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22:58:58 Dec 29th 16 - Mr. Drug Addict:

So, is RoC still going to be inactive this era?

23:01:40 Dec 29th 16 - SFD (Duke Hybrid I):

what KD's are usually here now?

00:52:50 Dec 30th 16 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

I'm here, what more do you want??

01:36:45 Dec 30th 16 - SFD (Lord Stealth I):

JLT baby have you missed me :P 
BETTER F'ing say yess ;)

03:45:37 Dec 30th 16 - HorusPanic (Sir Pannick):

roc will have a nice showing

21:31:22 Dec 30th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

Guess we will be somewhat active this age.

05:55:51 Dec 31st 16 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

It's looking good so far....

SFD is here,
Bling has successfully infiltrated RoC.
Zeta has spread all his kingdoms out beautifully once again.

We can all live in peace and harmony.

06:54:19 Dec 31st 16 - Sir Moon Shine:

*pops back in to play with FW this era*

08:19:13 Dec 31st 16 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Welcome back Moon Shine :)

10:16:13 Dec 31st 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

Hmmm. Bling has successfully infiltrated RoC.

"Some" had put auto-accept on. It's off again.

16:23:05 Dec 31st 16 - Mr. Bling:

McMax kicked me. I think its cause im african. Thats very racist mcmax. You should change the kd name to KKK

11:04:21 Jan 1st 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

Poor Bling was displaced from his new home?? 

Someone needs to right this injustice. Ferox will offer Bling Sanctuary if the other kingdoms agree to teach RoC a lesson. Ferox is a peaceful kingdom, and is teaching the lessons of acceptance, it is up to the other kingdoms to decide on their lesson plans.

11:06:40 Jan 1st 17 - Mr. Bling:

It was awful JLT. 

They poked me, and made fun of me cause I'm a little african boy. Called me very racist names.  They all wore bed sheets for some reason.

I was very sad cause i wanted to do magic tricks and win "Mantrax has Talent" but now im just sad :'(

18:48:23 Jan 1st 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

That was the cat!

Guess we have to train it not to drag anything filthy it finds back into our castle..

00:59:38 Jan 2nd 17 - Sprout (Mr. Glass Cannon):


 "Sharpens his sword slowly to insure a razors edge"

08:12:45 Jan 2nd 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

Looks like that sword will be getting used sooner rather than later Sprout.

10:34:42 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Be's careful Master Jesus Left Toe, dem Klan folk are real mean and nasty

10:44:44 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Hey, Master Jesus.. are you the Jesus like Hallelujah amen Jesus, or you the Hey Jesus, water the plants?  Cause if you the second one, and McMax gets you.. you gonna be picking cotton in his fields at the end of a whippin. I hope you the Hallelujah amen Jesus

10:50:05 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Be's careful please. I remember this one poor fellow. Think he was mexicali. The lady klan lady, she took him, full grown man and shouted at him and made him half. See, this is what she said to him

Princess Aisha (12/21/2016 3:25:56 PM) GOOD BAD
You will play halfling oop fighter
You're great at that. 
If you wanted to try another race, its not gonna happen
You are halfer, deal with it
I lay down the law. End of discission.

Now he no more full man but half

11:34:32 Jan 2nd 17 - Princess Aisha:

Now you know how I torture my guys in Collective :-D  But I assure you he likes when I get a bit kinky :p

11:36:18 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

ok wait what... now the tone of the conversation has changed. ok, so now he is a midget.. is this like some kink fetish thing. pics too. 

11:40:42 Jan 2nd 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

It's not too late to Leave RoC and join the unstoppable force that is Ferox Aisha, where you can belittle Bling as much as you'd like, no questions asked.
All your cities are in, what I like to describe as, 'the RoC gifted, extended Feroxian core' anyway, it'll just save me conquering them.

11:42:29 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Yes, join us. And bring the boots with the heels.

11:42:37 Jan 2nd 17 - Sir Scimitar:

I do miss those sexy messages, I guess its time to start gathering our Collective people for next era :p

11:43:44 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

what... who. shut up. we talking kink, not fecking band of brothers kumba ya by the fireside

11:44:51 Jan 2nd 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

Wouldn't you be collecting the members of Collective, not gathering them?

11:46:30 Jan 2nd 17 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

wait no stop people. topic is off topic. please, the kink. not some collection of pimple faced feckers in their parents basements.

13:07:13 Jan 4th 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

I''m feeling very popular at the moment. :/

  • Dragon Age who are commanded by Lord Dark Spawn are preparing an attack on Worlds Apart
  • Resulians who are commanded by Mr. Alrisaio are preparing an attack on Worlds Apart
  • Rivendell Riders who are commanded by Princess Aisha are preparing an attack on Worlds Apart

21:42:06 Jan 4th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

Just don't keep that much champagne back in your wine cellars next year.......

21:58:04 Jan 4th 17 - SFD (Duke Sfd I):

why so serious went to 100 aswell but being pushed back down by the mighty RoC ;)

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Royal Order of Claidhmore14Sir Panic100
Why So Serious16Mr. Stewie Griffindor97
House Mormont18King Burninglegion The Orc Bear76
Forgotten Warriors17Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal55
Ferox7Lord Heyzeus14
House Hornwood4Mr. Stelius Hornwood III11

04:38:18 Jan 7th 17 - Mr. Drug Addict:

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Royal Order of Claidhmore16Sir Panic100
Why So Serious15Mr. Stewie Griffindor100

Neck to neck! :)

03:27:18 Jan 13th 17 - Dragon Prophet Theo Targaryen:

I feel like we are playing Civ V and all of the conflict is stuck in the stone age, and wont give enough break to allow developed armies.

