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19:18:21 Mar 25th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Kingdom Of Ferakin13King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider165/5
Sol Invictus6Lord Valkyros XL100/3
Kingdom of Stupid Warriors7Sir Muscle59/2
The Federation6Mr. General Lee30/1
Brotherhood of the Wolf5Mr. Reddragon30/1

The numbers after the backslash represent the number of people that dropped. At least 3 untagged as well.

13:29:59 Mar 26th 16 - Bran (Mr. Donald Trump):

what sort of silly bloody map is this. i landed as dwarf and had to walk for over 24 hours to reach the nearest mountain!!

13:40:26 Mar 26th 16 - Polydeuces (Mr. Siberius Phenom):

Isn't it ridiculous?  No where to block!  Should make for some good warring though.

20:43:42 Mar 26th 16 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Well I think this map looks awesome

20:46:16 Mar 26th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Arkantos The Crusader):

Should be fun!

06:46:51 Mar 30th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

I can't stand this map, not without great walls, anyway.

05:24:19 Apr 7th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors19Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal145
House Baratheon12King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider100
The Shaolin Monks15Mr. Donald Trump98
Legion4Mr. Jaager41
Samogitians Clan3Mr. Meskis II17
Hammers of Tyr3Mr. Nyarlathotep10

05:24:30 Apr 7th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

Let the games begin :)

01:22:27 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider (4/8/2016 3:38:59 PM) GOOD BAD
Known Bugs from Zeta himself

It's possible to attack a city located on the other side of a river if it's close enough.
We are currently working on fixing these bugs. You will not be banned for using the listed bugs for your advantage. But I am not encouraging you to do it.

Burninglegion could not help himself.  Fist time I have seen a bug abuser on Mantrax in cant remember how long.

04:45:05 Apr 9th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Well Froaty since you feel the need to put this out to the VU community lets posts our conversation were you acted childish to say the least.

Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 1:39:54 PM) GOODBAD
had no idea one could still pull that crap
You (4/8/2016 1:45:45 PM)
Yeah I didn't know either, but I suspected it was possible so I forced my entire kingdom to build their food cities farther from rivers then they wanted to be safe.

Its unfortunate this was possible but all is fair in love and war.

-King Burninglegion
Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 3:04:00 PM) GOODBAD
Years ago this got you deleted from the era.
You (4/8/2016 3:33:33 PM)
I was killed just this era in fantasia by this same thing, all of fantasia is doing it, and I doubt anyone in FW would have hesitated doing it to us. Too many people know about it and participate in it to come down on one player.
You (4/8/2016 3:38:59 PM)
Known Bugs from Zeta himself

It's possible to attack a city located on the other side of a river if it's close enough.

We are currently working on fixing these bugs. You will not be banned for using the listed bugs for your advantage. But I am not encouraging you to do it.

Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 3:44:13 PM) GOODBAD
To be fair fantasia is not Mantrax. plus we have a bug world. not that Ive ever played it.

I have been playing for over 10 years and not done it so your statement is not accurate. We dont work that way.

feel free to justify it in your own mind.
You (4/8/2016 3:52:46 PM)
I have been playing for 9 years, indeed I am justified in my own mind. :)
Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 8:21:59 PM) GOODBAD
well your the first cheating piece of crap on matrix in longer then I can remember.
If it makes you proud youre a bigger piece of crap than I care for.
You (4/8/2016 8:56:54 PM)
For a veteran you talk like a rookie
Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 9:13:37 PM) GOODBAD
is that the best you can come back with cheating piece of of *beep*?

You claim that because others can do it you should even if goes against the rules of the game. But no one else here has.

yeah I like to win...and have done so many times. just never felt the need to stoop to your level.

Cheating piece of *beep*.
Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 9:18:05 PM) GOODBAD
Played against Rambo for 4 eras while he moved all his troops from scout to scout. Way better at being a cheating piece of *beep* than you. But no different.

Sad sack of *beep* needs to cheat to be competitive. And then needs to justify by saying others do it, while non have done it here.

*beep*ing loser.
You (4/8/2016 9:21:36 PM)
I am not arguing with you, its unfortunate that this hasn't been patched.

Crossing a river because a city was built to close is not against the rules, its only frowned upon.

Best of luck to you in future endeavors Froaty

Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 9:23:32 PM) GOODBAD
depends on your integrity level. You have none.

