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Mantrax Era 35 Discussion
21:57:26 Apr 24th 15 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I guess Mantrax is not interesting enough to have its own thread?
Well here I go with my little rant! :)

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Omerta10Princess Aisha100
Forgotten Warriors14Lady Jade92
Brotherhood of the Wolf13Mr. Reddragon67
Royal Order of Claidmore14Prince Ranginui47

So, we heard Mantrax is often referred to as a world of Forgotten Warriors so we thought lets go there and challenge them, to see what they are made of. We had a nice place to settle, thought there are no blockers on this map, almost impossible to block most parts of the map, we shared core with RoC, that only had one player, so we thought lets not be bullies and kill a single person so we went with NAP there. We usually do not NAP people, but when there's only one person, we rather not attack a single person.

Then we started doing our mistakes, very early in the era. My personal opinion is that we started our attack way too soon, we had no vision of whats going on, and considering the world is dominated by FW we thought BoW would fall pretty quickly, thats why we moved in, to try to possibly help BoW, but we had no cities up north, no vision. Instead of making an outpost with guard towers, to get some vision we went and attacked BoW blockers and at the same time launched few people to attack FW cause we wanted to make this a fair 1 vs 1 vs 1 war... Of course RoC considered as one of us, since its only 1 person there, looks to be 3 or 4 now thought.

What usually happens in VU, when ever two kingdoms battle, and third comes in to attack, the two that were at war will CF in 90% of the cases. Even if there is no official deal between the two kingdoms, its a fact that FW and BoW have ceased aggression toward each other.

Since we did not have vision, after we took first blockers we got some line of sight there, noticing some BoW members had large cities, like their human has 120k city, building even more, and we thought what the hell, they were supposed to be at a big war. Then we noticed Binh of FW has two 90k cities, so we assumed that he might have taken one from BoW, but then again maybe he actually built it all, maybe they didn't even war at era start. We just don't know. That was a big fail by our kingdom.

Now that BoW is focusing their attention at our kingdom, and FW is free to farm up, and basically run over everyone late era, it looks to me that it will be another era of FW domination over Mantrax. But that is just me, I personally thought FW was killing BoW but then that guy moved his 300k Archers to us, and I was like what the hell. I don't understand how a guy can have 120k land, and train such a large army at early stage of the game. But as mentioned many times, we are a group of new players, we are trying to learn about the game, and I have seen so many times people say "Humans are the best if you play them right" so I guess having 120k land and 300k Archers at early era is easy if you play them right. We have 5-6 new players in the kingdom, and all we can say to them about this is that we do not know how to reach that.

We are behind heavily in the era, but this world is where we should be to teach new players, this is where the big guys play, and this is where we should learn from our mistakes. With the exception of Aisha who managed to train a massive army, the others are falling behind and can't keep up with the other vets, but that will come with time, we will gain more experience and we will give better advices to our new players. What I can hope for is that one of you vets will give some advices to our newbies if you happen to see any major mistakes they do on the field, that would be very newbie friendly and we would be very thankful.

That was my rant, please excuse me for the long text.

22:12:40 Apr 24th 15 - Ms. Catchup:

Just do me a favour and smack my army.

15:38:53 Apr 26th 15 - Mr. Pure The Returd:

people say "Humans are the best if you play them right"

Orcs* are the best!

16:48:34 Apr 26th 15 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Kithkin):

Legend is the best!

14:44:37 May 4th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

I can't wait for this world to end so we can leave this boring quiet world behind. 

16:40:28 May 4th 15 - Ms. Aishas Deleted:

Boring because you cant beat a kingdom that played with 6 members for the whole era? or is it that I've decided to play? Sounds like Aisha is running from another inevitable loss.

21:52:18 May 4th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

The was has only started, long way to go. It were the worlds like Nirvana and Valhalla that made the game very interesting for me, lots of kingdoms and actual comminication between the spoke persons of kingdoms. But I understand and respect that FW does not write on forums, as a new player I have different understanding of the forums. 

We came here as Aisha said it, to play against the 'big boys' and since I have seen I can match every single army you guys have. The fear is now gone and all that is left is respect to you guys as good players. Let the killings begin.

22:02:05 May 4th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Warrior):

just so you know, allying roc, have no oop warfare, and come into a war between bow and FW that already last 10 days into the era and have several casualties isn't a good way to challenge yourself. Even a hyena can win against two lion who is already injured. :) Not to mention your alliance vastly outnumber bow or FW.

