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Mantrax Age 5
23:59:02 Dec 24th 10 - Mr. Rhys Abound Adventure Awaits:

hurry up Age 4 :p


00:16:15 Dec 25th 10 - Mr. Insomniac:

Someone is excited for the new

07:58:34 Dec 27th 10 - Mr. Ogrim Doomhammer:

hahha, couldn't agree more with Rhys' statement.... lol

03:25:08 Dec 31st 10 - Mr. Totoro:

:)  2+ days and counting

03:58:04 Dec 31st 10 - Mr. Panic VIII:

ditto!! endless, what kingdom you going to?

06:39:47 Dec 31st 10 - Ms. Penguin Spanked Meh Hard:

well since I'm in Music on Mant this era I'll either have to move this character to Susuwatari and leave Rhys on Zetamania or move this one to a different world in order to play Rhys, not sure yet ... which character will be playing but definitely in Susu.  You sticking with ROC Horus or are you going to come be a dust bunny?

22:16:28 Dec 31st 10 - Mr. Binh The Pokemon Master:

Welcome to mantrax :) More peoples = more fun :D

00:14:20 Jan 1st 11 - Mr. Jack The Drunk Bastard:

why dont you come and be in roc endless that would be awesome

02:16:29 Jan 3rd 11 - Lord Canucks:

come to AoA endless

02:19:32 Jan 3rd 11 - Mr. Captain America:

Yeah join AOA, you will get a lot of valuable "experience" if you are in that kingdom.

02:33:02 Jan 3rd 11 - Ms. Aisha II:

Its so hard to keep track of people with this new character system :\ would like to send lots of <3 to endless but it already says she changed the name... so sending hugs and kisses here :)

03:59:52 Jan 3rd 11 - Mr. Rhys Abound Adventure Awaits:

I deleted my Mant character to try and get Susuwatari onto Mant but there is a bug or something  :(  

perhaps its a sign ;)
like "you're going to get your ass kicked there so don't bother" ^_^

Your kingdom has more then 10 members and need to start on eaither Fantasia or Mantrax!
If you want to start on a lower world you need to leave your kingdom. 

12:11:54 Jan 3rd 11 - Judge Kobuskan:

maybe your other charachter is still in Music

02:28:16 Jan 4th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

No I made sure it wasn't, I deleted that character entirely.

I was going to disband the kingdom and remake it however I changed the leadership so I couldn't do that either. lol DOH so then I started kicking everyone to get below the kingdom cap to respawn but ended up on Valhalla despite selecting Mantrax :| 

but after that there was only one map left to drop on so I was finally able to kick start Susuwatari on Mantrax :) now I just have to wait for everyone to find their way back to it :D

20:14:31 Jan 4th 11 - Sir Mcmax The Magic Warrior:


As our leader Kevin have been away now for 27 days, we have promoted one of our vices as Speaker for RoC.

All diplomatic messages should from now go to Panic IX who will be the voice of RoC until further notice from us.

21:21:02 Jan 4th 11 - Ms. Sexy Pink Liquid:

come home lost dust bunnies!

07:20:42 Jan 5th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

kinda crowded how is dust suppose to grow with all the bright lights around? :)

05:27:14 Jan 6th 11 - Mr. Dwarvenspawn:

Looking for a kingdom to join

19:33:13 Jan 6th 11 - Mr. Paragor:

join RoC :DDD

00:14:42 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Angry Turtle:

I have pointed this out in other Mantrax threads, and it has always had a positive affect.

STG has been up for 10+ ticks now. If you sell your stone, I will buy it.

03:52:42 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Binh The Travelling Merchant:

*Upon the gate of every city is posted a piece of paper.

Hello to all rulers, my name is Binh the Travelling Merchant. I will be travelling around selling my goods this era. Please open your gate with open arm when I come around to your places. Thanks. ;)

Advertisement made by BSC (Binh's Slave Corporation)

03:59:52 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Ogrim Doomhammer:

I opened my gates for Binh and got great deals on slaves! What a champ; I think everyone should follow suit.

07:19:54 Jan 7th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

unless he's a hawt door to door salesman idunno about opening the door to strangers :s

17:35:53 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Don Flamenco:

I will kill you mr. Bean!