*beep*ing loser.

04:54:31 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

To be fair you are a dishonorable untrustworthy piece of beepetyboopety. You´re a tool and you basically use this as your defense for cheating:

Wife: 'Why did u cheat on me?' 
BurningLoser: 'Well I figured you were going to cheat on me if u had the chance so I figured why not get ahead of u.'
Wife: 'We're done! I would have never done that. I don't get why I was with u in the first place!

05:00:17 Apr 9th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Lol ... Creative imaginations you both have. It seems I hurt some feelings by crossing this river although anyone with the ability to read and comprehend basic strategy would know that river crossing was possible and a smart tactic to exploit if given the opportunity.

I am interested what your argument is for this comment? We are at war yet you call me untrustworthy? Lol .."dishonorable untrustworthy piece of beepetyboopety"

My pinky finger has more honor then you

05:14:47 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

Like to know the last time we had anyone cheat/bug abuse on Mantrax before BL here?  He seems to think cheating is just fine.

Please post the last time anyone on Mantrax abused a bug before this arsewipe came along.

Happy to compare the integrity of current and past players against his.


05:23:45 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

Zeta,  inaction against bug abuse has King burninglegion proud he does it.  Is this what you want?

It really might not matter to you anymore but the dude himself has pointed out it was a bug.  He makes accusations that everyone else on Mantrax would have done it ( completely wrong), he is proud that he cheats.

He follows it up by saying he has more honor in his pinky then others after admitting he is a cheating piece of slime.

You have a game.  It has rules.  Most on this world like running with the rules.....sorta what makes a game.  Especially a strat game.

This guy does not.  Get rid of him.


05:31:46 Apr 9th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Froats what I did is done and has been done hundreds of times by dozens of players. If it were as bad as you make it seem it would have been patched.

Your lack of any sportsman's ship or professionalism is far more severe then any river crossing that I have done. Learn professionalism even if you don't like someone.

Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 11:10:05 PM) GOODBAD
hey ya *beep*ing cheating loser. hows your night going? any other games you cant win without cheating going on?

Piece o *beep* *beep*ing loser.
You (4/8/2016 11:11:32 PM)
Realx Froat, get yourself a budlight and chill.

05:33:37 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

How much are you paying your members to act like they like u?


05:34:52 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

Is your mother proud of you?

05:35:28 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

Perhaps she cheated on your dad and you're actually from your dad's best friend Jimmy.

05:36:08 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

You could say his Jimmy's were rustled.

Same for when people intentionally use exploits.

05:38:13 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

Maybe your mother and father were brother and sister. Nothing new for the Baratheons. Exploiting in areas that are frowned up by others.

05:41:43 Apr 9th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Lol Sapro your entertaining as hell,

Every member of my Kingdom I am proud to have under my banner, they are skilled loyal players and we work well together. I value every one of them, maybe that's why they like me.

05:44:45 Apr 9th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

What can I say I'm a gifted comedian. 

If they really are so valuable, then why do you still need to use exploits and feed of other players during the disband? 

05:46:39 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

King BurningLegion.  Proud bug abuser.

05:54:05 Apr 9th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

"Feed off other players"... what do you mean Sapro?

Mr. Froats (4/8/2016 11:38:20 PM) GOODBAD
tell you what. I honestly cnt stand it. Its a game and we do play by the rules. You feel the need to cheat. You disgrace the game.

Your a piece of crap.

They actually went out of there way to make a world for people that like to abuse bugs...go there asswipe.

I myself have a lot of respect for the time a lot of people put into or lose. They wanted a game that was challenging and strategic. You obviously are not on that list.

Its *beep**beep*s like you that messed it up.

You (4/8/2016 11:51:09 PM)
I am sorry you feel that way Froaty,

Your peasants make great servants ...but I had to hang all deformed ones .. there were a lot.... why is that? maybe inbreeding?

I tried to teach your peasants how to fight but they were so weak they couldn't hold a sword.

The remainder of the peasents I tried to turn into scholars but my instructors just informed me that not a single Froat Peasent was educated... its a shame so much wasted potential.

Their corpses will feed my fields

-King BL

12:28:46 Apr 9th 16 - Mr. Sesughter The Warg:

King BL is Alfred the great come again :P in real life you could ford a river with an army if it was shallow , i dont see what rule this break?

