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Mantrax crosswalls
12:22:25 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Aloysius:

the war going on in Mantrax were already in a Fantasia-level war.

RedHand and their ally GuinessPool and probably with RamboSlayers and NMK on their side are fighting Umbrella Corp, Solaris, RoguePhoenix and us (WB).

anyway, i dont know what's happening in the west side, but im sure the battle there are more exciting than in our side. i wish i had an armory there.

i get bored already, RamboSlayers permanently shut all access going to their core. they used the unpassable crosswalls theme on every choke points in their map.

now, the usual 20-30 ticks requirement to visit their neareast mines are now 60-70 ticks away (assuming 50k army movement)

they have the guts and the suprise attack techinique to go against us. but after failing to sustain their run and all armies in our borders defeated. they then shut all access going to their core, to evade defeat.

Hamish, can you refrain from sending message and instead fight. congrats, you annoyed me, atleast.

i hope the admin read this, visit the mantrax map, delete the crosswalls and fix its inappropriate use.

12:32:59 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

Put a thread in the bugs forum about it. ZeTa always removes such walls. :)

12:34:08 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Messiah:

Why dont you just talk to the admin directly?

12:35:11 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Basch:

thats kinda hard cause the admin is very insocialable if not then he just doesnt like talking to me lol

14:40:48 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Midge:

Hay you guys started the cross walls thing on this map - "let he with out sin through the first stone." We built the barrier as we dident wont to defend an old ali any more - and thats what we were doing fighting WB, we were board and disappointed not with you guys but with one of our old alis.
So don't take it persionaly, you guys have been pritty affective though your diplomacy leaves a lot to be desired (;

15:38:08 Jun 8th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

I think you meant, "cast" the first stone.

23:48:07 Jun 8th 07 - Duchess Mary The Model:

There should be a spell to destroy great walls.  There is actually a suggestion of that in the suggestions and improvements section of the forum.  So I think that would be a sweet idea, and you could get rid of the impassable walls.

00:49:21 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Evan:

hey aloysius..ur right its a hell of alot of fun over here :) (my favorite era ive had so far..which ive only had around 6-7)

03:21:52 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Kerrick:

They are just too cowardly to have a good fight with the might of Wild Boys. I have lots of respect for our enemy (Gpool and Red Hands) but Rambo Slayer is just not in their league.

06:26:27 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Wolf:

The cross wall strategy was used as a last resort. We, Rambo Slayers, expected more aid from our allies. It didn't come.

Instead, Red Hand and Guinness Pool initiated a war with Rouge Phoenix. Our Kingdom, ranked 5th, was left to fight WB, ranked first, alone. It would have been a slaughter.

Our allies are finally getting around and sending some reinforcements, but they are far too late to be useful.

And Mr. Midge is correct. There were two impassable walls on the map before any of ours were in place. WB benefited from both of these walls (only one of them is clearly theirs).


11:07:11 Jun 9th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Way to go Wolf - slag your allies in public forum - yeah that's really diplomacy for you.  How about talking to us first?

FYI - we didn't "initiate" anything with Rogue Phoenix - we just all crashed into each other in the middle of the map where Cannabis Lords used to be and started fighting.  It may have escaped your notice but we've been fighting WB over here too, we just haven't tried to take the fight to their core like you have because we can't fight four KDs at once.  Kudos to RS - you guys have done really well.

Re the cross walls - I can certainly see that both RS and WB have built them.

Now if you want to discuss our alliance, how about taking this to PM between our KDs not in public eh?

17:56:32 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Midge:

Sorry Esmerelda about wolf he is a good player - but very egar.

Since Wild Boys tought them how to make crossing walls, by example, they have gotten a bit carried away with it - have asked them to stop as I feel this needs to be fix next era as it can serusly hamper game play.

18:38:25 Jun 9th 07 - Mr. Supercalifragilistic:

"The cross wall strategy was used as a last resort. We, Rambo Slayers, expected more aid from our allies. It didn't come."

Poor excuse for using a bugged feature.

22:00:28 Jun 9th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

No problem Midge, your gracious apology is accepted with pleasure and I trust we'll continue to fight together and have fun - I agree with you that Mantrax is getting a bit over-run with walls though!

07:23:31 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Aloysius:

Spooky, you are Esmerelda, right? Hello there. :)

actually, Midge too was disappointed about their so-called allies. not just Mr.Wolf

read this...
Mr. Midge [RS] (6/5/2007 9:28:27 PM) GOOD BAD
A message to WB:

Your policy of not NAPing anyone at the start of the game was the resion for your downfall, as it was for THC and Diamonds – every kingdom needs a few strategic friends – legacy every era use’s this strategy to win.

When you finerly noticed this and came to RS for a NAP it was already to late – we had understandings with GP and RH, whoses leadership are both ex-RS from way back. With the end of THC is became invertible that it would be a war of our alliances verses your kingdom as you were avidly expansionist and the was nobody eales to fight. With the build up of the HOH army in “defence” we had to secure our borders.

The wining strategy is ALWASE to make a few strategic NAPs early in the era and stick to them. In the case of RH it is looking increasingly like we made a mistake as it has dorend on us this last week while warring you guys (with help from GP) that they were NOT helping as agreed but instead were bottom feeding on smaller kingdoms while we protected them from attack.

