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Mantrax - Era of Agent Smith
21:05:52 Mar 30th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Lets get started with the REAL Title

21:10:41 Mar 30th 09 - Mr. Mcmax:

Thread closed.

21:27:09 Mar 30th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

oh rly?

Whys that?

22:25:08 Mar 30th 09 - Sir Xtard:

i'm kinda bored..

23:28:46 Mar 30th 09 - Archangel Argyle:

You players on Mantrax can consider yourself lucky! You happen to have Argyle on your world. Isn't that a blast!! =D

Im so gonna come and hug you all ;D

23:32:20 Mar 30th 09 - Demonslayer William Berkeley:

What happened to the other Mantrax thread? I mean it seems real to me.

23:43:17 Mar 30th 09 - Prince Mielo:

this is reality boi!

00:32:30 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

The real title is Lewatha dang it!  anyway, you guys are boring and so is this thread.  zeta thread more exiting, Luna forever!!!

09:06:16 Mar 31st 09 - Prince Mielo:

I didn't see era of lewatha ... stop making this topics. It won't change anything to the era win, just identifies the buttbuddies of Lewatha ...

18:11:56 Mar 31st 09 - Archangel Argyle:

agrees with mielo.

Let's get this party started! :D

this is one war;

JUICYJUICY17Commander Aligreat171


HHeaven19Archangel Argyle100

and as it looks now this is another;

WPWar Pigs11Sir Grim Darkhammer34
HHeaven19Archangel Argyle100

anyone wanna place bets?

18:15:40 Mar 31st 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

just identifies the buttbuddies of Lewatha ...

If it wasn't the fact that she was "Jailbait" for me, I wouldn't mind being a "butt-buddy" with Lewatha!  ;-p

18:21:23 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Ater The Warlord:

same here

18:39:13 Mar 31st 09 - Ms. Bluelight:

anyone wanna place bets?

so it seems to be that your so confident, fighting two KD once OOP.
but thnx to your audacity mantrax will be fun this era. i place my bet on your KD., i always favor the underdog. ;-)

18:41:49 Mar 31st 09 - Archangel Argyle:

Im not confident, Im just making conversation... Actually Im terrified since I realised the player I think most highly of is now my opponent.

18:43:49 Mar 31st 09 - Lord Deadpool:

Sorry Argyle but I will place mine on the War Pigs. Gotta root for my old friends in there.

18:48:33 Mar 31st 09 - Lady Quiet Tone:

Archangel Argyle


3/31/2009 7:41:49 PMIm not confident, Im just making conversation... Actually Im terrified since I realised the player I think most highly of is now my opponent.

Its me me me me?

18:50:56 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Silver The Dwarf:

i bet me money on juice fruit

18:53:37 Mar 31st 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Archangel Argyle


3/31/2009 6:41:49 PMIm not confident, Im just making conversation... Actually Im terrified since I realised the player I think most highly of is now my opponent.

Yeah, its me.

18:55:34 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Jondrus Rah Horahkty:

What the hell?   Is Dendarii Rudolph or soemthing?   I don't see a big red nose.   Deadpool,  Go back to your hole..........and eat a cookie.   :)

22:57:11 Mar 31st 09 - Sir Xtard:

:( War Pigs going to war us too :O.. what u do to anger them Argyle?

23:01:21 Mar 31st 09 - Mr. Kira:

everyone wants to have some heaven with them ;d

06:47:09 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Nate River:

I'll place my bet on heaven too.. warring two KDs in OOP.. thats exciting!

btw, hello Kira?? I gonna hunt you down.. lol
not that i hold a grudge on you.. i just feel like it.. :D

10:05:13 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Kira:

whoho first battle!


Mr. Kira. The city of Athens is now under our command!
They had x gold, x stone, x tree, x food and x slaves in the city, that is now yours! We also took x of their peasants as slaves!
We killed all of the 0 troops.

Nate, ok where are you? i will come :D

10:12:17 Apr 1st 09 - Sir Watermelon:

I am a fruit!

GO Heaven!!!

11:40:00 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Nate River:

lol.. yagami light.. i know you very well..

11:45:42 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Kira:

i need to see you if i want to kill you :/
show yourself!

