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Mantrax 41
04:05:40 Dec 30th 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

Talky talk placeholder.

20:51:50 Jan 2nd 16 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Pooper):

06:07:42 Jan 11th 16 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros The Lost Traveler):

Gotta say Im a fan of this map... 

16:00:00 Jan 15th 16 - Mr. Uuu:


19:32:45 Jan 15th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Never Lucky Smorc):

Guess how many Nazguls are currently in my command.

Whoever is closest to the number or guesses it will receive a present.

21:08:35 Jan 15th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Vivi):


02:44:43 Jan 16th 16 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):


04:23:55 Jan 16th 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier I):


07:51:04 Jan 16th 16 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXX):


09:16:35 Jan 16th 16 - Mr. The One And Only:

JLT...You should train your team to not waste so much resources on pointless stuff... 14k armories?

Lowers training time and makes you able to train more troops in your colony.
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09:39:29 Jan 16th 16 - Mr. The One And Only:

my bad wrong thread meant to post this on Fant XD

04:07:45 Jan 18th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Ancient):

The King has returned, time to die Mantrax

07:30:00 Feb 6th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

One very long arma.  Guess ill take it!

Nice show Elsin.

08:45:28 Feb 6th 16 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

Oh right.

/me pulls his pants back up.

13:55:03 Feb 6th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Arkantos):


Hideki Tojo

looking for a couple people to fill some holes for Mantrax next era.
 message me or poly.

00:44:38 Feb 7th 16 - Hentai Great:

Thanks for a fun era, to all we fought on mant. :-) 

03:22:43 Feb 7th 16 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

monks changing maps again?

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