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21:36:38 Jul 27th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Dragon Blood):

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Dragon Returns12Mr. Trojan148
Kingdom Hearts12Saint Dragon Blood100
Forgotten Warriors16Lady Jade98
The Shaolin Monks11Mr. The Big Zapper78
Royal Order of Claidmore15Prince Tawhirimatea63
Crater and Bean6Mr. Jellybeann17
Sol Invictus6Mr. Bringer of Destiny17
Desert Punks2Mr. Cantankerousoldcount


19:23:13 Jul 28th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Dragon Blood):

Where is Forgotten Warriors at? Have they dispersed?

20:10:18 Jul 28th 14 - Polydeuces (Mr. Bringer of Destiny):

Lol, are you okay buddy?

02:49:05 Jul 29th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

They lost an oop war with me

03:46:51 Jul 29th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Nah uh 

04:09:26 Jul 29th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Hey, it could happen

17:36:46 Jul 29th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Shyers will you be my slave? I need a couple in my cities 

01:29:29 Jul 30th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Only for dirty stuff, I don't do manual labor.

11:15:26 Jul 30th 14 - Duke Chade The Father:

he is lying!!! shyers is the master of "manual" labor!!! my crotch is still sour and can testify for that!!!

13:50:02 Jul 30th 14 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

sour? maybe you should get that checked out lol

14:18:34 Jul 30th 14 - Bran (Mr. The Big Zapper):

or simply clean the damn thing

14:55:18 Jul 30th 14 - Duke Chade The Father:

what do you mean "clean"??? if i clean it i will wash off shyers fingerprints!!! This is my lucky charm mate...ent no cleanin' it up!

03:01:15 Jul 31st 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

So.. Shyers does do manual labor then? :) 

03:12:28 Jul 31st 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

No Manuel is just a mexican friend, we are just friends, I dont dooooooo him.

03:59:00 Jul 31st 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Sounds like a real raggity fag doll 

14:26:52 Jul 31st 14 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Halfling):

Shyers when are we going to marry?

03:49:48 Aug 1st 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

Baby, things are going so good in our relationship, why change things? I think the extra stress of getting married might make things harder, baby, on you. I want you to enjoy me, you already got me.

10:41:57 Aug 1st 14 - Duke Chade The Father:


11:37:23 Aug 1st 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Yes please. Salt and lime.

14:09:58 Aug 1st 14 - Duke Chade The Father:

i had about 20 shots of that last night + numerous pints of beer mate...dont ask how i feel now...dont even remember how i got home

10:11:57 Aug 2nd 14 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Halfling):

Didnt your wife carry you home?

13:39:30 Aug 2nd 14 - Duke Chade The Father:

apparently not...she said i arrived half crawling half walking at about 3am :D

23:29:25 Aug 2nd 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Anyone from FW wanna give me a personal nap you guys scare me

00:10:58 Aug 3rd 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Sure thing, map granted.

05:28:57 Aug 12th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Wierd Era.. on Mantrax.. 

09:19:47 Aug 12th 14 - Mr. Kaloyan:

i dont see how its weird - roxy freezes sh1t - thats normal!

01:47:51 Aug 13th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

I know, where is val?

01:42:38 Aug 14th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

I like to farm. Oop wars are for wimps

04:03:07 Aug 15th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

I heard its more fun when twice as many people farm up and then attack you with their nap partner.

05:22:37 Aug 15th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

never heard of that

05:32:04 Aug 15th 14 - Mr. Palpy The Pony:

no farming here. which is why we are all over the most fearsome also.

12:37:13 Aug 15th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Llmao. Sure. Sure. No one with twice to three times the members of other KDs farms. Not like this is fant. 

Of course you guys are the most fearsome, you took out the best players with your oop war. Thank god cause that KD that was half your size woulda won the era for sure. 

12:46:40 Aug 15th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

they might be fearsome, shyers, but guess who is THE MOST fearsome!!!!!

14:53:31 Aug 15th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Pound for pound us. It's like a rifle vs a shotgun. 

15:02:46 Aug 15th 14 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeann):

I found it fun not being killed early by some big KD this time.

Forgotten Warriors.. I'm looking at you. :P

15:16:08 Aug 15th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:


18:41:52 Aug 15th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

We got ya beans. We shoot for the big guys, not feed off the littles and then recruit to max. Did I mention we don't farm either?

