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Mantrax Age 15
17:51:33 Jun 23rd 12 - Mr. Crater:

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Star Wars 24 Lord Anarchist Skywalker 1809
Forgotten Warriors 23 Lady Jade 727
Royal Order of Claidmore 8 Prince Kevdwayne 643
Brotherhood of the Wolf 10 Mr. Garret Jax 540
Crater and Bean 9 Mr. Jelly Beanz 100
Army of Anubis 10 Prince Anonymous 0
Black Water 1 Mr. Kasper 0
Havok 4 Mr. Plokoon 0
Arcbound 4 Mr. Johhny Richter 0
The Royal Guard 1 Mr. Wolfgore 0
The Mountain Climber 1 Mr. Strong Mantrax Man 0
Bianchi 1 Mr. Lazyness 0
haha ortiz 1 Mr. Minykiller 0
Pawerful 2 Mzz Supawsticious 0
Notorious 1 Mr. Faustus 0
Trio 2 Mr. Hanky And His Light Saber 0
The Odd Ones 9 Mr. Dalkadalda 0
Desert Punks 4 Lady Tank Grrrl 0

14:13:00 Jun 24th 12 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Anarchist Skywalker):

Well, Lets get this all started then.

The mighty kingdom of Star Wars declare war on the puny and impotent Forgotten Warriors.

(Who hurt my feelings when they didn't want to share. :P)

We would also like to mention our intentions to NAP the following Kingdoms, as FW suggested, we intend to NAP the majority of kingdoms on the map.

  • Army Of Anubis
  • Black Water
  • Havok
  • Arcbound
  • The Royal Guard
  • Bianchi
  • Pawerful
  • Notorious
  • Trio
  • The Odd Ones
We will also be considering NAP's with those not mentioned above. Apart from, of course, Forgotten Warriors, I know how to hold a grudge.

19:34:12 Jun 24th 12 - Wilberforce (Mr. Sladey Wadey):

Somad JLT. I thought Devi's response was rather amusing!

09:01:03 Jun 26th 12 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jelly Beanz):

Well, its fair to say the crappyness of the last map killed a lot of players activities. 

10:55:25 Jun 26th 12 - Soth (Mr. Latro):

Last map was fine... just people who didn't prepare for an oop fight suffered. This one should fair better for farmers =p

15:25:03 Jul 17th 12 - al (Mr. Ermahgerd):

armegeddon please... i'd like to level the playing field

06:28:08 Aug 21st 12 - Mr. Jedii Mindtrick:

will this era never end???
Star WarsForgotten Warriors

07:26:13 Aug 21st 12 - kevdwayne (Prince Kevdwayne):

Please, surely someone within FW can end this!

07:35:25 Aug 21st 12 - Pure (Mr. Axwell):

I have 8 and I'm adventuring for the last. It hopefully won't be too long.

23:38:54 Aug 21st 12 - Canucks (Mr. Hermes):

just msg zeta to do it

01:43:11 Aug 22nd 12 - Lady Boot of The Twos:

Zeta please end this era!!

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