Dominance of FW is over.

20:04:48 Jan 20th 17 - Lala (Mr. Drug Addict):

06:00:02 - The plague in Bernard Lowe killed 0 peasants, 0 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists and 0 Adventurers.

05:55:10 - Sir Merlin The Mage attempted to cast a spell upon us.

haha!! I'm now going to send some plague infested scouts towards RoC .. good luck stopping 50 of them! 😹😹

20:08:45 Jan 20th 17 - SFD (Duke Sfd I):

you dont fcking have to lala xD

20:00:08 - The plague in Still Naz killed 0 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans and 0 Nazguls.

19:00:09 - The plague in Still Naz killed 0 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans and 0 Nazguls.

20:27:08 Jan 20th 17 - Mr. Game:

This gruesome plague is killing a staggering 1.2% of my unemployed peasants each turn

There will be justice for this.

00:05:28 Jan 21st 17 - Endless (Lady Lyanna Mormont):

these dudes want justice, they were minding their own business when... frosty particles impeded their adventures .. and then along came a derelict and 

12:11:23 - All troops in Run Endless Run have died.

12:11:23 - Run Endless Run lost a battle against Security from Mr. Drug Addict. We lost 0 Gaia, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans, 84 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured.

05:15:50 - The progress of Run Endless Run has been hindered by magic!

03:07:15 Jan 21st 17 - Mr. Game:

3780000 tax coins that could have been spent building public housing or feeding the hungry just went to waste

Every single one of those 84 Nazgul had children and a loving family

Are you pleased with yourself Mr. Drug Addict? Is this what you wanted?

03:28:33 Jan 21st 17 - Lala (Mr. Lala Bragi):

Those nazzies were in a foreign territory and we frosted them as a warning shot to have them change their ways but the scarecrows were scaring the women and children in the kingdom and didn't mend their ways, so the brave men had no choice but to kill those nazguls. 

Maybe Ms. Mormont here should style her nazguls a bit. My kingdom didn't like their looks.

Or as Mr. Bling famously does, train the gorgeous and not so harmful Gaia and disguise them as nazguls and everyone would feel safe.

The women and the children in my kingdom would love to play with the tiny plants too.

02:59:52 Feb 3rd 17 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

ROC should be given a shout out for not napping everyone.

They should be saluted for this.    Mantrax should not be about how many naps you can make.  Should be about if you KD can stand by itslef.

Orange guys,  greens guys.    You are nothing compared to ROC.

Black not sure you normally nap everyone.   Bad habit.

03:10:07 Feb 3rd 17 - Endless (Lady Sweet Gypsy Rose):

no one cares what you think :)

03:39:44 Feb 3rd 17 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Blue not sure you normally farm for the entire era while the rest of the map is at war and then show up with 25k nazguls. Bad habit.

05:08:02 Feb 3rd 17 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

bogdon (orc) leveraged the market fair and square

07:05:29 Feb 3rd 17 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Yeah, Bogdan is a scary mofo

10:11:46 Feb 3rd 17 - Princess Aisha:

If there was farming on this map it was very short, RoC took on Ferox at oop and dropped 1 orc in FW core. Fw were fighting Mormont at oop. RoC engaged WSS right after oop and judging by the size of their armies they did not oop fight, as well as Hornwood. 

FW just proved why they are considered the best kingdom in VU, that is a known fact. Forming alliances is normal, reason why I formed Collective is to fight FW, when you are best group in game you have to expect people to consider you most dangerous.

Restarting in Fanta I was 64th and I think there are at leadt that many players in Mant. I am working on getting Collective back, lets make it 80 active players, 5 ot 6 large kingdoms, I do not know if we ever had this many people :-O

10:29:08 Feb 3rd 17 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Well whenever you have Binh and Bogdan playing under the same banner, it's bound to be one of the strongest kingdoms on the map. But I do agree - FW is one of the best kingdoms in the game (after WSS, ofcourse :P)

With regards to WSS, we've fought RoC, FW, Hornwood, and Mormont for the majority of the era. And the only reason we didn't attack Ferox was because they were restarting.

10:30:34 Feb 3rd 17 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

And yes, please bring Collective back! It would be great to have 4-5 big kingdoms playing on Mantrax. More competition = more fun! :)

10:46:40 Feb 3rd 17 - Mr. Death Chocolate:

After brutally annihalating all kd's in previous era's, Ferox are now lovers.

We have no need for war, when one can merely make love on the ripened lands that are mantrax.

11:58:49 Feb 3rd 17 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"ROC should be given a shout out for not napping everyone."

Very much. While it was them who picked a fight with us oop, they ended up fighting two kingdoms. They had an excuse to NAP, but chose (I assume?) to fight to the end.

12:11:31 Feb 3rd 17 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie Griffindor):

Yeah big props to RoC!

It's unfortunate that there were only 3 major kingdoms on the map this era... so regardless of how it played out, one kd was definitely going to get gang banged

Hopefully we can have more kingdoms on mantrax next era to make the era more exciting.

14:24:40 Feb 3rd 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

Actual we got a proposal - from who doesn't concern anyone else but us and the other kingdom.

Our answer was:

We have made a decsion. It is a "No thanks".

Our reason is, that deals should be made at the start of a new age and not when it's suddenly becomes vital for survival.

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