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Mantrax era unknown
21:37:24 Sep 21st 10 - Mr. Wattdidusay:

Era unknown because... well, does anyone know what era it is anymore?  Anyway, looks like ROC is ahead for now.

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Royal Order of Claidmore20Mr. Wattdidusay100
Delta2Sir Cadmus III67
Music20Lord Gilth17
Army of Anubis19Prince Anonymous4
The Empire3Mr. Jellybean4
The Furry Cocks8Mr. White4
METAL8Mr. Manowar4
Black Flag4Mr. Hamish3
Forgotten Warriors18Lady Jade3
Generals Of Destruction2Mr. Tiberius The Angry Human2
Daedalus2Mr. Kreios2
Griifin Warriors1Mr. Mezeal0
Alliance of the Chosen4Mr. Silverthing0
Imperium Corps1Mr. Jordan0
Knights Of Claidmore3Mr. Military Dictator Spermesia0
Not Afraid2Mr. Eminem0
Holy7Mr. Sage Salamon0
Bloody Hound Dogs18Mr. Gaia The Bloody Hound Dog0
Brotherhood of the Wolf7Wolflord Karac0

21:48:57 Sep 21st 10 - Mr. Lie:

We can't seem to be building cities yet though. So these scores mean even less than the scores the first three hours after city-settling is enabled. 

22:07:27 Sep 21st 10 - Princess Aisha:

Can someone tell me in how many ticks does the era officially start? And its Era of Anonymous ;-)

By the way, looking for a Kingdom on Mantrax ... Hmm, about 15 era of experience I guess, quite active.

Though I have some requiraments for a Kd...

  • Have to have a full time mage, only doing magic all era
  • Very active leadership
  • Plan starting points so we dont have racial penalties

Please write to me ingame on Aisha or Jasmine (Talents) if you have any questions for me.


23:10:13 Sep 21st 10 - Mr. Jellybean:

Aisha join The Empire, we dont have an elf yet so maybe you could, currently its 3 dwarfs, me Crafter and Don Kic

23:32:29 Sep 21st 10 - Judge Kobuskan:


Music meets your demands, but we don,t beg you to join.

Era starts 19 ticks from now


18:00:20 Sep 22nd 10 - Mr. Wattdidusay:

Soon and very soon...... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

18:55:14 Sep 22nd 10 - Mr. Panic VII:

patiently waiting....

19:34:49 Sep 22nd 10 - Sir Mcmax The Wizzard:

And started.

20:11:34 Sep 22nd 10 - Mr. Wattdidusay:

Let the wars (and the ensuing whining, excuse making and denial) begin  :)

17:24:58 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

Kingdoms in Mantrax
Eye of Eden 13 General of Farming 100
Music 20 Lord Gilth 78
Royal Order of Claidmore 24 Mr. Wattdidusay 56
Forgotten Warriors 20 Lady Jade 46
Army of Anubis 20 Prince Anonymous 16
Daedalus 2 Mr. Kreios 7
Generals Of Destruction 3 Mr. Tiberius The Angry Human 7
The Empire 3 Mr. Jellybean 5
METAL 10 Mr. Manowar 5
Black Veil 2 Ms. Liliana Vess 3
Griifin Warriors 1 Mr. Mezeal 0
Black Flag 3 Mr. Hamish 0
Alliance of the Chosen 4 Mr. Silverthing 0
Imperium Corps 1 Mr. Jordan 0
Knights Of Claidmore 3 Mr. Military Dictator Spermesia 0
The Ring 1 Mr. Middle Earth 0
The Furry Cocks 8 Mr. White 0
Holy 6 Mr. Sage Salamon 0
Brotherhood of the Wolf 7 Wolflord Karac 0


where is everyone at? :(

17:37:04 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon II:

they are hiding any were they can from the evil red eye ;)

18:10:29 Sep 23rd 10 - Sir Mcmax The Wizzard:

Evil Red Eye?????? I thought it just was hit by a little corn of dust.... anyway, it doesn't looks like something you have to go to the doctor to get cured.

19:01:16 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

Well the windmill in the eye might need to be fixed.

either way, where is roc located?

19:39:07 Sep 23rd 10 - Sir Mcmax The Wizzard:


19:46:23 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

Over the rainbow.

N, S, E, or W.

19:54:02 Sep 23rd 10 - Sir Mcmax The Wizzard:

The Wizzard of Oz.

Just about 2 years before I was born.




But you do not get any credit from that Z.


The Wizzard of Oz.

