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Mantrax 37
14:23:54 Jun 26th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

6 kingdoms dropped, we'll see what happens... good to see the AoA flag again

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Collective10Princess Aisha607
Forgotten Warriors15Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal309
Monolith6Duke Elgal Barrak284
Royal Order of Claidmore13Prince Ranginui100
Army of Anubis1Prince Anonymous97
Brotherhood of the Wolf6Mr. Reddragon48

15:16:26 Jun 26th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Just found out we were named by an australian boy bend :|

17:53:37 Jun 27th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Anticipation for the battles to come...

16:05:21 Jun 29th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

If anyone is interested

Collective10Princess Aisha


Forgotten Warriors15Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal

Right from oop :)
After that we shall cast arma like last era

16:06:46 Jun 29th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

To clarify, does not matter who wins, we will just cast it for the fun of ending the era early.

17:06:48 Jun 29th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

Noo:) wait for me I alsp want join the fun

17:19:39 Jun 29th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Nah its just a joke, last era on Nirvana we ended the era in middle of a great war, or more like at the beginning of the war lol... We will not do that again lol

17:28:37 Jun 29th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Binh The Legendary Coxy):

Soooo where is all the fighting...

17:35:40 Jun 29th 15 - Lady Lillie:

We will soon die, does not look good
Good job FW

Forgotten Warriors

Battles won: 4
Battles lost: 1


Battles won: 1
Battles lost: 4

13:12:35 Jun 30th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Why is Ignaziour no longer part of Monolith?

14:02:31 Jun 30th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

Wasn't happy with their farm to win attitude? 

17:44:44 Jul 1st 15 - Lady Lillie:

Why are FW never a decent size kingdom when we fight them? Two eras ago they had five I think, this era they have maybe three members. That is just not enough to make it interesting. 

03:33:22 Jul 2nd 15 - Juicebox (Duke Elgal Barrak):

There's no one close to us. Last era we fought ROC right out of protection and then got crushed immediately after by FW. So yeah, we war. We just happen to be secluded and have no reason to war anyone as of right now. So.. You know.. Suck it.. Guy.

09:35:02 Jul 2nd 15 - Lady Lillie:

That is what usually happens, does not matter if its FW, any kingdom will do the same if they are allowed to farm while others fight. For example, two eras ago, FW was at war with BoW, we waited a bit and then attacked, and we were too strong, so the same thing happened then. This era we did not want to allow FW to farm, so we attacked right away, their numbers are cut, they are defending but I doubt they will be able to survive.

If history will repeat itself, then Monolith will then come in and kill us, cause we are not farming lol but we shall see. Looks like there are several others kingdoms, that we do not know what they are doing. Not to mention we do not know which cities Ignis took, he is high on highscores.

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Collective10Princess Aisha100
Monolith6Duke Elgal Barrak45
Fairy Tail4Mr. Baelish38
Royal Order of Claidmore13Prince Ranginui28
Forgotten Warriors15Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal21
Army of Anubis2Prince Anonymous14

Fairy Tail seem to be all the way on the other side of the map. Not sure how many RoC are playing, probably not many? Good to see Anonymous, our newbies are all excited about taking revenge on the guy, considering their two first eras they got crushed by Anon, so now they want to show they have learnt a thing or two :)

Good luck and have fun all!

09:42:53 Jul 2nd 15 - Mr. Ignis Black:

Actually I am not farming at all so u guys dont have to worry:) and also tell the newbies dream on ......tsts crushing Anon 

09:47:18 Jul 2nd 15 - Lady Lillie:

Nobody said you are farming, I just said we do not know what six cities you took, from who? Are you fighting a kingdom, or were those some untagged players, that was the question :) Of course you are not farming, you are first on fearsome rulers.

11:28:29 Jul 2nd 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"they have maybe three members."

And one didn't really want to play :D

"This era we did not want to allow FW to farm"

1-2 more RL days and I would have been self sufficient/dangerous :)

"If history will repeat itself, then Monolith will then come in and kill us, cause we are not farming lol but we shall see."

We haven't received any armies from Scimitar and dark force, they must be saving their gold for something. Dark spawn only sent a small army and Lancelots mine is growing nicely despite his spam :)

They should be able to come up with pretty decent armies. If all else fails you have 4 more players than they do.


14:42:05 Jul 2nd 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

RoC has 1 very active, 1 moderately active, 1 spawned but inactive, and 1 spawned but made no cities

i think our chances are good

17:04:06 Jul 2nd 15 - Princess Aisha:

Well I did get my people to start early and walk to a distant part of the map, like we do every era, to look for a good place to start. No point in hiding the spawn position any more, considering FW has closed walls and we took some of their cities that have closed walls, so now people know where we are. Basically I wanted a spawning point where we would not need to defend east and south, so now I basically have two people defending attacks from north and west. The people you did not see up there against you guys are just those that I assigned to defend our core. I am just trying to use the numbers we have to the most, most kingdoms now do not have enough people to actually do something offensively and to make sure their core is safe. So at times our offense is a bit slow, because I want to have people as back up in the core as well.

