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02:06:08 Oct 10th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Welcome one and all, to mantrax!

A place where you can find fire trax from this man is the s,w corner.!
Come one, for all of my trax!
(disclosure my only "trax" is ram ranch) 

20:42:38 Oct 12th 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Yesterday a thought crossed my mind, was wondering if FW get annoyed with being a target for everyone on this map. Seeing several people core drop you guys basically avoiding each other to focus on you guys, I wondered if you get annoyed or you welcome the challenge. I kinda felt bad and sad for you guys to have to go through this era after era. Day after, almost everyone who attacked you got killed, you guys really do show why you get targeted, and in a simple 1 on 1 no kingdom in Mant would stand a chance. Props to you guys.

21:40:15 Oct 12th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

It stops being a challenge after ~5+ eras of constant core drops and just gets boring. Gets repetitive.
Try something new guys, I promise there are other ways to play the game.

00:43:34 Oct 13th 22 - Friendly Midget Cyrone:

I am not seeing any other way to play the game aside from core dropping.

09:45:22 Oct 13th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Gwyneddian):

FW wasn't complaining when it was bullying an empty Manx with a highly inactive QM and rolling the map for 4 eras. In fact even QM didn't complain.

FW might be "smaller", but they are much more active than most others on Manx which they showed with OOP freeze magic, 25k+ OOP Swords, 5k OOP Ponies, and gaia in practically every city as defense. Also, they are the biggest KD on the map - even if the other KDs outnumber them, they have the advantage of support for one another.

This might be the first era FW is actually outnumbered in the last 7-8+. 2 eras ago Newb and I destroyed FW by ourselves, after killing another KD first. Last era it was Bomba (2) and Abyssal (2) - as it's difficult counting QM or Suicide Squad as we hardly contributed. In short, the last two eras they have lost to 2 players when they had 5, and 4 players when they had 5-6. It was more than a fair fight - the rest of the KDs just didn't feel it was a just reward to kill the KDs who have been fighting all era.
In addition, they choose this sort of gameplay, as many have offered friendship - FW needs to make up its mind, either accept the fact that if you don't make alliances that the map will target you, or make alliances. No one wants to go to war with each other for FW to come out of free farming.

I always thought FW was about the "challenge", but honestly FW just wants to roll the map without anyone challenging them. Any time they get a challenge they begin complaining about NAPs, numbers, ect, ect, ect, ect.

Lastly - OOP warring is the most exciting part of the game. 

11:28:52 Oct 13th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

5 orc core droppers

11:33:01 Oct 13th 22 - Friendly Midget Cyrone:

The fun has only begun for you guys ;)

14:59:38 Oct 15th 22 - Venomz (High Warlord Hagelslag):

Hi Konstant,

FW has generally always been outnumbered. And then the "they're more active" card gets pulled every single time. 
I'm sure it's only 1 or 2 players who might be more active in FW than others. Yourself probably being just as active, if not more active than those players.

As im not playing I can only judge based on the information on the forums, my view:
Core dropping with 5 orcs? That's interesting though, if you can beat them with 2 players, why bring 5 orcs?
Sure it's a challenge for 1 era, but it feels very targetted, and sounds like it's just to make sure to remove any chance of FW winning. Where's the fun in that?

And then you're talking about relations, so FW should make relations? Wouldn't that make it worse? This would only work if there's more than 3 parties in the mix with equal strength and numbers. Experience is a thing, but these days 99% of those that still play VU actually have plenty of experience and should have a good understanding of the basics, and even the more advanced topics. Just because Roxbury has been around forever shouldn't weigh him as 3 orcs that need to core drop to equalize.

The 3 man kingdom eras were pretty decent back in the day. Apart from all the former legacy kingdoms grouping up, but I feel like that could mix things up on Mantrax. And have opposite sides play with their usual enemy for once. 

Or maybe I should post my drafting idea after all..

22:10:11 Oct 15th 22 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus):


19:45:28 Oct 20th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

So when/if fw is done, what usually happens between the alliance? You guys going to fight each other? 

