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Mantrax Kingdomless!!!
00:58:37 Dec 25th 08 - Mr. Sufferthorn:

For all of those kingdomless on Mantrax I saw we all band together and form a kingdom!!!! :) lol we may not be the best or we my be the worst who cares lol its for fun!!! What do you guys say :)

01:14:36 Dec 25th 08 - Mr. Sufferthorn:

typo on the first sentence i say not i saw :)

03:18:17 Dec 25th 08 - Lady Hellish Holly:

Message them individually and tell them your plan.  Pursue this.  If you want this to work you will need to be determined and active.  And give them incentive to do this.

03:25:21 Dec 25th 08 - Sir Stewie Griffin:


03:43:16 Dec 25th 08 - Sir Crimson Xtc:

Times two :P

04:00:54 Dec 25th 08 - Mr. Sufferthorn:

lol thats the plan holly thanks! :) As for the rest **** you lmao JK

04:11:35 Dec 25th 08 - Lord Cao Cao:

You need a cool kingdom name and banner.

06:20:12 Dec 25th 08 - Duke Michael Deallus:

Make a map of your positions so that you can find each other.  It would be a smart idea...maybe post it in In Game Politics so that they are sure to see it.

11:38:58 Dec 25th 08 - Sir Evans:

hahah :D sounds good to me...

17:31:01 Dec 25th 08 - Lord Heroditus:

Yes, then they will know where the rest of the KD is!!  Great idea!!  And I can use it for 'Historical Chronographical' purposes!  :D

23:59:26 Dec 26th 08 - Mr. Mars:

Yes and maybe you should immediately ask them to add the build up of the cities and the amount of troops every player has. So you can separate boobs from boobs.

EDIT: Did my trick work to bypass the word filter... it's only the n/b that differs :D

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