11:16:11 Jan 8th 11 - Mr. Totoro:

top 4 are pretty close

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Music17Lord Gilth232
Army of Anubis22Prince Anonymous223
Forgotten Warriors22Lady Jade219
Royal Order of Claidmore18Mr. Wattdidusay202
Little Britain6Ms. Margaret Thatcher102
Susuwatarii13Ms. Dirt Devil100
Pawerful5Puppy Puppylicious91
Kingdom Of Heaven5Mr. Joebob39
royal1Mr. Xxx6

23:12:10 Jan 8th 11 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

man i wish i played for little britain

23:26:48 Jan 8th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

lol Stirlin you do :p

stop picking on Totoro, he's a cute warm fuzzy little guy

08:01:19 Jan 10th 11 - Sir Mcmax The Magic Warrior:

Now we don't have anything dirty halfer experience feedings going on at Lucimorth, do we Kobuskan???????

3 Music halfling regiments prepping on your ciy?

09:28:36 Jan 10th 11 - Sir Mcmax The Magic Warrior:

Screenshot as asked for:


Report -

10:47:20 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Totoro:

Music  :D
Battles won:
Battles lost: 2  

10:51:49 Jan 10th 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

Ms. Dirt Devil


16:26:48 Jan 8th 11
lol Stirlin you do :p
stop picking on Totoro, he's a cute warm fuzzy little guy

Just 'cuz somethin is cute and fuzzy dun mean it can't bite hard! :P

17:06:56 Jan 10th 11 - Ms. Aisha:

In case people think its only Kobuskan giving exp to Music members, you are wrong, it goes both ways, Kobu getting exp too... good job guys, yey for fair play.


17:26:29 Jan 10th 11 - Prince Anonymous:

You know what I see?

I see a loyal player helping his KD, even if others think badly of him for doing so he still willing to help his KD be successful. A player Music should feel honored to have...

Its also part of the game and its within the rules.

but like always this is just my opinion ^_^

17:49:07 Jan 10th 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

I don't see it as anything.... seriously, who cares, just play the game and move on. lol 

18:02:15 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Don Flamenco:

It's always about relations.  If you're allied with Music you will say it's ok with you because it will favor you.  If you're against Music then obviously you will hate it.

For me it's disgusting. 

18:03:29 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Fordius II:

Nah exp feeding is lame seriously.

It's within the game rules how?
So far I know the game rules state that you don't take advantage off the weak mechanics :P
So stuff like that shouldn't be done really :) 

On starta I wanted to do it cause I wanted arma there but than random finally gained lvl 9 to cast it so it wasn't needed. 
But within the gaming era things like that should be skipped really.

18:53:41 Jan 10th 11 - Sir Mcmax The Magic Warrior:

Some peoples memory are short. Very short.

Remember this from Era 40? Evans was close to win - yet the way he did it was doomed as cheating and Zeta changed the rules for become a winner (3rd July 2009):


19:55:07 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Overcome:

lol, Penguin and Glad is still going strong with their irrasjonell insults i see:P

Evans for the era win and Choc as the winning KD (Y)

20:14:13 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion:

Just a question.

Why/How does Evans is the HoH ruler in every world he was in. Does he have a large occupied land or large armies in every world he is at? I just can't see any cities he have and also he has no HoH armies.

20:18:23 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:


20:25:56 Jul 2nd 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion:

Just kills?

If it just kills, Glad has a lot more kills than him.

Even I got a merely 50k more kills than him.

I just saw his HoH army now that is at Mant.

20:35:30 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Water:

hes playing a shitty game with other player, pumping kills and exp....
evans cheat
overcome r3tard
pokec°nt <3

21:08:52 Jul 2nd 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

of that's true, I just lost all respect for my eldest of friends.

21:16:10 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Water:

hes using this exp bug and pumping ftw

23:36:48 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Evans:

cheers lew someone i knew for ages and thought i could rely on to back me up....

let me explain, with the same post i sent to lews mail

You (7/2/2009 10:26:35 PM)
you are kidding me...
abused exp.... elton john asked me if he could do it not the other way....
whats this the first time someones won without trying to cheat and everyone blames them of cheating....
i havent farmed, we havent fed, the only thing i did was try to help a halfling gain exp for his advents, (which ive done before i might add)

so think what you will but ive done nothing wrong


I've played the same as i have done every other era, i didnt even try for era win until about 4 days ago when i saw i was holding top spot regularily,,, it wasnt till about two days ago we worked out how, im helping a halfer train advents... you know like everyones done for the past... oh i duno 20 eras odd :P

like i said, think what you will but i intend to win the era without cheating, even if people think ive cheated ill know that i havent...


guess i know who my true friends are on this game now... cheers seloc, santa dram and all of DE

23:38:40 Jul 2nd 09 - Sir Water:

you forgot penguin you haxor

00:35:12 Jul 3rd 09 - Mr. Barny:

"Helping Adventurers gain experience" is basically cheating by the way.