20:49:14 Oct 20th 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

owh we done. Tommorrow we dead. 

20:59:30 Oct 20th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

So does arma just get cast xD

Next era I still want to make a kd, people join me, we will fight everyone pleasseeee :3

21:03:00 Oct 20th 22 - Legend (I am Psyduck):

We as FW are down for it. But plenty of players/kds still left. Its up to them.

21:43:02 Oct 20th 22 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Arma Cao):

I'm ~2days away from arma. All the non-fw kds, let me know if you are ready for arma or want to fight it out

21:47:28 Oct 20th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

I'm good either way.

22:14:09 Oct 20th 22 - General Fen Tiger:

I say FIGHT.

23:03:48 Oct 20th 22 - Mr. Don Quixote:

Well, we never nap more than 1 kingdom. REST can fuck off :D 

23:36:54 Oct 20th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Argg that's the spirit lol

EDIT: I'm saying all this like I wasn't in the alliance aswell, but tbf i didn't know when I signed up for it, I just had to commit. 
Next thing you know I'm wearing a fancy hood holding a tiki torch lol

23:41:46 Oct 20th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Also sorry for double post.

But I'm not sure the alliance had official relations. 

02:32:46 Oct 21st 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

QM is fine with 1 NAP fight everyone else next era.

For this era:

General Fen Tiger
Fen Tiger FFA

Friendly Midget Cyrone
Suicide Squad

Dark Lord Newblet
Suicide Squad

Prophet Ellesarius
Question Mark

Ghostmaster Arma Cao
No kingdom

Duke Hybrid
No kingdom

Fen Tiger says fight
Suicide Squad can have a word too
QM will go with majority, if most want Arma we are down, if most war war, its ok too
What would you prefer SFD? 
Bomba Volante, what about you guys?
Also would be good to hear from SoA kingdom
Cao is just farming for Arma ...

What does majority want?

02:37:06 Oct 21st 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

I want to end really only bc fw have been cheesed out of an era.

But I don't mind fighting on if that's what people want. 
Ss (newb and cyrus) don't care either but ask them incase I'm remembering wrong. 

02:37:21 Oct 21st 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Problem with whole NAP only one kingdom, is there are just way too many small kingdoms

Forgotten Warriors28Senpai Rocketlab110
Question Mark8Prophet Ellesarius100
Suicide Squad3The Ancient Gwyneddian96
Bomba Volante2Mr. Bombastus62
Fen Tiger FFA1General Fen Tiger57
Souls Of Abyssal2Mr. Mad Hatter51
The Grand Duchy of Lithuania3Mr. Don Quixote39
Microsoft1Ms. Melinda Gates29

Lets say SoA and BV ally. And fight everyone else. 
Who does that help? FW... 
You guys have numbers. QM has 6 players this era
We can't compete with FW for sure 1 on 1...

If kingdoms were a bit larger it would be better

02:42:13 Oct 21st 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Why is it a problem?

Look at FW roster. All vets
All great players

Look at QM
Elle - newish player
Dark - vet
Arthos - not playing
Ghost - semi active not vet
Edi - semi active not vet
Bulbo - semi active not vet
Division Bell - new player
Jasmina - not playing

You could say QM has one vet that is not active this era either.
In FW you have the top VU players
How to make the world more competative?
Spread around the vets... 

If you have all the vets in one kingdom 
What do you actually expect will happen?
Lets do no NAPs next era. Return to this post when talking about how FW dominated. Especially if Venomz plays next era having seen everyone fight FW this era...

02:50:21 Oct 21st 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Then recruit elle, you are looking at all these 2 man kds, recruit them if possible, it's not fw fault that they have loyal active members.

Shit last time I played qm was 15 people give or take fw has pretty much been the same core. 
Idkno what happened in between then and now but fw is the same qm is 5 amongst a sea of 2 man kds. 

People message me I want to make a kd join and I'll send feet pics or some shit 

02:55:54 Oct 21st 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Few of them were... they all left 

Konstant left cause he wanted a smaller kingdom to fight FW
Jarl went to go to a smaller kingdom
You were in kingdom too, we invited you back you refused
Few others were here too, all left, nobody was kicked (except you after month inactive)

People want to be in smaller kingdoms
But lets see what happens next era if all agree 1 nap only.