22:13:53 May 4th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

We started the era with intend to fight everyone on the map like this kingdom will always do. We happened to share map with 1 person, Ery from roc. Were we supposed to fight 1 person? We are not bullies. At time protection was over Ery was still the only player of roc. Now there are 3 I think. 

We are a kingdom of 3 vets and 7 new players. When we came to attack almost everyone in fw and bow had much more land than us. Not to mention Freddy's army was 3 times stronger than all we had. The war you guys had was pretty weird or maybe we are just bad at start.

I just said I have respect to you all as players and then you go and insult us all saying we are hyenas. Really uncalled for.

22:27:43 May 4th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Warrior):

You might not have known but bow killed several players from FW right in the beginning. one have to restart. I only join 2-3 rl days late because they say they need more players.

We were in the middle of an advance toward Bow until you just came into our back side. We had to stay where we are when you guys joined because if we move toward bow, our backside will be left wide open for hyenas like you guys :P We only have 6 players when you guys joined, and 1 of them is mage. so how do you guys think 5 attackers is going to be able to fight bow and 10 peoples from omerta + 3? guys from roc at the same time?

We will probably be overwhelm due to this and lose this era. But we will give you guys a fight even though it is unfair :P

22:36:27 May 4th 15 - Binh (Mr. Meep Meep Meep):

"I just said I have respect to you all as players and then you go and insult us all saying we are hyenas. Really uncalled for."

I am sorry but if you farm for 10 days+ with no fight record and only then start to send armies into a war between two kingdom that started right from the beginning. Then you are hyenas in my eyes. If you have setup armouries and fight from the beginning in a three way war with us then it would've been fair. Now it's just hyenas preying on injured prey.

You might not have intended it to be that way. But it is how it is.

23:52:54 May 4th 15 - Lord Iceworks:


13:27:01 May 5th 15 - Mr. Dark Force:

When someone insults you, tries to make fun of you, embrace it and make it your strength. We're a crazy bunch who like to laugh a lot, thats true ^^

15:24:20 May 5th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

That's a pathetic attempt at counter trolling. Sorry.

07:21:55 May 6th 15 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Pennywise The Clown):

I miss you guys.....

(I'm a "small boy", BTW....)

07:51:22 May 6th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Oh my, TBL, so nice to see you again :)
Its been a long time :) You should return ^^

It was always fun to fight alongside one of the best players of VU :)
We miss you too!

08:02:53 May 6th 15 - Mr. Lazy:

Binh moaning about hyenas.TBL coming out from under his rock.Must be the end of the world!!!
Binh usually fights lions and eats em!Wots happening? :(

04:08:06 May 7th 15 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Pennywise The Clown):

Hey Jasmina and Dan, how have you guys been doing? :)

And someone stole my name to build this town. I demand royalties!

Tbl Town

City Info
Owner:Mr. PegazKingdom Banner
Size:24174 building(s).
Kingdom:The Collective

07:00:52 May 7th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Oh that is just a city my newbie took from someone
We would never take your name without permission
We have too much respect for you :)
TBL should return <3

03:21:18 May 8th 15 - Mr. Danny Boy The Girly Orc:

Princess Aisha:

Oh that is just a city my newbie took from someone
We would never take your name without permission
We have too much respect for you :)
TBL should return <3

Lmao that's my town, funny you don't remember who fought for weeks last one alive in his kd... tad bit ignorance.

09:02:07 May 11th 15 - Lady Donna:

I feel what kills the game at times are the multi characters because people tend to give up on some worlds to focus on another character. Even though FW said things are not looking good for them and they might die, you do not see them giving up, they are regrouping, looking for a weak spot in our attack. That is what makes them one of the better kingdoms in VU, never give up, never surrender. 

That is what we try to do as much as possible when we lose. We tried to fight because that makes it more fun for the attackers as well. The victory we had on Nirvana was sort of boring cause enemy gave up and just waited it out in cities. I was worried they might all go to GvE and ignore Mantrax, but thumbs up to you guys for standing your ground and fighting. 

We came to Mantrax to give our newbies a chance to fight a great kingdom, and you guys provided. Thank you. 

14:19:22 May 11th 15 - Lady Donna:

Wow using all the tricks of the trade :)
Got a scout to our core, and then settled a city, casted army of the dead on the city, so they got an army with 100k exp... got a city quickly the next tick, but as we are prepared for that, we countered it quickly :D
When you cast army of the dead again, your army will go away and it will be replaced by ours :) Good attempt thought!

