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Map Breaking
09:48:43 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Rockon:

Can you just break a map because someone is preparing on your city?
I mean. Your city gets taken from a kingdomless person and you PM to your map don't take it i'm going to return that city to myself.
But he does take it and you leave your army on it's city while waiting for a PM from him if you can take it or not.

Do you think that's a reason to break a MAP and take all troops and put them preparing on your other cities and ask your kingdom mates to join you?

Since that's what happening with me. I go too sleep and get up and the Map of my kingdom is preparing on all my cities because I left my army on my ex-city. Without a notice without any pm.
Could it just be selfishness. Looking for a reason to take some 70k mines? 

10:05:02 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Malius Ignis:

they want war :p

10:20:32 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Rockon:

you think?

10:35:45 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Grimdeath:

When do we get the other side of the story?  There might be more to it then just what you are saying.  Have you attacked anyone else that they might hold in higher regards then you kd.  Maybe he has talked with your leaders and they have agreed to let him kill you off.  You never know until we hear from the other person.

10:44:48 Oct 20th 09 - Chancellor Scrooge Mcduck:

Since when do people on this forum care about the other side of the story? They usually just take the first load of crap they see as gospel and run with it :p

10:56:43 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Rockstar:

lol thats the usual thing that happens ayy

@ Rockon i suggest PM him again and if he doesnt reply in 12-24hrs attack him. obviously its not a accidental thing because he has an army on all of your cities.

11:12:18 Oct 20th 09 - Ms. Avenging Angel:

LOL - what a joke Rockon , you and Balthazor both took cities off me which where under my banner , i messaged Balthazor when he /she took the 1st city ... and the answer i got was the taking of another . so i killed his army then took my cities back .
And considering you have left 2 empires while they war , to join the enemy to safe yourself id say this is a case of ' he got in before you did '.

11:41:51 Oct 20th 09 - Ms. Avenging Angel:

And i have just taken back one of the cities you took of me and killed whatever army you had in there in the process. My advice 'stay away from me ' and go look after your 78k mine as there is still enough time this era to lose that as well !

13:21:08 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Rockon:

Well... I disbanned my kingdom to merge into Klowns. And then I left Klowns because (like many others) Mafia was pissn me off and the leader didn't lead and was selfish by taking a city I was preparing on for 3 days. I sieged it and plundered it killing almost all troops. Not because I was afraid to die! Had 500k troops defending the cities.

I saw Balthazor attacking you while i was heading for killertea. So I tought we were at war. Please look at your news so you can confirm that Balthazor attacked you before i did. I'm hell sure of it.

15:28:08 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Balthazor:

Erm... we are war with peaceful beginings, we have one map partner.. and it aint them.. FOOL!

17:29:42 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Rockon:

I'm talking about wolfs balthazor

18:05:55 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Mafia:

mafia was pissin u off? good excuse:L

18:45:18 Oct 20th 09 - Ms. Avenging Angel:

Rockon -

All i saw was you change your banner twice to the empires you where at war with...
And yes Balthazor did attack 1st

Balthazor -

We where not at war when you took my 1st city ...FOOL!
Your leader Duke Insane had done a wonderful job of getting into there southern core , and with the help of Erythnul i was able to get into there northen core and cause some mayhem , you however where held up at Rockons blocker till he swapped sides then you and him sent armies up to the northern core.
By the time you reached it Killer klowns was all but dead , and the only cities left where mine and Senturu's an ex klown member who i was trying to clean up . Once i had done that i logged off to get some sleep thinking we had all done a great job, then i log in and you have taken one of my cities i send you a message thinking you may have made a mistake , but your answer is to take another 2 ! So to cut my lonbg drawn out speech -

- We wernt at war to begun with
- I however am allowed to kill you or Rockon if you step near any of my cities (thanks boss)

20:19:17 Oct 20th 09 - Mr. Balthazor:

lol i wasnt calling you a fool.. i was calling rockon a fool... FOOL!

20:33:54 Oct 20th 09 - Ms. Avenging Angel:

Ony 1 of those here mate , and its not me  .. also id say you could also be called a scavenger (one who swoops in when all the work is done) : )

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