11:49:47 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoom:

hey, someone sell food please>

11:58:27 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion II:

Kira killed Nate right? That's what I viewed at the Anime. I haven't seen the movie.


Gotta hide now Nate, maybe Kira already made the deal with the shinigami.

It seems this era the wars are from us. I guess we just need to farm.

13:15:14 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Miller:

Hello, old vu mates :)

14:16:12 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Nate River:

No your wrong.. I cornered Kira.. both in anime and manga. and this time....

in VU....

perhaps... lol

19:29:53 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Kira:

Did you know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a *beep*’?

on topic: so Mad landed far away from everyone else and can farm happily ever after?

19:50:25 Apr 1st 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion II:

I think so. We just need to farm for the moment. So you will have a bigger loots when you get here. :P

16:03:21 Apr 2nd 09 - Ms. Bluelight:

just an update:

JUICYJUICY19Commander Aligreat167
HHeaven19Archangel Argyle30
WPWar Pigs12Sir Grim Darkhammer20


DMCDendarii Mercenary Corps22Duke Insane VII108
MADMad Against Drugs19Mr. Aloysius100

well it seems juicy is winning their OOP.

16:09:58 Apr 2nd 09 - Archangel Argyle:

heaven does not have relation with war pigs...

05:04:46 Apr 3rd 09 - Mr. Jondrus Rah Horahkty:

Bluelight is a little off on the wars.  :)

07:34:33 Apr 3rd 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion II:

Yeah...He's just busy farming...So I'm taking his place for the moment....

I wonder who's Kira attacking.

10:48:36 Apr 3rd 09 - Mr. Kira:

well i wrecked some mines, one player decided to restart, because of that :/ but i dont regret it as he annoyed me with his freeze ;d

and so overall juicy won :/ ...stupid landing place

12:01:06 Apr 3rd 09 - Lady Quiet Tone:

graşiai suşaidei ;)

01:01:37 Apr 4th 09 - Ms. Bluelight:

i like the relationships of KD now in mantrax. not so much NAP set. all are hostile.

just info to everybody, YUM  is sending small armies across the border.

19:06:56 Apr 4th 09 - Mr. Kira:

Kira is leaving the mantrax :/ have fun :)

19:34:12 Apr 4th 09 - Duke Playaaaa:

Yes, very small armies, some might call them scouts!

07:44:37 Apr 5th 09 - Mr. Camel Rider:

i propose for there to be peace and all the kds on mantrax team up and go after fant....

16:05:15 Apr 5th 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion II:

I'll reject that proposal!

I don't want peace this era. We played a peaceful game from the past eras...

18:15:29 Apr 5th 09 - Sir Struddle:

ok lets invade fant................. after we kill off everyone else.......

23:21:45 Apr 5th 09 - Mr. Camel Rider:

ok then suite youself ryan, last era we let mad live after you guys begged on your knees, this era you will die, and if we werent occupied with juicy this era, you would already be dead...

07:01:01 Apr 6th 09 - Mr. Mellow:

 Are you a retard? Did we begged? MAD didn't begged to someone. You have been just sieged by Heaven that's why the NAP emerged. We have forces that can oppose those nazzies Jondrus and Insane send to us at that time. Still we have our core at Zetamania. We haven't begged. Or just your out of the council that's why you don't know. Ask your leaders. Have a life man!

Althoug I'm not a vice I'm updated about the council.

08:08:42 Apr 6th 09 - Mr. Nate River:

yeah thats serve you right CAMELO! a retard...
what "begged on your knees" you talking about? we never begged on your KD. at that time we were ready to lose our old core there. but beyond that, we are sure you're gonna spend a hell of a time to crush that core, which is enough for heaven and other KD from fant to bring down your economy..

you only win the war in DE just because we and DE had an OOP war.. and you were the third parties who..... you know.. lol

"you would already be dead"? such confidence you have...

08:40:22 Apr 6th 09 - Lady Quiet Tone:

yeah camel, run away with your puny armies :)

16:06:58 Apr 6th 09 - Sir Struddle:

Struddle has puny armies dont make fun of him too....... :'(

16:53:35 Apr 6th 09 - General Gokken:

"makes fun of struddle"

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