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Mantrax 33
15:45:31 Feb 9th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Filth):

For some perspection, ROC is only 3 active

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors15Lady Jade310
Royal Order of Claidmore11Prince Tawhirimatea100
Warhounds3Mr. Djinn98
Army of Anubis10Prince Anonymous33
death factory3Dragonlord Jack Daniels of Roc28
Yesu1Mr. Yisrahel Sesugh of Yesu16

19:20:54 Feb 12th 15 - Mr. Godsend III:

ARMA vote is up

19:54:40 Feb 12th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Filth):

thanks goodness. i made a gamble that didnt pay off and quit way earlier than anticipated... excited to get back in there!

00:29:53 Feb 14th 15 - Hentai Burnt:

FW domination this era too. =)

13:22:11 Feb 22nd 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

There is a huge lack of conversation on Mantrax thread, has it been boring? How are things there, are there many people there? 

Do you guys need one more kingdom to compete?

18:46:21 Feb 22nd 15 - Prince Tawhirimatea:

Conversation is lacking here because FW kills everyone here off , ..

everyone else plays for 'who will die last ' :-)

Another great era FW , zeta may have to rename this world FW ! .. 

19:20:10 Feb 22nd 15 - Princess Aisha:

I will be bringing The Collective from Nirvana here as well, with few more, should be a competative kingdom, hopefully that helps the world. This is if we get a map that works on my phone, if its shatteredworlds map we will not come to Man because that map does not work for me. 

22:06:58 Feb 22nd 15 - Mr. Inga Soula:

Yay more players :)

22:09:28 Feb 22nd 15 - Sir Solar Moon:

I like to point out that FW numbers are deceiving, only like 5-7 are actively playing, everyone else went inactive for an extended periods of time.

22:53:59 Feb 22nd 15 - Princess Aisha:

Oh we got a bad map, so we will not play. Unless I figure out how to work this map, but so far no luck. Good luck to everyone on Mantrax

23:19:48 Feb 22nd 15 - Sir Half Moon:

is it the https and http issue in the link? i saw that before where they couldn't see the map because the link had the "s" in https. After the "s" removed, the person on the phone could see the map.

00:05:25 Feb 23rd 15 - Princess Aisha:

Been talking to Zeta about it for a while, we can't figure out what the issue is, no I have tried many things, been a problem for a long time, so I tried lots of things. Its just this map that does not work for me, other maps are fine, thats why I said I will join unless its this map, but this one seems to be most popular by VU :(
(wrote a thread about it, "need help with mobile version" and we trying to figure out how to make it work, but so far not good)

21:15:47 Feb 23rd 15 - Mr. Garret Jax:

  1 Character my map will only load in IE. Other 2 only open in Chrome. Makes it fun at the tick.

21:33:52 Feb 23rd 15 - Teirdel (Mr. Uncrowned Titan):

I know that feeling.

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