor plundered me. The only thing I can say is someone, I don't know for sure who, did cast SS on me when i was first setting up. 

When I click Bomba:

We have not attacked them and they have attacked us.

When I click QM and FW:

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

Now it doesn't necessarily mean it was for someone from Bomba. Someone was casting Plague. It's possible a Bomba member chose me as the target of plague. But that's the info I have and I'm more than happy to answer any other questions about my testing on this world. 

00:35:42 May 13th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Hairyfeet):

I just want to say this because I feel like most of the accusations that go around this game are just baseless salt throwing. This era I have bought KD mates resources off the market to then native them at a slight loss. Is this 'feeding'? Sort of..? Did I buy those resources for ridiculous markups? No. Was this coordinated? No. Did I do it intentionally because I had a half billion spare gold? Yes. Would this happen in a real life scenario? Yes.

That aside, any accusation about market manipulation done by FW is horseshit. I've watched the stone market all era and every time Rox has sold stone for over .99 it has never been in bulk.

Arkanist is played by Sable who is an active player on Fant in Blackchain. Multi'ing? No.

Is Bomba feeding Koala? No idea. Haven't seen his production sheet at any point through out the era. He has fielded an army for most of the era, but has also had one of, if not the largest econ for most of the era, so.. it is what it is. 

Whisper had a chance to take out Koala's army earlier in the era and missed it. We had a chance to split Bomba's forces and take at least a 200k from Koala before Bomba recovered, which we also missed. 

At this point in the era there is little to no chance we can stop him and he has the top spot in the high scores. No point in pointing fingers. Let's just cast arma and move on to the next era. 

00:38:31 May 13th 23 - Percy (Sir Kled):

Having done a thorough review of Koala's stuff, I dont see where any "obvious market feeding" might reside. Any of his higher priced items were more often than not bought by non-KD mates than by his own kingdom. He never sold any stone all era, so he was not involved in that aspect.

I'll qualify that I'm not on the map to see whats going on, but I'm curious if this is a case of "this should be an easy win, but its not, so there must be something wrong" syndrome going on. By this point in the era, any AotD race that didnt totally lose their army should be MASSIVE by now.

If he was consistent with keeping armies alive (aka, AotD'ed and not getting RoF'ed too often) he should realistically be training, at minimum, 15k AMs/day. At *checks notes* 79 RL days, assuming 21 days to start training (which is painfully slow), that should be 870k AMs if he was free farming. And thats without StG (which can be up to a 25% boost to that), and without 2x 200ks, which we know means hes easily able to support at least double that number. Meaning close to 2m AMs is possible, but I'd place it somewhere around 1.2-1.5m AMs is not unrealistic.

If eras werent so long, you wouldnt see these types of number. An efficient AotD player can keep their army alive all era long provided they never get RoF'ed or lose an army with dead. Its not hard... I've done it. I've seen others do it. Its actually common to do without feeding when eras are this dang long.

00:57:13 May 13th 23 - Lord Koala Machete:

@dark spawn 
Arkanist Tester The Tested joined Cease Exist some time ago, and cease exist literally has 0 battles won/lost as you can see in the kingdom stats. so there was nothing going on from that time point on. I was sure to have written to not attack him on the forum but apparently i didn't - and it's then highly likely the steal science came from us and not QM like i though. I was wrong for that and i'm sorry. But we never plundered/stole cities from him or other tester players and the other accusations that he is a multi like it was implied on the discord are not true. 

@dark lord nocturne
I found venom some eras ago market feeding Obliterator. I called him out on that and he admitted it and joked about it, but then indeed stopped doing it. I have messages for this. It wasn't a significant feed anyhow but still they won that era (almost 1y ago). due to that feeding? probably not. With that being said I sent My WHOLE news feed to percy. I screen recorded while doing it to show that I could not modify the text. In the end it's easy on windows just pressing win+alt+r. I invite roxy to do the same if he has nothing to hide I will gladly take the statement back. But the "I'm selling stone at 1.3 to AVOID market feeding" doesn't make sense. Selling at 1.3 to avoid market feed makes no sense at all you would only avoid prices above 1.3. One can still sell at 1.29 which is basically the same. If you want to avoid market feeding you put stone at like 1.01 and see who is buying. How do we know that stone of 10M is always the same stone and not new? Again - if I am wrong I will happily take it back. It takes less than 1 min to share with Percy the feed, not that anybody HAS to do it, but I did it and it takes like 30 sec. 