04:08:17 Jul 3rd 09 - Mr. Magneto:

Evans is too far ahead in the ranks because of his inadvertent abuse of the experience bug. This is now up to Zeta to stop... because frankly, for all the hard work other players have put in, for a player who gets indirectly fed experience points to win makes this whole era a serious injustice...

04:14:54 Jul 3rd 09 - Mr. Barny:

His personal Battle Experience is ridiculous from him cheating.

(troops and buildings in fantasia)^2 + (overall score) + wins^2 + experience^2

Hard to compete against someone exploiting these 2 stats.


21:25:31 Jan 10th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

When you rejoining Music Kobu? 

22:07:59 Jan 10th 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

Mr. Don Flamenco


11:02:15 Jan 10th 11
It's always about relations.  If you're allied with Music you will say it's ok with you because it will favor you.  If you're against Music then obviously you will hate it.

For me it's disgusting.  

I'm miles away from music, so have had no reason to even know they exist. lol

22:49:01 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Barny:

The moment that the community starts to consider this type of play acceptable is the moment that the game will have died.

I have blown the whistle on this type of shameless play in the past, and just as I did then, I have made an elaborate image that has compelling evidence that clearly shows that experience feeding is going on. I am not on my home PC right now, and therefore I do not have this image with me (nor does this computer have a spell checker, so please excuse any poor spelling), but I will post it when I get home. For now, you will just have to take my word for this.


Kobuskan is engaged in an experience feeding ring with Braveheart, Scottology, and Darkfaith- essentially every Music Halfling except Fordius and Glith, who appear to be the only ones with moral values. No one is denying it, and it is going on in plain sight. When I get home I will explain in greater detail how this is being done, as it is much easier to demonstrate using an image as a visual aid.

Puppy Puppylicious


08:49:07 Jan 10th 11
I don't see it as anything.... seriously, who cares, just play the game and move on. lol 

Puppy, you are a new player and therefore you do not understand the implications of what is going on. Your comment serves as a segway that allows me to explain why this is so fucked up:


Experience feeding is literally the worst form of feeding or exploitation (save for exploiting game-breaking bugs that few or no people know about) that you can possibly do. The impact is FAR more significant than resource feeding or city feeding. There was a time when the community had NO TOLERANCE for this type of shit. Hell, I remember years and years ago when Zeta (the admin and game creator) actually stepped in and deleted players and their entire kingdoms for doing this. In the recent past, Zeta has even changed the formula for scoring to make exp feeding less significant in terms of score. It isn't an intended gameplay mechanic, and it ruins the game.


If a decent player is fed experience, they will never lose. Luckily decent players usually stay away from this type of thing because of how damaging it is to their reputation; it calls into question everything that they have ever accomplished in-game. It provides such an extreme advantage and upperhand that if it ever became acceptable, than the game wouldnt be about superior players and kingdoms prevailing; but about who the best cheater is.


The fact that players even allow this to go on is shameful, and the fact that players would participate in this or associate with players who do this is an affront to the game itself.

Prince Anonymous


08:26:29 Jan 10th 11
You know what I see?

I see a loyal player helping his KD, even if others think badly of him for doing so he still willing to help his KD be successful. A player Music should feel honored to have...

Its also part of the game and its within the rules.

but like always this is just my opinion ^_^

You know what I see? I see a player who is notorious for doing the same exact thing trying to defend his own shameful actions via proxy. You have not gone an era on Mantrax in recent times without engaging in exp feeding, city feeding, or resource feeding. I rarely ever make furious or angry posts on the forums because I have a reputation to protect, but it is difficult for me to even respond to you in a civil manner because I respect you less than any other player who still plays Visual Utopia because of your actions. 


The fact that you are trying to defend the actions of these players in unsurprising, you couldn't chastise them as dishonorable cheaters looking for any advantage they can get (which is what they are) because you do the same exact thing era after era. I don't even know where to start with your remark, at first I was sure that someone was trying to troll the forums until I saw that it was you posting it.


1. A player loyal to his kingdom wouldn't leave his kingdom, especially if he is the leader.


2. A kingdom's success should not be measured by whether they win or lose, but by how they performed and the actions and decisions they make. By giving yourself such an unfair advantage it is impossible to realistically gauge your kingdom's performance because you set the skill ceiling so low.


