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Mantrax Era 38
17:49:59 Aug 15th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Welcome everyone to Mantrax Era 38, Era of Princess Aisha of the Collective :)
Good luck everyone, may this era be honorable, full of good moves by everyone
All we ask for are interesting and fair battles :)

There are lots of kingdoms spawning on the map, always good to see

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Collective10Princess Aisha100
The Shaolin Monks13Ms. Branni72
Planet Hollywood6Mr. Hollywood41
Wrathin Overlords2Mr. Agrath Belze28
Forgotten Warriors16Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal28
Royal Order of Claidmore12Prince Ranginui27
Kuro Madoushi2Mr. Shiro Madoushi15
Brotherhood of the Wolf6Mr. Reddragon13

Everyone in Collective picked the same role and race like last era.
Lame if you ask me, but I guess we are playing is safe?

Let it be known that Collective is seeking for possible allies this era
We are dropping the war everyone method, and gonna do some diplomacy :)
That is all from the Collective for now


Kingdom Banner

Name: Collective
Members: 10
Created: 6/24/2015 10:30:53 AM
Leader: Princess Aisha

18:30:20 Aug 15th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):

Monks win, you can all leave now

Thanks for playing

19:55:31 Aug 15th 15 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

The Tagless will win!

03:03:58 Aug 16th 15 - Sir Moon Shine:

More FW members are coming to play alongside Elsin :)

05:56:57 Aug 16th 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

"Let it be known that Collective is seeking for possible allies this era"

Biggest kingdom on Mant actively looking for allies and more than one?

I really hope it's because you have someone in your kingdom who only plays VU because they enjoy "negotiating" NAPs/MAPs/NAPs that look like MAPs/MAPs that look like NAPs/CF/Temporary CF/Temporary CF until kingdom X has been killed, which looks like a MAP but it isn't because it's a CF ok?


Whether he wants to or not Bran has to say,

-"Screw it. They can NAP anyone they like they like and we'll just do what we do, kill what we can and probably die trying."

or he can take the road most kingdoms take these days and say,

-"Well if they're going to NAP, then I'll NAP Anon again cause it worked out ok last era, but I'll need to NAP someone else to counter the number advantage The Collective are going to have with their allies, and I'll try and make it a kingdom near Collectives core core to really mess them up, while we fight their allies."

But now the Collective say "geeeze, Monks just NAP'd Anon and also Planet Hollywood, who have 30k zerks near our core. Cheap move Bran... We don't have an army that can kill that right now, so we will have to send our big armies over to hold it off until we can kill it... What about Wraithin Overlords? They're on the opposite side of our core training naz. We can't hold off the zerk army and kill Wraithin Overlords at the same time. Better NAP Wraithin Overlords."

Meanwhile all the untagged payers and small kingdoms who haven't been picked for a team are saying "WTH, We can't fight 2 alliances by ourselves. We're gonna have to NAP one of them". Most pile onto the side that's winning or try and NAP them them both. The alliances either say "Sure. Can never have too many NAPs. Prepare to be assimilated", or "well we've already NAPd these kingdoms over here and we don't want to look like NAP whores, so no can dosville babydoll. BTW we're gonna have to kill you. Core security and all that. Real Soz..."

Eventually the winning alliance kills off one or two critical armies/towns belonging to the losing alliance. The losing alliance says "screw this it's over. why bother trying?" The winning alliance snaps up the losing alliances towns cause free towns is fun. Yeh!!!  Then they sit around for two weeks waiting for arma, since everyone else is an ally...


Maybe the above is considered fun by the majority, but it's the kind of NAP crap I left Fant to get away from :( Sadly over the last few eras with multiple kingdoms from other worlds arriving it seems to be re-infecting Mant. I guess I will need to decide whether to just join in and NAP the first two kingdoms I see every era, or try moving worlds again...

06:13:40 Aug 16th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

You are all to ugly to be Hollywood, so dont kid yourselves. Meer serfs for Hollywood to play with and verbally abuse. Now pay your ticket or GTFO.

07:23:03 Aug 16th 15 - Sir Demonic:

I used to read posts by Blah with interest, as I was told he is one of the better players of the game, so I thought he would write something smart. But after seeing all the crap he is writing, ignore mode is put on, will not bother reading his posts any more...

15:54:52 Aug 16th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Cecil The Party Lion):

I completely agree elsin!

Demonic, why will you ignore him? Because he speaks the truth about your idiocy or perhaps because he doesn't agree with you? 

Why would the biggest kingdom need a freaking nap partner? I don't see how it isn't more of a challenge and more fun to do what you can and go down swinging!

Sadly Aishas goons have the capabilities of a chimp with down syndrome and with the only decent player gone (aisha) The collective revert to their nature form of troglodytes arguing over the forums and crying about how unfair everything is because the whole world napped against them!