03:10:00 Oct 21st 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

You aren't on 1 world, recruit from your other worlds.

I refused to join back for the same reason I refused to join kon an the red banner kd (ditchy of Lithuania) or something, my activity I had no idea how it would be.

I would not have an issue if it was 10 ppl under the same banner fighting fw. Its that it was everybody bar dutchy of Lithuania iirc fighting fw, I even joined thinking I was joining the obvious losing side. But I didn't know about the alliance against fw lol

You can vouch for that as well I was originally going to come for you and had to tell you because I found out where you were from your discord I was still in. Then I found out from kon where you were so messaged you asking you to remove me and I'm coming to fight you 

03:17:00 Oct 21st 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Its a small game. You can't recruit from other worlds because people playing other worlds will have a character in Mantrax already :) Its a very small community, people who want to play already play Mant.

Yes thank you for that, for telling us you would attack. At one point of time FW was really close to winning against this whole "alliance" even though technically I am not even sure if there were more people in the alliance than in FW itself. It was only 3 members of QM fighting FW because 2 people died right at oop and did not bother to restart for quite some time, they only dropped cities now. 

Plus FW as a kingdom has allied magic while the rest of us have to keep sending messages back and forth to find out information and unable to do helpful magic. I still do believe only way for anyone to beat FW in their current roster is to simply NAP everyone. Next era will show it.

04:04:03 Oct 21st 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Even if that's the case it's about the game, god you would have hated fate/legacy lol

They had it the same as fw do now, with the only exception being that every kd fighting them had 2/4 fronts with other kds (mainly bc they wouldn't nap) which I guess is the same bc fw was originally a branch off of them. 

It's how the game is played that's the problem, I can't even think of the last time I seen a Microsoft paint with a bunch of arrows telling everyone where to go in modern vu lol
We used to get 1 every day minimum, and blockers I have only seen 4 blockers this era and they are owned by 1 halfer in the n'e

Honestly I forget where I was going with this so I'll just leave it there 

09:09:59 Oct 22nd 22 - Mr. Bombastus:

Bomba is not for Arma, we want the show to go on ;) 

10:00:21 Oct 22nd 22 - Friendly Midget Cyrone:

I'm okay with that. It would be cool to do 3 man kds or something like that too. Personally I have no interest in playing with a large KD.

15:18:49 Oct 22nd 22 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Arma Cao):

Aite, I'll hold off for now. Arma is ready whenever people want it

15:23:18 Oct 22nd 22 - Dark Lord Scrooge Mcduck:

So uh... like who is an official ally of SS? 

15:25:10 Oct 22nd 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck....

18:53:01 Oct 22nd 22 - Friendly Midget Cyrone:

Ivanho is an official ally of suicide squard.

00:49:08 Oct 24th 22 - Dark Lord Newblet:

I'm good to have the world ended whenever. I don't even know who my allies are. right now I'm just under the assumption kon made peace with everyone

01:00:16 Oct 24th 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

I am also up for quicker end of the world... 

I really do not want the world to last for another month, risking to lose more players for next era if people do not want to wait that long
We have several people who restarted and will die instantly basically

FW if they die will have to wait for a long time 
And the entire map is basically friendly to each other till FW dies
So now everyone will attack everyone 
And new players in my kingdom might enjoy the experience but chances are they will lose their cities and have to wait for a long time

Another option is cast Arma, half of us vote no 
And then end the world in 10 rl days what ever happens...