We got FW pretty easily, once again it showed just how important magic is in VU, I always try to have at least two mages in the kingdom, this era we will have even three that are able to do army of the dead. We have many people that are gonna have aotd armies, but what I can see now is that we might need another halfer, now I am basically just telling Saladin what to do, he is the only halfer in the kingdom, and they are at their top game at the moment. I will need to balance the oop races and late era races a little bit better, we went orc/troll heavy. Orcs are good, but halfers are much better at this point of the game. Thinking of going back to halfers next era, I switched to trolls just cause that guy Scimitar was killing everyone one of the previous eras on Nirvana so I said I want to do that as well lol...

I always have 2-3 people asking me to join my kingdom, but we made a decision to stay at 10 people, because even now on most worlds we would be a kingdom of possibly most active players in one kingdom. So to keep things interesting we just try to stay like this, but I will encourage people to switch between roles, because here we have people that are starting to be good at the game but they play only one race, so in one of the worlds that will open I will try get them to change. Thought to be honest Force has told me he enjoys playing Dwarfs the most, and I have no intentions forcing anyone to play a role that they might not enjoy, its just a suggestion to advance your skills in other races as well :) So we will bring some competition on other worlds as well, as soon as a new world opens. (if we do not have shatteredwordz map, I can not play that on my phone, and frankly I do not want to do general reset on my phone to test if it would work...)

That would be all from me now :) Be kind to one another
And remember to have fun in the game :)

19:56:36 Jul 2nd 15 - Sir Lancelot II:

I get a special mention for my army spam that helped a little bit, as well as for my city development, I am just that cool :P

20:57:53 Jul 2nd 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

Fairy tail would like to offer a nap to all!

Let us farm in peace we don't want no trouble! 

22:49:45 Jul 2nd 15 - Lady Lillie:

We do not sleep with strangers. Before we take a nap you will need to buy me a dinner at least. 

05:20:38 Jul 3rd 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

I'm no stranger leila! 

05:21:08 Jul 3rd 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

I'm no stranger Ms Leila

20:23:18 Jul 3rd 15 - Princess Aisha:

Nobody is sleeping with anyone :)
We fight all :) its only fair and most exciting for us all :)

00:08:33 Jul 4th 15 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

are there any tagless on this map who want to make a kd with me?

09:24:26 Jul 5th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

So many questions, so many unclear things...
Like, who is Ignis fighting?

Ms. Ignaziaor has won 11 battles, captured 10 cities and killed a total of 54894 men and women.

Army of Anubis

Battles won: 14
Battles lost: 0

Who is Anon fighting?

Prince Anonymous has won 15 battles, captured 10 cities and killed a total of 91313 men and women.

Fairy Tail

Battles won: 18
Battles lost: 11


Battles won: 2
Battles lost: 18


Battles won: 2
Battles lost: 2


Battles won: 8
Battles lost: 21


Battles won: 21
Battles lost: 8

And (honorable mention) Shaolin Monks still in protecction.

11:05:35 Jul 5th 15 - Mr. Ignis Black:

I am fighting fairy tail :( more like like getting beat by theire damn magic 

12:27:03 Jul 5th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

Fairy tail has no magic! As dwarven farmers we would rather invest in mining science then those other feeble sciences!

15:13:38 Jul 5th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

Mr. Baelish attempted to cast a spell upon us.:(

02:55:07 Jul 6th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

Nope didn't happen!

I call shenanigans!

17:18:58 Jul 6th 15 - Lady Lillie:

Looks like Fairy Tail merged up into Shaolin Monks :)
Welcome back SM, you have been gone for some time
Hope you will have a good and enjoyable era :)

18:28:48 Jul 6th 15 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

thanks. hopefully some of us starting 8 days late doesnt impede us too much!

18:35:55 Jul 6th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Yay shaolin monks founders of the FM glitch and abusers of super fast merges :D

17:27:13 Jul 7th 15 - Princess Aisha:

I hope its fun era for everyone, I am enjoying so far :)

20:50:07 Jul 9th 15 - Princess Aisha:

17:15:44 Jul 14th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

So I hear we are not longer allowed to advertise the kingdom as a newbie kingdom? *pouts*

19:14:26 Jul 14th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Soooooo what's new??

19:39:39 Jul 14th 15 - Princess Aisha:

The big war is:

Collective10Princess Aisha


The Shaolin Monks14Mr. Brannigans Law
Army of Anubis3Prince Anonymous
Royal Order of Claidmore13Prince Ranginui

It looks like Collective is doing a lot of damage to RoC that seem to be highly inactive or just chose not to exit towns. There is a huge town with a massive army inside belonging to RoC at the front lines, but Ery might be inactive or lacks members that would reinforce him so for now he is just defending. We have managed to basically take and wreck all of the RoC cities around the large city.

Anonymous has been sending troops at us all era, first there were two powerful ones that he was sending to merge up but we were able to catch them before they merged so we basically bounced both of them away. He sent a third now Knights heavy that we managed to kick back, but he has double the income and land then all of us, so he is sending a 500k army again, that we will most likely not be able to bounce without luck.