15:01:28 May 11th 15 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Kithkin):

Gave me plenty of slaves. And nice resources. Only first hit on your player was 96% so had injured ponies which cant be moved out. Needed to cast another time. If I didnt cast a 2nd time I would of taken that 2nd city :(

00:01:35 May 13th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

For a very long time we have had a discussion in our forums about what Froats did at the start of the era, and there are many things that just do not add up. So he was first preparing at RoC blocker that had a large army inside, he said he had 43% there, and he rolled a very very low dice. Almost did not lose anything, so then he moved to our blocker.

His army had about 2.8 million raw offensive power, while in our blocker we had 3.2 million raw defensive power, the sciences were pretty much the same, or very similar. We would assume he did get a little bit of experience in the battle against RoC, but not much we know that for sure. Why?

Because from the start of the era when Freddy bounced Dark Spawn, he had been doing nothing but retreating and shamelessly walking around our core with his exp Advents, that bastard has been doing nothing while the rest of us are fighting till death. So now he has 11 farming sciences, 18 mining sciences, which means he had been getting exp finds all era, so it means Froats could not have a loads of exp on his large army.

So how would you explain a 2.8 mill op army killing 3.2 mill dp and in the end the attacking army was almost the same when it started the battle. Could it be that he managed to roll under 1% two times in same era? Both times way under 50% chance?

02:29:14 May 13th 15 - Hentai Again:

'Tis a vu miracle!

03:51:21 May 13th 15 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

Scimitar ,

You honestly have no idea what it means do you?   I guess making assumptions costs you,  and you learned nothing apparently.

I shared the % on the first battle 43% because it was no longer relevant.  Freely told 2 people in separate KD's what it was .

The second % I never shared.  So you are just making everything up. 

I will let out that your last statement is wrong.  :)   Keep guessing, you seem bad at it.

03:57:44 May 13th 15 - Grag (Mr. Froats):

Mr. Froats has won 31 battles, captured 27 cities and killed a total of 1935835 men and women.

Just to show what a stupid assumption that is.   I don't post the forums much.   This one deserved a reply.

07:20:27 May 13th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Making everything up? What do you mean?

We had eye in the sky of your army, so we know what your op was. We know what we had in our blocker, so we know what the dp was. I was only stating the facts, we had more dp than you had op, that is what started all the discussion before. If we thought we are not stronger we would not stay in the blocker obviously, as you could see later in the era as soon as your army would come we would send few armies to your core so you would have to retreat to defend.

I do not why you get so defensive, I was only giving out information, was not accusing you of anything.

11:05:37 May 13th 15 - Sir Problematic:

In boxing terminology you could say we have Forgotten Warriors on the ropes, a final knock out is coming.

11:08:18 May 13th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

Rule #1 when defending. Never go off raw numbers alone. I wouldn't expect Aisha to be able to teach you this.

11:18:00 May 13th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Seriously guys what is up with the hate? Every other post is directed at me in some insulting way. All I am doing is trying to help a few people to learn the basics and enjoy the game. But as time passes I keep getting a feeling that what I am doing is wrong. Isn't helping new people what we should all do to improve the experience of the game for us all?

So what if I make mistakes teaching them, I am an average player, mistakes will happen obviously. But I do not understand why these new players have to keep asking me why everyone hate me. 

All I am doing is trying to get a little bit more competition on two worlds, currently Mantrax and Nirvana, I do not understand why is that so bad. 

12:30:08 May 13th 15 - Hentai Again:

Don't listen to them Aisha, you keep doing just that, on Mantrax! You're doing a fine job. :)

13:00:13 May 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Dont hate on aisha. I sence jealousy. Training beginners i have done automatic. All should do this.

13:40:33 May 13th 15 - Mr. Pimp:

training and fiddling aren't the same thing Todd le fiddler.
ignore them aisha, most of em are pimple faced 16 year old geeks with nothing better to do than to troll badly.

14:02:12 May 13th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Loo Around):

"Because from the start of the era when Freddy bounced Dark Spawn, he had been doing nothing but retreating and shamelessly walking around our core with his exp Advents, that bastard has been doing nothing while the rest of us are fighting till death. So now he has 11 farming sciences, 18 mining sciences, which means he had been getting exp finds all era, so it means Froats could not have a loads of exp on his large army."

You are assuming too much about stuff that you know nothing about. Just because Dark spawn is getting finds, doesn't mean others aren't also getting finds. I can assure you that Grag have plenty of exp and i won't tell you how much.