Just about 2 years before I was born.




But you do not get any credit from that Z.

" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

20:05:36 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

Does that mean north?

20:07:05 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Name:

Wait till RoC Builds some blockers or walls then we will know =P

20:37:55 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

Only if they close them!

20:51:04 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Mugfack Grudge Bringer:

Thought you quit?

21:14:31 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Name:

who me or farm dude?

21:31:12 Sep 23rd 10 - General of Farming:

I did. Way less active now, and vu needed a mod. So here i am :/

21:44:22 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Manowar:

So really it should have been "Legion Under Not As Active Zondervan" LUNAAZ, hummmm.... has a ring to it....

btw, I saw a RoC scout down South.

21:56:34 Sep 23rd 10 - Ms. Dawn:

Why are you all so interested in RoC? :\ there are couple of much more interesting Kingdoms out there that are higher then RoC anyways...


Eye of Eden 14 General of Farming 189
Music 20 Lord Gilth 138
Forgotten Warriors 21 Lady Jade 115

23:49:28 Sep 23rd 10 - Sir Jondrus Calcifur:

Is that a male unicorn for the RoC kd banner?

23:50:47 Sep 23rd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Everyone knows unicorns are Shemales.

00:43:09 Sep 24th 10 - General of Farming:

Maybe its RoC but the people..?

04:31:34 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Dranktomuchagain:

oh come on guys crackin jokes on us old roc guys over here dont you have some thing better to do like pick on music or something idk but come on just let us roc guys sit where were sitting and farm and all will be well

05:17:00 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Buddylove:

Zondy a mod? Jesus, where have i been...

05:22:00 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Name:

Pick on a Power horse like Music  hahaha yea ok go for it you may not like the outcome

05:29:05 Sep 24th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

My brothers in BoW are not playing this era-

05:31:00 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Buddylove:

Curse BoW! I spit on them.

05:45:59 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Jack Daniels:

oh come on music's tough but there beatable just like every one else

05:49:49 Sep 24th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

So war declarations are already out? how sweet-

07:57:46 Sep 24th 10 - Prince Kedwayne:

>>   <<    <>   ><     I didn't see any declarations.

13:08:29 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Lie:

In that case: I declare war upon RoC. 

16:27:24 Sep 24th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

Lol? Oh well I found FW already-

22:49:43 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Jack Daniels:

oh really come on you cant let us farm in peace over here leave us alone i just want to brew up some good brews  and this whole war thing is not good for trading routes and it's really not good for my hops fields and it's just to much hassle for a brewer like me

23:19:46 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Scheriously Tuhpointoh:

I think we have come to realise you produce a fine Tennessee sour mash Whiskey...

00:52:49 Sep 25th 10 - Master Glenfiddich:

Jack Daniels Meet my brew Glenfiddich

01:20:20 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Lie:

Sounds promising tbh.

02:39:52 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Jack Daniels:

thats all good that you guys know i just want to be left alone so i can produce such a fine product and then sell it to you guys but alas i guess getting left alone isn't happening dang now i gotta get security barbed wire fences gaurd dogs and all that other good stuff to protect my fields man this is gonna cut into profits pretty heavily 

03:51:51 Sep 25th 10 - Master Glenfiddich:

i am here to steal your secret formula and try to make my Brew taste some what good for a change

07:21:05 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Manowar:

Isn't it nice of Musc to repay us for not joining everyone else in attacking them last era. :P (much sarcasm)

07:37:45 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Cry a river you nub. All you guys did was hide in a corner, you cannot expect to receive thanks when if you were on the front lines you could've been crushed by a KD you claim to not have attacked.

07:56:08 Sep 25th 10 - Master Glenfiddich:

Metal you guys are nubs seriously, there is hardly any leadership from your kingdom

11:18:48 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Jellybean:

FW, Anubis and The Empire all spawned next to each other :(

11:19:34 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Manowar:

Shut up Vuggy, we did not hide. I already explained that to you. True that Music would have beaten us if we were in a more vulnerable position, but once AoA and FW started fighting and winning, we could have joined them in attacking. :P And now Music, (and AoA by the looks of it) are attacking us? If we're such n00bs then stop n00b bashing. :P The reason there are only 2 of us leading is because only 2 of us have played for a while, the rest are farely new but 'new' does not = n00b.

13:12:40 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Scheriously Tuhpointoh:

You did hide.. =/

14:57:23 Sep 25th 10 - Lady Jade:

It's not exactly hiding when we wouldn't let them out of their corner :P

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