14:49:06 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

A in real life comparison.  Works well.  Especially with the spells and trolls and elves, etc. 

Most games tho have rules..  Risk for instance,  can you directly attack Africa from Australia?  Certainly would be easy enough.  Nothing stopping anyone.  Except its against the game rule.

Bottom line.  Bug abuser cheater.    And proud cheater at that.  Should be banned.

15:16:28 Apr 9th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Longer Rulername):

Grag, this game has rules which apparently you refuse to read even though everyone is pointing them out to you. There are certain bugs that Zeta says is ok because fixing them will either break something else (way more common in the coding of these old games than you would think) or is not worth the effort. In otherwords, everyone should abuse them equally, and one as avoidable as that whoevers town fault for not reading. Because of this, your risk analogy is bunk since it is indeed stated that its NOT against the rules

Fun fact, that is stickied in the bugs and errors and wouldve saved you alot of heartache if you read it before posting your thread there or whining here. Since youre so keen on rules though, perhaps you should also read over this one and be happy how lenient the moderation is since you calling out BL like that IS actually against the rules. (second one down on here)


15:56:14 Apr 9th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

We got trashed on Fantasia by river crossings, but granted in real life armies can cross rivers.

I would like to see it formalized as a feature to cross a river(or mountain) with a warning box that crossing is dangerous, and risks losing somewhere between 30 and 70 percent of an army.


16:15:11 Apr 9th 16 - Mr. Torroth:

This, remaining, era on fantasia, rivercrossing was used pretty often. First by MADD, the winning kingdom in two locations. one of them against Burning legion, another against Underdogs. The city near burning legion where it was used was a continual spot to get back and forth as his cities were being fought over between Ferox and MADD. Both top kingdoms, with veterans of 10+ years of play. Both used the tactic quite a few times till  MADD finally got control of the area Burning legion had created.

Later near the end of the era, after MADD got into Feroxs' core JLT, the leader of Ferox, used riverjumping to escape Kobus pursuing 500k army with an army of similar size. The escape was unforeseen, unexpected, yet it allowed him to bypass a few other 500k armies of MADD to get out of the overtaken Ferox core.

If there was some rule against riverjumping..we pretty much abuse the hell out of it on Fantasia.

16:57:11 Apr 9th 16 - Erica (Ms. Erica The Damned):

It's more of a code of conduct than an actual rule really, it's been like this for as long as I remember. 

It's like this, it's not really that hard to avoid making a city that allows river crossing.   Only new players makes these mistakes, most of the time anyway which makes it distasteful.

It'd be fun tho if we could like have a "courtroom" where "dishonorable methods" are penalized. Something like a day or two suspension prior to re spawning on a new world by said perpetrator or depending on the gravity of the offense committed.

19:01:29 Apr 9th 16 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

Maybe we can have the only known cheater on Matrax set the limits? 

His justification is that others would have done it (they have not).  Should we all start hacking code because someone can do it?

There was a world for cheaters like the burningman to get their fix.  He should be deleted.

19:37:20 Apr 9th 16 - Erica (Ms. Kamunagi of Chains):

You could hack if you actually can, but that's listed in the offences that gets you banned.

But as the rules itself stated, river jumping is not something that gets you banned. It's just something distasteful. Best one could do is get other people that shares the same hatred as you to gang up on that player.

00:06:15 Apr 10th 16 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Arkan Stouterthanthou):


you're boring and nobody cares.

00:41:55 Apr 10th 16 - Jenna (Mr. Billy Warcloud):


01:38:00 Apr 10th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

Just because there's rules doesn't mean someone cannot ask for them to be changed.

And hey Jenna, how's life treating u nowadays?

01:39:01 Apr 10th 16 - Sir Moon Shine:

wow, Jenna made a return

02:08:46 Apr 10th 16 - Erica (Ms. Erica The Damned):

Good luck with that Sapro, it's been on debate since iv'e known this game (some 9 years ago I think.)and that was way back when a lot of people still play this. 

02:31:53 Apr 10th 16 - Venomz (High Warlord Sapro):

Doesn't hurt to try. If everyone has that attitude in life to just take everything for granted... our species wouldn't be alive anymore.

03:25:19 Apr 10th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

I would just like to say: Armies cross rivers all the time throughout history. Hannibal crossed the Alps for pete's sake.

