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Mantrax Era 73
09:25:14 Dec 2nd 20 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

Penguin 🐧 try again later, when you're a bit more active (altho u say it all the time). You're still not there to 1v1 with me OOP.


Mr. Stardust Collector.

The city of Bumseks is now under our command!

Some of their peasants escaped with all the resources!

We killed all of the 11084 troops.


1. Mr. Stardust Collector has won 1 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 11088 men and women.

10:33:27 Dec 2nd 20 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Audaciter):

Come on man, bragging about beating Penguin is like bragging about beating up the crippled kid in gym class; I mean, yes, he's easy to beat up, and yes it's fun, but it's probably not something to be shouting over the school loudspeakers.  Leave the poor guy alone. ;)

10:37:08 Dec 2nd 20 - Sir Atilla The Hun:

Look up a phrase
"poke the bear"

And reconsider these kind of posts.

11:35:45 Dec 2nd 20 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Whatever):

Yes, leave the cripple alone! 

12:33:35 Dec 2nd 20 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

Jesus Left Toe:

yes it's fun, but it's probably not something to be shouting over the school loudspeakers.  Leave the poor guy alone. ;)

Just found a topic to bring back Mant Forum ;) 

22:12:35 Dec 12th 20 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

The worlds

1* MantraxOpenbombarded13

We have held & interrupt FW farming as long as we could, which was our main plan... Now could someone from those  bottom farming KDs come out and hit FW pls!

Thank you in advance for not letting FW break the HoH record (DD's should be unmatched & FW won't be able to break it) 😉. 

See you in afterlife Necro Imporos our most formidable Leader. Salute.

07:49:08 Dec 13th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Whatever):

Lol. You held and interrupted our farming? Mr multi you did nothing. Moved your army once and got sent back, then rox moved for you. Thats the story. The only thing you did was take my town which had the intention of you wasting money on low level troops, while rox outfarms you and comes with ponies. So yeah great job! Now come all of the farming kds! We are waiting! 

04:19:29 Dec 14th 20 - Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar:

Mr Penguin, what we did you'll understand when you'll lose the era at very end.

05:02:33 Dec 14th 20 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

Rox... is just another Knob. It's all caz i was bit off from game, he survives. But won't last long... till end.

Army command center

Corsican Babes XXX with 155269 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Stardust Collector...

The enemy has 122787 soldiers armed with Magic weapons and mithril armor. They have 0 peasants traveling with them. We have 89% chance winning this battle.


They surrendered. Mr. Stardust Collector. We have won the battle!

We killed a total of 34225 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 28002 enemy troops.

Our troops gained +2 extra experience.

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