“RS are looking for a few good new players, feel free to apply is you are an honorable active player who likes to take down the big dumb guys…”

It is looking like they haven’t been horebal and have been dumb – this makes them bad alies for next era in fantasia. As our kingdom plan is to create a strong group to take the Fantasia map next era they aren’t looking, as a kingdom, like one of that strong group.

This the diplomatic overture to you guys – who are a strong group of players.
You (6/6/2007 2:10:48 PM)
can you be straight to the point? :)
Mr. Midge [RS] (6/7/2007 8:14:28 AM) GOOD BAD
it was a test to see if you could come up with an imaginative answer (:



10:25:01 Jun 10th 07 - Lady Esmerelda Weatherwax:

Lawkes Aloysius I am Esmerelda Weatherwax, famous witch.  I don't know this Spooky you speak of. 

Nice try but we're committed against you guys now.  I know how Midge feels, but he told me in PM not in open forum like Wolf.   I have to say you've held on to the top KD spot admirably, having the sense to retreat and regroup when things didn't look great.  This did have the effect for a while of making us concentrate on other KDs.  Now you are coming back in more strength than ever.  Personally I have enjoyed the Mantrax wars this era, but it would be nice if we could stop the petty Fantasia-style squabbling and get back to fighting  ;)

10:36:47 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Midge:

Diplomacy plays a large part in VU and WB dident have this skill when they started and don't have the skill now... in the post am talking about RH who seam to suffer from the same problem thus they keep getting involved in fighting smaller kingdoms, leaveing us to guard there back, with some help from GP. I rarely wasen't happy about this thus the overture to WB who I had joined at the bigining of the era to see if they could be more affective/honrebal.

The plan was to stand aside from guarding RH back - and let them have a real fight with a kingdom of there own size... RS is in mantrox to find good players and allies for fantasia... Why should a smaller kingdom gaurad a larger kingdoms back if the larger kingdom dosent put anything back into the relationship... so put WB to the test - sadly WB proved to lack diplomatic skills a second time and dident come back with an imaginative answer.

11:50:57 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

big arrogent kingdoms like RS need destorying!!!

12:02:41 Jun 10th 07 - Ms. Strawberry:

anyway midge was very good at diplomacy good enough to spare him from obliterarion at the start of the era. honestly i can just simply kill him during that time, he was a poor starter. funny he even joined our kingdom. sigh we took care of a snake that bit us in the end.

17:35:05 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Aloysius:

ouch, WB didnt have the skill of diplomacy. ouch.

Esmeralda, sorry, got bored already... unless guys in Fantasia cancel Arma, fighting the ever diplomatic Midge will be fun again.

19:20:54 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

my two cents. WB definitely has diplomatic skills, maybe just not in the lesser mantrax.

19:26:31 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Zakira:

Muhaha im breaking in solaris crosswall >.<

19:26:50 Jun 10th 07 - Mr. Zakira:


03:14:35 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Ingo Von Lucker:

The Wild Boys showed to us very good diplomatic skills and Solaris is very proud to be allied with them  !

17:40:14 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. EL Cid:

The Rogue Phoenix seconds Solaris' claim. Also, If you were just trying to get former THC land, you should stop at this point. thanks :) Now we got Red Hand, Guiness Pool and Rambo Slayers, who by building crosswalls on their western border their only way to advance is nordwards, that's us. So yeah...

Arma is finishing this world in 2 days!

18:44:12 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Ingo Von Lucker:

yes ... too bad . It just starts to get exciting !

19:08:00 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Zakira:

Soloris and UC are geting eaten up one by one in 2 day maybe all there land is gone :)

13:32:06 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Saulens:

Zakira is a true blue dreamer =)

13:50:26 Jun 13th 07 - Mr. Saulens:

Heh, i just noticed the time of your post :)
You bragged to do devastating damage in 2 days, and it's already been nearly 30 hours. So far you've taken a 900 building city from Solaris - ouch! ;) Does this mean that you will fulfill  your promise in the upcoming 18 hours? Can I start laughing yet? :)

Just a word of advice, my friend: leap before you jump.
5k nazguls isn't really gonna do the job... thanx for sending them to me to provide them with their final resting place...

10:55:19 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Mr. Zakira


6/12/2007 7:08:00 PMSoloris and UC are geting eaten up one by one in 2 day maybe all there land is gone :)

That is highly unlikely to happen.

Mind that our defensive guys have been with one hand on the other all this time, fo they hadn't time to come sewttle on the newly conquered land, and completely fortify it, therefore you managed to come to our core's doors, but will not go further. only 17 ticks away from new chance next era :)

BTW Saulens glad to have you back :)

also, see the number of members battling :P

Kingdoms in Mantrax
WBWild Boys16Mr. Hilario294
REDRed Hand17Admiral Krum204
GPoolGuinness Pool10Mr. Cali127
RSRambo Slayers9Mr. Midge123
RPKRogue Phoenix7Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian100
SUNSolaris5Mr. Saulens82

However I got to say Mr. Cali from Guinness Pool has made a good job, not giving us time to organize against his army, and defeating us on teh contested territory. Nicely done, man.

16:04:44 Jun 14th 07 - Mr. Zakira:

i wana destoy solaris and that will happen

04:30:47 Jun 15th 07 - Ms. Strawberry:

maybe we should play fantasia next era...

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