18:49:14 Aug 15th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Dragon Blood):

Better luck next era. This era we were just set in a prime spot do perform as well as we did and we took it. If your feathers are ruffled because of it then that is your problem. The era is still going on.

Ive seen plenty of players in the ranks of Shao/Fw that are still alive come back from worse odds its not over yet.

21:44:25 Aug 15th 14 - Mr. Sorra of Mantrax:

FYI: We have a no feeding policy. Ask all the untagged players/smaller Kingdoms we've left alone [There are plenty on our side of the map]. The only smaller KD's/Untagged we attacked are those who attacked us or those who don't listen to stay out of an area/hurl abusive PM's (You know who you are lol). We don't ask for anything in return except that they dont attack us from the back. They are free to help us or follow there own interests. But these days you can never be to sure, we did have at least 1 case of an untagged who we let grow to become a pretty large player try and surprise attack us by marching nazguls all throughout our area. 

Just thought I'd put that out there. But on the whole everyone on this world did a very good Job. I have nothing for respect for the other Kingdoms here. 

21:36:06 Aug 16th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

I heard.....blah blah blah, we farmed, blah blah blah, we ate a small kd to farm more, blah blah blah, we have over 2x the members of all the other kds, blah blah blah, we will happly recuit more cause I we just want to win, blah blah blah, we dont rwally know how to play in a fair fight so we just try to farm and totally out number our opponents,  blah blah blah, fair game play is over rated, blah blah blah.

signed kh
p.s. we look forward to your application, now recuiting 10+ new members

21:56:35 Aug 16th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

We have no problem training people, unlike other places we provide a good environment for our player base :) 

22:31:27 Aug 16th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

20 people vs 8, what can you possible teach them in this seniareo? Your gonna kill this world with your huge kd, as the other worlds have died. We moved here last era and we already wanna leave

00:00:18 Aug 17th 14 - Mr. Sorra of Mantrax:

We teach more than you know. Having a safe environment where new people are not constantly killed but at the same time still have a chance to participate in VU life and on the map in a meaningful way + having guidance from a bunch of people who've been playing this game for a while accomplishes alot.  Much more than landing, remaining untagged and then eventually being eaten or just plain quitting after you made a mistake economically and screwed yourself for the rest of the era.  This is doubly helpful since alot of lower world have been closing lately. 

If you want a world capped at 10 men, Mant is not the place to be. Mant is a training ground for those who eventually aspire to go to Fant. Thats the reason there is no Cap. But if you'd like an active world that is capped at 10 men, May I suggest Starta, Nirvana, Arma or Talents. All of them are live. All of them are competitive with multiple active Kingdoms all capped at 10 men.

Anyhow, Im not here to debate the merits of KH. This is Mantrax, not Valhalla. Like I said, we hold respect for all the Kingdoms here. Many of the people we've fought against are buddies of mine, and we have nothing but respect for them and everyone else on this world. We will not be engaging in further debate on this matter.   

01:05:30 Aug 17th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Blah blah blah. Lower worlds are for training

02:01:48 Aug 17th 14 - Sir Roheran:

This game is about Darwinism, survival of the fittest. We all know an active and experienced 5 man kd could take on most 'new' and amateur kd's of 10+ players and be successful, even win, yet we applaud the small kd. 

The evolutionary balance is delicate, and often swings in the favour of one side due to a variety of forces, it will swing the other way soon.

Get a grip people, it's a game.

Ps yes I am drunk.


23:46:22 Aug 17th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

I agree, but the best vets still have a low chance at 8 to20 odds verus a farmed up kd of nubs and vets after 2 oop wars.

its a world killer. Kds move then the world is full of no one and boring.

00:03:47 Aug 18th 14 - Mr. Palpy The Pony:

well there are only about the same number of us actually fighting. we had a mass influx of untags and others join and really haven't seen much from them if at all. i do agree it's kinda silly and will make some of us look elsewhere for the new era. but i know there will be a cull.

07:07:01 Aug 18th 14 - Mr. Viagra Salvation:

I can vouch for Kingdom Hearts policy of not killing small one man kingdoms as they have left a nub like me alone.. 

Thanks guys.. :)

10:46:29 Aug 18th 14 - Bran (Mr. The Big Zapper):

will we be getting an arma cast anytime soon? the longer you wait the less ppl youll have to fight next era

10:58:44 Aug 18th 14 - Mr. Palpy The Pony:

yes, cast arma now plz

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