Shaolin are up north, so we are basically waiting for them to come and destroy us because we can not defend in all those places. Its a fun era, we are managing to stay strong but obviously in the long run 30 vs 10 will result in defeat no matter how many inactives you will claim you have in kingdoms.

21:00:36 Jul 14th 15 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

lol what is this 'claim'ing business?

Killlstone11Mr.TrollDead.188 daysK / P

Branca The Troll Beauty5Mr.TrollDead.178 daysK / P
Wargyle4Mr.ElfDead.60 daysK / P
Roar12Mr.OrcDead.274 daysK / P
* Zaer Gaeth2Mr.HalflingMant.TodayK / P
Imactuallyapirate3Ms.HalflingDead.34 daysK / P

we have  5 players who are very much inactive, in that they have not logged in half a year in some cases.

as for the rest of our kd, all except i think 2 of us have  had extremely delayed starts

next era is going to be different we will be far less nap freindly that time round

o and speaking of next era, we havent got an elf so we will need to be careful about not destroying yours or the era will never end like Nirvana!

08:17:20 Jul 15th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

08:04:18 - Scout lead by Ms. Piglet attacked and took over Dragonire. They also took 2734259 gold, 2333861 stone, 0 tree, 0 food and 0 slaves from us! And 105033 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves! We lost 6 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 105033 peasants in the battle

Something I really hate is when players pretend to be noobs  and attack from nowhere when you leave them be

11:29:04 Jul 15th 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

next era is going to be different we will be far less nap freindly that time round

Who did you NAP this era?

12:00:18 Jul 15th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

They naped AoA and Roc I think:)

14:45:52 Jul 16th 15 - Lady Lillie:

I am a bit annoyed but I have to congratulate to AoA, RoC and Shaolin on the era victory. We tried to hold on, but we can not defend any more, therefore we have to admit defeat this era. We will wait era end in our cities, so feel free to come for the kill. I try not to ever give up, but considering there are way too many of them, have to admit defeat, congrats to you guys.

Just hope in future eras there would be no mass napping like this era, it kinda kills the game. Hope you will enjoy having nobody to fight, you guys should start working on magic as well as we have no intentions in working for the arma cast.

Good game.

14:59:31 Jul 16th 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

I remember an era, the one before last. A kingdom called Omerta came to Mant and NAP'd just about everyone to fight a few FW players ;)

15:10:14 Jul 16th 15 - Sir Saladin The Wise:

This morning I was thinking well if the city falls I am halfer I can train again, and few hours later we all die xD If it was not 30 vs 10 I would train again, but there's no point :)

Few eras ago on Mantrax, the first era that we got to this world we NAPed RoC because the only player in that kingdom was Ery. Later he got one or two more, but I will not look back in the past, that is over now.

Getting gang banged is just a part of this game, if people NAP against you it usually means you are part of a good kingdom, FW is obviously one of the better kingdoms this game has, and I am honored to be part of a kingdom that is getting gang banged now.

15:43:44 Jul 16th 15 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

i dont see what the problem is, shoalin isnt even engaged in a war with collective, we are either farming up or fighting the one FW guy in our core.

this leaves a war with Aoa and Roc, which judging by my kd list, amount to 79%p vs Collectives 109%p.

tell me why thats unfair odds against collective?

15:43:53 Jul 16th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):

It's good to see that everybody's still throwing sentences around that look like they've been randomly put together.

I'd love it if it were actually 30vs10. (Are you forgetting poor Blah? :( ) That'd be so great. Sadly, I don't think all players on VU would make those numbers possible. 

As one of the "gangbangers", I was very, very proud when I got my first 10k ponies. I thought "That'll show those Collective guys". Then I saw 100k+ armies on both sides, and even a 200k+ halfer army running around. Needless to say, I have been shamelessly farming ever since.

We can all throw around random, half made-up excuses as to why we lose, or deny obvious, possibly unfair advantages when we win. We'll forget all that stuff next era anyway.

Collective obviously has a few players who are still getting used to the game. Maybe you should teach them what they could've done differently instead of joining the whining parade. Although I suppose we should be happy we have a few new players at all (Hey there new guys!)

Anyway, I love you guys. If you do in fact lose, just try again next era. We've all been doing that for years already anyway.

15:53:56 Jul 16th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

On behalf of Shaolin I accept your unconditional surrender,  Dismiss all troops and wait for one of the 30 players gang banging you to take a your cities.

Or you can just train more troops which is the logical thing!!

But please for the love of god stop whining about a "gang bang" only person who has that right is Elsin,  as he is literally in an emergency core with no help!

Shaolin monks art even fighting game the collective so to my knowledge your being out aged by RoC and AoA

A total of what 5-7 players that are actually fighting you??

How every sad. ..

15:55:40 Jul 16th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):


I thought RoC only had like 3 active players.
And AoA's Anon.
Though I suppose you could count him as 3, so that would make sense

All hail lord Slade.

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