Make it official, but make it costly.

18:30:46 Apr 10th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Froatys/Venomz ... I really enjoyed my stay in your core these past few days .. I made alot of new friends and saw many wreckaged cities. I appreciate your hospitially and providing sooo many army escorts (since clearly you didnt come to fight since they were so weak). I will visit again soon and bring more friends with me next time.

By the way Froaty, try not to build cities so close to rivers... the ground may not be as sturdy as you'd like it ... and accidents happen, but dont you worry I will burn your food city to the ground for you.

-King BL

19:23:27 Apr 10th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Arkantos The Crusader):

BURN! Flame war, RAWR!

23:56:57 Apr 10th 16 - Mr. Torroth:

To prevent this from happening, I recommend that those who know about it, inform the creators of said cities before they become too large, that it's a city that needs to be deleted. Then make sure they know how to delete buildings, and teach them how if they don't.

Unfortunately, I did this this era on fantasia for an enemy kingdom. It took forever for the cities to disappear after destruction, and it was still used to for jumping purposes.

So make sure you inform the newbies before the city gets big enough to cause these hysterics.

22:24:20 Apr 20th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors19Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal139
House Baratheon17King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider100
The Shaolin Monks16Mr. Donald Trump93
Legion2Sir Arkantos The Crusader21
Samogitians Clan3Mr. Meskis II20
Hammers of Tyr4Mr. Nyarlathotep17

22:26:53 Apr 20th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

I am a huge advocate for small Kingdoms, and I am happy to see Hammers of Tyr and the Samogitians Clan gaining strength.

We had a civil war in Ferakin, Legion and Wargs came out of it. Wargs died off, Legion won, and due to some user Era Ferakin was reincarnated.

Now we have House Baratheon. It's basically a slug fest between FW and HB, with Monks farming, perhaps? We aren't really sure. This map was pretty lame, and not condusive to anything, really.

That said, I've had fun, and I think we are really on getting into Mid Era at this point.

Lots of good RPers on this world this go round.

04:18:22 Apr 23rd 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
Forgotten Warriors19Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal164
The Shaolin Monks16Mr. Donald Trump110
House Baratheon18King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider100
Hammers of Tyr4Mr. Nyarlathotep24
Samogitians Clan3Mr. Meskis II24
Legion2Lord Arkantos The Crusader24

We have about 15 active players in House Baratheon at present. I am impressed at how well the small kingdoms are doing, though you can see from the number of players, that Legion's players are slightly more powerful than the Samogitians Clan and they are slightly stronger than each Hammers of Tyr ruler on average.

Just unique to see all three at the same percent. Monks and Baratheon are almost on par, and forgotten warriors are still maintaining the lead. HB has had a good era training many newer players, getting back some old players, and developing the skills of those who have been around a while.

FW have been fun in the way they taunt. It's been fairly drama free. I do think the map would be more fun (for starters, if Karta6 were deleted permanently) if there was a member cap, of somewhere around 8-10 players per kingdom.We would likely see at least 3 more kingdoms, and very fluid diplomatic relations, as opposed to an all vs 1 mentality.

06:01:40 Apr 23rd 16 - Sir Moon Shine:

Just so you are aware, FW has less members playing than Shaolin Monks and House of Baratheon. 

06:18:55 Apr 23rd 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus of Ferakin:

How many players are on the map, and how many new?

I think we have about 6 seasoned players with twice as many newer players with 3 or less eras experience. (The soft targets that have no walls and no defenses :P )

04:17:58 Apr 26th 16 - Erica (Lady Erica The Damned):

I'm quitting on Mantrax, I just don't feel like playing in Burninglesion's kingdom (House Barathion) after he attacked my fant char when I requested to be left alone because i'm just there to observe. 

04:33:28 Apr 26th 16 - Mr. Corohne:

Sorry to hear your taking your leave. I've had a handful of people do that to me on fantasia as well from various kingdoms. Think I've had to resettle about half a dozen cities just to keep from restarting completely already.

06:15:00 Apr 26th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Lone Wolf):

Ms Erica are you Mr. Musika on Fant?

I never received a message from you, I just checked my inbox ... I would not have if I knew it was you.

Lord Ajax took your city , I was only prepping it if you are Mr.Musika

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