How about this... When you get OOP, wait do it now, destroy all of your buildings and resign and head to Zeta and play with the other nap monkeys!

Ooh and I shall speak for bran in this instant, Monk's will nap no one in out starting area, we will war the 4 kingdom's around us and I wish you all the best on your naptacular era collective! 

17:52:28 Aug 16th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Well that was weird and troubling to an entire new level.
For many months these newbies have been asking me why the hate, why are people always arguing and fighting on forums. I usually say its just trolling or people annoyed cause they lost previous era and now they insult. But it never stops, there are some people that have serious issues in their heads, and I guess nothing can be done about these forums.

At times I am ashamed to be part of this community. I always suggested on our Kd forums that people should write here, and try to communicate and be friendly to all, but what I write now on forums it will be the last easy going post from me. From now on everything I write will be just a statement from the kingdom that I lead. I will not be part of the forums any more. I have suggested my members to stay away as well.

On topic, diplomatic relations of the Collective are our own thing and there is no need to discuss about it. Diplomacy and recruitment are closed as for every era.

20:50:15 Aug 16th 15 - Bran (Ms. Branni):

god slade, youre so insensitive!

but hes right though that we wont be napping the kds near us, although im not sure advertising the fact in the forums is wise but then thats what I come to expect from britains deep south

21:40:50 Aug 16th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Aisha plixz dont be hurt. I love you and haters gonna hate!

12:30:45 Aug 18th 15 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

But after seeing all the crap he is writing, ignore mode is put on, will not bother reading his posts any more...

Someone stopped reading after the first line :)
90% of the forum is people talking crap. The other 10% is Suggestions and Bugs and errors boards.

Turns out I have more faith in The Collectives ability kick ass than they do :(

21:10:18 Aug 18th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

You suck elsin

you suck slade

you suck bran

you suck(me) Aisha

only correct person here is senturu! Us tagless will win!

21:15:39 Aug 18th 15 - Sir Moon Shine:

"only correct person here is senturu! Us tagless will win!"

Senturu is with AoA, so much for being "tagless".

Being "suck"-ered is part of your crowd Zond :P

21:20:33 Aug 18th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

I know :(

fact checking so boring

I prefer spouting random shit, then more random shit to the response from others.

its my thing. :P

guess imma win this era solo! Maybe this kdless guy by wants to be my friend

21:53:13 Aug 18th 15 - Sir Moon Shine:

What is what your thing, spouting stuff in your head and people giving you the look that you make weird faces from that?

22:04:08 Aug 18th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Something like that!

17:00:36 Aug 19th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):

  1. Mr. Unbroken has won 3 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 8933 men and women.
  2. Mr. Decimation Penguin has won 4 battles, captured 3 cities and killed a total of 2181 men and women.

Shaolin era win confirmed

04:02:05 Aug 20th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shysters):

Your character Mr. Shysters has won 0battles, captured 0 cities and killed a total of 0 men and women

I refuse to attack as I never hit a lady and since VU death count is ambiguous, I can't take any chances

04:41:20 Aug 20th 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

don't try and hide the fact that you suck Shyers :P love you though

21:22:49 Aug 20th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

I can't hide it, you'd think an old fart like me would finally get it by now, but alas, I'm a failure at life. . . Thanks for rubbing it in my face, hope you sleep well tonight, jerk.

06:07:45 Aug 22nd 15 - Prince Cecil The Lion:

I think everyone is missing the big picture. Slade copied my ruler name.

Anyway, shots fired by Elsin but he is right, in today's game there shouldn't be a need for any naps unless you're a kingdom of >4 napping another >4. Dont be bitches war the shit out of everything.

Also I feel like Aisha post has a large deal to do with me, so I find this part ironic:
"I usually say its just trolling or people annoyed cause they lost previous era and now they insult."
I'm still waiting for the day you don't run from a world the moment I decide to play as well as the day you finally kill me. Ive laid down the challenge for you to step up and try to kill me and the same offer is still on the table.

12:44:23 Aug 24th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):

How's the farming going, friends? :)

15:31:03 Aug 24th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Sucky. Didn't build a small city to get bonus right away. So lame of me.

19:06:16 Aug 24th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

My corn fields are full of ears

23:33:50 Aug 26th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Please sell all those ears and teach ppl how to use the market. Ty

02:27:50 Aug 27th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

is that feeding I spot. how cool

12:39:13 Aug 27th 15 - Bran (Ms. Branni):

who is feeding??

19:45:18 Aug 27th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

I'm feeding myself lunch.