01:06:20 May 14th 15 - Hentai Again:

Congratulations to Omerta for era win! You've done a nice job with your newbies. Let's see if you're up to the task, the next round ;)

09:51:58 May 14th 15 - Mr. Dark Force:

This was a fun and interesting era, you guys put up a great fight. In previous eras I got an impression that once someone trains a very powerful army, its pretty much over, if the army is much stronger. That is what Anonymous and then Scimitar as well era after on Nirvana, their armies could not be stopped and enemies died. We tested the strategy against Anon that era, so called guerilla warfare, basically consisting of a lot of running around the map but all the time threatning to take cities. Instead of going to fight Froats we decided to have 2-3 guys simply go around and take his cities, so every time he moved down he had to run back cause we simply had the numbers and there was nobody defending for him. It is what makes the game fun, the strategy part of the game :-)

11:46:33 May 14th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

So are Omerta  playing again next era or what? A few FW players have come back (Myself included) as a challenge has been laid down.

14:25:43 May 14th 15 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Pennywise The Clown):

@Jasmina: I'll play a round or two here and there and every now and then :) Need to find a way to keep my gaming out of the fiancee's eye though, or she'll butcher me cleanly and hang my parts up on meathooks :S

@Tyler: Ah, another old comrade. When did you return to the game, old chap? :)

23:22:31 May 14th 15 - Princess Aisha:

TBL good to see you back :-)

Not exactly sure if we will play next era. Guys just confirmed if we get map shatteredworlds then we will take era off, as I can't open that map. Already reported as bug, can't be fixed. 

If we get a good map we will put up a vote and decide that way

01:11:59 May 15th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

I think most people groan when a world is shatteredworlds. Wonder if we should ask zeta to decrease the selection rate for it.

09:44:35 May 17th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Armageddon has been casted by our mage. Please everyone vote YES do we end this instantly.

12:06:09 May 17th 15 - Ms. Voter:

2 * MantraxOpen

So Aisha since its not shatteredworlds are you guys gonna stay?

13:20:23 May 17th 15 - Lady Leila:

I did not write so far on these forums, cause as most vets, I stay away from forums, and that is a SAD thing for any online game, that people learn not to use forums, quite a shame. But that is what you guys did to the forums.

To be honest when we came to Mantrax we thought it would be great, that FW and others would welcome another decent size, active kingdom that would give some competition to the world. But all we got is insults and being called hyenas for attacking everyone. I am guessing rl and boredom took away from FW members, they did not really want to bother with Mantrax any more, as it seems to be too easy, so FW was small in numbers this era.

Our kingdom is a group of happy people, very active enjoying the game, but after this era we are struggling to keep them interesting, cause that is what happens when someone writes a post on forums about something, and the reply from veteran players is something in the lines of "you should not talk about something you know nothing of" instead of actually making a contribution to teaching new players. That just makes the new player not want to bother any more, like many of us feel, that is why there are less posts on forums from the new players. Thank you for ruining the game for few promising players.

So now that few of those that were not active, want to play again to take this challenge, and that is what we planned to do, to make the wars bigger and to make this a fun experience. I frankly doubt we will play Mantrax next era, I am not even sure if this kingdom will last long.

13:31:16 May 17th 15 - Ms. Voter:

>Calls herself a vet
>Complains that she cant use forums anymore due to the flames.

You aren't a Vet if you don't remember the great flame wars. The forums are most active when the flaming is happening. There was a very long time where I didn't flame anyone and we had no other forum lurkers. The game wouldn't have a post in 2/3 weeks. Now that is boring.  

You guys have laid down a challenge with an era win and now that a few FW members have returned you guys run as you cant face a kingdom without it being 4 on 1

Ill also point out that if you look at the forums with anyone needing help you will either see my name or Binh's, or both. The only reason why I wouldn't have commented on a post Binh has already commented on is because it is the right answer and doesn't need anything added.

13:40:35 May 17th 15 - Mr. Aisha III:

There is really no need for further accusations, it only makes things bad.
If we stay we will stay, if not you all have a good era.

15:11:09 May 17th 15 - Mr. Born Again:

Omerta, come on. Are you seriously telling us you're quitting the game because someone talks smack about you? That your players are qutting the game because they got a harsh reply? If you as a kingdom has a good environment what does it matter what a few guys on the forum says? Your kingdom falls apart because of a few negative comments from people that doesnt matter to your kingdom? This small bout crippled your kingdom so much?

If so, you are not strong enough to meet FW. Not in a hundred years. 

17:52:56 May 17th 15 - Mr. Bling:

Think I will take up Aisha's offer to become the official spokesperson for her kd -_-

17:58:33 May 17th 15 - Prince Ofthe Dragons:

How can Aisha ever redeem any credibility if she backs down every time I say I'll play her world.

18:00:58 May 17th 15 - Mr. Bling:

Well, the combination of her sexyness and my sex appeal would overload the server.. we know this!

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