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Mantrax Age 6
16:29:11 Feb 3rd 11 - Judge Kobuskan:

Deal the cards, don,t nap too much, have fun and please no long posts.

16:37:40 Feb 3rd 11 - Mr. Maverick VIII:

i agree. no NAP's.

16:46:42 Feb 3rd 11 - Mr. Legend:

I agree. No long posts.

17:23:07 Feb 3rd 11 - Mr. Soda Popinski:

Yes to no NAPs.
But no long posts is outrageous!! cmon!

23:14:36 Feb 3rd 11 - Puppy Puppylicious:

Don't think my kingdom mates are going to be up for joining a world this era. 

Wonder if I should drink, try going duo with a friend for the helluvit, or join a random kingdom on some world.....  :P

I have a feeling some here would want my head on a platter. lol

23:55:14 Feb 3rd 11 - Mr. Phoenix Rebirth:

Just go solo like me :D

I'm almost half-way to my destination >:[

02:19:17 Feb 4th 11 - Sir Ozymandias Magus:

or just join RoC...

06:37:16 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Phoenix Rebirth:

It would be interesting to be by yourself though :]

I can't find anyone... -_-''



06:37:32 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Phoenix Rebirth:

Darn it! the ears are a bit off...

14:05:34 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Percy II:

Or you could join KoH :)

17:02:24 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Conquerer:

wrong forum hehe

17:39:57 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Binh The Hunter:

xanatos, why does your post came up so weird? :(

20:10:36 Feb 4th 11 - Sir Mcmax The Magic Warrior:

17 days to Armageddon.

Edit and sorry:

27 days (17 + 10).

06:26:10 Feb 5th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

haha xan your post looks fcked :D

13:28:31 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

Greetings Mantrax, after reading about all that controversy of last era I couldn't stay away. lol. Although I'm here by myself this time. :P

23:06:37 Feb 5th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Crazy:

i posted top secret warplans with troop numbers here and then quickly deleted it so if you logged on for that 5 second lucky you :P

(i didnt realise what forum it was)

23:09:08 Feb 5th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Might want to redo some plans. ;P

01:32:16 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. Jeltz:

Um... I'm new but I'm going to go alone.  Please don't bother me too much.  I believe I've landed near Susuwartiti?

22:22:06 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

good luck with the "no bothering" thingy :D

22:27:11 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. Legend:

Heej Chade. You taking good care of Zond? He needs to get his pills in the morning and when he goes to sleep. And sometimes you have to read him a story.

23:53:37 Feb 7th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

not necessary :P i am getting drunk well b4 the bed time stories, so i dont remember what i do with him :D


i think we gotta ask him :P

02:30:07 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Looks Interesting:

I bet there is copious amounts of KY involved.. ;)

04:24:16 Feb 8th 11 - General Who:

i need help.

05:13:36 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Crazy:

with what silly Who ya dumb poo :P

05:19:30 Feb 8th 11 - General Who:

i need some people to kill :(

12:53:19 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Legend:

Zond maybe you should kill those scary shit under your bed.

Stop drinking Chade that isn't good for young small zondy.

13:14:13 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

naaahh....he's cool with my drinking :)

14:39:34 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Legend:

:o Zond we need to talk!!

About your new babysitter!!
You will get a cookie.

15:26:14 Feb 8th 11 - Sir Moonshine:

Watch out! It's the Cookie Monster!

18:40:11 Feb 8th 11 - General Who:

ahhh death to all!

20:21:57 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

tell 'em zondy - tell 'em that you aint got problems with me........NOT!!!

=] Muhahahaha

01:58:02 Feb 9th 11 - Mr. Archimedes:

Its nice to know drunk molesting babysitters is the politics of Mantrax. 

Any wars going on?

02:01:13 Feb 9th 11 - General Who:

I see some kdless fighting some kd and some other kd fighting some kd

02:17:44 Feb 9th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

I See Noooziiingggg!!!

08:16:12 Feb 9th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

I see pink elephants.....wait - one of them is transparent ....

01:08:47 Feb 10th 11 - Sir Leviathan:

I see dust bunnies... a lot of them...

Chade, pass the booze this way!

02:05:13 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

I see a little silhouetto of a man! Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

04:50:38 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Binh The Hunter:

I see me hunting for wabbits. Haven't managed to see any yet though :( Please tell me if you spot any wabbits in the vicinity.

07:06:44 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Legend:

Is it wabbit season? Or duck season?

12:54:35 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

* passes the booze to Levi

* Make sure you leave some for zondy as well

17:17:49 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Legend:

No leave nothing for Zondy. He's to small and young to drink.

20:12:10 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

well he has to learn sooner rather than later, and now since he has a good example (me) he should start, innit?

20:46:33 Feb 10th 11 - General Who:

lol just go kill stuff :P

22:08:02 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

zondy - go drink that sh1t the way i showed you and stop complainin

22:13:48 Feb 10th 11 - General Who:

but someone killed my 130 gaia :(

22:30:19 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Chadyn:

we'll revenge ...

my condolences to the gaia's families will b difficult to tell them

i'm feelin ya

22:32:20 Feb 10th 11 - General Who:

Now someone is trying to kill my other gaia! :'( i told them to leave me alone.

01:15:33 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Paragor:

please kill joebob for us :)

01:25:20 Feb 11th 11 - Sir Leviathan:

So... who's fighting who?

Any good match-ups?

04:13:16 Feb 11th 11 - General Who:

Chadenzondy vs Kindgom of Heaven.

Chadenzondy vs Music.

Both attacked us :P yay

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