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Mantrax 62
18:38:05 Jan 11th 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Phat):

the forums are dead after the winter holidays. Here's to hoping for a good era..

01:25:33 Jan 12th 19 - Mr. Silverthing:


02:40:26 Jan 12th 19 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Trump vs Trudeau

03:09:50 Jan 12th 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Oh boy. 

16:32:24 Jan 17th 19 - Random (Mr. Uwu):

can FW just lemme farm in peace pls ;_;

18:05:28 Jan 17th 19 - McMax (Mr. Mcmax The Farmer):

No. That's the way it is on Mantrax. FW never let a potential enemy alone.

Get used to it - or join a kingdom. Or get lost.

22:59:21 Jan 17th 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Sladen):

04:53:42 Jan 18th 19 - Random (Mr. Uwu):

well someone should go kill them while they've got 3 armies and their mage looking at me (:

05:52:53 Jan 18th 19 - The Real Josh (Archangel Avacyn):

One army and a mage occasionally glancing at you*

07:08:58 Jan 18th 19 - Random (Mr. Uwu):

Drana/grags/venomz ?

09:11:50 Feb 8th 19 - One Punch Man:

Am I calculating this wrong?

Grags is at 12 military?

Dats some shit luck for me.

09:38:07 Feb 11th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Shepherd):

Funny era this time.

Now it's the second time Praetorians tries to hand over the victory to FW.

Are they afraid FW will come and eat them all if they don't - or are they secret admirers of FW?????

14:00:12 Feb 11th 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Mei):

Ok so maybe next time we will send our armies to FW who are 5 scrolls away so you and Pestilence can take our cities and FW wont win.

14:22:48 Feb 11th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Shepherd):

Well RoC actually started a war with FW even though we have our core further away.
You could have done the same. Only way to take FW is to attack them very early in the game.

Unfortunately I had to call my mates "home" as your kingdom attacked the smallest opponent and it looked like Pesti would loose. Simply because if you had managed to get a victory there, RoC would have been next - that is my firm superstition.

14:26:07 Feb 11th 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Phat):

Just want clarify this here. Pesti declared on us.  

14:31:17 Feb 11th 19 - Mr. Bane:

Lets correct you.

 Is it just you playing? I wonít come after you unless they tell me to (mostly because Iím sure you can kick my ass)

Iím trying to find either fw, roc, or bling lol.

15:03:53 Feb 11th 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Mei):

Dude from RoC, i just cant quite comprehend what you're getting at really. Maybe next time message me as the era starts so i can post in our forums what you want us all to do.

15:17:57 Feb 11th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Shepherd):

I'm not telling anyone but mates in my own kingdom what I WANT anyone to do.

I already wrote that to SAM november last year (read below).

Make a reply regarding Pestilence

You (11/5/2018 6:31:20 PM)
Well, you do as you wish.

We will not try to act as some great political power, saying: You are not allowed etc. etc. etc.

I just repeated a fact, that is wellknown for (nearly) all if they are planning to win Mantrax.

15:33:55 Feb 11th 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Mei):

Uhuh, so where's the part there where you are saying "...please dont attack us because we are attacking FW and we dont want them to win..."?

19:10:54 Feb 11th 19 - The Oppressed:

Last age Pest went at everyone we could and lost ofc as did roc.

 This age we made a aggression pack with roc instead, considering just three of us playing atm seemed a good call.

 We never declared Preatorians but considering the history I think all sides knew it was coming :P and sure to go on for ages to come :P 

Far as FW haven't seen them yet this age kinda figured they would be at our blockers by now or Preats maybe but seems to be a late show or i just don't have los to see.

 Some nice mage work Phat just wanted to get that out there u been hampering us all age :P well done. 

Wtf people cast arma for when the fights just starting... plenty left to go at it so drop that arma cast already :P

 History with our two KDs:

 Sam back stabbed us when we figured our peace was solid few ages back when a multi sweep removed their leader and so on.  Why storm knew of our relations as did the banned player. Sam implied that he never knew and went on with his plans.
Storm was in our core and asked for the peace to be kept with him why his mates attacked us in another area of the map.   Bling on the other hand said negative and attacked storm as he didn't set his mates straight with our agreement  after the banned occurred.  Sam said well we not even the same KD anymore so nothing stood from before the ban even tho we were left to believe it was for the whole age tell the huge armies starting arriving near key locations sparking me to send msgs to get the reply of war lol.   Ever since that age both sides seem to have a deep void of hate for the other :P   

19:15:47 Feb 11th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrowe):

Pretty much spot on, sprout except I did tell Sam and the others about my personal nap with pestilence when we started praetorians and that I refuse to fight u guys and they were fine with it. 

Also does it matter? Fw will probably kill all of us anyways😜

20:18:49 Feb 11th 19 - The Sidodis:

Thats what FW does after all :P

Guess if u had told us that the other in ur new kd at the time were out to get us we would of known and all would be different maybe. idk its history now :P

22:53:40 Feb 11th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Corporate Banker):

We could just hug it out, what do u say?

23:44:08 Feb 11th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrowe):

Iíll hug u any day Jurgen

Did I just make it weird? Did I go too far? 

01:30:00 Feb 12th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Grags Doppelganger):

Quick, someone join in!