Sorry if I offended you. I really didn't mean you "did nothing all era" clearly my "no significant engagement" was misleading. Let me try to clarify. You killed 1M Hobbits (igniz Army) and took 21 cities (mostly empty). The point is you never LOST your army. A orc player will always come back with aotd and his numbers do not really go down unless he loses the full army. You never lost the army in 77 days and show up with 23k naz. That's really low. Really I mean no offense here: but just saying if you guys think that is a normal army at this point no wonder you see me as the big bad market feeder.

No need to name call Jarl. He has a valid doubt, which I also share, because here i'm getting called market feeding cheater with no proof whatsoever but there are 1.3g/s offers for a while. If target is preventing market feeding than please lower the offer to 1.01g/s. and tell who is buying and when. at 1.3g/s you don't prevent it.

Elaborating from above/bottom line: Mantrax in the last years has actually been good in terms of cheating compared to other words. Sure there was that thing when venom passed through a QM failed blocker but that's really more on who placed the blocker than on who passed it. But from my knowledge we have enjoyied a cheat free world, with no multing, no hacking, no kicking kd-mates, no city swapping etc. No real drama with people name-calling and insulting each other which is just as bad as cheating - spoiling the fun. There have been some market feeding from time to time, some minor city swapping but overall pretty nice and fair fights. If I am wrong about roxy feeding and he will share with percy the news feed (like I already did) I will 100% take it back because actually FW plays fair most of the time (let's just forget about that point with venom for now - anyhow not relevant to this era and he isn't even playing). Personally I enjoy to fight them and makes the game fun for me. 
What we have in Mantrax is kind of special in today's VU community. I would like to keep it that way. With this said I will no longer engage in this discussion because it's proven to be useless, i have shown proof of no wrong doing on my part and if this was too long a read for some of you (reading 2 min for a game you played 2 months already) than too bad, guess quick unfounded insulting comments are the way you are used to deal with stuff. but that's not my way. 

Good luck and see you on the battlefield

01:05:16 May 13th 23 - Cao Cao (Mr. Caos Humanity):

Soooo, can I cast arma now?

01:21:16 May 13th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

From my point of view, we did not really think there was any feeding going on, it was only mentioned when Ghost asked Roxy why he has his stone up expensive. And then Roxy mentioned that he noticed some possible market feeding, but I do not think there is any proof of that. He kept his expensive stone up and then you guys started saying they are market feeding. 

On side note, nobody ever thought anything was going on with Ignis cities. You got fed by FW cities in fair and honorable battles, we had a shot at taking 200k city (I was only 3-4 hours away from taking it) - and then the era might have been more interesting, but the spoils were too big and the million Archmages you have probably mean the era is already over. 

QM mostly agrees with Arma. Koala grats for the win. If Bomba does not agree with Arma then we will cast Arma in QM and defend it for 10 rl days if that is better. 

01:48:01 May 13th 23 - HorusPanic (Darth Panic):

I could do arma, early era is more fun than later era in my opinion

02:03:48 May 13th 23 - Lady Jasmina:

Cao can Arma, he's doing the Arma Casters kingdom, so that we have Arma available. But we do happen to have two people who can cast Arma, and I believe Bomba can cast Arma as well. So Arma is not a problem this era I think.

02:22:10 May 13th 23 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

Next era C2E is playing for real, not arma farming, just fyi

04:52:13 May 13th 23 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Human Eater):

He owns 2 200ks that are pretty much my design. so he is making fucking bank on those wouldnt doubt his income touching 6-7m pending on what other cities he has. With out other cities he is prolly making 5m before upkeep hits. Not to mention tree and food income.

10:02:41 May 13th 23 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

Lol I was so prepared, I have almost 2mil mages ready for arma, and I get it on the first try

13:26:06 May 13th 23 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Thanx for Arma, grats Koala on the win!

13:57:55 May 13th 23 - Mr. Don Quixote:

GG Koala! :) 

17:49:44 May 13th 23 - Mr. Weasley:

When does next era start?

18:23:21 May 13th 23 - Mr. Bronovic:

New Colony

The age has just started.
We have to wait 42.89 more days/ticks before being able to settle.

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