13:37:07 Aug 28th 15 - Sir Kid:

More people need to sell 1000 stone at a reasonable price.... *cough cough Zond Cough 

08:11:13 Aug 31st 15 - Sir Moon Shine:

As a curiosity upon the rest of the map. Any wars happening like Shaolin vs. Hollywood or Collective vs. Hollywood (but to what it looks like is some sort of agreement over there).

09:31:01 Aug 31st 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

You are all too ugly to have agreements with Hollywood. When you have had plastic surgery and made yourself more attractive, Hollywood will consider you.

11:18:26 Aug 31st 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

My hand has agreements with Aishas butt.

I get to touch it.

08:02:19 Sep 1st 15 - Sir Devlish Kid:

Shaolin v Hollywood is half mast, like me a half hour after waking up... Collective and AoA are farming together. FW v OH is going on kinda... and thats about all folks 

12:24:31 Sep 5th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Decimation Penguin):

I would love a summary of what Hollywood and Collective have done so far. Hope everyone's having fun in this war game.

19:38:53 Sep 5th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Teach new players.

it's fun!

also it must really suck to do all that feeding, kill some players after, and your 2 hoh armies still be shit :/

07:29:57 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

Well lets see

We got Zond and AoA waiting until Shaolin attacked us to try get some cheap kills, Collective farming and casting dragon on us.. so yeah, i should have gone orc because with the talent on this map, this era would have been over already.

07:34:55 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Hmm lets see you try to attack a new player with very low land and boast about how much troops you have and how many you can make...

now you get mad you are losing to monks when I warned you way back they will come for you soon and to get ready. LOL

me and this orc both started after everyone was OOP. Not our fault we spawned everyone from everyone and had to catch up the farming way.

07:36:59 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

are you smoking pot again?? dont think i've spoken in 3 eras. telling you, stop being a kiddy fiddler and those illusions of grandeur will go away.

07:38:55 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Oh was that other halfer In your KD messaging me.. Either way. I warned him this day would come and he laughed at me at the amount of troops he had.. So..

07:39:50 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

here is what im gonna do for shits an giggles to show you how fucked up this mantrax map is.
I'm gonna feed all my cities to Roxy, respawn as orc and still finish the era with the highest kill ration / cities taken / evil prick.

07:42:08 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

And btw me and aoa are a days march away at least. I will arrive a few days before others. By then your core will be monks anyway. No cheap takes for me. I'll be fighting them

08:02:19 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

For the record, for the next 50 era's any kingdom accepting zonder will now have an automatic oop war against one of the most aggressive players in the game. I will hunt you down on every map and spawn right next to you. Going to show you for the bottom feeder you are

13:39:38 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Sweet. I love watching you get your panties in a wad when I decline your KD invite and proceed to warn of the incoming events and then carry said events out and your wad gets bigger

14:04:06 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

again, you never said shit to me, so stop the lies there, and secondly i got more than enough firepower to kill off your spam

14:11:59 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

Not my fault your KD mates take it upon themselves to chat and not pass info along.

and if you do, why so mad my army is moving? Don't heat you singling out Anon or collective or anyone for that matter.

I started late, send an army and you get so bitchy yet claim to be able to kill it.. Smh

14:18:15 Sep 6th 15 - Bran (Ms. Branni):

why are you so sure shoalins will beat HW? our first attack failed. we are so weak, things arent going well for poor shoalins :(

15:32:13 Sep 6th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

Mr. Hollywood:

here is what im gonna do for shits an giggles to show you how fucked up this mantrax map is.
I'm gonna feed all my cities to Roxy, respawn as orc and still finish the era with the highest kill ration / cities taken / evil prick.

Dude, you need to get off your high horse. Or stop huffing paint. Or whatever it is that's made you seem mentally unstable and call yourself the unofficial king of VU.

15:34:03 Sep 6th 15 - Mr. Fecker:

Your second attack failed too, so did your third, but typical of and kd zonder plays in, he waits till other kds attack, then he tries to blindside. When that fails, he will blame his nubs saying how he is trying to teach, followed by some bullshit about everyone else feeding or some excuse. This era, he waited till Collective were ready to attack, and waited for Shaolin to make its first main move, and then come from the rear.. like any kiddy fiddler likes to do

16:21:27 Sep 6th 15 - Zond (The Master of The Universe):

I didn't wait for collective to attack. I actually asked them to attack with us in aoa before monks or your shit KD gets to fed.

anyone with a brain would say this is prime time to attack. It makes no sense to attack when you are at your best..

someone just pissy he dies every era and only does any good when he goes orc and feeds on scrubs/newbs.

and for the record I helped one guy. I'm not trying a lot of players or anything. Just one lone wolf who landed near me.

and if you blind the feeding I've been talking about is ignis. FW, and monks have both seen it told me about it. I just don't care to call it out on forums

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