07:08:42 Feb 21st 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Shepherd):

Congrats to the usual winner HighLord from FW. Once again he was the no.1 halfer on the map.

Still the stats of this era isn't the usual picture. FW didn't wipe the floor with the members of all other kingdoms and halflings doesn't totally dominate on the top-10 list.

  1. High Warlord Grags Doppelganger of Forgotten Warriors (Halfling)
    Had 679,657 land, 2,052,905 troops and 79 science points. Killed 2,220,526 soldiers, won 19 of 28 battles and captured 11 cities.
  2. I am Farm of Forgotten Warriors (Dwarf)
    Had 496,863 land, 1,593,984 troops and 25 science points. Killed 365,691 soldiers, won 5 of 10 battles and captured 6 cities.
  3. Mr. Hanky of Royal Order of Claidhmore (Halfling)
    Had 375,288 land, 984,256 troops and 20 science points. Killed 232,541 soldiers, won 1 of 1 battles and captured 2 cities.
  4. Mr. Grags of Forgotten Warriors (Halfling)
    Had 240,653 land, 865,073 troops and 44 science points. Killed 422,336 soldiers, won 5 of 13 battles and captured 2 cities.
  5. Lady Jade of Forgotten Warriors (Halfling)
    Had 211,852 land, 545,350 troops and 15 science points. Killed 0 soldiers, won 0 of 2 battles and captured 0 cities.
  6. Mr. Xiahou Done of Royal Order of Claidhmore (Halfling)
    Had 198,270 land, 461,866 troops and 54 science points. Killed 168,249 soldiers, won 4 of 8 battles and captured 5 cities.
  7. Ms. Mei of Praetorians (Dwarf)
    Had 245,771 land, 1,084,937 troops and 26 science points. Killed 403,020 soldiers, won 20 of 27 battles and captured 13 cities.
  8. The Oppressed of Pestilence (Human)
    Had 261,183 land, 1,020,303 troops and 28 science points. Killed 46,930 soldiers, won 1 of 1 battles and captured 1 cities.
  9. Mr. Laticus of Royal Order of Claidhmore (Dwarf)
    Had 344,835 land, 513,598 troops and 29 science points. Killed 11,357 soldiers, won 0 of 10 battles and captured 3 cities.
  10. Sir Rox Box of Forgotten Warriors (Elf)
    Had 257,331 land, 539,297 troops and 26 science points. Killed 41,108 soldiers, won 6 of 8 battles and captured 1 cities.

09:21:36 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Anyone experiencing this?

The age has just started.
We have to wait 44.66 more days/ticks before being able to settle.

09:31:58 Feb 21st 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IV):

Yes. That's standard.

From the era starts you have 48 tics (2 rl-days) where you can move your army to a location, you find suitable for you.

But remember, the moment you activate your character on a world (putting you army on the map so to say) , it will start consuming ressources. You will loose a little of your initial ressources each tic and you will loose a few of your peasants each tic. So you will have less to use when your first city can be established.

That's is ONE of the reasons why kingdoms often let one player start alone and the rest waits 30-40 tics or so.

09:41:50 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Gladiatorul:


But then why this seems to have 3 more times land than me?

People of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Army Info
Commander:Dark Lord Buffy The Vampire SlayerKingdom Banner
Kingdom:*No Kingdom*
Size:Platoon (20-50)
Status:Moving North East

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

This ruler owns more than three times as much land than we do.

This ruler is in protection!

09:43:50 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Does it mean that, I will come out of protection before I settle my first city?

We are still under protection for 43 more days (one day = 60 minutes).

Current date: 2019-02-20 22:42:13 (VU Day 75734)

    There are currently 23 players online.

    10:46:14 Feb 21st 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IV):

    The protection will count down from the moment you put your army on the map.

    Else don't pay too much attention to the info on other players/kingdoms before the era really starts. No player owns a single tile of land yet.

    11:16:41 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Wwarlock:


    11:38:23 Feb 21st 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Buffy The Vampire Slayer):

    Don't expose my early building hack please. Bling might cry

    12:15:56 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Fecker:

    As of this weekend, Bling is Zeta. Goodbye abydos. Thank zeta for cashing out.

    13:18:37 Feb 21st 19 - McMax (Battlemage Digitus Tertius IV):

    Ohhh yes. Those Abydos.

    I have just tryed knocking on their frontdoor. I know there's someone home, but they didn't open the door.....

    19:52:48 Feb 21st 19 - One Punch Man:

    Well... I got a good spot to the point that if I don't do well this era, I'm just bad

    And if anyone else is there, I'll be depressed as fuck.

    21:23:06 Feb 21st 19 - Phat (Mr. Slaughter of Laughter):

    ill /thread and make a new...

    23:22:26 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Wwarlock:

    One more question pls: can I join a KD, if I already started solo?

    23:25:05 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Wuu:

    Yes, you'll just (likely) be located on a different part of the map. Just send in an application somewhere.

    23:25:48 Feb 21st 19 - Mr. Wwarlock:

    thank you!

    22:19:31 Feb 23rd 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

    still waiting to be deleted as per blings promise, it will allow me to focus on my low quality of apex games!

    22:31:27 Feb 23rd 19 - Mr. Silverthing:

    Won my first ever game, all went downhill from there really, should retired with 100% win

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