3. Players in Music shouldn't be honored to have this going on, they should be ashamed for even being associated with it.


4. It is part of the game because it is an inevitable flaw. Zeta has demonstrated numerous times that this is just as much an unintented mechanic as resource and city feeding, so it is up to the players to make sure that it doesnt happen. There are FAR more significant bugs and exploits in the game, but using them is still cheating.


I know this has all been one huge wall of text, but I can't sit by and allow players to think that this is acceptable behavior. Subjects so important and actions so shameful are deserving of long explanations and posts.

23:24:15 Jan 10th 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

No, Barny, I understand what it is. It's flagrant abuse of flawed game mechanics, used to get ahead of other players. I've seen it and pointed it out to devs in another game, but I've learned to not let it bother me so much. No, I won't be really doing it myself, unless the era has been played out and arma is needed. 

It's just that players obsess over things like that and forget to try enjoying themselves anyway. It's human nature to look for loopholes and secret advantages, so everyone needs to accept that, try letting Zeta know it's around, and move on. We all find out who the big cheats are, so we can target them specifically, not accept them into our kingdoms, and etc. 

23:41:32 Jan 10th 11 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

lol at people saying its ok to cheat

23:49:11 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Roxbury:

  1. Lord Braveheart of Music (Halfling)
    Had 762975 land, 827172 troops and 70 science points. Killed 1009682 soldiers, won 30 of 56 battles and captured 21 cities.
70 science points found, all the while sitting in a blocker for the whole era. I fought nonstop and survived with my army until 3 days left, if I had found some of the war scis or magic scis this guy got by using tricks that we see in the screen shots above, I would have been able to beat the armies I was facing in the end.

So any halfer that plays it straight, is at a huge disadvantage against "tactics" like these. As halfling you are guaranteed not to find any scis in Mantrax this era, since these guys got started exp trading so early.

23:57:24 Jan 10th 11 - Mr. Heliostratos:

Can somebody explain how its works

00:10:11 Jan 11th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

Rox, while I didn't see Braveheart do any xp exchanging with AOA or anybody else last era I did see his advents running circles looking for treasures, so he did not just sit in a blocker.  That is the only thing I will correct in your post. Given what we've seen this era of Kobu and Music I have to say I'm inclined to think he might have done the xp gain elsewhere or out of my line of sight last era :(

01:09:10 Jan 11th 11 - Mr. Barny:

He can still do this type of bullshit while sitting in a blocker, it isn't as though he needs to keep the Adventurer in the blocker too.

It is ridiculous how a whole kingdom is getting in on this.

01:16:14 Jan 11th 11 - Mr. Paragor:

yeah its total crap

who cares if i kill my #2 HoH army, if it'll disrupt this then so be it

01:18:25 Jan 11th 11 - Mr. Fordius Revived:

Guys don't overreact.
I decided to join Music this era. 
But if they don't stop there activities I will be switching kingdoms as I don't wanna be associated with this really.

So I don't approve of this and I already have said so in the kingdom forum aswell. So if this doesn't stop tomorrow Ill join a new kingdom I guess :) 

02:02:35 Jan 11th 11 - Sir Horus XII:

Barny, You have some strong opinions and sometimes I don't agree with you. You do know the mechanics, though, as good as anyone. I have been around the game long enough (even though I missed the golden age) to have met some players and played alongside some players, that have taught me the way this game should be played. I've seen things deteriorate for some time now but I've stuck around regardless. I've seen kingdom hopping, people starting massive wars without proper declarations, selfish play, but you really hit the nail on the head. Two statements stick out:

a) The moment that the community starts to consider this type of play acceptable is the moment that the game will have died.


b) they should be ashamed for even being associated with it.

I have had my differences with Music before, particularly while I was with Black Flag, but I never EVER thought they were out to exploit anyone or exploit the game itself.... I am very dissapointed. Kobu and Scottology are two of my most favorite enemies and I am glad to see them every era... not anymore...

i'm really disappointed


02:27:54 Jan 11th 11 - Mr. Arthur Dent Isan Orc:

All this feeding stuff is why Fant is ghey, and why Mantrax is half-ghey.  I honestly didn't think I would see much feeding in Mantrax though.  I mean seriously?  It's a game first of all, no one gives a crap if you win.  But more importantly on Mantrax?  Yeah really...

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