01:28:37 Oct 24th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

Not a bad idea, think I can clean you all up in 10 days :p jk

EDIT: not against ending it either. I don't deserve top though bc not sure if the guys I took were MULTIS, they had little defence and Alot of land/res. 
If we are ending it I will need them bnd so I don't finish top. 
If we aren't finishing I'm keeping them and fighting bc it's not clear if they were multis

01:36:50 Oct 24th 22 - SFD (Duke Hybrid):

You (10/19/2022 12:48:07 PM)

Hey man are you a new player?
Mr. Fordyce (10/20/2022 12:00:40 AM) GOOD BAD
I played years ago, but not recent
You (10/20/2022 12:12:24 AM)
OK well I took your city, it revolted and I was planning on taking it again.
I will come and take it again if that's OK? Purely based on my current situation.
Defend it if you want that's fine it won't matter much.

But join me after I kill you, I'll point you to the needed info. Races/build guides exc. why did you have 22k homes?
Alot has changed in the game.
Be active for this tick so we can talk


You (10/15/2022 1:20:22 AM)
Hey man are you new?
Mr. Morson (10/15/2022 11:47:48 AM)GOODBAD
Been around a while

17:14:11 Oct 24th 22 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Arma Cao):

Just got magic 9 yesterday and only had enough mages for 3 casts, sadly went 0-3 :(

I'm training more, y'all might as well fight while you wait!

06:48:14 Oct 25th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Mathew):

The Coalition cannot fight among itself, it still needs another week to take 2 more cities.

15:58:35 Oct 25th 22 - Edi (Mr. Edd The Great):

Coalition beeing SS (2) BV(2) And Tiger
You guys are fighting 5 guys
QM was in war shortly we pulled back/died at oop
No need to speak of numbers when you have more than 5

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Suicide Squad3The Ancient Gwyneddian104
Question Mark8Prophet Ellesarius100
Bomba Volante2Mr. Bombastus62
Fen Tiger FFA1General Fen Tiger42
Forgotten Warriors27Senpai Rocketlab40
Souls Of Abyssal2Mr. Mad Hatter39
The Grand Duchy of Lithuania3Mr. Don Quixote27
Microsoft1Ms. Melinda Gates13

17:01:09 Oct 25th 22 - Friendly Midget Cyrone:

I think its more just, when you're defending a core drop, you aren't plundering anything. There's no way to pull ahead defending; it can only put you behind. Imagine you're Rocketlab. You just converted all your peasants into swordsmen. Cool! You held off the initial rush! Well, now you're fucked because you got no plunder and you don't have peasants either. You're at almost negative income and got nothing for it! You can't defend against the second wave of players who farmed to hit a timing 1-2 days after OOP unless you had some players with space to do the same. There was no space given here. Most of the players that attacked FW did nothing tbh, but just their existence alone... pulling the FW armies to different sides of their core, was enough to make a huge difference.

I see how the core drop style is very annoying and morale sapping, but hey, I think this is how the game should be played. You can't expect people to give you space to free farm when you're the biggest/most threatening KD on the map that has won the majority of eras in the entire worlds history. Core drops are the easiest way to dismantle kingdoms if you don't care about winning the era yourself (winning the era as an individual means NOTHING anyway). 

17:21:00 Oct 25th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):


19:43:19 Oct 25th 22 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Arma Cao):

Im not sure what y'all want, so arma has been cast, feel free to vote yes or no lol

23:20:32 Oct 25th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Mathew):

100% vote

Currently 1 people want the age to end, 0 do not, and 24 people have not voted.

23:21:28 Oct 25th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Mathew):

Oh mine was just the winning vote so it displayed it bugged, it feels like I just won the lottery except there's no prize.

23:27:56 Oct 25th 22 - Mr. Don Quixote:

nice.. no fun at all...

23:40:03 Oct 25th 22 - Prophet Ellesarius:

Strange, sometimes 2 votes for no stops insta end

And its always needed to have more than 50% of people vote yes
But in this case nothing of that happened...

Character news

03:20:17 - Age 87 of Mantrax has ended by Armageddon votes! There where 11 people who wanted the age to end, 2 didn't, and 12 did not vote.

23:52:37 Oct 25th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

i think more than two No votes guarantees that the era doesn't instantly end, and more than 50% of votes have to be cast, so a no vote can theoretically end the era by votes lol

16:59:02 Oct 26th 22 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Arma Cao):

Im going to try to play for real on mant this coming era, so wont be farming for arma

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